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  • All bones episodes

    This is by far one of the best made showers of all character plays their role perfectly to create an action,suspense,witty humorous show that begs the viewer to come back week after week... Each actor is relatable to all of us in 1 aspect or done... Keep em commin
  • @bonyjeanett: wrong show -> yes, it is ;-)


    sorry, but I have to disagree on that one. Yes, Zack had an accident, too. He got burned but only his hands. He wasn't unrecognizable to his friends due to the accident. It is in the final episode of season 5 of Grey's Anatomy where George gets hit by a bus, comes in as a John Doe and Meredith as his Doc only recognizes him due to his nickname 007 which he is writing on her hand. You can even find that scene on YouTube if you don't believe me (Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Finale: Meredith finds out about George).

    The original poster asked for a scene where someone gets hit by a bus, is unrecognizable, needs to make a special hand sign and dies in the end, so that's not really what happened to Zack.


    Hi, you got the wrong show. The scene you are referring to is from Grey's Anatomy. It was George who had the accident and Meredith being next to him, recognizing the hand sign. He died.

    Zack is not dead, but locked up for the rest of his life in psychatric ward for being the assistant of a murderer.
  • Started out great but for bones it's quite cliche now

    I loved when this show first started out, but every episode is just like the other, aside of sub plots here and there. Show starts off with some nobody who stumbles across bones, they scream rediculously and then it fades to Booth and Brennan, he complains and she explains. Over and over again, change it up! and I can't tell you how many times I've heard "The Jeffersonian" I think we all know by now, call it the lab or something once in a while. This series is becoming far too predictable to continue being interesting to me.

    I'm currently on Season 8 catching up to the current season, I really hope something different happens, maybe Booth will finally get that shoe out of his *ss and Brennan to slow down on explaining everything and making references. I think after so many seasons they'd refresh it a bit.
  • sorry not the wrong show


    sorry but I'm afraid you're information is off. The original poster had good information. Zack was involved in an accident sort of. He was in the process of setting off an explosion in one of the labs when hodges walked in. He kept his finger on the trigger too long and the bomb went off resulting in his being badly burned and it led to his getting accused of being a serial killer. he's currently being held as mentally incompetant to stand trial. Dr Sweets was the only one that knew he wasn't insane. Because of the way his mind works people just think he's insane.
  • Bones and numbers

    I love the show! It is one of my favorites. I think they should do an episode where they go to LA and team up with Don Epps from the show Numbers.
  • it seems like the definition rots my brain

    why does this show feel weird on my bones
  • Witch season and episode

    Hey everyone :)

    I'm in a little struggle I'm trying to figure out when zack died :)

    I remember he lies in the hospital and no one can recognize him (he was hit by a bus or something like that) but in the end of the episode bones I there and he (zack) take hers hand and do a special sign so bones can recognize him :) anyone who can help me?

    I only want to know witch season and episode :)
  • New eps

    We finally have a date for Bones's return! The season continues (about damn time!) on Thurs, 14/04 at 8pm - so we're STILL only half-way through!

    That's according to the following page, which claims an official announcement from Fox! :-D

    tvline DOT com/2016/02/10/bones-season-11-midseason-premiere-date/
  • Kill it!

    Those two were such an interesting couple when they weren't really one. Now they're just pain in the ass.
  • stuck on Bones

    I have found Bones in the last 6 months. I am soo hooked. Just saw booth and breannen wedding today! Loved it, love the show. Please don't end it. How would I go on. what withdrawals I'll have. Would love to meet the cast. Love Hodges and Angela. Help! Keep the Show!!!!
  • need my bones fix asap.....

    love this show still!!! hurry up with the rest of the season, cant wait
  • Bones withdrawal

    Just want to know when it will be back on tv.
  • Any time they drive

    I have got to get this OFF MY CHEST... When Bones is driving AND when Booth is driving, there is ENTIRELY TOO MUCH looking at each other. REALISTICALLY, they should have been in numerous accidents due to not paying attention to the job of DRIVING THE VEHICLE ! !
  • Has Bones had a stroke or is she possessed?

    What is up with the way Bones delivers her lines now? Has she had a stroke? Or is she possessed? This isn't the way she spoke in the beginning of the series. She sounds robotic and won't shut up. All the up-talk & drawn out words & endless intrusive facts that use to be funny but are now irritating. What is up? I agree with Pamela it's annoying, a real turn off. There's such a superior attitude from body posture to tone to how she talks down with her up-talk inflections to everyone even those who are highly educated too. It isn't appealing. She's always been superior but in an awkward way, which made her approachable. Why has Deschanel changed the way she plays this character? Bones doesn't need to go ON AND ON with her recitation of facts, figures, from everything to a TV in the bedroom and sex frequency to the tooth fairy to whatever. Writers are responsible for this horrid turn. Where's the humor that emerged through conversations between Bones and those around her? Where are the earlier writers? I love watching reruns but can barely get through current episodes. At this point I wouldn't be sad if the series is cancelled.
  • Bones jumped the shark!

    That cross over with Sleepy Hollow was horrendous. Bones paired with Crane, a resurrected man! Bones is all hard science and facts, Sleepy Hollow is not. Who though it was a good idea to cross them?! This is the beginning of the end for Bones. I am not sure I will continue to watch.
  • Sleepy Hollow and Bones? Yawn

    This may or may not be the last season for Bones on Fox, but it is for me unless some changes are made. First, the episode with Sleepy Hollow was way too contrived. Secondly, since the character of Bones began the change in her vocal intonations, I just can't stand her. What's up with the drawing out of her words? It's annoying and unpleasant. The other characters speak just fine. Bones used to - not anymore. The return of Bones and Booth to their original jobs was also too contrived. If Bones continue to speak as she has been the past few seasons, I am out of here! I love the other characters - no fault there. I am tired of tooth fairy crap. I don't know how Booth stands her.
  • Got a Bone to Pick with You

    I love Bones but it does present a very skewed & MFA version of scientists. First of all a scientist woud never give their 'theory' when proposing a hypothesis because they would know the difference. And scientists speak like other people - based on where thery're from and the vernacular they're comfortable with. I cannot imagine anyone but an obsessive English major using a word like albeit in conversation - in a paper maybe, but not out loud, Sometimes the dialog makes me laugh and not in a good way.
  • The show is a platform for Anti-Science

    I just got to season 9, episode 10. As a scientist throughout the series I've noticed many scientific inaccuracies throughout the show. At first I thought they were purposeful nods because it would be numeral facts skewed by a digit. Then the actress/producer's vegetarian views came into play, followed by her trendy organic views. This is where the line is drawn. As a food scientist and a scientist, I'm appalled that these inaccuracies are allowed on television. I understand that it's fiction, but it's presented as fact. This show has become a platform for a wealthy actress who's been swept up in Hollywood trends to spread her inaccurate information. She has a bunch of "scientists" sitting around and talking anti-science. She needs to apologize to all the populations she's mislead and misrepresented. Shame on you Emily Deschanel. I was excited to send this episode to my peers, but this is embarrassing :(
  • Time to put the Skeleton Back in the Closet

    Well, hearing that this may be the last season is not a disappointment after watching episode 3. The first two aren't bad, but then this one. How Angela would be praised for that picture is beyond the Bones writers and staff don't like art? And stealing organs from already dead bodies for sale? I have a feeling that the woman this show was patterned after has left the building already. It shows. I will rate now the show as a whole and not just the last few episodes. It was great eleven years ago, but so much.
  • Amazing show

    After the "Angel" cancellation, David Boreanaz joined the show and played Seeley Booth. I liked this show, especially David, he's really cool.
  • Get Your Facts Straight

    I will no longer watch Bones. If they can't get simple facts correct about Catholic and Amish religions, then they certainly cannot get forensics even close to accurate. I won't get into the Amish errors and insults, but to claim the Roman Catholic Pope takes a vow of poverty is absolutely ridiculous. This is so basic that Bones' producers should be embarrassed. A simple online search would've given these facts:

    Does the pope take a vow of poverty?

    No, the pope does not take a vow of poverty. However, in 2001, the Vatican revealed that the pope also does not receive a salary (source). The Vatican budgets provide for the pope's material needs and he does not receive a salary on top of that. In John Paul II's will, he revealed that, with the exception of personal papers and odds and ends, he did not leave behind any personal property of which it was necessary to dispose.

    Recommended reading:

    All the Pope's Men by John L. Allen Jr.


    Recent apologetics answers by Michelle Arnold

    One can only conclude that Bones producers' were purposely disrespectful, so much so that they didn't bother to conduct simple research expected of qualified television professionals, or they chose to disregard facts for their own anti-Catholic agenda. Thanks for disappointing a large part of your audience.

    Please don't stop bones. Lots of people love bones.
  • Bones

    "Bones" Season 11 premiered Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015 and is set to air a highly anticipated Episode 2. However, rumours suggest that the eleventh instalment might be the end of the Fox's crime drama. While authorities are yet to confirm the rumours, leading star David Boreanaz thinks the series should wrap up after this season. Read on for more details. Also, check out the spoilers for "Bones" Season 11 Episode 2 below. And find out where to watch it online through live stream.
  • Cher....

    Please, please have the prosecutor stop pronouncing the word "Cher" as it sounds. It is pronounced "Shy". It is a Cajun term of endearment and being a Cajun myself, hearing it continuously mispronounced is very irritating. Other than that we LOVE Bones!!!
  • The #1 show i watch

    I would hate to see Bones canceled, i love it. I have watched this show since it first aired. This show has inspired me to try to become a forensic anthropologist myself, not quite there yet though. The one thing I hated was when sweets died. He was one of my top five favorite characters. His death made me cry as if I have lost a loved one, and i know exactly how that feels.
  • Dont Cancel the show!

    Please dont cancel this show- too many times I've seen great shows being canceled just to see crap shows replace them. This is a FANTASTIC show!
  • Fantastic show

    I really enjoy bones i have been watching it since i was 10 I love the cast and crew, they do a fantastic job on the episodes and the story line. thumbs up Bones.
  • great show

    wait for season finale
  • Quite a big diappointment

    I was very disappointed in the last episode of Bones (live in UK so a bit behind) that the writers as well as the network would allow the constant assault on Religion from Temperance. The latest was a comparison between Communion and an Imaginary tea party. Really??? Then they proceed to promote a physic fortune teller as fact and that combined with science is the real answer. If it was the other way around and Temperance was a Christian promoting Religion, we would have every single Atheist filing a complaint with the FCC and the station stating that we were forcing this down their throats. I feel it is such discrimination that I am having to watch Christianity mocked and Fortune Telling Mumbo Jumbo endorsed that whilst I was interested in the intricate plots the writers presented, I have lost all interest if they feel the necessity to mock something as personal as a persons Religion.
  • More Hollywood crap?

    Unless this disgusting part is in the book, then the writers have allowed another happy couple to split. What about the previous shows that show how much Bones and Booth support each other? That was thrown out the window when Bones banished Booth from their house after he placed a bet while under cover. What gives? Most of us females out here would do just about anything to have a loving relationship like Bones and Booth have. Bones did not even offer support for his problem! Let's FIX this!!
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