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  • Has Bones had a stroke or is she possessed?

    What is up with the way Bones delivers her lines now? Has she had a stroke? Or is she possessed? This isn't the way she spoke in the beginning of the series. She sounds robotic and won't shut up. All the up-talk & drawn out words & endless intrusive facts that use to be funny but are now irritating. What is up? I agree with Pamela it's annoying, a real turn off. There's such a superior attitude from body posture to tone to how she talks down with her up-talk inflections to everyone even those who are highly educated too. It isn't appealing. She's always been superior but in an awkward way, which made her approachable. Why has Deschanel changed the way she plays this character? Bones doesn't need to go ON AND ON with her recitation of facts, figures, from everything to a TV in the bedroom and sex frequency to the tooth fairy to whatever. Writers are responsible for this horrid turn. Where's the humor that emerged through conversations between Bones and those around her? Where are the earlier writers? I love watching reruns but can barely get through current episodes. At this point I wouldn't be sad if the series is cancelled.