Season 6 Episode 14

The Bikini in the Soup

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2011 on FOX

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  • The Bikini In The Soup

    This was a lot more entertaining than the show has been recently. The basic formula was still exactly the same, someone dies, they suspect someone it isn't, they get the bad guy, everyone has a happy day. However, for once this season they finally added another dimension that brought it back to feeling more like the Bones of old. The absolutely ridiculous premise that no one can leave work until the murder is solved and thus ruining Valentine's Day for all of those, save for Booth and Brennan, made this episode far more charming than anything Bones has put out in a while. This show has never really been about solving the crimes, in fact, unless the crime involves any of the characters we care about, it is basically just an irrelevant plot device to get them to talk about the things we really want to know. This episode focused more upon the character relationships, or lack there of, and made for much more entertaining viewing than the CSI type episodes that have come before, in which nothing happens other than solving the case and we, as the audience, don't care at all. I really hope Bones manages to stay at this level for the foreseeable future, keeping the silly humour in the show and developing the characters further. It is the only thing that makes this show good, and without it, it's barely worth your time.