Season 6 Episode 4

The Body and the Bounty

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2010 on FOX

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  • wished there were science shows like this when i was a kid!


    I thought this was a Great episode..anything that can get kids excited about science in a cool fun way is Awesome in my book..way to go! I loved it, so it was a bit silly but afterall this is entertainment and stories and it makes for a chuckle as well as drama

  • A-maz-ing


    We had just watched a rather grim film and turned to Bones for a little light relief before going to bed. We found it. OK there was a body, but the comic relief was provided not just by the Science Dude but by the reaction to him of the squints. He seemed to bring out the inner child in Cam and Hodgins (not difficult) and Angela - I would have liked to see how Dr Goodman reacted to him, pity that character has gone.

    Booth had trouble again with a female bounty hunter. Are modern day bounty hunters all young, female,and glamorous? - bit far from those gritty Westerns.

    Loved to see Brennan letting her hair down for once. She hasn't done that since 'The wannabe in the weeds'. Loved the last scene with the kids, Booth smiling his wide smile, the squints joining in and even Caroline smiling. Brennan as the Bone Lady looked great - perhaps that can be her next Hallowe'en costume instead of Wonder Woman?

  • Disappointment

    The beginning of the sixth season of this show is such a disappointment! The plot is either too obvious or too artificial. Some scenes are filmed like in a B-movie using a handheld camera. The dialogues are weak and the characters seemed to stop developing. Basically their lines are on and on about the same thing and there is nothing that intrigues us. The whole mystery involving Booth and Brennan disappeared like after touch of the magic wand. I wonder where it brings the whole "Bones" idea. So far I think that there must be something I will see in the future episodes that will make me think otherwise and this is why Fox decided to continue the show.
  • so this is what bones has come to..

    wow. i've never felt the urge to throw my remote at the tv before now, the only reason i didnt was so i could fast forward this rubbish. bunsen jude the science dude, honestly what were the writers thinking? if it wasnt for B.J. i would have mildly enjoyed this episode, thats why it gets above average. the case was well thought out for a change, the motive actually realistic. it kept me guessing who the killer was, where usually the killer is one of the people introduced at the start. so it ticks all the boxes for a good police procedural case, but the poor writing for dr. brennan's lines and the elephant in the room B.J. makes this almost painful to watch at times.
  • Lame

    I think it is the first time I give a score so low.
    But this episode, in my opinion, is the worst episode of the entire show.
    I mean, I cannot understand what on earth were they thinking when they produced this episode. I mean COME ON, the freaking DUDE what awful, the character sucked, trying to be funny WAY to much and the way Everyone cave into his sense of humor was extremely painful to watch.

    The ONLY good thing a have to say about this episode is the final scene.
    I mean CoMe On, Brennan looked SO funny and cute in that costume skeleton/Mickey mouse like. I loved her in that thing and the way she looked/acted like a little child. It was very very nice seen that she CAN let go of her usual self.

    So there.
    I hope the next episodes repair this disappointment.
  • The best episode of the season so far

    What surprised me about this episode in the action around the case and the way Booth, Brennan, Sweets and Caroline talked and discussed their reasons for considering someone a suspect. The pace of the episode was quicker than others, but still it gave time to understand, follow and enjoy what was happening.

    I'm not happy with who Brennan has become, compared to the first seasons. Lately, it seems that she thinks she's in a pedestal where no one can reach her and it makes her obnoxious. Like other times, she's reluctant to do something until this time Angela, has to make her see the importance of sharing and doing something nice. I just wish once she agreed in the very beginning. Yet, in the end, my heart kind of melted when I saw her in front of the kids. And is it me or Booth looks like he's falling for her again?

    Special mention to Hodgins. He's got the soul of a child, a happy one. He'll be a great father. I hope Angela knows now the kind of treasure she has. And it seems like TJ had a blast seeing Emily dressed like that.
  • I actually really liked this episode...

    I found it as a good and refreshing reminder of how good Bones used to be. Remember the good old days when an episode would be funny, but not necessarily filled to the brim with the character's personal lives? Sure, we still know and hear about what's going on with the main characters, but we didn't spend the entire episode dwelling on their stories.

    This episode was really good in my opinion. David Allen Grier was funny and surprisingly helpful as "Bunsen Jude the Science Dude", an obvious (yet cute) play off of "Bill Nye the Science Guy". It was extremely amusing to watch Bones throughout the episode trying not to get on his show and then eventually saying yes to it.

    All in all, I loved it, and am seriously hoping for more like this to come.
  • A kind mind is a fine mind!

    I'm sorry, but this episode was not very good. First off, Professor Jude the Science Dude. No. He is annoying, and all of those funny slogans were just plain irratating. Please, Come on. And then Cam goes all sloganny on us? That was pretty painful to watch. "Duuuuuude!" I don't know if that was just a clever way to get laughs, but I didn't crack a smile. And his show was not that amazing. In fact it was corny and an insult to every Bill Nye the Science Guy fan. And that costume? What was that, goth Minnie Mouse?? Gross.

    The case wasn't that structured either. The head and hands cut off? The wife just going back to her pyschopath husband? It could have definatly been better presented. So Angela said something about naming her kid, if she's a girl Temperence. Or her middle name. So that should be pretty interesting to see played out.

    And Hannah wasn't in this episode at all. That kinda sucked, she adds drama. She was needed definatly here to spice things up a little. But she's in the next episode and she gets shot so we'll see how that goes...
  • A tad corny, but my favorite this season anyway

    I love this show, but have been disappointed by the first three episodes, especially the 'Maggots' one.

    There are times when I find Dr. Brennan downright annoying and this episode was a nice step in the right direction, I think. I absolutely loved Angela's comment about not everyone being as willing to look as hard for her inner child as she is. We all should have a friend like that.

    Sure, the kids slogans were a little over the top, but Hodgins' genuine joy and enthusiasm were nice to see. He's going to be an awesome dad! It's nice to see a man feel comfortable enough in his own skin to to allow himself to express his joy. It seems that outside of sports, that sort of behavior in frowned upon in our society.

    Brennan thanking Bunsen (cute first name by the way - what's his middle name - Burner?) :) at the end was a lovely touch and the look Booth gave her when she was on stage reminded me of how much he cares for her.
  • Three out of four...and I only wish that was what I thought of the episode.

    So far this season, we've had an extremely poorly-written episode to get the team reunited, a classic Bones episode, an ad for Jersey Shore, and...what on Earth was this?...some kind of fake crossover with a kids show?!? Three out of four TERRIBLE episodes that are shamefully, stupidly juvenile compared to what the show used to be.

    They're on hiatus for a month? Great! Take that month, Bones writers, and watch the last 5 seasons. Good, remember what it used to be about? Adult stories with a decent sense of humour? Yeah, that's what we want for Season 6 too.

    I get the impression I'm not the only one who has issues with this season. One of the early scenes with Hodgins and Bunsen Jude the Stupid Dude, T.J. Thyne's face almost screamed "I'm only doing this because I'm under contract".
  • Real disappointment

    Previous episode was amazing. And I thought that they finally returned to the old good incredible moments. But, this episode is a real disappointment. It's so boring and the plot is so predictable. They are not funny at all. Bones is not in the best mood. The only scene that I like is the last scene. I am a born scientist, so the last scene is the best part of this episode. Scientist's Oach explains a real scientific spirit, and I like it. I also like Brennan's costume because it fits her a pretty good, just like her nick Bone Lady.
  • "Bunsen" Jude? As in...

    ...Bunsen burner? How, like, totally science-y!

    Very, very clever episode. The case, the writing the performing and no one better than David Alan Grier for the part of the barfing Bunsen!

    I was totally entertained by the regression of all the squints but it was great that it could all take place in the midst of a really good, credible case. I knew I recognized Lisa Marcos as the bounty hunter with head issues. Not sure why anyone would do that deed for a mere 200K, but whatever...

    Bones and Sweets seem to be back at their sniping about each others chosen professions and though its been a while, it was interesting to see it proven to Brennan once again, that everything is not black and white. Maybe she actually got that.

    Maybe that's why, in the end, she was able to get in touch with her inner child scientist.
  • That's more like it baby!

    This is old skool Bones! I really liked this episode, especially after the last 3 episodes which are just OK. The suspense is back i tell you, but could've been better if Tempe actually used the shotgun! It is very case-centric and no scenes that will make you feel sorry for Brennan, because Hannah is not in the episode. Although predictable who the killer is, i still demand more stories like this, and more that will put them in danger! Grier is a great guest star, he brought fun to the lab. Can we make him Zac's replacement please? lol. And did i mention Caroline? Why is she not regular yet? Overall, i'm just happy they still make episodes like this. Im not hoping to see more like this, but at least i know there's still something to look forward to. Too bad, it's on hiatus again. Bones is back on track!