Season 2 Episode 19

Spaceman in a Crater

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on FOX

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  • Very interesting episode....

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a body (or at least what's left of it) crashes into a field, Bones and Booth are called in to investigate. They believe that the body fell from a plane. When they look at the bones, they believe the victim is about 130 years old. Soon they believe that the victim is in fact an astronaut, and that is why the bones showed the victim being much older than he really is. Soon the victim is IDed, and they go to see his widow. But quickly the episode changes direction and it becomes more like an episode of X-Files, with aliens being mentioned, what seems like every few minutes. Hodgins asks Angela out for a romantic meal at a French restaurant, where he plans on proposing to her again. Apparently he has already asked her once, and she said no. Soon they learn how he died and that one of his students killed him, and that the student's wife was in on it. She slapped him, and he fell, so basically it was an accident, that they covered up.
    We then see Hodgins and Angela together at the restaurant and as he starts to talk to her, and she thinks that he is going to break up with her. He tells her no and then he pulls out a ring box. He asks her and this time she She says she can't explain it, but she doesn't want him to stop asking her (just no pleasing some people!). But she does tell him that she loves him, more than he knows. As the episode ends, Booth tells Bones what Hodgins plans are, and she doesn't seemed shocked or happy or anything by it.