Season 6 Episode 7

The Babe in the Bar

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2010 on FOX

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  • Bones gets worse by the minute.

    Seriously, I remember this being in the dumb but fun category. What happened? Wait, give me a second to try to explain before you rush for the tumbs down icon, okay? Just a second.

    Let's see... Cam. Cam was way off, right? I get the feeling her plotline was supposed to be endearing in some way. I mean, Hodgins gives her a wink and a nod when he figures out what she's doing. "Oh, look at her, forging documents to go behind her daughter's back and control her life against her wishes. Such a good mom". That was creepy, even with Sweets playing the liberal straw man who is right but is going to get ignored regardless. I mean, that whole thing must have felt odd to a fan of the show.

    And continuing with the tradition of terrible parenting being encouraged by Hodgins, he also went "Awwww, look at my wifey deceiving me willingly even after I've exposed her lie". Really, such a sympathetic guy.

    And am I the only one that noticed Booth and Bones almost literally did nothing during the entire episode but were still around? At least their interaction lacked any sexual tension, so at least we didn't get the annoyingly overplayed URST this time. I'm calling that a redeeming factor.

    Wait, don't go yet. I still have to talk about the stupidly derivative murder, and the terrible, terrible pseudoscience they used to solve it and the trite confession at the end. No?

    Oh, well, go ahead and thumb me down. I'll leave you with a though. The showrunner for Bones said he'd get Booth and Brennan together if the audience slips 20% and the show gets in danger of cancellation, so if you want to see it happen, you know what to do.

    Stop watching this, stat. Seriously, how does this get more audience than Fringe? Sheesh.
  • Like bitter chocolate, this one leaves a bad taste in the mouth...


    What a dull episode. Profoundly disappointing, as well. First and foremost, Brennan and Booth's interactions were WAY off in this one. Booth just seemed endlessly exasperated with her, and not in that indulgent, isn't-she-cute? way he so often is. Brennan's attempts at humor were confusing to the point of absurdity, and Booth running off on her at the end was all of a piece... I'm rapidly losing patience with this kind of inconsistent nonsense.

    By the way, how the HELL does Brennan not know what an Oompa Loompa is? I get that modern pop culture has passed her by -- she is far too elitist to watch any TV show other than, it seems, JERSEY SHORE -- but she saw movies as a kid, we know this. Lazy, lazy writing.

    The case itself was also lazy: our killer was obvious from the outset (though the motive was vaguely clever); the red herring with which we were provided wasn't even remotely probable; and it was all wrapped up way too quickly.

    In better news, Sweets was in good form with his wise advice to Cam regarding Michelle's college choices -- which she stupidly disregarded, naturally -- and hello, Vincent Nigel-Murray! (Which reminds me: hello, Newman.) Loved his moment of trivia brainfreeze when he contemplated Cam kissing him. Also liked Hodgins in this episode... TJ Thyne's comic timing and those love-filled eyes he turns on Michaela Conlin's Angela are very appealing, and continue to make up for a lot that is otherwise very lackluster in this show at the moment.

    Nevertheless, this was a very average outing in what has so far been a remarkably unsatisfactory season. All we need now is for one of the team to fall under the influence of a cannibalistic serial killer -- in addition to all of these mediocre mysteries -- and BONES will have plumbed new depths. Here's hoping this downward spiral can be slowed or even halted long before we get there.
  • Oh dear I used to like chocolate.


    Think this is the only episode of Bones that I won't bother seeing again.

    The relationship between Bones and Booth was 'off'. Mr Nigel Murray was extremely irritating. Cam was behaving most unethically and out of character. The set up to annouce Angela's pregnancy fell really flat - Booth was sensible to opt out of it

    The science was rather strange and doubtful.

  • Just average

    Very disgusting opening teaser. Too bad I was just having dinner!

    I was glad to see Wayne Knight play a totally different character from the love-to-hate Newman from Seinfeld. Even with his arrogance, I knew he wasn't the killer.

    Who would've thought that the Cam from season 2 would be writing an essay for a teenager and be worried sick for this teenager, who's her adoptive daughter, about going to college? I just love how Cam has evolved, unlike other character that seems to go backwards every now and then.

    Little interaction between Booth and Brennan, but the scenes between Angela and Hodges sometimes makes you forget about them.
  • Another food group gone down the tubes...

    This series is rapidly taking the thrill out of all my major food groups! Last week it was canolli and this week its, *e-gad*, chocolate. So help me if they do an episode with some dead and liquefying body in a vat of wine I will just up and die myself! I'll have to, because that will be all of my food groups; gone!

    At any rate, I knew it was one of the two chocolate guys, and since Jimmy Walpert III was way too obvious, I correctly settled on Scott Kempke. Not rocket science in the bad guy department tonight.

    Moving the world's largest chocolate bar to the Jeffersonian was funny; almost as good was watching it go through the world's largest scanner!

    Vincent Nigel Murray is sooooo my favourite intern, and his undisguised lust for validation from others; especially Brennan, is entertaining. Always.

    I was totally unimpressed by Camille's interference in the university applications. Not even remotely funny or fitting of a woman in the position that her character holds. What else does she fudge...? Think harder, writers...

    Was disappointed in Booth about the baby reveal. Just a tad out of character, dontcha think? Even if he know...hormonal?
  • Almost on the right track again.

    Okay, finally after a couple of not so great episodes, we are back on track or almost there. On this week episode we got to see a part of what that chemistry between Booth and Brennan used to be. I'm re-watching the first season and I just can't stop myself from comparing the pair then and the pair we have now.
    The storyline was very good and I really liked how it developed. Some points that were a little weird to swallow: why did the chocolatier leave the woman inside the bar? And why, all of a sudden the case was solved, they were running out of time? And what was all that thing with Booth running off to see Hannah? It's not like she was sent to a war zone again, for God's sake. Booth never would've not shown up to something like thing at Founding Fathers in the past. Granted that everybody already knew about Angela's pregnancy, but that's not the point. Booth's always been there for the Jeffersonian people and now he just runs off to some lady. No, I am NOT being bithcy about his relationship with Hannah, I actually like her quite a lot but the writers kinda pushed it on this episode.
    Already saw the promo for the next episode and I can't wait for it. My gut tells me that I'll be giving a better review note to it than I gave this one.
  • Willy Wonka anyone?

    Oh dear me. It seems as if Bones writers cannot come up with anything original anymore. First it was Jersey Shore and now a somewhat weird cross between harriet the spay and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Lately all of th murder victims have really, and I do hate to say this brough it on them selves. Pick-pockets, a "boy toy" for a married woman and no a spy. Well motive seems to be a trend this season.

    Why is Mr. Nigel-Murray back? Not that I'm disappointed or anything but that excuse was lamer than someone in a wheelchair. And speaking of him, how on earth did he know about Angela being pregnant? She was much less obvious in this ep, and unless she or someone else blabbed...

    Stupid Booth, why did you return to Hannah at the end. Bad desicion. I give them 2 more weeks, they are sooo not going to last.
  • Cute, but we've seen it before...SPOILERS

    Cute episode, but the ending was a downer. While I'm glad to see Mr. Nigel-Murray back, seems a shame he blew all of his Jeopardy money and this time the trivia blurbs seemed forced.

    Cam reminds me a lot of my mom, which is how i ended up applying to NINE colleges. But I digress..I thought Michelle's BF was Perry so who's Derek? But i would HATE to be in the room once Michelle receives the John Hopkins acceptance letter. And Cam committing fraud with the essay? Even that's a little far.

    While I liked the plotline I was quite bummed at by the end in that they just happened to find blood in the gas bubble, but don't even explain how Scott's blood got there. And even a chocolatier like Scott surely wouldn't just leave her there in the bar, KNOWING the chocolate would be nasty and the body would be discovered at the unveiling. I can see drowning her in it, but just leaving it in there knowing the effect it would have once discovered...I find it hard to believe that a lovesick murderer would be THAT dumb. And the blood seemed to be a tacked on thing, like the writers suddenly realized they needed to solve the puzzle, so hey lets put the killer's DNA in the gas bubble.

    Booth/Bones chemistry was okay as was the whole baby thing. Poor Hodgins, but come on. I would have been able to feign surprise better than any of them. And I still would have showed up too. Typical show fun, but i'm wondering if the writers are grasping at straws...
  • The bar is a world-record chocolate bar, and that makes this a sweet episode!

    I enjoyed this episode a lot, for a middle-of-the-road kind of filler show, but thought the writing slipped noticeably for it, in an otherwise well-written season. I can't stand the way Bones' character flip-flops between utter-seriousness, and childish/strange outbursts out of left-field! She's like no one you're ever going to meet in this lifetime, and while that is a compliment to her when considering her vast expertise, it is not one, when you factor in how weird she comes off. I hope Kathy Reichs isn't too close to resembling the woman characterized by Temperence, strangeness just shouldn't go too far. I also am disappointed in the way Booth & Bones are together, when solving mysteries. When Booth was pining for Bones, their work chemistry was so tight, so supportive, and funny at times...these days they're snippy with each other, and Booth cuts her sentences off a lot, something he didn't used to do.

    But the other glimpses into the supporting cast were much better: Jack & Angela, Cam & Michelle, and Sweets & Daisy. Nice plot twists in solving the murder, and some funny dialogue too, although the continued dragging out of any conclusion to Bones and Booth's unsolved relationship together, is a strike against this particular show, and needs a speedier resolution. Even if I like Hannah's character, and the actress' portrayal of her!!