Season 2 Episode 19

Spaceman in a Crater

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on FOX

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  • Very cool episode.

    This episode shows something that's oddly not been in the series before – the removal and boiling of bones to remove flesh. It's a very common practice when examining bones, particularly by forensic anthropologists, it's used extensively in Kathy Reichs books too. I've always thought it was strange it was never done, even in cases where the body is badly decomposed.

    The implant is really nasty, opening the thin bone like a scab and finding that thing inside the bone, disgusting. The image just freaked me out.

    Tragic that what should have been good news led to a man dying, but they didn't throw his body out of a plane because of an accident, instead because it would have stopped James from getting into space. That was what changed it from an accident to murder.

    Liked that they focused more on Hodgins conspiracy theories, it's been downplayed in season 2.

    Hodgins is a sweetie and there's obviously something holding Angela back. Despite the fact that it's hurting him, maybe it's better that she doesn't just automatically say yes when it obviously doesn't feel right to her yet. She needs to figure out what's bothering her so she can deal with it before they get married.

    Very cool episode.
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