Season 6 Episode 16

The Blackout in the Blizzard

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

As Booth, Brennan, and Sweets enjoy breakfast at the diner, Brennan receives a call from Cam about a case. Sweets wants the pair to continue with therapy. Booth notices that a pair of seats saved from Veteran Stadium are being left out on the curb, and he asks Brennan and Sweets to help him bring the seats back to his apartment.

At the lab, Hodgins and Wendell examine the body. The victim has been dead about 12 days. Angela has some news she has to share with Hodgins. She tells him that she's a carrier for a rare genetic disorder, and Hodgins needs to get his test results back as well, because if he's a carrier then there's a chance that their child will be born blind.

Booth, Brennan, and Sweets struggle with the seats and manage to get them into the elevator in Booth's building. Cam calls Brennan, informing her that the victim was infected with Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic fever. It's deadly, and whomever killed her also has the virus. They need to track the culprit down before he spreads the disease all over D.C. Meanwhile, a fierce blizzard cuts off all power to the city, including Booth and Brennan's elevator. They're trapped, with Sweets just outside, and the stadium seats are blocking the escape hatch.

The team has to collaborate via cell phone in order to keep working on the case. Brennan gives Wendell instructions on how to take an x-ray without power going to the machine. Booth receives word that there are no matches in the missing persons database for individuals matching the victim's description. Wendell discovers that one of the victim's bones has debris embedded in it, shrapnel.

While struggling to escape the elevator, Booth ends up falling on his back and injures himself. Wendell tries to do a penetrant test on the bones, soaking them in dye in order to make the trauma stand out clearer. As he does this, Hodgins attempts to ID the shrapnel with a machine, which needs electricity to work. He has procured a dynamite lighter from the Jeffersonian American History Wing in order to get the power. Unfortunately, he ends up breaking the lighter.

In the attempt to tap into the emergency power of one of the light bulbs, Hodgins gets shocked by the electricity. He falls onto Wendell, which spills the dye all over him. That's the last of the dye, unless they make more from beetle shells from Hodgins' collection. Hodgins is, of course, reluctant, but Cam orders them to make more dye. They figure out that the metal embedded in the victim's bone are coins, Russian rubles. With the trauma being around 4 years old, that places the victim in Chechnya.

Booth admits that taking the seats was a dumb idea but they reminded him of his only pleasant memory with his father. He'd sobered up for a while and took his son to a baseball game. Booth starts to wonder whether he and Brennan should start talking about their relationship.

Wendell watches as Hodgins gives the blood test results to Angela. Yes, he's an LCA carrier as well. As Cam brings in microfiche in order to track down any Americans who were injured in Chechnya, the rest of the team try to power the victim's cell phone with potatoes.

The victim is IDed as Anne-Marie Weston, who was a field worker for a volunteer group called the Alliance for Human Dignity. Booth finds out that Anne-Marie had been working in Albania for the past year, which may be where she caught the virus. Hodgins, Wendell, and Angela manage to get the victim's call history from her phone.

Brennan deals with Booth's back issues by performing Thai massage, but Booth is worried that Sweets will catch them in the act, and come to the wrong conclusion. Brennan admits that she and Booth are sexually compatible with each other, since they both have excellent stamina. However, emotionally as a couple, they are less compatible. Sweets returns, saying that the Alliance for Human Dignity sent Anne-Marie to Albania to investigate human trafficking.

Brennan and Booth escape the elevator by breaking the stadium seats. They hurry to where the last call on the cell phone was sent, which happens to be an abandoned building. The building contains a large group of young women, along with a man who is sick with the virus. Booth whacks him cold with a wooden board.

They suspect that the man killed Anne-Marie because she was going to expose the human cargo scheme, and the other women they found are willing to testify against him.

Later Hodgins tells Angela that he's going to learn the piano, because if he can't share looking at a microscope with his child, then at least he can share music. He also suggests that Angela take up sculpture, in case their child isn't able to appreciate painting. Angela points out that even if both of them are carriers, there's only a 25% chance that their baby will be blind. But she knows that the pair of them can weather any storm together.

The stadium seats are finally installed in Booth's apartment. They discuss their relationship more, wondering whether their lives will change enough so that they can finally be together. They agree to write down a date for the change to happen by and then burn the piece of paper afterwards, as a promise for the future.
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