Season 5 Episode 22

The Beginning in the End

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 20, 2010 on FOX

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  • Pretty Good

    To be honest I felt like the murder was not very interesting, this episode was obviously supposed to be more focused on the characters and how they handle the big change that is to come. I don't mind that too much since I enjoyed that aspect of the episode. I love the risk Hodgins is able to put himself through to gain the approval of Angela's father. The struggle that Brennan and Booth had in making the decision in staying as they or going their separate ways to pursue something they really want. This struggle is similar to that of Sweets and his girlfriend but how each couple (well booth and bones aren't a couple technically but lets just say that they are) handled the change was different in the end. The scene at the airport was borderline romantic I swear they were going to run into each others arms and hug and kiss with promises of seeing each other again. While they did make the promise they didn't kiss or hug, but you sure can feel that they both really wanted it *squeals*
  • Wait and see

    I have to say, I'm still looking for the show like it was during seasons 1 and 2, the best ones IMO. Now, I just feel like the investigations are kind of dumb, that the acting has lost intensity and that the characters are getting annoying. Season 5 has had some ups and downs, but mostly downs unfortunately. Sweets used to be fun but now this is just too much.
    Angela is so boring...
    Too bad we don't see more of Cam.
    And I definitely miss Zach.

    As for Bones and Booth, we get it. The writers want them together, just not yet. Except the stalling has become kind of dumb because not always relevant. I mean, Booth finally confesses his feelings and the next episode evrything is back to normal.
    Maybe the separation and the flash forward will give the show some new creativity and fresh air.

    I'll give it another shot. Just don't know for how long if I don't see any signs of improvement.
  • Oh... Well... That's nothing new... *spoilers*

    Well when I sat down to watch the season finale I was expecting that the actual case would be rather minimal in the way of episode importance. I was right; so if you wanted a case central episode you will be disappointed.

    Angela/Hodgins - Possibly my favourite part of episode as it had some light hearted humor while maintaining an almost sensible sub-plot.

    Daisy/Sweets - Well in my opinion they never fitted that well and half expected they wouldn't make it another season, on the other hand I didn't expect it would be Sweets choosing not to be with her.

    B&B - Normally these two are my second reason for watching the show but in this case I was just plain annoyed and confused. It made no sense that just a few episodes ago Bones said she didn't have a big enough heart for love, yet she could say 'I love you too' to Hodgins. What's not new is the constant bring the two closer then smash them a mile and a half apart, this issue with characters getting together (moonlighting effect) is really getting old - not just on Bones though.

    Truth be told when I was done watching my initial reaction was 'Hart Hanson just killed his own show' but I do think that was a bit drastic now.

    Either way the episode is not good, especially for a season finale (mid season episodes being better is never a good sign) this is mostly because the actions all the characters take seem forced - their need for change shouldn't have caused such a half baked choppy episode. And agree with what I think or disagree, the show will have lost a few viewers over this underwhelming season finale.
  • The 5th Season finale..... fail

    For me this episode should have had a better story to it, the hourder case im sure no one was even interested in, I am a big Bones fan but this case was very weak for a season finale.

    The only part i liked was when Hodgins was trying to steal the car with Sweets... Meow!

    Also im pleased Sweets broke up with Daisy because she is the only intern that I dislike.

    As for B&B going thier seperate ways i think it had a real anti climax to it at the end. Fingers crossed that season 6 will kick off better than what season 5 finale has left us with.
  • Good, but could have been better.

    Not a bad episode overall, but for a season finale I expected something a bit better. The previous episode was great and maybe they should have finished on that. The horder mystery was interesting at first but soon got pushed into the background as the character relationships took centre stage. At times it was good, but overall the episode seemed a little contrived. The ending was a bit sad as they said goodbye, but it lacked any strong emotional impact because we all know they will be back together again at the start of season six. Well, maybe not Daisy, but I was getting tired of her character anyway.
  • Better than I expected.

    I must say that this episode wasn´t at all as I was expecting it to be.

    After Brennan indicated in the last episode that she wanted a change, I was already disappointed with the development of the season finale.

    But to my joy, this episode was way better than last season. The episode was about the characters, and when I say "characters" I mean Booth and Brennan, so lets not comment on the case.

    I really liked how the whole separating for a year was played. I honestly thought that Brennan would act cold and unreachable when she told Booth she was going.But, to my delight, I was totally wrong. The scene when she tells Booth about wanting to go, brought tears to my eyes, for how sweet the scene was and how Brennan tried to make it easy for Booth, saying it will only be for a year and that nothing really had to change. Now the last scene in the airport, I would have liked a hug or something more that a "holding hands". And I agree with some reviewers that said that it looked like Booth would kiss Bren, and it would have been great. But I´m not disappointed by the goodbye, because it was kind of "real", looking at it by their point of view. I mean, Booth went all army dressed and obviously he´s a tough guy, so for him to hug her or do anything more than hold her hand would have been more painful, making him look more vulnerable than he was willing to show (not wanting to spoil Brennan´s decision or his), and it was he´s only way to let her go.

    Absolutely emotional scene that left me all tearing up LOL. I liked it.

    So now lets all do entertaining and funny stuff for the time to past quicker, while we wait for next season.
  • I would like to know if Emma and David are dating and if not i would like to get Emma's fan club thanks.

    Emma is brilliant and David is cool. They are the hottest couple on tv. Its great how they have really captured the real meaning of Dr Temperance Brennan and Special Agent Booth keep up the great work. Is the chemistry on the tv real or are the real Dr Temperance Brennan and Special Agent Booth dating. How many degrees does Temperance have now. I have enjoyed this season cant wait until next one. When will it be starting. Was the dig a success with Sweets girlfriend. It really looked like they will have some interesting articfacts. See you soon mate.
  • Yes, I have wanted to reach into a tv and smack someone. Actually, that's happened twice this week. The writer's are killing me.

    This episode was alright as far as the case went. It was a pretty interesting one although who knew they ever made radioactive gnomes? I liked Daisy and Sweets breaking up. I don't like her as an intern. I'm surprised Brennan didn't get her taken off the trip. I think I would have. I like that Angela and Hodgins are going to France for a year. Goodness knows what they'll be like when they get back. I like the new Hodgins. He's kinda sweet but I miss the conspiracy theories. Caroline is becoming a favorite. I like when she told them they needed to button up their last case and they said it wasn't their last and she basically harassed them about running away from each other. Good for her! I think that's what we all want to say to them. The last scene where she's looking for him and she sees him made me cry. When he moved in to kiss her I was shocked that they just held hands. If I was leaving someone I loved for a year and knew they were going somewhere dangerous, I'd have at least hugged them. And they didn't say they loved each other but Bones told Hodgins that she loves him. I guess it's easier to say it as a friend than as something more. I'm waiting for season 6 with bated breath and a lot of hope that it lives up to the 5 previous seasons and gives Bones and Booth what they've been promising since season 1. A romance worthy of two strong intelligent people.
  • It's time to wrap it up... for 365 days. Bones and Booth are kind of leaving their life to pursue their past, Angela and Hodgins leave for Paris, Daisy will annoy the hell out of Brennan in an obsure jungle and Cam and Sweets are left behind.

    I think it was somewhen this year when TV got sad. The 'House' finale was a tearjerker, if somewhat hopeful, Castle seems to have given up on Beckett in 'Castle', in 'The Mentalist' Patrick Jane is still haunted by Red JOhn, 'LOst' is ending for good, but I fear it will be bad and 'Chuck' will probably lose the BUY MORE and maybe his mind. TV was sad in 2010. Were the writers inspired by the economical crisis? Was it the weather? All these wars and earthquakes? Well, we'll never know, but I feel pretty positive that in the fall everything will feel a little different on 'BOnes'. The season finale wrapped it up nicely and send everyone away on a long holiday from their Jeffersonian lives (I'm sad for Cam and Sweets, by the way) and they will return with high expectations and will probably realize that nothing is the same anymore and that they cannot settle back in their old lives.
    The case could have been a lot more interesting though, the whole hoarder thing had a lot of potential, the beginning was awesome!, but the plot was kind of thrown away for all the personal stuff. Sad though, that this poor guy didn't get some respect from the people investigating his death. Also, I find it really strange that neither Booth's boss nor that woman Booth had a date with not so long ago were even mentioned. Moreover I missed all the other interns in this episode, didn't they get a goodbye from their boss? Where was Bones' father? Not at the airport! And why the hell did they not kiss? They are going to Afghanistan and Indonesia, they could both die and they did not even hug? Unbelievable! I just hope the writers are coming up with a few nice and subtle changes for next season, there better not be too many clichés!
  • I think the change will be good for the show but some of this just seemed a little contrived.

    Everyone is going away for exactly a year, everyone except Cam that is - this just feels a little contrived. The only one I really believe is Brennan because you could see the passion she has for her work but I just didn't get Booth or Angela/Hodgins...they obviously want to force a change on the show. Hopefully it will do some good.

    I liked Brennan saying goodbye to people, the 'I love you too' with Hodgins was funny. I liked the end scene with Booth and Brennan holding hands but come on...just get them together. It's getting stupid now. The Hodgins and Angela's dad stuff was fairly silly...

    So overall not a great had its moments but felt too much like a forced set-up for next season.
  • Loved it!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a hoarder remains are found Booth, Bones and co are called in to investigate. It is long before we learn what he was killed for, a garden gnome. Soon the killer is caught and arrested.
    But that is all a back story in this episode. The real story is that of Bones and Booth. Bones gets asked to go to an island for a year, and she agrees. Booth gets asked back by the army to train new people, and after a while he also agrees to go for a year. At the airport as Bones is leaving Booth is there. He looks as though he is gonna kiss her, but instead holds her hand and tells her that 1 year from today they will meet by the coffee cart. And then they both walk away.
    Overall a really interesting episode. It was nice to see Booth in his uniform, but if anything happens to him then I won't be happy. I have faith that within a few episodes next season things will be back to normal, and perhaps by then Bones will realise that she love Booth.
  • In the fifth season finale, a hoarder's remains are found, and the team goes in to investigate. Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan are given once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and Angela's dad returns.

    Maybe it's the only season finale of 2010 where none of the characters has his life put in danger...that a good thing! This episode was a little bit slower than usual but still creepy and showing disgusting stuffs....LOVE IT !!!
    For once the investigation wasn't the main storyline of this episode. It was more about what the different characters will do during the next year. Booth and Brennan fans are really upset that they separate them for a year but I think the separation could be good for them and will help them to realize what they really want. This episode opens a lot of stories for our characters:
    - will they come back a year later or sooner than expected?
    - will they be partners again or will they change their life?

    What's going to happen next???
    the answer in September!
  • Goodbyes

    I do not know. I expected maybe little more on season final: it was all about goodbyes and leaving, passing one year. The hints to this were given on last episode when Brennan said she is tried of this and I was then feeling.. oo no.. please do not go that way but they still went so I can say I am not a great fan of the development.

    When concentrating on the case.. it was nothing special. It was just average and ok.. but you would want more!

    So.. majority of the episode was spent on dealing with leaving and it all ended in such a sad note.
  • Booth and Brennan part ways for a year to officially make season 5 the saddest Bones season ever.

    Everyone wondered where the show would go after episode sixteen and Booth's failed attempt at a shot with Brennan, and the speculations were answered with the cowardly but anticipated escape strategy by the main characters.

    What I liked about the episode was the extend lovers were willing to take or not to take to make things work with their significant other; in this case, Hodgins proved his devotion to Angela with the attempt to please her father and Sweets showed that despite of all his psychological knowledge, he still wasn't ready to give it all for Daisie and hence let her go.

    I'd rather not talk about the case itself and focus on B&B's decision to take some time off of each other and of course they had to do it in their own unique way: Brennan drowning herself in scientific excavations and Booth acting as the hero in a war zone; the only questions that remain are, will they survive the year and how are the writers planning to torture the fans next?
  • The finale is more like a transition, than an epic conclusion, as Sweets & Daisy part ways, Hodgins and Angela depart for France, and Bones & Booth separate to pursue training in both Anthropology and Armed Training.

    The changes hinted at in the last several episodes cameupon us too quickly, and felt rushed through, making this simply a good episode and not a worthy finale. The case of a squatter and hoarder possessing a worthwhile gnome was so-so, but the various characters taking a hiatus was the real storyline, and was not developed/well-written enough. The writers are teasing us annoyingly about the impending romance between Booth and Bones, and despite all the "change" in this show, the one change most loyal fans want to see (the lead romance) has been dragged out disgustingly. This one had some nice moments, but overall, was a disappointing season finale, much like Smallville.
  • Good episode overall..

    Since Bones turned Booth down a while back, I was trying to figure out what her next move would be. Well, the chemistry is still there but after closing the door on that romance opportunity, I couldn't see an option available for them..
    And now the writers came up with this.. separating them for 1 year.

    Ok, good, it'll give Booth a chance to play the hero in foreign soil while Bones go play Indiana Jones like in Indonesia.
    I don't know about you guys but I can think of many ways this meeting of them will play out.

    1) Bones will enjoy her time in Indonesia so much that she'll want to keep doing that, just like she used to before being partnered with Booth. Booth will come back all hopeful and emotional and will get his heart broken by Bones' decision..

    2) Both will be drawn to keep doing what they were doing in this whole year. Bones is enjoying life without murders and Booth is helping to prevent the death of young american soldiers.

    3) And the most unlikely one in my opinion. Bones will come back missing Booth and desperate to see him again while he feels it's his duty to help his country..

    Anyways, even with these options, it';s obvious they'll make up eventually.. otherwise, there's no show, right?

    Oh well, it was a good season finale nonetheless.. Cheers and til next time!
  • Ever feel like reaching in the tv and smacking someone??

    I enjoyed the episode but feel great frustration over B&B's relationship. When Booth proclaimed his love for her earlier in the season – she turned him down on the basis that their partnership/friendship was too important to gamble on losing. Then in this show they basically disband their partnership – so, why NOT live the one life you have to live while you're still young and beautiful with the one man who worships the ground you walk on and you already know is worthy of your love???? The lack of logic is astounding to me. I wanted to reach into the tv set and conk their heads together during the airport scene. Caroline was great – she is fast becoming my favorite sidekick. Sweets scenes were bittersweet -- how must he have felt that Daisy so blithely accepted the job without consulting him? I did not like Booth's lack of respect to Sweets when he told him Daisy leaving was a good thing for him. It affronted me that he would say that. I was hoping all the interns would show up at the airport to see Bones off. Will next season start off as if a year has passed? Big question! The first episode opened up with her coming into an airport from a 'dig', so possibly we'll see that again..
  • Everything is changing. Will Booth and Bones' relationship servive what's coming?

    OH MY GOD!!!

    Okay so Booth gets a chance to go back into the Army. Bones gets a chance to go to some island for a dig. Hoggins and Angela are going to Paris. Sweets and Daisy are breaking up. All for a year.

    Bones is scared because she doesn't want to see Booth hurt, and she's seen to much murder. Se wants and needs a break. Booth is asked to come back to the Army, and to go overseas.

    They have a hard time saying goodbye. At the airport, Booth comes in uniform (nice) to say goodbye. They agree to meet, one year from that day, at the reflecting pool. The only question is....will they?
  • A Big Change, A Good Change.

    The case: It's probably the boringest case of the season. It might have made Brennan realize something, but c'mon, this is the finale.

    Sweets and Daisy: Spare us the drama, this is supposed to be about Booth and Brennan, and again, the finale.

    Hodgins/Angela storyline: It was funny, but can we please save the action for the case next time?

    Cam: I appreciate that there's no mention of her love life. What's missing is, umm, perhaps a little talk with Booth? They're pretty close you know..

    Parker: Nice kid, but shippers will hate you for that little talk with Daddy...

    Caroline: did almost nothing.

    "HartHanson: A new recurring nemesis will be introduced by the season finale." - umm, where is it?

    Booth & Brennan: Okay, it IS a good ending. That holding of hands was better than a kiss, imo. I for one, am not too big on the "will they, won't they' but i thought that was a very emotional scene. They're pretty much together at that instant. They pretty much called dibs on each other. Brennan never looked so fragile.

    Season 6: I'm still watching. Why? This change is a great writers decision. I been fantasizing changes to the show, like the Jeffersonian getting burned in a fire. You gotta admit that's genius right? Okay, maybe not. And hell, it's still a great show.
  • Yeah yeah, i know it had to be done... doesn't mean i'm happy about it!

    Well the case was boring as heck but they probably did that on purpose because this one was really supposed to be more focused on the character dilemmas. If the case had been too good or too emotional, it would be harder to just leave the Jeffersonian for a year like EVERYONE did.
    Hodgins/Angela: fine, awesome, i already got to do my high pitched fangirl squeal for you two episodes ago.
    Sweets/Daisy: Thank god! She annoys the crap out of me, and Sweets deserves better. I'm glad they broke up, and i hope it's for good.
    Cam:...nothing much to say...
    Caroline: Love her for trying to put some reason into two romantically challenged people. "The way you two are runnin' from each other..." Too bad she failed.
    Bones/Booth: All perfect up until that moment they actually turned their backs and LEFT. The emotion in the last scene was so beautiful, and they are so in love but why are they still so STUPID?!? Bones, i don't care that you're the best forensic anthropologist in the world, you are so stupid when it come to love! And Booth, letting her be that stupid! It's gonna drive me up the wall! I so badly just wanted them to turn back and go back to each other, but nooooo, these writers just love to torture me too much. Of course they have to end the season on a cliffhanger like that. With all the questions: will they really meet again, how much will be the same next season, what's going to be different, and what will be different between Brennan and Booth? That's just the way it's done on TV in this country, and i know it. Doesn't mean i have to like it! I mean, now i have a whole torturous summer to ponder, every so often, what these changes will be for the Jeffersonian! I mean, i think change is good and all, because i don't want to be watching a show that is just the same thing over and over again, but the wait to see what it will be like with the changes is killing me!! Patience. I know. But seriously, if i don't turn on my TV next fall and see Dr. Temperance Brennan and Agent Seeley Booth by that giant reflection pond by the end of the hour, i will be extremely frustrated. When times get extremely difficult, I just remind myself: They've gotta get them together eventually!
  • AH-mazing!

    I am blown away by this season finale. Honestly, after last season's flop of a finale (tears just thinking about it), I wasn't expecting much from this one. But this TOTALLY exceeded any expectations. I mean, it's so high above my expectations that I can't even see it anymore. Well...that was pointless. Anyway, I loved everything about this episode. The drama, the humour, the romance, the writing, the plot...even the case (and I never like the cases). I was literally bawling by the end. It really tore me up inside. I mean, the team can't split!! The moment between Booth and Bones was AH-mazing! The "one year from now..." brought me to tears, it was magical and...magical. I don't have a better word. The moment was probably one of the best of the season. I think it captured everything the show is trying to get us to feel in that one moment. Also, Sweets and Daisy= "I'm gonna cry, I'm gonna cry right now!" It was heartbreaking to see Sweets so sad! I personally LOVE Sweets so it's extra heartbreaking here. But his little moments in the show were great. With the badass-ness and the yowling. HILARIOUS! If I was to talk about all the reasons I loved this episode, I would be rambling on for pages and pages but I think that covers the main reason this episode was AMAZING. I can't wait until next season to see how this story unfolds.
  • Man a year is a very long time...

    Not quite the cliffhanger ending I was hoping for, but it was an ending none the less, and judging by how my girlfriend reacted, I am pretty sure females (I am sure there must be men in this group too) of all ages must have cried their eyes out. The Hero goes one way, and his gal the other way. Of course the backward glance as they walk away from each other is all meant to signify they have a connection, which has now be severed and they are both affected by it. The cliffhanger as I see it is how are they going to react when they meet up again? Will they kiss when they first meet, or will they just act like nothing has happened?

    Sweet's girlfriend also decides to go with Brennan. The guy must have grown a pair because I almost thought he was going to go with her. So the only person not going anywhere is Cam. Honestly I don't really care about what happens to others…I am more curious what she will be doing now that everybody is gone. I mean you have to feel sorrie for, she's the only one in a cul-de-sac.
  • A season finale worthy of this great show.

    Soooo much better than last year's finale, and one of the nice things, is that the change was not all BonesBooth-centric. Daisy grew a pair I never thought she had, and chose herself, while the choosing was good. Sweets is growing up and showing that he is not dependent on Daisy being the centre of his life. He is a big boy with ideas of what he wants his life to be and he's not going to wait around for someone else to make it come together.

    Angela and Hodgins even impressed me with their apparent decision to "not adjust" to a new reality somewhat thrust upon them, but to create their own new reality.

    Funny that, outside of Booth, the biggest issue with the split seemed to be that of Caroline Julian. Perhaps she's worried that her conviction rate will go down now...

    At any rate, its a given that the situation at the Jeffersonian and FBI is not going to stay like this for very long, but it will be fun to watch Humpty get put back together again! To next season!...
  • We wrap up the season with a good episode.

    I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I really can't classify this episode, in my heart and mind, as anything better than "good." Because it wasn't great. It was an adequate episode that has left me in the most bittersweet of moods - happy, sad, as well as confused as hell.

    I think I'll start with confused as hell, by addressing the subplot of Hodgins and Angela's father. Throughout these theft scenes, I chuckled nervously at these amatuer thieves, anticipating the part where it would be revealed that it's all just a prank that Angela's father set them up for. And...that didn't happen. Tell me, why is grand theft auto being promoted? Is there a reason it was necessary for Hodgins to commit a felony? I hope this is something they address in season 6.

    The Sweets/Daisy subplot was kind of predictable - I knew they'd break up by the end of the season the minute he proposed to her - but I liked it. They had the one relationship on the show that didn't end badly or because of something horrific, so it was nice to know that the producers of Bones are actually capable of writing normal relationships.

    Cam didn't play a huge role in the episode, but her subtle scenes were powerful ones that highlighted how her working relationship and her friendship with Brennan has grown and changed over the years. Fantastic display, once again. Kudos.

    I didn't like Brennan's reasons for going to Indonesia. I would've been fine with her leaving if her reasons had matched up with the insecurities she had in the last episode, but they didn't. Her analysis that this evolutionary-centered dig was more important than catching murderers seemed rather petty, and that really annoyed me. It also annoyed me that Angela gave her very little perspective whatsoever when she made that analysis.

    Booth's reasons, though, panned out for me. While he sometimes saves lives by catching murderers, the truth is that most of the murderers he catches would have no intention of killing again, because their first kill was unique to them. Going to a war front would, though, potentially save many more lives. The logic is sound and it strikes me as being so "BOOTH."

    I'm disappointed with the fact that everyone is leaving the Jeffersonian - or more accurately, everyone's leaving the Jeffersonian for Cam to deal with. But I'm reserving total judgment on this in anticipation of it causing problems in season 6 - if it doesn't, I'm going to be sorely annoyed. How can she not feel betrayed/abandoned/etc. because of all this? And, lastly, I come to the ending. Yes, it moved me to tears. (But only a few.) I'm not sure that there's an adjective accurate enough to describe this scene - it was a jumbled, bittersweet bag of anticipation and dismay, with the slightest hint of heartbreak. While the scene itself moved me to tears, the fact that Booth and Brennan didn't get together bothered me very little, because I was not banking on, nor expecting a happy ending for those two. The last scene grabbed my attention more than any other scene in the episode, for obvious reasons. I liked it, even if it did make me tear up. It was very well done, even if the outcome wasn't the popular choice for the season end.

    I also liked Caroline's scenes. Booth and Brennan were both clearly not operating to their usual standards, but Caroline was there to slam them with their half-assed report and tell them to get it done right. Good for her. The one thing this episode did not do, though, is excite me for the next season. I mean, angst is good, but this is getting to be a little much. And yet, I can't imagine the next season opening without some level of angst. Not with the way this season ended. It just seems too surreal that things would go back to being the same as they were before, what with all the characters doing the banana split. At this point, I'm kind of see-sawing: Am I looking forward to the next season, or am I not? The truth is, I'm kind of in the middle. I want to see it, sure; I'm looking forward to the cases, but I'm not in any rush to return to the melodrama. My one hope for next season is that the relationships either get sorted out or stop having such ridiculously amazing chemistry. My interest in the relationships was briefly rekindled with the marriage of Angela and Hodgins, but it's going to die down fast if we get another season of Booth and Brennan's melodrama. After all, the dog does eventually get tired of chasing its own tail.
  • Episode was well done.. but ultimately I'm disappointed..

    I give the episode a 9 because I love the show.. but feel disappointed at where the writers took this. I was hoping for something that wasn't heartbreaking!
    I feel miserable after watching that, and not sure how much more I can take without something positive happening! Overall - I think the 100th episode is the better episode.. mostly because at its end is the only moment that they have really confronted their 'relationship' openly and honestly. I felt this episode avoided the 'issue' (again).

    I asked myself at the end - what exactly was the "pay off" we were promised after the 100th episode?
    I'm actually left with a feeling of dread for the 6th season instead of feeling hope (and patience)!
  • Changes are for the better

    I just ended watching the episode and damn the last scene was kind of bittersweet and disappointed. I was hoping Booth would come back to Brennan, hug her and kiss her for God's sake. But you know, I understand their fears, they haven't really discussed their feelings, 100th episode last scene was nothing with what they really need to say to each other. On the other hand, Hodgins expresses her love to Angela (even if she doesn't deserve it). Thanks to the writers for having Sweets break up with Daisy. Too bad for Brennan because she will have to put up with her for a year. The case was interesting and it fit what was happening among the group. The whole psychology issue with the victim and the effort of someone who really cared about him ended up in a tragedy and that was really sad.

    So Brennan could say I love you to Hodgins but she swallows her words when she could say something to Booth? Rebecca once told Brennan that her moment with Booth had passed. I think Brennan and Booth still have a chance, they're still living their moment... But I don't know how long it could last.

    I just hope the writers don't want to remake a 'An Affair to Remember' kind of scene... It'd be terrible.

    Four months is a long wait... Let's hope all fans get satisfaction.
  • The remains of a hoarder are found, but that's not what's on everyone's mind..

    The remains of a hoarder are found in the room of a bot after the ceiling of his apartment room collapses. It collapsed under the weight of piles and piles of crap that the guy collected. Brennan, while investigating is very distacted and says it's due to a recent find in Indonesia. She wants to go pretty badly. Making things even more fun, Daisy is going to the same place, which undoubtabley makes Brennan a little jealous. Booth then gets an offer to go to Afganastan for a year, the same amount of time Brennan would be gone. Angela's dad returns with a quest/test for Jack. He, with the help of Sweets succeed and earn her dad's blessing. They solve the murder, Brennan and Daisy decide to go to Indonesia, Booth to Afganastan and Jack and Angela to Paris. All for a year, leaving Cam and Sweets to fend for themselves.
    The goodbye scene was really cute, Brennan telling Jack she loves him, Cam saying that it was really she wh worked for brennan and Daisy and Sweets break up. The goodbye between Booth and Brennan was also sweet, but I still think he should have kissed her or something.