Season 3 Episode 2

Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2007 on FOX

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  • As usual Bones is on top. I didn't see the murderer in this one. This show was amazing. Through the whole show I thought that the killer was the other radical guy, and I never thought that it was that FBI agent.

    After all that time, why would he have wanted it to end that way?
    T.J. played the aroused co-worker wonderfully. And to be completely honest if Michaela's character had been mad that would have sucked. After all she is the one that it has been supposedly had a bi-sexual relationship. So the hottie from the bomb squad should have been and was also appreciated by her, too. And I am so glad that the writers decided not to let him cheat. After all, he is supposed to love her completely. If you love someone completely you don't cheat.
    When it was announced that she was sneaking out to see the original bomber I knew the husband was the killer. Men are jealous after all. My only question is how did he know how to make the bomb? I doubt that when the "soccer mom" was laying out all the details of the killing that she gave her husband play by play instructions on how to make the bomb. And they did say that there were some details (like the type of watch used in the bombing) that were held back from the press so how did he make the same bomb?
    Other than that little tid bit I loved the show. It was another great episode.