Season 5 Episode 4

The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on FOX

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  • good all around episode mixed with phyc. vs anthrapology, a wild look at the burbs, and parker trying to get his dad a women.

    Another good episode this season with good mixture of humor and beliefs. The victim is in the BBQ pit at a block party and all kinds of suspects and motives come out of the woodwork. Of course booths pulls sweets into the mix to get his view of burbs and that leads too bones and sweets butting heads even though they come to the same conclusion but in different ways. its good to see sweets finally getting the nerve to stand up for him profession and not take the lip he gets for his job. sweets telling arastoo to just be himself was really great advice too and not worry about what others think of him.

    Booths son trying to get him a girlfriend was very funny. Im not going to rule out angela and booth hook up just from what she told parker after he asked her if his dad could "sex her up" and she responded "dont think i havent thought of that" response but who knows. Maybe she will just to get bones jealous or something and share her feelings with booth. After all the suspects are in, turns out to be 3 murders that could not take the eye sore in the poor guys yard anymore. Booth asking bones to be his village was funny so he could show parker he does go out with women. Her telling booth going out could turn out to be fun and maybe lead to more. I think she has been hinting around that she wants booth to see she wants more than just love, she wants something else as well. all parker wanted was a place to swim. Funny how booth was so scared to ask his own son what his deal was and it took bones who is getting better but not the best with people skills to find out the problem.

    good episode and cant wait till next weeks.
  • I cannot say it was bad episode, no, but I most say, it was not the best either...

    I cannot say it was bad episode, no, but I most say, it was not the best either. I did love the way the episode reminded little joke of Desperate Housewives and the whole psychology vs anthropology between Bones and Sweets. But the story itself did not caught me. I found everything else (I mean by the case) more catching in this episode than the case. I really loved Parker and the things behind that storyline. The ending was beautiful. Also the the storyline with the accent. I just felt those overshadowed the case what was not so intriguing as it could have been. There was it's moments but I really felt there have been better episodes where all the storylines work more together.
  • Fun episode..

    The episode was fun. Although it had too many characters that got me confused, it was interesting mainly because of the side plots.

    One of the interns who was faking an arabic accent.
    Parker trying to get a girl for his dad. lol.. who would've thought.. Booth, who was always charming and doing well with the ladies now is not doing so well in the land of the women and gets all nervous when his kid asks him why he isn't dating..

    In the end when Bones didn't flinch to answer Parker why she won't date Seeley, I thought it was a good move.. because the whole awkward moment would be so trivial by now that it was gonna be boring to endure..

    Anyways, Bones is always featuring good episodes. I just hope they bring Zack back.. I guess it's why they are keeping his slot available with constant interns and instead of hiring a permanent replacement.

  • A funny, amusing, though kind of confusing main storyline. Some very entertaining subplots. A remarkable episode.

    The main plot was very entertaining. I can appreciate the Desperate Housewives theme, very well done. The case itself was kind of puzzling though. It was obvious how all the different motives pointed at all these different suspects. It was hard to keep up with all the names though, which was confusing. All the subplots made this episode extra amusing. The storyline of Arastoo's accent has kind of a serious ring to it, yet very witty put. The reaction of Cam, Angela and Jack is priceless. Sweets reaction on the other hand is so professional. Eventually Arastoo shows a side of him that is pretty likable in my opinion. The whole anthropology vs. psychology battle made for some amusing scenes. It's fascinating how Brennan is open to Sweets his psychological reasoning and how she manages to see the similarities between anthropological and psychological interpretation. The funniest subplot is Parker's search for a girlfriend for his dad. Booth trying to deal with this parenting matter is pretty endearing. Nice to see how he seeks Brennan's help for this. And Brennan eventually solving this problem by simply asking Parker why is just hilarious. In this episode we got to see the best of all of the main characters. They all contributed to an entertaining and remarkable, well balanced episode.
  • Another good one

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. Human remains are found during a block party. Soon the politics and scandals of living in such a small neighbourhood are revealed, and thus showing that the victim was not an innocent man. But in fact a man who was cheating on his wife with his neighbourhood and also with the neighbour's daughter. Soon his 3 killers are caught, and we learn that it was because of a wind turbine he put up, that he was killed.
    But the main story in this episode is Parker (Baby Booth) who wants to get his father a father so he can be "sexed up". He asks Angela, Cam and even Bones. But when Bones asks him the real reason he wants to get his father a girlfriend, eh admits that it's because he wants him t get a house with a pool. On hearing this Bones hands Booth a key to her apartment building which has a swimming pool in it, so that he and Parker can use it as her guests. We also learn in this episode as does all of the team, that the Muslim intern does not have an accent and has been faking it since he started working at the lab.
  • Bones in the Burbs.

    The team are called in to investigate a body found in a charcoal pit at a block party, the body happens to be that of one of the neighbours whom seemed to have upset nearly everyone in his neighbourhood and so the investigation leads to a number of witnesses and potential suspects intertwined with scandal. Naturally Booth and Brennan track down the killer or I should say killers.

    The fun side to the storyline is Parker ( Booth's son ) asking embarrassing questions to Angela, Cam and Brennan as to why his dad has not got a girlfriend and thus trying to find him one so that he can have an outdoor pool.
  • Excellent chemistry

    This is exactly why I watch this show.

    What a great fun episode. First I have to say that the Bones cast has to be one of the best on any TV show in the last years, I dare say. The additions of Cam and then Sweets and later each one of the grad students have only enriched the team.

    It was nice to see everyone interact with everyone. Bones discussing, agreeing and disagreeing with Sweets; Booth discussing a fear with Sweets; Cam and Arastoo sharing something and well, again Angela and Hodgins interacting as if they didn't share a past.

    I loved to see Parker back. I missed him and the kid has sure grown a lot. Silly Booth for not asking him about his curiosity and who would've thought the person with less social skills was able to get the truth from him. I really enjoyed the last scene and I really hope we get to see more Brennan/Parker interaction this year because I'm sure the fans will love it and well, it would make Booth very happy.

    The case had a distinct humorous touch without being stupid and lame. As a psychology lover, I understood Sweets' doubts about the reason for the murder. Each mind is a world.

    Can't wait for next week :)
  • A very filling and amusing episode. Bones always comes through for the fans. Dis-functional suburbia is the main focus of this episode with juicier than usual tidbits from the main cast. Everyone got their fair and amusing share. Everything was enjoyable.

    This episode showed how every character has grown since we first met them. Which is what, as a viewer, I like to see. I adored Parker in this episode, so bold and adorable. Sweets and Bones' confrontation was humorous. Plus the four lab mates talking at the end was a breath of fresh air. I must admit that this could be my favorite episode so far this season because of how the writers used Arastoo. As a Muslim intellectual, that is exactly how I think, how all Muslim intellectuals think. That is the best description of the motive of our faith that I have ever heard.
    Yet another reason to admire this shows and its writers. They show the truth, and that is most definitely the truth. Last but not least, let us not forget the ridiculous admonition "Oh God, she talks like a therapist" and "Oh God, she talks like an anthropologist". I cried from laughter.
  • Desperate housewives meets Bones as the remains of a man are found burnt in a suburban barbecue pit. moreover, Booth leaves Parker with Angela, Cam finds out Arastoo's faking his accent and Sweets and Bones try to prove up each other's specialties.

    Sex, lies and murder. The perfect recipe for a successful episode. It's always intriguing to watch a murder case being solved in a suburban neighborhood with all the secrets lying in the lives of ordinary people with potentially vindictive personalities; also, the fact that Sweets advised Booth to see the neighborhood as a unit was completely true.
    The side stories were fun to watch as well; Parker asking about his dad's love life and trying to find him a girlfriend ( even if for childish reasons) kept us wondering how Brennan would react to his inevitable request for her to hook up with Booth and even more amazing was his point of view as a child, however spoken like a wise man, that it was just silly for them not to go out just because they work together.
    One more important fact was that for the first time on American T.V I finally heard someone say " Iranian's are not Arabs" so thank you writers and thank you Dr.Brennan. I hope to see Arastoo being his real self on the show.
    Keep up the good work team Bones and please increase the action on the show.
  • Suburbia is the source of this episode where a man's remains are found in the pit that is being used to cook a pig for a luau. The victim turns out to be someone that seemed to rub his neighbors the wrong way. Now to figure out who killed him.

    A very entertaining episode and about the fourth show that has used this subject material for an episode recently. It seems writers go in circles sometimes.

    In this case we have a whole group of subjects and like Desperate Housewives the more we learn the more we're sure everyone in guilty. :)

    Besides the main storyline we have a few subplots going on. While Angela is watching Parker she finds out that he is worried about his father and his female companionship. Of course that lights a fire under Booth to try and figure out what is going on. Everyone gets involved on some level. Cam, Angela, Sweets, and finally Bones who manages to really find out what is going on. Nice scene at the end even though it was a little awkward. The other amazing revelation was that Arastoo has no accent. It turns out he was pretending to have one to avoid the explanation of why he was so devote. He always found it more easy to just let people think of him that way than a real scientist who had beliefs. In a way it is kind of strange the more I think about it. What was really funny was the fact that Bones knew all along because of his accent(Jordanian and he was suppose to be from Iran), but felt his science was good so she didn't care.

    As far as the main plot line was concerned it got really weird with who was sleeping with whom and who was doing what to whom else. In the end it was not who we thought it was. It was a whole group of people. You see they were each others alibis. The only problem was they were killing the victim not doing what they said they were doing. In the end it was a crime of passion.

    Sort of a fun episode with some nice moments between the main cast. Nothing earth shattering happened but it was very enjoyable. Thanks for reading...
  • Mr. Rogers would be mortified!

    And the season winner for Titles credit goes to...this episode! Perfect title!

    What a fun, and funny episode. It was also really interesting to see and hear the psychological and anthropological breakdown of humanity gone suburban! Then of course, getting back to thee show, it was great to see an newly developing professional respect and understanding develop between Sweets and Bones. It is also timely that Sweets is developing a spine when it comes to his inputs to the team. Nice growth opportunity presented and taken there by the creators and writers.

    Apart from that it was just hugely entertaining to see the team chase the possibilities around and around and become more incredulous with the dirt they dug up at every turn.

    Not the result I expected, and that's always nice. I may never attend another luau though...