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    I absolutly LOVE this show!!!! Who's with me??? Like it if u are!!
  • Can we get Dr. Zack Addy back on the show?

    Can we get Dr. Zack Addy back in the team? Would like to know why he doesn't want his friends to know that he isn't a killer? Is he trying to protect them and from what or whom?

    I'm looking forward to seeing an episode or two were the entire team, ex and current, and their family members or close friends who have made guest appearances, are forced to come together in an all-out fight to survive no matter what it takes, while encouraging and looking out for each other, and bring down people like Pelant.
  • This show about the forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan and special agent Seeley Booth has it all: crime solving, humor, drama, mystery, friendship, love, dynamic character development, anthropology, science, psychology, technology etc.

    This show about the forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan and special agent Seeley Booth has it all: crime solving, humor, drama, mystery, friendship, love, dynamic character development, anthropology, science, psychology, technology etc. The cast consist of a bunch of great actors in the role of a variety of personalities. You get to appreciate and love every one of the characters once you get to know them. The incredible intelligent, amazingly beautiful yet socially awkward Dr. Brennan absolutely has stolen my heart despite of her disbelieve in anything psychological and her (slight) haughtiness towards her colleagues and her partner Booth. Booth, the ultimate hot good guy with the heart of a lion and a smile to die for. The incredible chemistry between the two main characters Brennan and Booth is in my opinion the main reason why this show is worth viewing. These two opposites make for a great successful and sexy team. Their relationship is intense, challenging, intimate, complicated, loving and still indefinable. Thorough 4 seasons this show has managed to keep the search for a definition interesting. For 4 seasons the viewers have been guessing what is becoming of this couple, and this question remains unanswered. Another aspect that I personally love is the continuous battle between opposites; anthropology vs. psychology, science vs. religion, rational logic vs. faith, brains vs. muscles… Viewing situations from different point of views makes the show believable and fascinating, dare I say it sometimes even is an eye opener. Top this with the surprising storylines, the interesting cases, the playful references to other shows and the excellent camerawork, you have yourself a show that comes as close to perfect as I imagine is possible.
  • this is awesome

    this is my favorite show ever my sister came home from college and intoduced it to me and I am addicated to it I mean Zach and Hodgins are my favorite they are so weirdly cool but Zach the gorbigones apprentice I cant belive it I mean he is so funny and he got charged for a murder he did not commit he just told "the master" were to find the guy I heard some people say that the actor who played him was not getting along with the other actors but Hodgins is just so cool nothing is wrong with him but he almost died when he was buriad alive with Dr.Brennan "bones" but he lived I was so glad and he is awesome outside of the tv show to I mean he put a video on youtube and it was hilarios also he was in a short film thing on You Tube called "Vallidation' check it out but the show bones is incredible
  • Loveee It!

    I love this show, Ive always been into forensicy type kinda shows and enjoy CSI so i thought id like bones too, I love bones, I love the different dynamics each of the team brings to the show and its unintentional humour sometimes :D. I think the casting was done well, the actors play their respecvtive parts extremely well and the on screen chemistry between them is acted very well, especially that of Booth and Brennan, who are wanted by fans everywhere to get together! I also think the show is very interesting, and you can learn alot, thats if you understand it! Thats a good thing though! A must to watch if you love shows such as CSI!
  • What happened?!

    Bones used to be my favourite show. A 'must watch'. However, after the writers' strike at the end of season 3 everything changed. Brennan went from being a logical slightly awkward character to one who has become an exaggerated caricature of her former self. I often wonder how the Brennan of 'Aliens in a Spaceship' would cope if placed in the same situation today. Or how the Brennan from Verdict in the Story would fare in the same courtroom setting.

    It seems that getting rid of Zack meant that they were left with no truly socially awkward character. Rather than evolving from this and moving on they instead formed Brennan into a hybrid of the two. But there was a reason that Zack and Brennan were separate and distinct characters. I loved Zack and I loved Brennan but together they form an odd and highly unrealistic character that makes no sense within the context of the first 3 seasons of Bones.

    That's not to say Bones isn't okay today, but it is just that. Okay. I remember the hype at the end of season four - 'no alcohol, no dream sequence, etc' - and it turned out to be just what we had been promised it wouldn't, a dream. Then fast forward to season 6, Booth and Brennan get together without any build up, she's just pregnant. That's not how to run a 'will they, won't they' story line, many fans want to see that first date, first kiss, the exciting moments at the beginning of a relationship. But we were robbed of that under the guise of it being 'better and more exciting for the show', it was not. It was a cop out.

    I'm of the thought that the end of season four is the last possible point in which to put a will they won't they couple together before it becomes too ridiculous. Gilmore Girls did it with Luke and Lorelai, Castle recently did it with Castle and Beckett. It looked like Bones were going to do it but much like Rebecca mentioned to Brennan in season two they missed their moment. The show became ridiculous and ludicrous in the ways they used to separate the two. The addition of Hannah introduced the stereotypical 'third party' to a will they won't they couple. It was no longer the internal forces within themselves they had to fight to be together but an external third character. It was a cliche that I had once believed Bones would never resort to.

    I understand that TV shows must evolve in order to continue but I feel that Bones' evolution has turned it into a completely different show. I no longer recognize the characters I used to love. There used to be an incredible balance of humour/drama in the show that added to every episode. Now there seems to be an emphasis on adding humour into all moments when not at all necessary which has affected the show for the worse. An evolution incorporating the greatness that the show once was would have made sense, the unnecessary attempts at comedy do not. Bones used to be full of subtle humour that made sense, for example the frozen pig in a woodchipper. Now it is over the top and nonsensical, Baby Christine being born into a manger as just one example of many.

    I will always love the first 3/4 seasons of Bones. And I will continue to watch in the hope that it will return to how it was. But for right now I miss the show I used to love and I find myself irritated at what it has become.
  • Great show

    I guess you guys really haven't looked into Bones character. She is portrayed to have Asperger's Syndrome. That is why she is the way she is. It keeps it interesting. I absolutely love this show!
  • Best TV Show from the crime TV Shows in my eyes

    One of the Best TV Shows i have seen in a while,not to mention of the crime TV Shows.

    What can i say about this show,love the cast,the chemistry between Booth and Bones is woow i mean no words to describe it really.The rest of the cast is very good also.

    Its one of the Best if not the Best crime TV show out there.Whay?!

    Because the chemistry that the hole cast has it in this show,no other show has it period.
  • A definite best on television. Bones is the crime show junkies best friend in my opinion, the murder cases are different with odd elements, but the atmosphere has a light playful feel through the interaction with the different characters.

    When watching a show that deals with murders, I feel that Bones does a much better job compared with any other criminal investigation show at having a light atmosphere, and happy side to it.. there is more comedy and personal interaction through the characters. Also, another element that is not found in most crime shows, nor shown as much, is solving the crime through investigation of the victims remains and other particulates that are found, which is brought through by the combined working relationship of the FBI and the Jeffersonian scientists. Bones has the whole package, personal interaction, relationships, and growth, forensic/ scientific investigation, and interrogation along with detective work. Enjoyable to watch, lovable characters, each possessing a completely unique and divers personality, and intriguing plots and cases.
  • Did I mention I'm head over the heels in love with the show? ♥

    Alors là! Bones is a pure wonder that I have the pleasure of watching every week (well, in two weeks from now since it seems to have a one week break *fangirl growls*).

    "Solving murder takes chemistry", they say. "Having fans so loyal and so impatient to see what's next is the core of amazing shows", I reply. Bones really has it all, and although sometimes the bodies really can be gross, it's all sugared in the careness of the team, the bonds they share, the secrets they unveil together... even though sometimes said secrets don't regard victims' lives but their own.

    Driven by the extraordinary duo formed by Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, Bones is the kind of show that is procedural in the forensic "we need to solve that crime" manner, but also feels really like familly. The cast is great and share a comfortable chemistry on-screen so that we almost feel like we're part of it too. It's forensic, but it's not for highly intelligent people to understand, right? There is a touch of lightness that makes it all so good.

    And when we get apart from the crimes and interested ourselves more closely to the main leads Bones/Booth, we can't help but feel confident in Seeley's Knight in Shiny FBI-Issued Armor attitude, or else feel tenderness at the pure innocence of Brennan towards the world. Not that she is naive. Or maybe a little, but those two are so opposites it is a sheer pleasure to see their abilities complete each other week after week.

    You just need to add to this a rocking crew & writers and you have to this the receipt for the best (comedy?)-drama show I have the pleasure to watch in years...
  • The Best Show ever!!!

    This is the one of the best shows on television! The relationship between booth and brennan is the best part of the show. Also, the side characters such as Angela, Sweets, Cam, etc. all have very good side stories which make the show even better. The cases presented on the show are original and seem very real. The actors are very talented and that is what makes the show what it is. David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are both amazing on the show and have done a very good job portraying the relationship between booth and brennan. It is an awesome show!
  • The Perfect Combination

    What happens when you combine an FBI Agent and one of the world's most intelligent woman in the same room? You get an incredible duo, who is able to solve incredible homicides.

    I really like the series, because the characters personalities are so different from one another, and yet, they are able to complete each other. Booth is an FBI agent who loves his job and loves the thrill of catching bad guys, just by guessing who the culprit is, while Bones is a forensic antrhopologist who is objective, rational and doesn't believe in such things as coincidences. Together, along with a whole team of brainiacs from the Jeffersonian Institute, they investigate some of the most macabre homicides in the world and hunt down all kinds of criminals.

    The series is very good, and I praise the work of the cast, especially Emily Deschanel who portrays such a demanding character. The episodes are very good and each mystery is different from the previous (mostly because we have such a vast supporting cast, with characters that help in the investigation).

    I give this one a 9.5 because of its originality and well, because of its humour.
  • Missing something

    Over the last weeks I have watched series 1-6 and enjoyed this show very much. The way Brennan sees the world and the interaction between people has made me think (she is very rational and (seemingly) not influenced by emotions). The characters are all great, they make the show better than others. Very much liked Ryan O'Neal as Brennan's father (since I watched him in the Oprah show (with Ali McGraw) I am a fan and wish him all the best!).

    The relation between Angela and Hodgins is acted very well, you can feel they really love each other. This is something I miss in the relationship between Booth & Brennan. In the first series you could really feel the tension, but lately (since Booth/Hannah) I do not see it so much anymore. It seems like they have skipped a stage in their relationship.

    But I will keep watching, still enjoying the show very much!
  • palant has to go

    Can this story line get any more ridiculous. Why does every show feel they have to have a recurring Moriarty style character. I don't want to watch the heroes of my show getting outsmarted all the time. Kill the bastard already. It is so unbelievable that he has the ability to take over all technology every where.
  • Stop the ultra liberal attacks on conservatives

    I have been watching Bones since its debut. But, I am ready to quit watching. I am so tired of the ultra liberal slant on the shows. Last nights show was the worst since it was not only showcased their liberal bias, but attacked the beliefs of conservatives who are about 50% of the country. Yes, we think that there is a problem with illegal immigration (but support legal immigration - both my parents are immigrants). Yes, we belive in right to bare arms (but are against those who commit crimes using guns - interestingly, over 90% of all gun crimes are committed by liberals). Yes, we believe in the constitution and in the rule of law. Call us crazy. The show can be very good, but it is reminding me of another good show that became very liberal, starting its decline until it was cancelled -- remember Quincy, ME!?!?! Ihope that Bones will step back and return to the stories that made it a good show and end this insulting liberal crap that is so offensive to many.

  • Disappointed

    Loved the show for years, put up with their ideology of left wing vs right wing but they have gone too far with their self righteous message. Use to love the camaraderire between characters and Bones stark but truthfulness regarding how she saw the world and her struggles with understanding and emoting her feelings. Now it's just another puppet for the left wing mouth piece and no longer takes the time to question ideas, fact vs opinions and truths.
  • NEED MORE......


  • Bones is a great show. Love the team. it is sure worth watching over and over... just one thing, I forget the time and get busy and miss it at times.


    Bones is a great show. Love the team. it is sure worth watching over and over... just one thing, I forget the time and get busy and miss it at times. wish I had the channel that one could play what you miss... worth watching... put your alarm clock on to remind you....

  • One of the best shows ever. The group dynamic s amazing and highly funny

    Bones has it all. Romance, drama, sadness, death and comedy all u can ask for in a crime drama. The "squints" as booth calls them are absolutely brillant as a whole the group fits perfectly 2geva but add their own individual qualities to the group. I've never watched a episode i didnt like, my favourite has to be the episode in which the show is reversed and bones and booth are married and the owners of a night-club called the lab. That was such a great way to explore other sides to the actors persona and re-visit ol characters. All in all whatever mood you are in, Bones is fun to watch at all times.
  • By not watching this show, you are missing one of the best shows on television.

    Bones is a procedural crime drama that puts a lot of focus on the characters, mainly the partnership of Special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr Temperance Brennan. The actors and actresses starring in Bones were obviously very well casted because they have great chemistry together, especially the chemistry and sexual tension between Booth and Brennan. The show is very well written and is filled with little tidbits of dark humour. It's different from other procedural crime dramas because the main characters deal with victims who are far more decomposed (down to the skeleton). It is also more accurate science wise than some other crime dramas, For example, by not having dna tests done and matched to a suspect in less than a day. I love this show for it's excellent writing, accurate science, amazing acting and chemistry, and the brilliant partnership of B&B. By not watching it, you are missing one of the best shows on television.
  • Its simple to imagine why Bones was renewed for two more season. Three words: Best show Ever...

    Its simple to imagine why Bones was renewed for two more season. Three words: Best show Ever...

    David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel share a chemistry beyond all imagination. With their characters, Dr. Temperance Brennan and Agent Seeley Booth, the lead of the show, it is no wonder why those two were casted. Both brilliant actors, ready for a challenge. The supporting cast is another shocker. With two brilliant leads, to many amazing supporting actors, I am shocked bones is not number one in most peoples hearts. I am shocked about the brilliance of each character, Angela, Jack, Sweets, Cam, Booth and Bones are all different individuals who are not perfect, however are simply spectacular. They are all different, however they blend together as a strong group of friends and co-workers. Bones probably has the best characters out there for their creativeness and the actors who portray them.

    Hart Hanson, the creator of bones is a genius. Despite some shaky story lines, from Zack's departure, to the end of season four, you have to admit, they were written with excellence. I myself was not a fan of either of those story lines, however watching them over again, during the reruns of summer shows me things I never spotted while I was angry with Hart. Each story line is unique, and may not have the outlook we were hoping for, however in the next season, it is always patched up. The writers deserve a great thanks, for their effort and time to make the story and plot of bones as great as it is now. As an aspiring writer, they are inspiring.

    Bones is a show I would easily recommend to anyone looking for a bit of crime, a bit of sexual tension and a bit of comedy. It easily surpasses crime shows like CSI in my book. I have been watching since the middle of season two, and each episode has me sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting anxiously to see what will happen next. If you ask me, Sweets and Cam were a great addition to the show.
  • Best show evea!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bones is so interesting and very scientific but still sooooo goood!!Very different witch makes it amazing!!!!

    What make Bones so great is the chemestry(soz about the spelling)between bones and booth the stares, lookes,the kisses(3x08&9),and there concern for each other.But also the mystrious case.And how the actor act together so awarsome. I recommend this show to anyone.

    The only worry about this show is how the time schedal and if B&B will ever get together!!Also if Angela and hogkins get back together!!

    Besides all the pros and cons is that this show is one of the best show of all time and i hope that it will go for many more years.

    I wont new episodes.With Bones and Booth together!!!!!!
  • Worst show ever done

    Last year your preachy lefty noise was so much louder than any other year, but this last episode was so poorly written and so blatant an attack, I will no longer watch. I guess you don't realize that conservatives are about 50% of this country and you want to mock us and claim we are extreme? Done watching this nonsense and I hope a lot of people join me and you guys are looking for jobs (try msnbc) next year. Too bad I can't rate a ZERO because it is what you deserve.
  • They should cancel the show!

    This used to be my favorite show, infact I bought the first 6 seasons. But something happened, either they switched writers or producers or something because the show changed. It became silly instead of a drama. They made Brennan down right stupid and completly unrelatable. The story lines got old. Booth and Brennan got boring. It's so bad now I can not even watch. They should cancel while they still have a little dignity left. So sad
  • I love Bones!


    I really find bones not like any of the other Crime TV shows. It is different. I do still watch the crime shows like CSI:NY and CSI: BUT, Bones is still my favorite out of all the crime shows. The CSI shows only really focus on finding the suspect and arresting them and all that fun stuff, and rarely take time for other storylines. Bones is not like that at all!!! They have a little bit of everything. Crime, Humor, Romance and Love. The combination of them all makes it tower over all of the crime shows. I never go an episode without laughing at something someone says. There is always a comment that Booth says that makes me laugh. OR something that Sweets does that makes me laugh. I'm amazing that my whole family doesn't say anything when i do because i have laughed pretty loud before when i am watching in my room with my door half closed.The storylines aredefinitelywhat keeps me tuning in every week and not missing one. Bones is great. Anyone should watch it.

  • Bones at best is a wonderful show. It's got a wonderful cast, rich characters, good plot lines and a good sense of humor.


    Sometimes people think that Bones is changing into a really boring soap opera show, but I tend to disagree strongly. Bones has had it's rough moments in the series (like all shows do too) but it always tends to amaze and entertain me. It changed my life and I will always come to love this show no matter what.

    I really do love the leads though, they're awesome!

  • Everyone's taste is different


    Yes there have been shows like this before and yes there will be shows like this in the future but what really makes a show are the plot lines and the characters, how they are written, how the actors play them and how well they mesh together.

    I haven't liked a show this much in a long time, I have watched it from the very first episode and I will watch it until the (tuytuy - touch wood) very end. It's funny and honest and played extremely well by the actors. It has heart wrenching story lines as well as silly, stupid ones which I think a show needs. Yes it took a while to get the main characters together but thats what it needed. They did this at the right time. Too early and the show bombs, too late and fans lose interest.

    The very loyal fans of the show have waited 6 years for Booth and Brennan to get together and in the end we didn't need this big fancy show of 'we are together llok at us shouting from the rooftops' as it isn't there style.

    Brilliant Show - carry on!

  • The Hole in the Heart was one of the BEST Bones episodes ever!

    My husband and I were glued to the set for the entire episode (not even taking our ice cream break)! This show was one of finest ever, heart-breaking sadness, amazing humor, pulse-pounding action and....gasp...romance at last! (We think). Angela's face did say it all after we were ripped away from what Bones told her about the night with Booth. This is our number one favorite show and we cannot wait for next weeks finale...the summer to season!

    Bones and Booth are the best team ever on TV since Mulder and Scully were around.

    This is the most entertaining show on television.
  • This is one of the best show i have ever seen in my entire 14yrs of living!!!

    A few years ago my Mom was watching the show and i never really paid much attention to it but just a few months ago i really started watching it, first episode to last and i have become completely and totally addicted to it!!! I love how cute Angela and Hodgens are together!! and i can't wait until Booth and Bones get together!!! they are so perfect for each other but at the same time they're not its really really fun and funny to watch!! I love the humor in it and i just hope that Cam is able to get a guy in the series, i also hope that Bones hires Wendel as her full time assistant rather the Clark, i don't really like Clark. anyway i love this show!!! i hope it never stops running!!!! ever!! Lol :)
  • The magic of Bones

    I first watched a Bones' episode totally by accident, when I was flipping through channels on tv. I fell in love with it. No, waiting anxiously for the show's sixth season to begin I bring myself to write a review about it.
    Bones is a great show. It has it all: humor, drama, angst, sexual tension; everything we love to see in a show.
    The Bones/Booth relationship is what kept me glued to the TV for the most part, but then I learned to like the whole squint squad, how could I not? In my opinion is what makes this show one of the best on recent television, it also shines light to the other characters of the show and their story plots. By the time I watched the second season I was totally gone without chance of return, the second season is by the way one of my favorites of the show until now.
    In spite of using some old formula for a tv show: the never ending UST between the main characters, the show inovated with its unique episodes and plots - I'm sure that most viewers were as stunned by the 100th episode as I was - and I hope that it continues with its uniqueness until the end.
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