Season 2 Episode 19

Spaceman in a Crater

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Booth: (Sarcastically) Blowflies on aliens, who knew?
      Hodgins: You're taking a shot at me because I happen to believe that we are not all alone in an infinity of space.
      Bones: It's not the believing in extra-terrestrials that's odd-
      Booth: It's the believing that they're visiting us.
      Hodgins: This guy is wearing loafers. Aliens don't wear loafers people!
      Cam: Even if they want to pass unnoticed amongst us?
      Booth: You know, before taking us over...
      Hodgins: Oh, this is harassment. (Bones and Cam smile at Hodgins, stifling laughter) You know it's illegal to mock people for their fundamental beliefs.