Season 5 Episode 4

The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on FOX

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  • good all around episode mixed with phyc. vs anthrapology, a wild look at the burbs, and parker trying to get his dad a women.

    Another good episode this season with good mixture of humor and beliefs. The victim is in the BBQ pit at a block party and all kinds of suspects and motives come out of the woodwork. Of course booths pulls sweets into the mix to get his view of burbs and that leads too bones and sweets butting heads even though they come to the same conclusion but in different ways. its good to see sweets finally getting the nerve to stand up for him profession and not take the lip he gets for his job. sweets telling arastoo to just be himself was really great advice too and not worry about what others think of him.

    Booths son trying to get him a girlfriend was very funny. Im not going to rule out angela and booth hook up just from what she told parker after he asked her if his dad could "sex her up" and she responded "dont think i havent thought of that" response but who knows. Maybe she will just to get bones jealous or something and share her feelings with booth. After all the suspects are in, turns out to be 3 murders that could not take the eye sore in the poor guys yard anymore. Booth asking bones to be his village was funny so he could show parker he does go out with women. Her telling booth going out could turn out to be fun and maybe lead to more. I think she has been hinting around that she wants booth to see she wants more than just love, she wants something else as well. all parker wanted was a place to swim. Funny how booth was so scared to ask his own son what his deal was and it took bones who is getting better but not the best with people skills to find out the problem.

    good episode and cant wait till next weeks.
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