Season 8 Episode 11

The Archaeologist in the Cocoon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2013 on FOX

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  • Enjoyable episode

    Brennan solves two murders, one recent and the other of an ancient cross breed human/Neanderthal family. Probably historically inaccurate on a million counts, but enjoyable all the same.
  • Oh dear this seems to have really riled reviewers .

    come on people, it's an entertainment show not gospel truth (and who says the Gospels are accurate anyway). Lighten up folks Bones is not a serious documentary programme.

    I guess that evolution versus creationism is a touchy subject in the States - not so in Europe. What I did have some unease over was the idea of Neanderthals and homo sapiens coexisting side by side as recent findings in Spain have thrown doubt on this until better dating techniques are developed.

    To those who want B & B to be all lovey dovey all the time look around you at real life! They are very disparat characters and part of the enjoyment is watching the sparks fly.

    Rather a complex episode in which the case is somewhat sidelined due to bickering between Drs Brennan and Edison. Not sure whether the reason for the murder was justified.

    What are Booth's failings ? Will he ever admit to some - apart that is from his anger.
  • Bones have changed

    I have to say that after Bones and Both got together, the whole show has changed, and it's not good. I am hugely disappointed in the way that they got together. It felt rushed and improvised, especially when they supposedly had sex. The only thing you saw was they cuddling in bed and then nothing. Now, it's almost embarrassing to watch! Especially the music whenever something is supposed to be funny. Bones is starting to get annoying, not brilliant and I have to say that Deschanel isn't keeping up the good acting she used to. Everything about the show seems forced. Very disappointed as a fan. I don't think I'll be watching much longer to be honest.
  • hmmmmmmmm.....

    what really bugged me the most was when Bones was planning peek-a-boo with Christine and Bones got all competive with another mom at daycare, come on!, kids develope at different stages and ages. I don't ever rememember Bones being so competive before, at least not this much and her and Edison getting into it... give me a break. There is so much stuf in the world that people have to deal with, when they, at least for me, want to sit down and watch a show they dont want to see negative stuff, we just want to be entertained in a good positive way. Ok I am done venting now... hehehe.
  • Theory over Facts

    This episode was the most historically and scientific inaccurate show I have seen of Bones yet.

    It is amazing that director of the show would even allow evolutionist theories to be rammed down people's throats, as though it is proven science, Darwinism has been debunk a long time ago.

    Yet they still teach this crap in public schools as though it's real education, I thought teaching science was of fact not fiction.

    Even more, making unfounded statements about the age of the universe without any scientific hard hitting founded proof of their so called sensationalist claims, that the universe has been around more than 13-25 billion years, I would like to see the 13-25 billions of years of research to supports such wild theories.

    Sorry Bones I know in the grand scale of things losing me as a viewer doesn't real count but never again.

  • I am getting pissed

    It's unbelievable how a great show like BOnes is being ruined. The only nice things left is Cam's funny sentences and Hodgins enthusiasm about his job. But wtf in this ep, the stupid behaviour of Bones regarding Dr. Anderson, and leaving Booth in the room ignoring him at the end of the ep without explaining was stupid and immature too, and it's unbelievable how really all the chemistry between B&B is dead and replaced by other issues, like in this episode the thing with being competitive and transferring this to Christine. It's a shame. I have been watching Castle and after they got together they are still sweet and funny together, and this makes me even more angry that it went so bad with Bones.
  • Give me strength!

    If you're doing a show that's got PhDs and MDs crawling out of every nook and cranny, you should bother to do at least a modicum of research, so as not to make your characters look educationally challenged.

    Dear Dr. Sweets, the plural of 'vortex' is 'vortices' not 'vortexes'.

    Similarly, given his academic qualifications, the visiting Dr. Clark surely would know that it's 'homo sapiens' not 'homo sapien'. Homo sapiens is singular; the plural would be homines sapientes.

    Sorry, producers, but they should have taught you at producer school that it's risky to assume your viewers are morons!