Season 8 Episode 7

The Bod in the Pod

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2012 on FOX

Episode Fan Reviews (4)

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  • Cam and Arastoo. WOW!

    Cam and Arastoo. WOW, didn't see that coming! It's really sweet that they're trying to keep it secret.
  • Great case, perfect romance

    I really liked the Arrastoo and Cam story- I thought it was so sweet and adorable. I hope they have more scenes together! As always loved the B's scenes together- they just work. Bones should never change- she is perfect! Less Sweets maybe- I don't hate him however he's a lot better in small doses centered more in the FBI building....I've always been neutral about Angela but she is married to Hodgins whom I absolutely adore so as long as he's in the scene I'm not complaining !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh right the case...goooooo Bones she is nerdy badass at it's best! :)
  • almost perfect

    Finally a decent episode, only one thing wasn't perfect: The last scene belongs to B&B :-) Anyway there was nice chemistry in the episode and the psychobubble thing with Sweets was fun and not weird like in the last episodes. Perhaps Bones is back on track.
  • Loved the case, and most of the romance

    I loved the case...great flow and Brennan's gotcha at the end was priceless. Loved the last scene with B&B ("I know exactly why I love you"). Not entirely sold on Arastoo/Cam but I like the thought better than Clark/Cam. A little too much Hodgela for me, but I get that they usually don't get enough screen time, so I'll take my lumps. And seeing Brennan and Booth team up on Sweets made his living with them worth it
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