Season 8 Episode 7

The Bod in the Pod

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2012 on FOX

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  • Cam, say it isn't so.

    Remember the coupling on Friends? Ross loved Rachel since season one; Chandler and Monica became a thing in season five; and Phoebe met Mike in season nine, one season before the end of the show.

    Why am I mentioning this? Because this episode of Bones reminded me how much of a fifth-wheel Cam is.

    She's a private person, so it's understandable that her family life and romantic affairs aren't shown every week like Brennan's and Angela's are. But it's one thing for Cam to have an off-screen boyfriend who is rarely mentioned and another thing for her to be secretly dating an intern.

    How suspended does one's disbelief have to be to imagine that Cam and Arastoo have been together for any length of time? Nothing in their interaction prior to this episode has prepared us for this. It seems like the writers decided that Cam needed a new love interest since her previous boyfriend hadn't been seen in two years and saddled her with the first available recurring character.

    Wendell wouldn't do since he already had a fling with Angela. Clark is no good since he's supposedly in a committed relationship.

    Finn is nineteen and dating Michelle, and although the writers aren't genuinely invested in Cam's love life, even they wouldn't relegate her to that.

    Fisher? That would be even more unbelievable than Arastoo. Which brings us to Arastoo. Of the interns, he's certainly the most plausible. But that doesn't make their relationship in anyway believable.
  • Cam and Arastoo. WOW!

    Cam and Arastoo. WOW, didn't see that coming! It's really sweet that they're trying to keep it secret.
  • Great case, perfect romance

    I really liked the Arrastoo and Cam story- I thought it was so sweet and adorable. I hope they have more scenes together! As always loved the B's scenes together- they just work. Bones should never change- she is perfect! Less Sweets maybe- I don't hate him however he's a lot better in small doses centered more in the FBI building....I've always been neutral about Angela but she is married to Hodgins whom I absolutely adore so as long as he's in the scene I'm not complaining !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh right the case...goooooo Bones she is nerdy badass at it's best! :)
  • almost perfect

    Finally a decent episode, only one thing wasn't perfect: The last scene belongs to B&B :-) Anyway there was nice chemistry in the episode and the psychobubble thing with Sweets was fun and not weird like in the last episodes. Perhaps Bones is back on track.
  • Loved the case, and most of the romance

    I loved the case...great flow and Brennan's gotcha at the end was priceless. Loved the last scene with B&B ("I know exactly why I love you"). Not entirely sold on Arastoo/Cam but I like the thought better than Clark/Cam. A little too much Hodgela for me, but I get that they usually don't get enough screen time, so I'll take my lumps. And seeing Brennan and Booth team up on Sweets made his living with them worth it