Season 6 Episode 16

The Blackout in the Blizzard

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2011 on FOX

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  • This is such an amazing show

    I just watched this episode for the second time and was remembering how great it is. The case is terrific, although tragic in the end and the unique methods the team has to resort to solving it make this installment memorable.

    I think what I love so much about this show are the moments: Sweets' (badly expressed) concern for his friends, Jack and Angela coming to terms with the possibility of their child's blindness and realizing that together there is nothing that they can't handle. That's what a good marriage is: two people together doing more than either one can do alone. We don't see too much of that on TV or in the news.

    Then there's the humor! Hodgins' terrible but very funny potato jokes and especially the stunt where he loses his balance and come crashing down, covering Wendell with dye in the process. I loved it!!

    The final scene with the meaningful conversation about the difference between strength and imperviousness and the burning of the dates of when they think they're going to get together was sweet. I loved Booth's line about how burning a letter represents releasing it to the Universe. I've done that from time to time and It's a neat thing to do,
  • The Blackout In The Blizzard...

    I often applaud formulaic shows for trying to stray from their monotony by delving into character relationships and advancing the deeper story at the heart of them. Bones' "The Blackout in the Blizzard" tried its hardest to be one of those episodes, but fell just a little short.

    With horrendous weather hitting D.C and the usual amount of murder going on, half of the Jeffersonian team ends up stuck in the lab with a body, and half in an elevator, when a blackout hits. With somewhat emotional stories at either end, the murder takes the back seat this week as feelings steer us on. Stuck together in a freight elevator, Booth and Brennan are slowly forced into a conversation about their love for one another and mutual desire to ravish each other. Whilst the principle was sound given the six year long will they? won't they? that the character driven parts of Bones have been largely structured around, there really wasn't enough conviction in the conversation to make me feel much of anything for them. At the other end of the tale, some Macgyver work in the lab whilst slowly solving the least complicated case ever faced on Bones, is built in around Jack and Angela dealing with the possibility that their unborn child may be blind. The emotion on this end hits a lot harder than love in an elevator and was definitely the redemption for an otherwise plain character-centric episode. Ultimately the bad guy is caught as ever and everyone leaves happy to some extent. Maybe I was wrong about that formulaic thing not being in this episode after all?
  • Trapped in an elevator when the power goes out in D.C., Both and Brennan have to solve a case trapped with each other.

    This episode was great because we finally get some answers on Booth and Bone's real feelings towards each other and where they are headed in the future. When they were trapped in the elevator, Sweets asked if they would finally like to discuss their feelings for each other. Both Booth and Bones said, NO! But after Sweets left they started discussing it some and left it for "later". And most importantly we know that the writers know that they are going to make them get together finally. They just won't tell us when, but they know. Something tells me they have one more season and the 3rd episode of that season they let Booth and Bones loose. :) finally, what everyone wants to see, them get together. This is good progress for the show and I am very excited.
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