Season 3 Episode 2

Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2007 on FOX

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  • Not entirely original but good.

    The previous episode seems to have started a new trend, starting with the crime before the team gets there.

    I'm glad to see Angela's still working the widow case. I was curious how they would deal with the sheer volume of evidence when they couldn't spend several episodes to address it. This is the smart way to do it, when they come back to the case, all the evidence will be processed and they will focus only on what is relevant.

    Booth's loyalty to Riley blinds him to his obsession, so full of hate and frustration that Booth should never have let him be involved in the case. For the same reason that surgeons can't operate on family. Riley could have completely messed up the case.

    Not a completely original story, NCIS did a similar story but this was still done well and I liked it.
  • Another good episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode with a soccer mom's van being blown up, with her inside. Very classic scene as it explodes to the song, perfect day and then we see a leg flying at the camera. And so Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. Soon we learn that the victim was part of a group of radicals from the 70's, named the National Liberation Army. Two people from the group have been missing since the 70's and are on the run form the FBI. The soccer mom is soon IDed as one of them and one of the pair who killed a cop. We soon learn that in 4 days she was going to turn herself in, and was to go to prison for 9 years. Bones starts to go visiting her father, and isn't happy when he asks her to testify on his behalf. Soon the team learn that her old crime partner killed her and soon get a lead to where he maybe. When they get there they discover tae agent who used to be on the case, there with a gun in his hand and the man they wanted to question dead on the floor with a gun in his hand. The agent claims that he killed himself. Soon they learn that the dead man, could not have killed himself because of his arthritis and that he couldn't have made the bomb either. Soon the evidence of the letter is put back together, and we learn that it is a letter to her daughter. Then, shock, the husband is arrested for his wife's murder. As he is arrested the daughter reads the letter and she starts to cry.
    As the episode ends, we see Booth and Bones sitting together, outside, after Booth has been drinking, celebrating finally closing the case. She tells him that she went to see her father and that they played cards, and that she beat him.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep a women is seen showing up at a soccor game going to say good bye her kid. but thing is her van exploes as she is driving away. and so bones and booth are called to the scene to figure out what happen and the van gets trasported to the musem. also in this ep bones is starting to see her father due to the help from booth. and so they start to investgate and its from a case 30 years ago and they realize she was conservitat and did alot to stop people and she commited crimes and she was going to turn her self in. and after more investgating they find out were the other guy is. and they go to his house and he is dead with the fbi agent hanging over him they think at first it was him but it wasnt it was her husband who saw her sneek out to go see him but turns out she went there to get him to come forward to give himself up and the father thought she was cheeting on him or going back to a life of crime and she was not. and it said it in a letter that she wroter for her daughter. this was a good ep
  • I don't know why I still watch Bones.

    Boring. With few peaks of interest (all about Angela and Hodges) and the odd funny line of the fat lady.

    What intrigued me most of the plot twist is that, unless I snoozed in the very moment it is mentioned, they arrest the husband for the murder of his wife but not of the terrorist ex-lover, so his staged suicide is still responsability of the old agent. Nevertheless, he gets away with murder (haw haw) and drinks merrily with Booth. Mmmmmm... So it's OK to kill old terrorists if they not repent like the lady?

    I hope the writers stop using pompous big words for the science team and start focusing in plot holes. If not, these Bones will continue suffering from ostheoporosis.
  • As usual Bones is on top. I didn't see the murderer in this one. This show was amazing. Through the whole show I thought that the killer was the other radical guy, and I never thought that it was that FBI agent.

    After all that time, why would he have wanted it to end that way?
    T.J. played the aroused co-worker wonderfully. And to be completely honest if Michaela's character had been mad that would have sucked. After all she is the one that it has been supposedly had a bi-sexual relationship. So the hottie from the bomb squad should have been and was also appreciated by her, too. And I am so glad that the writers decided not to let him cheat. After all, he is supposed to love her completely. If you love someone completely you don't cheat.
    When it was announced that she was sneaking out to see the original bomber I knew the husband was the killer. Men are jealous after all. My only question is how did he know how to make the bomb? I doubt that when the "soccer mom" was laying out all the details of the killing that she gave her husband play by play instructions on how to make the bomb. And they did say that there were some details (like the type of watch used in the bombing) that were held back from the press so how did he make the same bomb?
    Other than that little tid bit I loved the show. It was another great episode.
  • "I guess I always had a problem wiht authority. I just always saw myself fighting the system. Kinda like Robin Hood."

    This episode can be divided into two plotlines.
    First there is the case of the week, where a Soccer Mom gets blown up to the tunes of 'Perfect Day', which is kind of ironic. It turns out later, that she was not so innocent after all, but a terrorist in her past. But the more important plot is Bones and Max trying to find some common ground, which is more a problem for Brennan, because she is not very forgiving. I think Ryan O'Neal and Emily Deschanel have some nice chemistry and make the father-daughter relationship quite believable.

    The Booth/Bones dynamic is a little understated in this episode, apart from the ending scene, where we have a drunken Booth drooling on Brennan's shoulder. Really cute.

    The best line go once again to Angela :
    - "This is Hodgins. I am Angela. Montenegro. I do facial reconstructions. And him."
  • Brennan has a difficult time with her father

    How hard it must be for Max to earn her daughter´s respect and love. I understand why Brennan is so paranoid about his every attitude and how difficult it is for her to believe in him after being away for so long; that can´t be changed in a few months. However, Max had a point when he said that she´s so good at what she does because no one has given anything to her, she´s earned it.

    I knew Hodgins couldn´t be perfect. Like every man, he can´t help staring at a hot woman. His, Angela´s and Cam´s scenes were amusing. I dare say I like Cam already. She´s adapted well to the team because she knows they´re not stupid, they´re professional, responsible and unpenetrable. I love Booth´s concern for Brennan. He constantly asking her about her father only shows how much she cares for her. The fact that he was trying to touch her at the slightest opportunity makes me think that first: she forgave him for whatever reason she was distant from him because his friendship is more important than anything and second: she doesn´t mind because she´s comfortable with it, she enjoys it and even asks for it. The writers are doing a great job. The stories are great but the characters are greater. They´re not the same from two years ago, they´ve evolved and Brennan´s is the one who has changed the most. It was touching to see her comforting Nash´s daughter. I like how she cares about her friends and how careful she is sometimes about her comments especially to Booth. Yes, sometimes they argue, but that´s because they´ve changed without losing their essence.

    My favorite scene has to be the last one. Booth daring put his head on her shoulder a couple of times was very nice to see. And she didn´t seem uncomfortable! Good for them.

  • With each passing episode this show just gets better and better.

    Our investigating duo are back looking into the death of a soccer who blew up in her mini van, as the investigation progress's Brennan and Booth learn she was part of a radical group in the 70's and was wanted by the FBI for the murder of some vip, she'd been on the run for decades but decided it was time to turn herself in, therefore someone planted the bomb in her mini van and killed her.

    Booth and Brennan with the help of Hodges, Angela, Zack, Cam, and the FBI manage to track down what really happened on the night of the murder of the vip, what happened to the soccer mom and who really killed her.

    It was another great episode which had you guessing who the killer was, really funny how Hodges had the hots for the hot female FBI bomb squad agent and how Angela found it all funny how Hodges was fawning all over her. And Brennan getting closer to her father who's now in prison.
  • Everyone back in their position and great case in table - really promising start and somehow it works out, somehow not

    I love the case, the first thing I have to say - it was really well written and very .. different from usual. I did not never expected where it will lead us. That shows very well that beneath what we see, there can be something very different and that was the biggest mistake chars in that episode made - they did not think too hard and took actions on first impression.

    I did not liked that thing with that bomb expert and Hodgins. I do not know. Some people may enjoy that kind of things but it looked weird as in previous episode - everyone were so in love, trying to get married and now... ok.. I am clad the drop that storyline.

    The storyline with old investigator and that case, that was much better - catching, exiting and also had surprising ending. And the case itself - the mother, who once was rebel but in the end proved the be more human than many others - the complexity of that character, who we only heard after the big bang, it amazed me.

    So, I would really say - adventurous episode with unexpected turns.
  • Everything added up...

    I liked this episode, but I don't think there will ever be one that I don't like. I didn't get too excited though. Everything added up, the link between the case and the relationship between Brennan's father and her, the stuff between Booth's older colleague and himself, and the interaction between Hodgins and Angela. That was the best part, I thought. The storyline with Brennan's father, Max, is somehow at its end for me, I prefer more quality time with the regular cast.
    As for the case, what husband will go to that dramatic action before really digging in the so called secret life of his wife? The daughter was very good, a true daughter of her mother.
    I'm really looking forward to next week, where whatever is going on between Brennan and Booth will coninue to develop...
  • another great episode

    The first scene is a soccer mom in her van that parks near a soccer field and goes to the garbage. As soon as she gets back to her van and rears back, she is blown to pieces. The team later discover that she as in fact a cop killer that had been hiding for 30 years.

    The team is all working together on this one and we get to see some funny reactions. A bombs expert comes to the Jeffersonial to analyze the fragments in the van and she is "totally hot". Hodgins can't barely talk the first time he sees her, it's so funny, Angela is next to him and he reacts that way with that woman...
    They made up later...

    Booth arranged for Bones to visit her father and she goes there. In the third visit the play cards and it's fun.

    The soccer mom had a boyfriend at the time and we find out that he was the one that killed the cop, she tried to stop him. Her husband saw her sneaking out and thought that she was betraying him, he was the one that made the bomb. The old boyfriend dies, someone staged a suicide.

    At the end they arrest the killer and Booth and Sam Reilly, the agent in charge of the case fr 30 years celebrate. The cop killers case is closed.

    I feel bad for the daughter, her mother was turning herself in and was trying to make her old boyfriend to do the same and because of that she died. She found out about her mother's past and she lost her father too, he was arrested.
    Amy Nash was trying to do the right thing...

    At least he can see that the team is tuned up, they are all working together again and thank God for that...
  • Terribly disappointed. Has Bones lost momentum already?

    I throughly enjoy Bones. I find the characters mostly well-written and the plot lines interesting. That being said, this was probably the worst episode I have seen to date.

    I expected a lot more umph but it was a terrible let down. The Bones/Booth chemistry angle was seriously lacking until the final few minutes. Even then all I wanted to do was yell at the TV "Get it over with already." The unrequited romance angle has been done to death.

    I find the relationship with her father to be stalled and repetitive.

    The saving grace for this episode was certainly Angela and Hodgins. They have an outstanding dynamic and always make me grin. Angela is so mellow and laid back. I hope to see a wedding between these two.

    As for the plot. Could we be a bit more predictable? The husband did it? Really? Didn't see that one coming.

    I truly hope that the next episode once again raises my hopes for this series.
  • Bones and Booth investigate a cop-killer turned soccer mom when her minivan blows up.

    Not the best episode, but not the worst, either. Gory corpse, some snappy patter, a few good one liners; typical Bones. This episode was a little lean on Bones/Booth interaction, which is my favorite part of the show. Bones is a bit mean and unlikable in the beginning towards both Booth and her father (who is actually prettly likable) but warms up in the end. I enjoyed it because its Bones, but it seems like the writers didn't want to work too hard on this one. I did enjoy the DA (she's a trip) and Hodgins' reaction to the FBI bomb lady was pretty good too.
  • Another gory, funny, action packed episode of Bones. This time the show made us wait with baited breath for a woman to be blown up. After agonizing minutes she finally explodes and

    Another gory, funny, action packed episode of Bones. This time the show made us wait with baited breath for a woman to be blown up. After agonizing minutes she finally explodes and our mystery begins. During the course of the investigation we find that she used to be a radical from the seventies. Also an unfortunate segment with Hodgins acting as if he's never seen an attractive woman before. Other than that it was a typical top notch Bones episode. We even had protruded moments between Breenan and her father in prison and by episodes end she appears to have dealt with her issues with him. Not a bad episode at all very engaging and a nice surprise as to the killer at the end.
  • Yet another great episode. The team is back on track and working together. I hope they can keep the rest of the season going as strong.

    Well after last weeks episode I was expecting this episode to get the show back on track, and I'm glad to say that it did.

    I love how Booth and Bones are back working together the way they should have been. The rest of the team were back to full force, even love the fact that Cam after a year, still can't talk to Zach in simple terms.

    I'm glad that they have had Caroline on more, I have really grown to like her character. She gives a good something to the show, can't put an exact what to the something, but it is there.

    The case was good, and like how they didn't just have a new case, but one they actually started way before Booth was even an agent. We got to see one of his mentors, and see how Booth had to struggle with the decision to keep him somewhat out of the case, and yet has to do a 360 and thinks that he was a suspect.

    The running gag with Jack and the bomb tech was also good. It was the first time we get to see how he would handle working with someone that was atractive, but not Angela, and to see how distracted he could get. Yet have him at a split second decide she wasn't all that, when she was going to destroy evidence she didn't need.

    The only thing I have to say, in a less than postive part of the show. Now that Max is in prison, I think his story line is less important. So I hope they don't have him in or talk about him in all the episodes, unless they really make the plot important to the show.

    I am so looking forward to next weeks, and all the following weeks, episodes.
  • Really good episode...

    When I was about to give up on the show, this episode comes up... it was really great!! Totally made me change my mind about leaving the show...
    My favorite scene (right after the ending, of course) was definitely the one with Sam, Brennan and Booth.

    "Sam: (about Bones) You know Booth, she must be really good in bed, because I can't see any other reason you keep her around here.
    Bones: I am, very good, but Booth has no direct knowledge of that fact"
    That was really amazing...
    I loved Hodgins and the FBI bomb expert... LOL
    It was really cool... and Angela "I really don't care what's going on in your pants, as long as it stays in your pants" LOL... That was one of my favorite quotes as well as "I do facial reconstructions, and him"...
    It seems to me that Cam and Zach are always in the lab... alone... lol... does that mean something?
    Then we have our non-couple... Those two are awesome... They really are!!

    "Brennan: I didn't ask for special treatment, Booth.
    Booth: That's because you don't have to, because you are special"
    And the ending scene... Awww... that was cute... and he was drunk, don't tell me he wasn't!! LOL
    I'll be waiting for the next episode... it seems really exciting!
  • One good episode after the other.

    Good episode overall.
    Angela, Hodgins and the bomb girl were sooo funny. Angela is the queen of funny lines. "I do facial reconstructions and him". Before Angela, Hodgins was a ladies man so it was amusing to see him trying to control himself.
    Caroline showed again, it looks like they realized we liked her and that she works well in this series.
    Max is a great character, it's nice to see him and Brennan trying to get along.
    The case was good and touching, it resembled a little Brennan's own past. The first scene with the soccer mom, the music and the explosion looked really good.
    And B&B, of course cute as usual. My favorite line "I am, very good, but Booth has no direct knowledge of that fact." HA!
    And my favorite part, the last scene of course, Booth looks cute when he's drunk.
  • Great episode with funny moments and personal development

    Spoiler ahead.

    This is one of the most hilarious episodes this series has featured so far.

    Angela, Hodgins and a guest hot, bomb technician took all the hilarious moments in the episode. There were one liners that made me laugh like I hadn't done in along time while watching a series.

    Yet the funny parts didn't take away the attention from the sensitive case which deals with an ex-activist with a family, which backgrounds resemble those of Brennan's history with her father, which allows her to make an introspection about the way she feels about Max Keenan. It was a nice moment, seeing her trying to reconnect with him, after several failed attempts.

    And there is something... a change in the relationship between Booth and Brennan; possibly Brennan doesn't notice it, but Booth now tries to touch her at the smallest excuse. He hugs her, grabs her wrist, touches her back, and in the end of the episode, and after a first attempt, (and perhaps because he is drunk) he dares to place his forehead against her shoulder. It was a touching moment.

    Brennan seems more human with each season an in this one, it was nice to see her consoling the daughter of the victim, giving her character more realism and humanity.

    Producers it seems, also decided that since the story is developed in Washington, they should show some of the city and the chapters have featured some monuments, that is good, but they still need to improve their blue screen images.

    A very amusing and entertaining episode that won't disappoint.
  • Some nice "personal" moments all round.

    I thought this was a very good episode. * Hodgins' reaction to the hot bomb tech was really funny to watch. I wouldn't have thought he would one to stumble and stutter like that. It was clear that he was turned on by her looks, but wasn't his facial expression when she asked where she could dump the air filter just absolutely classic? Loved him! * It might be my imagination, but I did detect a little tension between Hodgins and Angela - more than just her being aware of the tech's effect on Hodgins. Wonder is something's brewing there.
    * I love the way Cam often makes a remark (or asks a question) that gets her a "genius" reply from Zack. Take, for example, Zack's statement that the victim could've bandaged herself and still remained ambulatory. Cam replies that Zack could have just stated that she could've still walked around without Cam firing him. Zack then replies that walking around implies aimlessness, which he isn't able to determine. Typical Zack answer! Cam is one smart cookie, but these seemingly "stupid" questions/remarks just showcase Zack's genius so well.
    * Bones' visits her father were insightful. It's clear she doesn't want to get too close to him. Maybe afraid to get hurt? It was nice to see how every visit brought her a little closer to him, though, especially after she had read the victim's letter to her daughter. There seemed to be a paralel between herself and the victim's daughter, and when Bones sat on the bench with the daughter one could nearly see that thought running through her head.
    * Booth was, as is usually the case, his lovable self. It was cute to see how he tried to convince Bones to give her father a chance. I wonder if there is something in his past that influences his idea of parent/child relationships? The last scene, with him being quite drunk, and leaning on Bones' arm/shoulder was an indication of how really close they've become as a team.
    All in all, I liked what I saw. It was really entertaining. Hoped to see a bit more about the serial killer, but we still have a whole season for that!
  • Pretty good episode

    Wow....there wasn't a lot left of the soccer mom, wasn't there? If it hadn't been for IDing the van, it would have been too difficult to idenify the body (or pieces).

    Angela and Hodgins was too cute...of course he is a guy and he will go gaga over seeing another woman's huge breasts but he is in love in Angela. They are mature. Besides, Hodgins saying "I just imagine her being 70 and her breasts touching her knees" was priceless.

    It was sad that Nash was killed for trying to do the right thing but I loved that they paralleled it with Bones restoring her relationship with her father.

    Can't wait until next. They made it sound controversial, but I think it will be just silly, but horrifyingly possible.
  • A great second episode which, I think (and hope) will satisfy all people who thought that the season premiere wasn't that good.

    Please don't read this if you haven't watched the episode yet!!

    Hodgins was so funny in this episode, and I liked Angela's reaction. The scene with Sam saying that Brennan had to be very good in bed made me laugh, too.

    The case was really interesting and the end was very moving, Booth arresting the father and Brennan comforting the girl while the letter is being read. I thought that Sam was the murderer, too.

    I liked seeing Brennan with her father, and eventually, playing cards with him. I loved the end, the short BB moment with Booth drunk and AWWWW he leaned his head on her shoulder!!! *screams like a 12-years-old* hehe

    I'm waiting eagerly for episode 3 now!
  • Good episode, slight flaws.

    Okay, good, but not great. Though I loved seeing Hodgens have a crush again. That's one thing I kinda miss now that he and Angela are together. He's never flustered and clumsey around her anymore. That was always so cute! It was nice to see that side of him again, so long as he was right back at Angela's side once the bombshell left. With battle helmet ready!

    I was a little bit confused by some of the stuff Bones was up to. First of all, I thought she wasn't avoiding Booth anymore, I thought they had sorted all of that out. But now she avoids him... sometimes. And sometimes she doesn't. Am I the only one who's confused. I also felt like how petty she was about her father may have been slightly out of character.

    The mystery was great, among the best the show offers. Great suspence, excellent twists and turns, until the final reveal which really is a surprise. The mystery was the best part of the episode/ But this show is just as character driven as it is procedural, so I hope the balence resets next week.
  • They had, me they totally had me!!!

    Okay, SPOILER ALERT, don't read if you haven't seen yet!

    Well, let me just start by saying that I usually don't jump to conclusions. I am pretty level headed if I do say so myself. But this episode totally had me committed to the identity of the WRONG KILLER. I thought it was Sam, I really did. AND for that matter, didn't even think it was the husband. I was stonewalled! I swear, this show keeps getting better with every episode. I liked that the "dual identity" of the mom was presented in the same episode that Bones goes to see her father behind bars for the first time. Once again (like in Stargazer) the case she was working gave her more perspective on the decisions of her parents. Oh, and another thing, let me just say that Bones people skills (not with Sam, although that was hilarious) are vastly improving. The way that she comforted the daughter was so beautiful! Another great installment!