Season 2 Episode 19

Spaceman in a Crater

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on FOX

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  • Another amazing episode of Bones

    This episode was pretty good but definitely not the best. There was a lot to like from this but it was just great not the normal fantastic!

    I loved seeing the squints teasing Hodgins about the others. It was so funny especially because when the guy was pushed from the plane he was wearing loafers. I loved Hodgins on that entire matter.

    I really liked the ending of this one. It was so nice to hear Booth telling Brennan that Hodgins was going to propose to Angela. It was so typical Brennan to say that at that moment she saw marriage as having someone push someone out of a plane for you. I loved Booth telling Brennan not to tell Angela that too.

    Hodgins and Angela were really cute. I loved that Angela turned him down again because Angela is not the settling down type in my opinion that is.

    I really enjoyed the case. It was so cool that the victim had been in space for so long and that was what had caused his bones to make him appear to be 130. Tat story had interest so I really liked it.

    Booth and Brennan were so awesome in the vomit comet. I loved seeing how much they were enjoying themselves it was very cute.

    This was a really great episode but something in there was missing that held it back from being fantastic!
  • Very cool episode.

    This episode shows something that's oddly not been in the series before – the removal and boiling of bones to remove flesh. It's a very common practice when examining bones, particularly by forensic anthropologists, it's used extensively in Kathy Reichs books too. I've always thought it was strange it was never done, even in cases where the body is badly decomposed.

    The implant is really nasty, opening the thin bone like a scab and finding that thing inside the bone, disgusting. The image just freaked me out.

    Tragic that what should have been good news led to a man dying, but they didn't throw his body out of a plane because of an accident, instead because it would have stopped James from getting into space. That was what changed it from an accident to murder.

    Liked that they focused more on Hodgins conspiracy theories, it's been downplayed in season 2.

    Hodgins is a sweetie and there's obviously something holding Angela back. Despite the fact that it's hurting him, maybe it's better that she doesn't just automatically say yes when it obviously doesn't feel right to her yet. She needs to figure out what's bothering her so she can deal with it before they get married.

    Very cool episode.
  • Very interesting episode....

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a body (or at least what's left of it) crashes into a field, Bones and Booth are called in to investigate. They believe that the body fell from a plane. When they look at the bones, they believe the victim is about 130 years old. Soon they believe that the victim is in fact an astronaut, and that is why the bones showed the victim being much older than he really is. Soon the victim is IDed, and they go to see his widow. But quickly the episode changes direction and it becomes more like an episode of X-Files, with aliens being mentioned, what seems like every few minutes. Hodgins asks Angela out for a romantic meal at a French restaurant, where he plans on proposing to her again. Apparently he has already asked her once, and she said no. Soon they learn how he died and that one of his students killed him, and that the student's wife was in on it. She slapped him, and he fell, so basically it was an accident, that they covered up.
    We then see Hodgins and Angela together at the restaurant and as he starts to talk to her, and she thinks that he is going to break up with her. He tells her no and then he pulls out a ring box. He asks her and this time she She says she can't explain it, but she doesn't want him to stop asking her (just no pleasing some people!). But she does tell him that she loves him, more than he knows. As the episode ends, Booth tells Bones what Hodgins plans are, and she doesn't seemed shocked or happy or anything by it.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones there is man that falls from the ski and lands near some cows . thing is bones and booth are called to figure out what happen to him. it leads to muple angles and mutlple suspects and it was a very interesting ep. bones and booth figure out that the man was going to get better and the experiment was working and that if it did work it would be a big breakthrough. but they did even more investgating and found out that he was pushed into a airplaner propeller and that his friend and his wife were involved in his death. and they disposed of the body . this was a cool and very interesting ep
  • Booth, Brennan and the squints work together to solve the case of a mysterious man who fell from the sky.

    Really enjoyed this one. Plenty of Booth/Bones interaction, and the conspiracy aspect really let Hodgins get involved more than usual. Even the "new" Zach, who is a bit harder to enjoy than the pre-doctorate Zach, added to the underlying dark humor of the show during his interaction with Cam to boil the bones. And, unlike the Sully/Bones travesty earlier this season, the romance between Hodgins and Angela is fun, interesting, and adds to the show (probably because I like both characters, and Sully is an idiot). The character interactions were built around a solid and intriguing story, which may or may not have been inspired by wacked out astronaut Lisa Nowak. Overall, a solid episode, enjoyable to watch.
  • Pretty much happy with this episode.

    Although I have sworn that I would ban FOX (because of Drive), I couldn't give up this show. Anyway, this was a pretty good one. I love the character interaction, they seem so comfortable with each other. The dialogue is great, especially when Camille calls Zack Igor for not understanding her reluctance to have the bones boiled. : ) Also, I learned something new. It's little GREY men, not green. Who'd uv thunk? Really enjoyed the song played near the end of the episode when Adams was confessing and Booth was getting Adams' wife. I generally like the songs played on this show.
  • Bones finally back after a month - and a brilliant little episode to come back with.

    It seems like an age since the last episode ( The Killer in the Concrete ) was aired, this was because episode 19 ( player under pressure ) was cancelled due to the school tragedy in the US in fact it was just under 1 month by two days since The Killer in the Concrete, so it was a joy to finally sit down and watch the newest episode of Bones and once again it was worth it’s wait.

    We had the team involved in an investigation when a dead man is found in a crater in the middle of a field in the middle of no where from falling from the sky, Bones and Booth need to find the identity of the dead man with Hodgins throwing in lots of his own conspiracy theories involving UFO’s and little green or as Hodgins correctly points out grey men.

    Booth and Bones eventually track down the dead man‘s id and who eventually killed him and Hodgins proposes to Angela who again turns him down until she feels right inside to say yes…… all together now awwwwwww!! Oh and I agree with the previous poster that I too was giving up on Fox because they cancelled Drive but hey I love my Bones too much for that.
  • booth and bones investigate a murder that it an astronut...

    i was ready to jump out of my seat at every monent waiting for angela to say yes to hodgins! i love this show! i cant wait for booth and bones to kiss! irs gonna be so cute and exciting. does anybody know whats gona happen on the season finale? all i know is that hodgins and angela wont get married because she is still married from the time in fiji and booth and bones "hug"..anything more about b and b? i cant wait for next season and this season to come out on dvd so that i can watch it all the time!! im such a loser but i dont care! i love booth and bones!
  • Now beginning to become very predictable and getting away from the original storyline set up in Season One.

    Sorry but this episode continues the steady downward trend of this Season's efforts.

    We start with a body, in this episode one that has apparently fallen from a plane. This is then mainly examined nowadays by 'the squints'. Notice how Brennan does very little forensic anthropology herself nowadays. Then with usually great leaps of speculation the identity is found. All that in the episodes first five minutes.

    The we have our Dr Brennan off with Seely doing FBI work (interviewing suspects?). Now that isn't really her job. Note that her former boss (Dr. Daniel Goodman) and that of Seely Booth (Dep. Director Sam Cullen) have both conveniently disappeared so that there is no-one to point out that she isn't in the FBI and so shouldn't really be so involved with the investigation of the deaths. Her job really is to deal with the victims and not the perpetrators, to examine the physical evidence, trying to figure out what happened and how it happened and what was done to the victim.

    Now I know that the character of Temperance Brennan is difference in the TV series to the books, but one aspect should not change. That is no matter what she's working on and how nasty it is, it is a human being. And she should be trying to discover what that human being was in life and what happened to them. In recent episodes you don't get any sympathy at all for the victims. In this episode the writers didn't seem to care much for the dead astronaut, so neither did the audience.

    Instead we got an Angela/Hodgins sub-plot which although 'sweet' completely detracted from the supposedly main story. Note how many of the reviews of this story concentrated on that arc rather than what the story should have been about. Still it did make a change from the Booth/Brennan "will they, won't they?" story arc. You should know that this will only happen in the last episode of the final Season (cf 'The X-Files', JAG, etc).

    Each week the squints see to put all their energies into the 'corpse of the week' - whereas in reality they should have a number of bodies to deal with.

    The episodes are becoming predictable, more a soap with an increasing number of stories about the love lives of the main characters and less about the victims of horrific crimes.
  • space - the final frontier...

    Wow. I really liked this episode. As a kid I was fascinated by space. I went to astrocamp and cimi and anything else that was space related. I read any book that I could find and as much as a love my job now as an adult, if someone gave me the chance to go to space I would jump at the opportunity. The zero-g plane is the coolest thing ever – I so want to try that. This is one of those cases that you feel sorry for the guy, it was an accident but he panicked because he felt that no one would understand. I hope that Angela figures out really soon how Hodgins needs to ask her, because I see drama coming next season when he keeps asking and she keeps saying no.
  • The right case for Hodgins...

    It was a good episode, there have been better but it was good. It was the right case for Hodgins, he loves conspiracies, too bad it had nothing to do with aliens like they all thought. I can´t believe the couple didn´t tell the truth at the beginning, I mean, the guy being that intelligent he wasn´t intelligente enough to face the truth, and neither was his wife. But in the end, you learn that you support your spouse no matter what.

    I loved Hodgins in this ep. When he was asking Booth for advice, he´s reluctant at the beginning but then he keeps giving him advice. The scene at the restaurant was fabulous. How can you not marry him? The I want you to be my priority (however he said it) was beautiful.

    So that´s one of my favorite moments. The other has to be the look Brennan gives Booth when he arrests the husband. If only looks could talk...

  • Booth, Brennan and their squints work on the a guy who fell from the sky...

    i liked this episode 'coz of the romance betweem Hodgins and Angela. i like seeing them together i guess..haha ok anyway, i love the connection between Booth and Brennan here. So the whole, guy falling from the sky, booth and brennan connection, and the Hodgins and Angela romance thing really made this episode exciting to watch. The answer Angela gave Hodgins...was like a cliff-hanger that's not...i mean Angela gave Hodgins an answer and explains it shouldn't be a cliff-hanger...but on the other hand...i just can't seem to wait for what happens next...ya get what i mean? /:) haha anyway...over-all great episode...can't wait for the next one! :D
  • little green man... oops grey

    Well, not bad but certainly not much inspired episode either. There was some good jokes as always, Booth and Hodgins talk about proposal was nice, Angela saying no was sad, poor Hodgins, he looked like a lost dog. What I didn't like much was the case, too away from reality I guess. If he was chopped before being tossed from the plane how did he manage to hit the floor as if he was still an intact body (by that I mean in one piece)? Shouldn't the pieces be scattered in the field or something? I never find an episode of Bones bad but the case on this one didn't attracted much of my attention.
  • while it wasnt the most interesting case, there were still plenty of worthy moments.

    I must say I LOVED the whole zero gravity thing. i have always wanted to do that. its on my list of things to do before I die :)

    also loved all of Hodgins conspiracy theories. :) jeez I love that guy. haha and the pop tart part was soo funny. there i was thinking that like zach is gonna freak out becuase its like rotting corpse he smells, but then the pop tart popped up and i was like HAHAHAHAHA.

    One little thing that made me like Cam a teeny bit more? When she mumbled "Igor" about Zach as she was walking way. I totally died laughing. I had to pause the tape (i have to watch it at nine becuase i dont get home til 8:30) so that i didnt miss all of their next lines
  • Booth and Bones get called to the desert to find a body that fell from the sky and have the challenge of ID'ing the body and the why's. Hodgins proposes to Angela again, but this episode has a few twists and turns.

    OK, I could follow everything except the final explanation. If someone went through a propeller on the ground, how did they "scoop" up the body and be able to throw it out of the plane? The only explaination is that he went threw the prop after leaving the plane, but then that would throw the parts everywhere, not in one place. Also, wasnt the prop in the front on the pilot's side of the plane? Minor overlook, but after that, it was a well written episode. All of the cast was involved, and had some major twists that kept us all hooked in to the story. I really want one of those reconstruction, holographic computers....!!!!
  • Just a great episode

    Is it wrong that I totally noticed Hodgins wearing a Red Cross TShirt. Honestly, that was my favorite part of the entire episode. Hodgins' supports the Red Cross! Woot!

    Hodgins is so fun as a conspiracy nut. And then with Angela - lets all get a big aww. Although, I also admit that I can't really see them together, and I think they are an odd couple, and its just strange, and I think its too soon. But, I will save that opinion to my mind. But, his proposal was just too sweet. So, yeah. End that bit now.

    This is one of the worst deaths. I don't like a lot of the deaths, but, I shivered with death by propeller.

    Oh Oh Yeah! The 'Vomit Comet' WOW. I want to experience zero G... that was just COOL. I don't know if they really went to zero G, but, that was awesome. They really looked like they enjoyed it.
  • Entertaining.

    All the elements of a good episode of this show. A great mystery, lots of neat personal stuff with not only Bones and Booth, but also the team of Squints. Comedy, drama, Bones learns a little about humanity, it's fantastic. I loved when they first jumped to the conclusion that the victim was 130 years old before realizing that he was in space a lot and probably an astronaut. I love watching Bones grow on this show, her friendship with Booth has helped her become much more likeable, compassionate, much more human and emotional. Now someone has to help Zack do the same thing! In season one he wanted to badly to be a normal guy. Now that he's not a studen anymore he's become so pompous and emotionally detatched that it's scary. It provided for some very funny moments this week, and in several previous episodes. But can we give this guy a personality and a more involved storyline please? As for Hodgins and Angela, so cute and sweet. Says yes soon Angel, please please please!
  • Great Mix!

    I was initially worried about the whole "alien" concept but I thought it was well written. It very well balanced with the seriousness of an astronaut's death and the possibility of an alien invasion. I thought the oneliners from everyone, even Cam, were great. We find out about Col. Howard's desire to back up into space so badly he attempted a medical experiment to replace bone density. We also learn that like law enforcement agencies, astronauts are a close knit "family". But we finally learn that Col. Howard's death was an accident. But I think the biggest question for me was why Angela said no. Maybe it's too soon? Maybe she's unsure about such a big committment? All I know is Jack's proposals was perfection. Angela what are you thinking?