Season 6 Episode 14

The Bikini in the Soup

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2011 on FOX

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  • stupid contrivance/totally unprofessional

    Really? No one is allowed to leave work until a murder is solved?

    Why Cam can't go on her stupid stereotypical V-Day date and leave Bones to work -- or finish solving it the next day makes no sense.

    I'd like to think that if I was murdered someone wouldn't try to pretend it was an accident because they were too busy thinking of their sex life to do their job.

    I was just disgusted the whole episode about how Cam tried to rush everyone and tried not to do her job - all because her societally prescribed/card company invented holiday of love was more important.
  • A so-so episode, featuring my least favorite intern.

    I don't know if this show will ever get it's spark back - Booth doesn't seem to be aging well, for one thing. He used to be so handsome; but more importantly, he seemed in really good shape; capable of running down a steep sand dune, or subduing some criminal. He seems to be wearing some sort of slipper/shoe; did he have foot surgery? I am glad that Hannah is gone, but the show could use a replacement recurring character - someone like "Gordon-Gordon", the former FBI shrink. The only character who seems as fresh today as she was six years ago, is Angela. This Valentine's themed episode was tired and silly. I find myself hoping that the spin-off series, which I understand may have some of the same actors, reminds me of Bones - Seasons 1-3.
  • I'm with Booth and Brennan.

    Valentine's Day is a waste of time and money; a commercial invention for the purposes of, well, commerce. And just when I think they have it all figured out over their colleagues, they go and do that googly-eyed thing at the end over a couple of Roaring 20's machine guns. And doesn't that just warm the cockles of your heart??

    Jordan Belfi (Moonlight) is getting around as the guest star flavour of the month, once again as the semi-bad guy though not the killer the team seeks. I do admit to falling for the fairly obvious, and I suspected the woman prospector had at least a role in the murder, but it appears my spidey sense was way off tonight.

    Tonight's was actually a really decent case combined with some well placed character insights.

    I was glad for instance, that Daisy was NOT in this episode. That would have been just too convenient. And its interesting that Hannah departed the scene in all but reference only just prior to the "big" holiday.

    I don't get the whole Paul-Camille thing. I'm not feeling it at all. There is no pop-pop, fizz-fizz thing going on in that relationship for me.

    The funny prize tonight totally goes to Clark for his role playing escapades, though I have to say, I hope his um...arrow, was larger than the bow that went with. Just saying...
  • The Bikini In The Soup

    This was a lot more entertaining than the show has been recently. The basic formula was still exactly the same, someone dies, they suspect someone it isn't, they get the bad guy, everyone has a happy day. However, for once this season they finally added another dimension that brought it back to feeling more like the Bones of old. The absolutely ridiculous premise that no one can leave work until the murder is solved and thus ruining Valentine's Day for all of those, save for Booth and Brennan, made this episode far more charming than anything Bones has put out in a while. This show has never really been about solving the crimes, in fact, unless the crime involves any of the characters we care about, it is basically just an irrelevant plot device to get them to talk about the things we really want to know. This episode focused more upon the character relationships, or lack there of, and made for much more entertaining viewing than the CSI type episodes that have come before, in which nothing happens other than solving the case and we, as the audience, don't care at all. I really hope Bones manages to stay at this level for the foreseeable future, keeping the silly humour in the show and developing the characters further. It is the only thing that makes this show good, and without it, it's barely worth your time.
  • A lukewarm episode.

    After one major episode and another with a great ending, we were given a very lukewarm episode this week. Our favorite crime fighting duo faces the murder of a wedding planner on Valentine's day no less. After lots and lots of expectation and wondering we find out that Booth and Bones are two people who don't like this holiday so much; they won't even consider it a holiday. Booth we can understand, after that big break up with Hannah and all, but Bones is just not a holidayish person. The case was good, but no the kind that keeps us guessing until the last minute. From the middle of the episode on I could figure out who the killer was.
    The holiday part was very sweet and kinky if you think about Clark's 'present'. Hodgins again being the sweetest guy ever for Angela and Cam having finally her date with the very cute doctor. Next episode we have another one from the sniper arc that promises a lot of tension.