Season 4 Episode 24

The Beaver in the Otter

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2009 on FOX

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  • Pretty Good

    I liked that Sweets was able to accurately choose the murderer and left an impression on Brennan because I really don't like how she shuts down other peoples beliefs, jobs, and practices. I think it will help her develop a little more trust his abilities.

    I liked the ending. It is these little moments that Brennan shows that make you realize that she is not heartless and really does want to open up, I love it!
  • help on a song

    does anyone know the same of the song when Dr Brennan is examining the bones and figures out what was the cause of death .????
  • During a celebration at a college the body of a student from a frat house is discovered in a beaver shaped mascot. Meanwhile Booth tries to help his brother find a new job.

    It's very simple; the last sequence made watching worthwhile. The storyline was quite thought provoking and the analysis of college life through the eyes of Sweets and Brennan was fascinating to watch. Brennan observed well and finally decided to follow the rules as to "be bad to be good". for someone with her intelligence it would take a lot of courage to do something like dining and dashing that wouldn't socially make sense .
    Booth's dilemma toward his brother was another fine aspect of the episode and he was smart enough to let Jared travel on his own.
    The murder itself did not catch my attention as much as it should have(my 15 year old brother guessed the murderer right away) and nothing that exciting happened concerning it. I wish Cam would have let Hodgins carry out his experiment and I would like to see how Vaziri tries to prove his good intentions to him in the future.
  • Very cool state in the regular team relationships.

    For the first time in years, I've had a feeling of completion while watching this last ep. Some things haven't changed but it is nice to see how the characters have evolved since the very first episode in the very first season, for example Brennan's face when Booth says "it's personal stuff", Cam and Angela playing rock, paper, scissors, Booth taking advice from Sweets without even pretending not to do so and Sweets smiling about it. For the fist time since the departure of Zac, the gap he left seems to be nicely filled by both Sweets and Mr. Vaziri. And I think that stability - without everyone's life collapsing any minute soon - was something the show was lacking a bit. Good one, really.
  • I liked the college story but I enjoyed the Booth/Jared stuff more.

    It's nice to see Booth and Jared acting more like brothers. Maybe being thrown out of the Navy will be good for Jared, he's certainly not so uptight anymore. I hope we'll see more of this.

    Took long enough to find out what happened to Jared, dishonorably discharged. Not surprisingly, Jared is rebelling, he's been in the military since he got out of high school so he's enjoying the freedom. It's a great idea for Booth to go with Jared to India, not only could he watch over Jared but also it would let them bond, it would be very healthy for them to have some time alone together. But ignoring the brother bit, I understand why Booth chose not to go, Jared has never been alone and it would be good for him to do something by himself. He needs to know he can stand on his own two feet.

    I liked the college professor, switching the exam at the last minute was smart. She's got a delightfully dry sense of humour.

    Very good episode.
  • Stupid Girl

    The murder was really sad and for a stupid reason. I hate fraternities. Booth trying to protect his 'little' brother was something you expect from Booth. But hey, he is a grown man and he has to let Jared make his own mistakes. I'm glad in the end he let him go.

    I don't agree with the whole 'you have to do something bad' to live or learn about life. You can learn without doing it. But I totally understand. Doing something 'illegal' is fun and well, everyone has done it. It was time for Brennan. I liked it that Booth wanted Brennan to experience that even when he ended up paying in the end :)

    I didn't like that Brennan kept saying that Sweets was guessing, it could've been a little insulting if he didn't know Brennan. But well, in the end he was right.

    Cam and Hodgins' interaction was great and it's always fun to watch. The grad student, my least favorite.
  • Another good episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a dead body is found inside of a rival school's mascot uniform, Booth and Bones are called in. At first it is believed to be a prank and that the body is that of a cadaver, but soon the victim is IDed as a student at the school. We also see Booth going to meet Jared at the diner, where we learn that he has been dishonourably discharged, for what he did to save Booth's life. And so Booth tells Jared that he will find him a job. Booth soon finds him a job interview, but Jared says that he is going on a trip to India. Son we learn that the victim was sleeping with an older woman. He was also a bookie, for about 50 people in the college. Soon the woman is IDed as the dean's wife. We soon learn that his wife hasn't been seen for over a week, and then the dean says that she has been staying with her sister for the past week. Booth soon tells Bones that Jared has asked him to go to India with him, and seems a little upset about it. Soon they learn who killed the victim and when she is questioned she confesses to what happened. It was all one big accident. As the episode ends, Booth tells Jared that he isn't going to India with him. And so Jared leaves to go on his travels with his brothers blessing. Bones tells Booth that she has never had anything bad, and so he tells her they are going to leave without paying the bill. At first she says no, but quickly changes her mind. As she runs, Booth throws the money down on the table, and runs after her. Thus showing that he really does have feelings for her (in my mind at least).
  • When a body is found in a rival schools mascot suit the team investigate the frat house and college.

    I'm not going to write too much about the actual case/murder because it was another of those open and shut case's where we are led to believe it's one suspect but turns out to be someone we'd not suspected but the storyline wasn't too keen on, I'm like this where college/school/campus stories are the main make-up of the storyline, I was like that with Player Under Pressure & The Salt in the Wounds, but hey-ho everyone to there own so to speak. What I did like about this episode was Booth trying to help his brother Jared, when Jared first came into the show he came across as a little arrogant and nasty, maybe it was because he dated Brennan for a while, anyway he helped out Booth in The Hero in the Hold and got arrested for it, so not seen him since and now he's been let go by the Navy and decides he's off to India on a motorbike and wants Booth to go with him, naturally Booth turns him down but with respect for his brother.
  • Not exactly my favorite.

    Okay I wondered about the whole college fraternity angle and I'm not sure if the "college" angle got too much or not enough. Something just seemed missing. But the episode did have its moments. I found the fact the Boothe had to explain the whole "frat" mindset to Sweets and Bones was funny. I loved the day at the zoo line. It was very fitting. I actually like the exploration of Boothe's opinion of Jared's intended trip and his resolution. It seemed both men will be doing some growing up and letting go. Hodges is a great source of laughter, as always. I found the scene with Bones literally staring at bones intriguing. It really made you wonder how she thinks and what she sees. I'm wishing that the writers would write one or two more pages of dialogue and/or script to fill in the gap that's currently being filled with the "halftime report" I think it's pointless.
  • Good episode on char side..

    I do not know. I am little tired about the humor of this show.. It all seems to be around sex.. and to be honest, I feel like I have enough of it. I liked this serie a lot.. and I think this episode had it's beautiful moments too.. but.. I really liked the substoryline about Jared and the big brother, younger brother dynamic. The whole conversation they had in the end.. that was great.

    Also the thing with Sweets. Poor guy - they are thinking he guesses but the way he found the murdered.. and the way Bones wanted to know..

    I really think on char level.. this episode was really good. Everyone had a moment.. everyone had something special.. like Bones-Booth conversation about being good only when have been bad.. So.. great thoughts on char side.. story on the other hand.. I did not liked it much.
  • I have yet to see any evidence that this episode was paying homage to, or even lovingly ripping off Animal House (at least on the network's part)--

    While there were som inherent differences between the old movie and the current TV episode, such as Animal House being set in Faber college, and focusing around the Deltas of Delta Tau Chi and The Beaver in the Otter being set in middlesex college and focusing around the frat brothers of Beta Delta Sigma - there are more similarities (at least in my mind) than there are dissimilar attributes.

    The classic comedy Animal House mostly follows the two new pledges - Pinto and Flounder as they try to fit in with the Deltas, which are led by Otter, Boon and the resident smarty-pants Robert Hoover. Their mortal enemies - the Fraternity of Omega Theta Pi and their girlfriends in the sorority, along with the evil Dean Wormer - are all trying to get the Deltas expelled. The Deltas, already on probation are put on double secret probation, and Otter attempts to steal tests to help them with their GPA, unknowingly stealing fake tests planted by Greg Marmalard, leader of the Omega. Meanwhile, Flounder is struggling in ROTC, under the tyrannical reign of Omega Doug Neidermeyer, and is convinced to fire upon his superior's horse when it is stabled. The gun is loaded with blanks, unbeknownst to Flounder, but the horse has a heart attack and dies. Otter flirts with Mandy, revealing they've had a sexual relationship - Mandy is happily dating Greg, much to the chagrin of Babs, Mandy's sorority sister. Babs spreads the rumor that Mandy is cheating on Greg with Otter, and the Omegas beat him up. The Deltas have a Toga Party, Otter seduces Dean Wormer's wife, and she returns to her husband drunk, revealing her indiscretions. The movie ends with a homecoming parade, for which all of the students built floats.

    Mind you, that is a very 'relaxed' synopsis of the film - if you haven't seen it, you should - it is ranked by several institutions as one of the funniest films of all time.

    In the Bones episode entitled: The Beaver in the Otter, the story focuses around the death of "Beaver", and the suspicious actions of a group working on a homecoming float: Greg Harmalard and Molly, his girlfriend. It is revealed by the Dean of Middlesex College, Vernon Warner, assuming the discovered corpse was a cadaver, that the murder was a prank by the Betas of Beta Delta Sigma. Molly reveals her dislike of the Betas, in saying something along the line of "they drag down the spirit of the college." Visiting the Betas, Booth and Sweets come to understand Beaver was extrmeley well-liked, and more or less led the house. They also meet Robert Hooper. Booth learns that Beaver has spread rumors about sleeping with Molly, Greg's girlfriend, who denies the accusations. Discovering a bullet in the corpse, Greg is questioned, where he conveys he is in ROTC, and that he shot at the mascot with what he thought were blanks. After Brennan collects the Betas sheets during a Toga Memorial they were having for Beaver, Hodgins examines the sheets of the brothers, discovering Beaver had slept with an older woman who turns out to be Dean Warner's wife - he is aware of her transgression. A college chemistry professor is questioned after Brennan concludes that Beaver had been stealing tests, and reviewing the professor's gradebook, realizes that she had swapped the tests for fake ones in realizing herself that the boys had been cheating. Beaver, who was on academic probation would then be expelled. The show begins to conclude with a scene showing Greg, Molly and others building a homecoming float.

    Again, this synopsis is boiled down, but the similarities are obvious - and yet, I've still not seen anything from Bones, Fox, writers, anyone really saying that they were paying homage to the movie. It's obvious they took names and plot elements from the movie and translated them to the show, but I find it ever so slightly weird that they didn't use the Animal House fame to promote the episode. It's less than plagiarism but more than an easter egg. Personally, I prefer the subtlety of shows like Chuck, naming audio devices IG-88 (a bounty hunter from Star Wars) or GLG-20 (the name of the spies in the movie Spies Like Us). The refrences are brief and humorous. Even naming the store manager Emmett Milbarge (A combination of Emmett Fitzhume and Austin Milbarge, the two main characters in Spies Like Us) was subtle and humorous. If you're going to use as much content as they did in Bones: The Beaver in the Otter I would figure they'd at least have some joke about Animal House as a line, or in the previews. This way, it almost seems as if one of the writers blatantly stole all of this, used it without telling anyone, and the hundreds of people involved with the episode didn't put 2 and 2 together. I can understand missing the more obscure things like the test-stealing, but Greg Harmalard? Really? Poor promotion by my assessment, that's all. The episode was entertaining, and it won't turn me off from the show, but it left me more than a little confused.
  • Animal House, Animal House. Dean Warner (Wormer) from Middlesex College has a student named Beaver in an Otter suit get killed. Robert Hooper is President of one house that Beaver(Otter) was part of and Greg Harmalard is the President of the other.

    Bones and Booth must solve the murder of a student named Beaver that was in an Otter suit at a college where all the main characters have names from the movie Animal House.

    For those of you who didn't pick up on this. Dean Vernon Wormer was Dean Vernon Warner, Otter was Beaver, Robert Hoover was Robert Hooper, and Greg Marmalard was Greg Harmalard. In Animal House Otter slept with Mrs. Wermer. On Bones Beaver slept with Mrs. Warner.

    In Animal House Otter slept with Mandy and got beat up for it. In Bones Beaver wanted to sleep with Molly and got accidentally killed.

    Sweets really helped solve this murder and of course everyone in general belittled his contribution. I think he's finally realized that he doesn't need to explain himself.

    The secondary story was Booth and his brother finally working out their differences in relation to Booth finally figuring out that he needs to let his brother watch out for himself.

    Pretty good episode and fun with all the name playing they did. Can't wait till next week with the big news of the season.

    Thanks for reading...
  • A popular member of a fraternity is murdered.

    I really enjoyed this episode. We had the usual comedic and dramatic parts, and we also saw two musical scores incorporated into the broadcast, something Bones rarely utilizes, but could benefit from using in the future.

    A lot of scenes were relatable to me as I am currently living in college and while some of the characters may seem farfetched and exaggerated I can assure you that it is not by very much, as that it was campus life is often like.

    I was not too interested in the side storyline with Seely and his brother, that really just came off as filler for me.
  • You have to be bad to be good.

    A frat boy is found dead inside a mascot and Booth Bones and Sweets investigate the world of fraternities. I loved how Bones was absolutely disgusted with the fraternities and Booth who was obviously a brother himself kept defending them... Sweets was King of Psychology and almost made Brennan believe in psychology. That is another thing that makes me believe Brennan gradually becomes more human in the last episodes. She clearly wants to change. Booth has problems with Jared not wanting a job but wanting to go on a trip to India. Booth clearly wants to go on the trip himself but his sense of responsibility for everyone else doesn't let him. Finally the best part of the episode was the last scene. B&B were in a bar when suddenly Bones says she has never done something bad intentionally. So Booth suggests they leave without paying the bill. They do and while Brennan runs out Booth leaves a dollar bill on the bar. But the best thing about it is the way they were running out together holding (almost) hands. It was sooo childish and cute...
  • I'm still in the middle of the ep, but for those ppl who were like what was that song in the middle where Bone's studies the bones? I found it!

    It's called Time Lapse Lifeline, by Maria Taylor. My new fav song! Also it was nice to see Booths little brother back again, i think he was a character who had a lot of promise but they kind of gave up on him...which is a pity because I love Brendan from his work on Roswell...Aaaw Micheal :) So i hope that helps out anyone who was googling 'The Beaver in the Otter song in bones' desperately (like myself). And actually I think Angela and Hodgins get back together before the end of the season, its kind of depressing as its not like they can put Booth and Bones together because then it would be the end - and i love them playing up the obvious togetherness of the two of them without them actually being together.