Season 6 Episode 10

The Body in the Bag

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2011 on FOX

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  • Brennan vs. Hannah

    It was kind of refreshing to see that jealousy did not get in the way between the new friendship formed between Brennan and Hannah as well as the old friendship between Booth and Brennan. This is honestly a realistic way for how people like me don't completely become irrational after being hurt. This doesn't mean that both Hannah and Brennan aren't hurting in some way but they instead pushed those feelings aside to try and maintain what they have for as long as they can and hope for the best. I realized after this episode that I rather like the dynamic of friendship between Hannah and Brennan more than the friendship with Angela. They just seem to be more compatible where as with Angela you are constantly aware of just how different they are from each other that it leaves you to wonder how they are best friends.

    Still love Angela but I will be kind of sad to see Hannah still want booth and Brennan together hehe
  • hannah hasnt taken it well

    i disagree with some comments about hannah taking it well about brennans feelings i think she only taakes booths confession well. just because she didnt rip brennans hair out doesnt mean shes fine i think the bar scene where shes almost forcnig brennan to move on isnt her being a good friend is her way of making sure she hhas nothing to worry about. i like hannah but she is way too nice. on a different not the part where cam bones and booth get the nasty shower was so funny and brennans reaction was classic
  • I understand why people have a problem with this episode, but I wanted to come to it's defense.

    What I was afraid they were going to do with Bones has come to pass. Seely's moved on, but Tempy has realized she's made a mistake. However, I don't feel as annoyed as I thought I would by it, because they've managed to keep their working relationship intact and because Booth's new lady-friend is actually an attractive, likeable, interesting person, who is VERY different from Brennan. It is possible to have a love triangle situation like this, where people remain civil and don't let jealousy take over. I've had a similar experience personally, so it's really not all that unrealistic. It wouldn't make sense, with Brennan's personality, for over-the-top jealousies to ensue, and Hannah seems like she has the confidence to handle the fact that Brennan has feelings for Booth. (I mean, come on! Who wouldn't?) It is totally possible for Booth to love Bones and love Hannah too. He just hasn't figured out who he loves more yet, but he will. Of course, we all want to see Booth and Brennan together, but I, for one, am glad that the writers chose to go in this direction, rather than make Booth's new love some kind of evil harpy. It makes for a situation that is a lot more emotionally complicated and less easily resolved, which, in my mind, makes for more interesting television.
  • Great expectations..

    Lead to great disappointments. We've been building this huge excitement around Bones' return mid season and then we have this episode. It was fairly good. But for a show that has brought us such amazing episodes, I have to say that this one surely didn't do it justice.
    The case was very easy to solve, not catching us and making us dread for it to be solved already. But what was most disappointing was the situation between Brennan, Booth and Hannah. How in the world would something like what Booth told Hannah just be resolved in talk in the middle of the street? Doesn't anybody on this show has blood running through their veins? Booth just acts like a total jerk most of the time now, Brennan is more than passive and Hannah is coming out like this unimaginable person, who likes everybody and is liked by everyone as well. It was just terrible.
    Well, but lesson learned. Let's not make a bid deal out of the sniper episode next week and then maybe we're in for something really good without the whole big disappointment afterwards.
  • This episode is indicative of the show's downward spiral.

    Once again we had a "snooze-worthy" case, involving a body found in a shower stall. We had to revisit the ongoing plotline about Brennan and Booth not loving each other anymore - which meant, of course, Hannah had to be involved. And watching the person chosen to be Brennan's assistant (Dr. Clark Edison) only made me yearn for the days when Zack was in the lab and the "squints" had chemistry with each other. The acting seems wooden these days - there is no energy of any sort. If I were viewing these characters for the first time, I know I would not become engaged. At least next week's episode brings back the gravedigger - maybe this will liven things up.
  • Good episode.

    Okay, may be i'm one of the few who likes this episode. I actually think it is better than most of the pre-Doctor In The Photo episodes. The case is definitely better this time. I couldn't care less about Hannah. However, i agree that the season's been pretty dull. I have always complained that the relationships have taken too much screen time since season 4. There seem to be no hope for that to change. And Brennan, choose your assistant already!! I hope the sniper kills these unnecessary squinterns, and bring back some old characters (Russ? Max? Why don't they ever visit Zack?) and create some more stories about them. Let's hope that the sniper storyline makes up for this season. Damn, i hate to bash this show :(
  • 1/20

    The Hodgins and Angela relationship is not one that I really liked when I started watching this show, nor is it one that I really enjoy now. They seem to force it down our throats to try and get us to care about them with storylines like the one in this episode involving where their baby might live and I really do not care about it. This is not why I watch Bones.

    But the stuff with the fake purses was good, and even the Hannah and Brennan scenes were not terrible. It was another solid episode of a consistently entertaining show.
  • What a disappointment!

    Well that was not good!
    Let me start from the beginning! We are in 2011, we are in the 6th season of bones, the previous episode Brennan opened up and let Booth know that she has feelings for him and she regrets not giving him a chance! And after the waiting and the anxiety this episode comes to mess up my head!
    Come on people! I mean i adore the show! I LOVE the show, i never thought that the plot was not good until I saw that episode! Brennan acts like nothing happened. Booth who would be willing to die for Bones acts like he is totally over her and that he loves Hanna more. Thats impossible! I mean he is in love with Brennan for years and he has a new relationship for some months! At least make him look weird or complicated or shocked! And last but certainly not least what the heck is wrong with Hanna? What kind of reaction was that! I mean even the cooler, calmest most civilized person would get mad or have a different reaction! Hanna is presented like the taught girl who is not afraid to get a bullet and now someone is trying to steal her man and she does not care? When did Brennan became her best friend! And if they are best friends why isn t she mad that Bones her BBF heat on her boyfriend? Come on! I was waiting all Christmas for that episode! I m completely disappointed and not because Bones and Booth didn t get together but because the plot was so so so SO unrealistic and fake!

    Still bones is my favorite show though!