Season 2 Episode 21

Stargazer in a Puddle

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 16, 2007 on FOX
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The decomposed skeleton of a young woman is found in a shopping cart, but due to an aging disease she is reconstructed by Angela as an 80-year-old woman. Booth and Brennan investigate and are led to a former caretaker of the victim, but their lead is shaky and they have trouble finding out who would want to kill such an innocent young woman. Meanwhile, Max Keenan, Brennan's father, reappears with information from her past. Also, Hodgins and Angela walk down the aisle, but everything doesn't go as planned.moreless

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  • Angela and Hodgins' wedding is as unusual as their entire relationship.

    Brennan's father just walks into the Jeffersonian and the answer becomes clear: he's created a new identity that stands up to scrutiny, to actually arrest him, Booth has to prove he's really Max Keenan. This doesn't make huge sense to me – all those times they were hunting Max, the times when Brennan called in his location, the FBI didn't even know what he looked like?! If they'd shown up, would he have walked then too?

    How is Booth going to explain that he beat up Max before he arrested him?! Brennan's mother's tape was disappointing, thought it would be some big reveal, instead just the typical mother stuff.

    Chelsey's mother may have killed her out of misguided mercy and her agony when she realized she'd killed her child unnecessarily. Though she was wrong, what she did is certainly understandable.

    The wedding is certainly unorthodox – from the music to Angela's dress (I liked the hood as opposed to the usual veil). Liked the service, as far as it got. Hodgins took the news about Angela's marriage very well, he's very understanding, very sweet that they 'ran off together'.

    Cool episode.moreless
  • A really great end to a fantastic season! love the irony, the emotion and some wonderful, memorable quotes!

    Really loved this season finale. The case is a good one, little girl who has a mental health aging disease, mother gives her an overdose with her own aids medcine, is the basica gist but its more about the characters! Angela and Jack get to the alter, but do they marry?

    Booth and Brennan seem to be taking the lime light at the altar!! a great comparsion on how open Brennan has become when compared to the seasons opening episode.

    The video of Brennans up is also very emotive, and very beliebable acting by Emily Deschanel. I love the Max Kennan storyline and how he will be arrested and go to jail just to be by his daughter! and i cannot wait for season 3 and the surprizes and development it may bring!!?moreless
  • Wow! I may have not started watching this show in the beginning, but I love it so much now! It's just so great.

    This episode is now one of my favorites of this series. Along with the Christmas episode where Booth and Bones kiss! It had a bunch of great Booth and Bones moments, Bones hugging and giving Booth a kiss and of course the very end with them both at the alter. That was my absolute favorite part, I was screaming at the TV saying just do it, but I know better. I've seen season 3 and the start of 4, so I know it doesn't happen,,,yet. But it was a great scene! I always love when Booth and Bones stare at each other like that, there's so much chemistry between the two. I can't believe they're not together yet, I mean come on! They better get together in season 4, I don't think I can take much more of this waiting! lol And the part where Booth was fighting Bones' dad, ugh I loved it. I love that he cares so much for Bones that he wouldn't seriously hurt her father. And hand to hand combat is a very manly thing, and well…Booth is well you know where I'm going with this. ;) However, I was stuned when he punched Booth in the groin, now that mad me kinda mad. But Booth's face and sentence after was just so funny. I so love Booth and Bones together! Not to mention David, he's just....well…HOT! hahamoreless
  • And so we have a weeding.........

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a skeleton is found in an abandoned warehouse, Bones and Booth are called in to investigate. They quickly realise that the skeleton belongs to a child. When Booth and Bones are in her office, Max (Bones's father) walks into her office and Booth arrests him straight away. He came as he believed that she was getting married, but eh hear wrong as it is in fact Angela who is getting married. When Booth gets Max back to the FBI offices, he has to release him as there is no record of him, as the bank robber he used to be. Angela asks Bones to be her maid of honour and Bones hugs her and accepts. We see Bones that night with her father in her apartment. She offers him to stay the night, and we learn that she has made up the guest room for him, in case he wanted to stay. We soon learn that the victim had an ageing condition, and she was just 22 years old. Hodgins asks Zach to be his best man, and ac tells him that he needs to think about it. When they speak to the victim mother, she gives them the name of a man she believed abused her daughter. When they question him, he admits to bathing her, when she got sticky, and that Chelsea (the victim) even confirmed his story, but her mother wouldn't believe either of them that nothing happened. When Hodgins asks Zach what his answer is, Zach hands him a letter from the White House stating that he is to go to Iraq. Hodgins tells him that he can't go, and Zach tells him to ask Booth to be his best man. So Hodgins phones Booth to be his best man, and he accepts. They soon believe that her mother killed her. Hodgins goes to see Angela's father, and asks him for his permission to marry her. He tells Hodgins that he has guns and if he doesn't treat Angela right, then he may be seeing his guns. After running DNA on Max, Booth finally gets the evidence needed to arrest him. When he gets there, they fight. We then see Bones at her apartment watching a video tape of her mother, which she made for her not long after they vanished. She explains why they left her and Russ behind, during which Bones starts to cry. When Bones goes to see the mother, she admits to killing her daughter, as she herself is dying and that no foster family would take her, due to her condition and her age. She then learns that the new drugs she was on started to work. We then jump to Saturday, the day of the wedding. Booth tells Bones the true about her father's arrest during which they hug. As the wedding beings a man enters, and he needs to speak to Angela and Jack before the wedding and so they leave with him. Zach hands Booth his letter from the White House and asks him to read it and explain it to everyone later on. We learn that Angela is already married.

    And so they walk back into the church, tell everyone thanks for coming please go to the reception and then they leave. We end with Bones asking what do we do now, and her and Booth standing at the altar, with the priest smiling.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this season 2 final of the show bones bones goes to a scene and it turns out to be the body a 80 year old women but its really the body of a 20 year old girl whos body was that of a 80 year old women and they found out that info from investgating into it more and they went and saw her mother and it tured out that she killed her because she thought her self was going to die due to aids and so she poined her. but she ened up surving and killed her daughter for nothing. and bones father comes back with inoformation in this one. and there is a wedding with hogens but the wedding between them does not go as planned turns out she was married before. and zack is on his way to irag. and it ends with booth and bones at the alter . this was a good way to end season 2moreless
David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Eric Millegan

Eric Millegan

Zack Addy

Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor

Dr. Camille Saroyan

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Goof: In this episode, Bones gets a ring from her father. He tells her it belonged to her grandmother and Bones reveals that she never knew she had grandparents. Her father says that they had to lie about not having any family because they had changed their identities. But in Season 1, during the episode "A Boy in a Bush," Bones tells Booth that she was a foster child until her grandfather got her out.

    • This is Brennan's mom's second appearance in the show and they were both season finales.

    • Goof: In one shot at the wedding, as the harp music is playing and Booth is explaining how he arrested Brennan's dad, you can see the harpist in the background, clearly not playing anymore.

    • Angela getting married in Fiji was first mentioned in season one's "The Woman in the Car."

    • When Brennan looks up at the sky through a window in Cynthia Cole's house, she sees a sky full of stars, and even a shooting star. There's no way that many stars would be visible in a large metropolitan area like Washington D.C.

    • This is Billy Gibbons' second appearance as Angela's dad. He first appeared in "The Man in the Fallout Shelter."

    • Angela's middle name is revealed to be "Pearly Gates." Pearly Gates is the name of Billy Gibbons' 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitar.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Bones: Your daughter spent a long time looking up, correct?
      Mrs. Cole: Chelsea was obsessed with the stars. She thought they were signals from heaven showing people the way home.

    • Cam: Oh, God. Please tell me that is not ...
      Zack: That's not human. That's Spam.
      Hodgins: Which has been injected with a number of organic poisons. We'd like to introduce a colony of Artemia Salina.
      Zack: Commonly referred to as sea chimps.
      Hodgins: If they die, I can check to see if running them through the spectrometer reveals what poisoned them.
      Cam: What do you want from me?
      Zack: Permission.
      Cam: Why?
      Hodgins: Because you said you'd fire us if we did any more experiments without clearing them first.
      Cam: Boys, you've got Spam and sea chimps. You get anything out of that, and I will ... buy you each a car.
      Hodgins: Release the hounds.
      Zack: Why?
      Hodgins: Pour in the sea chimps.
      (Zack pours them in)
      Zack: I found that anticlimactic.
      Hodgins: Yeah.

    • Angela's Dad: (to Hodgins) You should play it in the key of G Demolished.

    • Christine Brennan: (From the videotape) Hi, Temperance, it's Mom, I don't know when or if you'll ever see this. I hope to put it in your hands myself, see you again, with my own eyes. This is a hard hard world, your father and I left you and Russ to save your lives. People would have killed you to get us. That's not what this is about. Today is your sixteenth birthday, I'm so sorry not to be there to tell you all the things that a mother should tell her daughter when she turns sixteen. And, I'm sorry not to give you this, it's an heirloom from my side of the family, and starting today it's yours. I don't know how long it will take me to get it to you, but I promise you I will. You're going to hear a lot of things about your parents, especially about your father. He is a good man. It was my insistence to leave you kids, Max would have kept us together, fought until the end, I'm not sure he'll ever forgive me for that. So please, Temperance, I need you to forgive me. And if you can't forgive me, I beg you honey, forgive your father, cause he is a very good man. Remember this, you were cherished in this world, adored. What I did to you may have been wrong, but I did it out of love. I did it out of love.

    • (Booth punches Max in the face during his "arrest")
      Max: Oh, hey, hey, that's good kid, you're throwin'. (punches Booth, who groans) What's the matter? Got a glass jaw?
      Booth: You know what, you talk too much. (punches Max)
      Max: Right in the face, geez. (doubled over) Time, time.
      Booth: You had enough?
      Max: Wait, I'm old.
      Booth: There's no time outs during an arrest! (Max gets up and punches Booth. Booth returns with two punches. Max falls to the ground.)
      Max: Okay, I'm done, I'm done. It's over. I'm finished.
      Booth: Let's go. (takes out the cuffs to arrest Max, who punches him in the groin)
      Booth: (in pain) Oh, God that really hurts. (falls to the ground next to Max)

    • Zack: Booth?
      Booth: Yeah?
      Zack: Is there any sense in ducking when someone shoots at you.
      Booth: Your body ducks whether you want to or not. (Suddenly figures out something is wrong) Why?
      Zack: You can read this later, then explain it to everyone. (Hands him a letter from the White House)
      Booth: Why me?
      Zack: You know more about duty and honor than anyone else I know. (Booth looks touched)

    • (Booth and Bones are walking down the aisle.)
      Booth: Listen. I, I'm sorry I had to arrest your father.
      Bones: We don't have to talk about that right now. You did what you had to do, I understand.
      Booth: Yeah, but ... (they arrive at the end of the aisle and separate to different sides) Bones.
      Bones: What?
      Booth: He could have gotten away.
      Bones: What?
      Booth: We got into a fight, you see, and your Dad could have escaped capture.
      Bones: So, he beat you in a fight.
      Booth: (starts walking towards her) No, I didn't say that.
      Bones: You beat him, but gave him a chance to get away.
      Booth: No, I didn't say that.
      (they're now standing close to each other, where the bride and groom are supposed to stand)
      Bones: Well, I don't see any other alternatives.
      Booth: No, Bones, your father chose to be arrested because he felt if he abandoned you again, he would lose you forever. (Bones looks at him with much emotion) Just thought you should know.
      Bones: (pauses, and then suddenly hugs Booth) Thanks Booth.
      Angela: Harrumph! Sorry. (Booth and Bones loosen their hug reluctantly and look at Angela without releasing each other) I'd like to get married now.

    • Booth: Am I gonna need to use my gun Max?
      Max: You got your piece of paper?
      Booth: Max Keenan I am placing you under arrest for the murder of Deputy Director-
      Max: Oh, fine, fine, sure, you know what you can take me, you're right, I'm not going to abandon her again.
      Booth: You're not gonna resist.
      Max: It's your lucky day I guess.
      Booth: Great.
      Max: No, no wait a minute, no, see, I'm wrong. I can't just go quietly, it's not my nature.
      Booth: Max, I got a gun.
      Max: I can't surrender, you're gonna have to shoot me. You understand?
      Booth: Not your nature?
      Max: No, maybe it's a character flaw, (Booth takes out his gun) Yeah, shoot me, shoot me, but in the leg please if you don't mind.

    • Hodgins: Right, Zack and I did a brief experiment involving sea chimps.
      Booth: Sea chimps? I love sea chimps.
      Bones: To confirm that they would feed on decomposing human tissue? (Hodgins nods)
      Booth: Great. Thanks for ruining the whole sea chimp thing for me.

    • Bones: He ran out on me, and Russ. He robbed people, he's a murderer. He got my mother killed. You know, how does he expect me to (she has a hard time finding words) ...
      Booth: It's hard to trust someone who's abandoned you. Especially a parent.
      Bones: Am I ... am I terrible for not, wanting to let myself care about my own father?
      Booth: Look, Bones, your father's going to do something tomorrow that's going to hurt you, how do you forgive that?
      Bones: I'm not a bad daughter? Bad person?
      Booth: (smiles at her reassuringly) You're not a bad anything.

    • Bones: Do you like your father?
      Booth: I love my father.
      Bones: I think I love my father.
      Booth: Well, that's normal.

    • Booth: (answers his phone) Booth.
      Hodgins: Dude, uh, will you stand up for me on Saturday.
      Booth: Against who?
      Hodgins: No, I mean, uh be my Best Man.
      Booth: Sure, wow.
      Hodgins: I know, big honor.
      Booth: No no no, yeah, that but you know, you didn't give me much time to put a bachelor party together.
      Hodgins: No bachelor party.
      Bones: (to Booth) Is that Hodgins?
      Booth: Yeah, he wants me to be his Best Man. (into the phone) Well, if there's no bachelor party, what do you want me to do?
      Hodgins: Stand there, make a toast, hand over the ring, tongue kiss the Maid of Honor at the reception when people clink glasses.
      Booth: Nice, excellent, okay, who's the Maid of Honor?
      Hodgins: No idea, but most of Angela's friends are really hot.
      Bones: Well, I'm the Maid of Honor, why? (Booth looks at her funny, slightly uncomfortable)
      Booth: (to Hodgins) Uh listen do you need me to connect with the bride's father, put together the uh, toast and speeches and all that ... Hodgins are you there?
      Hodgins: Angela's father, oh, I forgot all about him. (hangs up)
      Bones: She has AIDS.
      Booth: Angela?!
      Bones: Cynthia Cole.

    • Max: Your mother was the only family I ever knew, and you and Russ.
      Bones: You abandoned me, for fifteen years.
      Max: And I'll do whatever I can to make repairs.
      Bones: While running away from the F.B.I.?
      Max: I have more, a message, from your mother on videotape.
      Bones: Wh...what does she say?
      Max: I don't know, it's for you, when you're ready.

    • Hodgins: I'd like to ask you to be my best man on Saturday.
      Zack: Things aren't always either or, sometimes they're both.
      Hodgins: At my wedding. Saturday. To Angela, my best man.
      Zack: When do I have to decide?
      Hodgins: You have to think about it?!
      Zack: Yes.
      Hodgins: Fine. Let me know what you decide.

    • Bones: You're welcome to stay here, if you want?
      Max: The couch would be great.
      Bones: No, Dad, I...I made up the guest room, in case you...good night.

    • Angela: Hey, Brennan, I'd like to ask you a favor. Well, it's not as much ask a favor as extend an honor. I mean, I hope you see it as an honor and don't think of it as some onerous duty, which I don't think you will, but then again, I've never done this before ...
      Brennan: Angela, just ask.
      Angela: Will you be my Maid of Honor, at the wedding? (after a second, Brennan suddenly grabs Angela into a big hug) Is that yes?
      Brennan: I am completely totally honored.
      Angela: Really, thought I'd have to tell you what the maid of honor -
      Brennan: I don't even care how awful the bridesmaids' dresses are, I'm so glad you asked me. (Angela laughs)

    • Bones: Angela, with all due respect to your art, facial reconstruction is a science.
      Angela: It's both babe, and this time, art made science her bitch. Hey, moan all you want, I stand by this.
      Bones: We should recheck for other indications that we got the age wrong.
      Zack: (Skeptically) Because art made science her bitch?

    • Booth: Max, you know I like you, and I hate to hurt Bones, but..uh, it's my job to catch you, and I'm very good at my job.
      Max: Well, you'd have to be to work with my daughter. (stands up and holds out hand) What do you say, shake hands with an old con, or-or is that bad for the F.B.I. image.
      Booth: You abandoned her as a child. You don't think she feels that, every time you pop in and out of her life?
      Max: (glares at him, but then smiles) You're just saying that so I'll hit ya, and you got a reason to lock me up. Twenty years ago, that would have worked.

    • Billy: Hodgins, I've got cars, and I've guitars… and I got guns. You treat my little girl right, and you'll only see the business end of the cars and guitars.

    • Bones: (Talking about an X-ray film) Do you know what you are looking at?
      Booth: (A little confused) The neck bone…'s connected to the shoulder bone. (Bones chuckles)

    • Booth: (Stepping in muck at the crime scene) Oh! Whoa, whoa!
      Bones: Whoa, should have worn gum boots.
      Booth: I'm fine, you know, I'm… I'm agile.

    • Bones: For this to occur, she had to ... she had to look up, like this. (raises her head up straight, looking at the ceiling)
      Booth: Maybe she prayed a lot.
      Bones: (skeptically) Four to six hours a day? What did she want so badly?
      Max: (walks into Bones' office) Her father ... hey baby.
      Bones: (shocked) Dad.
      Max: Booth ...
      Booth: (draws his gun on Max) Put your hands up.
      Bones: (jumps out of her chair and puts her hand at Booth's arm to stop him) Booth!
      Max: (puts his hands up) I was hoping we could get a drink or something before this part.
      Booth: Max Keenan you are under arrest as an escaped felon.
      Max: Okay, then I guess that's no on the drink huh?
      Booth: Bones, grab the cuffs out of my back pocket there.
      Bones: No.
      Booth: (frustrated) What do you mean, no, Bones!
      Max: It's okay baby.
      Bones: I don't want to handcuff my own father, plus, remember when he saved your life.
      Max: Hey, just throw 'em over here, I'll do it myself.
      Booth: (to Bones) Ha, he's telling me what to do. (to Max) Put your hands on the wall. (Max turns around and puts his hands on the wall. Booth goes over to handcuff him.)
      Bones: Wh- Dad, what are you doing here?
      Max: I heard you were getting married.
      Bones: What?! No, Angela's getting married to Hodgins, not me.
      Max: Oh, the bug guy, huh, that's great.
      Booth: (finishes handcuffing Max) Will you shut up please. (Bones gives him a look) Well, long enough for me to Mirandize him.
      Max: (sarcastically) You got the right to remain silent, got it, (to Bones) we'll, we'll talk more later.
      Booth: Look, I'm sorry Bones, but he killed the Deputy Director of the FBI, I'm just doing my job.
      Bones: (to Booth) It's okay. (to Max) He's right.
      Max: Kisses Baby. (Booth walks him out the door past Angela who is walking in.)
      Angela: Uh, sweetie, was that your Dad? (Bones nods.)

    • Bones: I'd like to marry you.
      Booth: It's kinda sudden Bones, let me think about it.
      Bones: No, Booth, that's what Angela (Booth starts laughing) told Hodgins. (Booth continues to laugh; Bones realizes what Booth means) You're joking, you know, a lot of psychologists say that jokes are the way we manifest our hidden desires. (Booth, shocked, steps in a big puddle)

  • NOTES (5)

    • The german title for this episode is "Die junge, alte Frau in der Pfütze," which means "The Young, Old Woman in the Puddle." This refers to the disease of the victim rather than referring to her simply as a stargazer.

    • This episode was included on the Emmy Awards "For Your Consideration" DVD for this season.

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: Tuesday May 29th, 2007 on TV3
      Spain: Friday June 29th, 2007 on La Sexta
      Belgium: Friday January 11th, 2008 on RTL-TVI
      Saudi Arabia: Tuesday January 29th, 2008 on ShowSeries
      Germany: Thursday February 7th, 2008 on RTL
      France: Friday April 4th, 2008 on M6
      Australia: Thursday July 10th, 2008 on Channel 7
      Portugal: Thursday July 17th, 2008 on RTP2
      Finland: Friday September 26th, 2008 on Sub

    • The background instrumental in the beginning of the episode is "Running up that hill" by Placebo. This song was featured in episode 33, Judas on a Pole. This episode also featured Temperance's father.

    • Featured Music:
      "La Grange" - ZZTop (When Hodgins asks Billy Gibbons for Angela's Hand, this is the song he is strumming on his guitar)
      "Gimme All Your Lovin'" - ZZTop (When Angela walks down the aisle and when they leave the church)
      "Blue Jean Blues" - ZZTop (When Max gives Bones the videotape from her mother)


    • Hodgins: I don't know what that means.

      This is an allusion to the line that Dr. Brennan coined on the show when she is oblivious to a pop culture reference.