Season 5 Episode 2

The Bond in The Boot

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2009 on FOX

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  • Get the animal behavior right!

    The physical anthropology tends to be accurate, although the 3-D modelling is science fiction and the lab work is implausibly fast. Sure, only a rigid nitpicker would find fault with that when seeking TV entertainment. But can't they at least put in the minimum amount of research into how feral cats actually behave? Overlaying all the happy-cat mews and squeals made a weak scene all the weaker, in the same way that any movie scene involving snakes is destroyed by the application of random hisses and rattles. Feral cats don't meow! Feral cats run away from humans! Feral cats cannot be picked up and placed into carriers!

    Other than that, enjoyed the episode.

  • A disintegrating body is found while being nibbled on by cats and Booth and Brennan find themselves in the middle of a CIA case which has strong resemblances to a James Bond mission.

    After that strong premiere, I personally expected a more exciting follow up and with a title like that, the episode could have had chase scenes, Bond like action or even more twists in the case but on the whole it was satisfying.
    The fact that Brennan receives a fat paycheck and Booth feels a little less well off in front of her added more reality to the characters and it was helpful to bring the subject of the economic crisis into the equation and the intern scholarship being canceled as a result. Although it was somewhat predictable that the lab staff would pitch in to help Wendell, it was still sweet to show the compassionate side of our beloved characters and their generosity.
    The bottom line is, good job with the writing but we definitely want more from Bones.
  • A man is found dead, an Aston Martin is found with a bosy in the trunk and everyone is thinking spies

    This is the episode when Bones comes back on its usual form. The case is good, full of twists. The interactions are there because the team tries to save one of their own. B&B have amazing interactions and one of their best scenes EVER on the show. Everything is back on track. Money is the main theme for this episode as Brennan becomes even richer and Wendell loses his scholaship because of cutbacks. Booth is a little bothered by the fact that Brennan is so rich given he can't afford to play a professional plumper 800$ to fix his pipes. In the end everything is back to normal with Wendell staying on the team and Booth and Brennan have a pretty sexual scene under the sink...
  • More mediocre television.

    Last week I remarked how the season premiere was disappointing, and lacked a lot of the things that make this show great, or at the very least only had the bare minimum of them. This episode was similar, and while it probably was slightly better from both a humor and storyline standpoint I really cannot give this any higher than a 6.5/10.

    Last year Bones was probably in the Top 15 dramas on television, but now I cannot even say that much about it. And even worse this show is getting 3 million more viewers than Fringe, a significantly superior show.
  • I love Booth! That is all...

    I do love Booth and I do love the Bond analogies. The writers obvious done a lot of research!

    I also love how they know exactly what intern to pick to do that storyline with. I mean, the other interns are great in their own way but each of them have their own perfect story lines to fit into and we have already seen them interact with cases on a different level so using this intern was perfect - plus I think overall, from experience of talking to other fans, he is the most liked so it would of worked best with him!

    The ending with Booth and Bones doing the plumbing - I really like how their is always a bit of a personal touch to every episode at the end - showing them they have lives outside the world of death and murder.

    I mean, I know that each Bones episode always follows a certain pattern as in - tiny bit of personal bit or on the site case - case solving - personal bit to end - but it's a working formula and why mess with it?
  • A really interesting case, with really sweet moments!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode with a man being killed, and his hand being cut off so that the briefcase attached t it, can be taken. All done in a very James Bond style. Booth and Bones are called in, where we learn the publishers have given her a Rolex as her new book has sold so well. She has also been told that she will no longer have to work for a living, but Bones just can't stay away.
    Booth is having trouble with the plumbing in his apartment, and he would normally fix it himself, only he can't remember how. A plumber tells him it will be $800 and she offers to lend him the money which he turns down. When the body is taken back to the lab, we learn that the victim was Russian. Soon he is IDed and we learn that he had a diplomatic visa, which was not authorised by the State.
    They believe he smuggled in diamonds, but aren't a 100 percent and so it is being treated as a national security threat. We soon learn that Wendell has lost his scholarship and therefore will lose his internship at the lab. Sweets tells Bones that she should let Booth teach her about plumbing as it will help him regain what he feels that he has lost since the coma. They soon find the car used in the murder and when they open the trunk, they find a body which has begun to liquefy. Then an ID for the CIA is found on the body and we soon believe that he was the killer. When they look over the body, Angela suggests to Bones that she set up a scholarship programme, so that Wendell can still work at the lab. Hodgins also can't help. And Angela can't as she says "I pack my own lunch". In the car, Booth and Bones discuss the fact that Bones earns more money than Booth. Or as Booth said, she is loaded and she still doesn't have a flat screen TV. He tells her that basic things are sweeter, with or without money, such as a hug from his son. Since Booth has clearance he is told what the killer who worked for the CIA did, but Bones has to wait out in the lobby. When Cam speak to Wendell, we learn that he came from a poor neighbourhood and that his mother goes to church every day to pray for his miracle, that is his scholarship. We also learn that when he has money, he will set up his own scholarship programme for people like him. Later on in the episode, he tells Bones that it was always his dream, to work with her. At which points, Bones lets slip about the fact he has lost his scholarship, and will therefore lose his internship. He gets upset and says he will take a year off and work, and then perhaps come back, but Bones tells him that they can't hold a space for him. Yet again in another interrogation, the suspect believes that Bones and Booth are a couple and are sleeping together. Booth gets the look on his face then, like it's a good idea and waits to see what Bones's reaction is. Soon Bones gets Booth the book that he wants, but not as a gift. And so he offers to teach her how to do plumbing, and she accepts. Soon we learn that the CIA are coming in 10 minutes to take over the investigation and remove all of their evidence. And so they have only 10 minutes in order to solve the case, before it disappears forever. They soon learn how he was killed and who killed him. They bring her and she tells them that she doesn't know where the briefcase is. Soon, through a hidden message in a photo, they learn where the briefcase is. They get there and find the briefcase and inside is a USB drive. As Wendell says his goodbyes, we learn that a donation has been made for his scholarship for the next 2 years. Since it was anonymous, we don't know whether it was Bones or Hodgins who did it, but he thanks them all. After he leaves Cam tells them that they received enough donations for 3 scholarships. As the episode ends, we see Bones and Brennan fixing his plumbing. During which they share some precious moments. And then when he turns the water back on, we learn that it didn't work as water splashes everywhere. And the water has ruined Bones's new Rolex.
  • To begin with, this episode is not for the squeamish. Yes, you are used to seeing dead bodies all over TV nowadays, but this episode takes it a step further. You'll see what I mean in the first scene.

    To begin with, this episode is not for the squeamish. Yes, you are used to seeing dead bodies all over TV nowadays, but this episode takes it a step further. You'll see what I mean in the first scene.

    There was something about the dialog that didn't sit right with me. It seemed rushed and a bit phony at times. I love this show, so don't misinterpret what I am saying.

    Maybe it was the script or what the director was looking for, but I had an unease with the characters on this episode like I never have had before. I wonder if it was just me or not.

    Even the scene between Booth and Bones under the sink, which should have had its little magic moment for the audience, just didn't.
  • i love the "king of the lab" bits. it's great that more of wendell was shown in this ep--he now is my favorite intern!

    thoroughly enjoyed this episode, i think it was at par with the premiere! i like that booth and bones' relationship seems to be progressing. it's nice how the writers are holding back with booth and bones but at the same time makes the viewers feel like it's still going somewhere. i love the case! a james bond victim and a mysterious briefcase? now that's a nice storyline! i also loved the humor in this episode. i especially liked how brennan said "plumbing for imbeciles" lol. the writers are good! bones season 5 did not disappoint. hopefully the next episodes will be as great as the first two.
  • Bones, James Bones.

    We had spies, a stolen briefcase, a new Rolex and some dodgy plumbing in this episode. After the remains of a 'supposed' Russian diamonds courier are found the investigation turns into a spies, lies and funding for Wendell's scholarship as Brennan and Booth try to track down the Russians murder but come across some C.I.A underhand tactics, add that to one of my favourite interns Wendell losing out on his scholarship because of funding and almost having to leave the Jeffersonian until a unnamed founder comes forward ( well three in fact ) allowing him to continue at the Jeffersonian.

    The storyline was really good but what made the episode funny was Booths persistence to fix his own plumbing rather than getting a skilled plumber to do it, problem was Booth had sort of forgotten how to fix the pipes due to his on going amnesia, so rather than having Brennan pay for it ($800) he buys a plumping for dummies book, or rather Brennan buys it for him then charges him for it which is funny as she has just sold a best seller book and even got a new Rolex with the deal.
  • Really exciting episode with great pace and humor

    I most say, I really like the way this season is starting. It may be cruel but I was somehow hoping Wendall is going.. Not that there is no hope to get Zach back but still. I can hope...

    Ok.. the episode had really great story. I loved the twist with the case. Even if the person behind killing the analyst was shown quite early, I never suspected that. And those episodes when you could suspect everyone else than the right person are somehow the ones you really like.

    I also loved the whole Bond thing and the inter-agency struggle.. and also struggle between Booth and Bones over monetary matters. And the blumming was great too.

    Great episode but in the end.. there have been better episodes.. But totally ok and if they can keep level like that.. It's going to be great season.
  • Not nearly as impressive at the premiere but none the less a great addition to the start of season 5.

    While I by no means thank it compares to the premiere I must say that this was still a good episode. My biggest problem with it was the actual case. I found in somewhat dull especially in comparison to what was going down with Wendell. He's easily my favorite grad student and I think possibly in the end he'll be the one they'll hire permnantly (I think this episode sort of proved that but who knows this early in the season what the plan even is). He's seemed to have connected the most with everyone, obviously in different ways, and I think he meshes the best overall. Not to mention he's certainly qualified but honestly that may be the least of my concerns. But beyond that watching his reaction to losing his job was so sad. I mean in some ways we don't know him as well as we should yet but we know enough to feel how hurt he was at the prospect of leaving. It was his dream to work with Bones. He had made good friends with Jack and bonded with Cam and Angela. I am so glad the group pulled together to save him, he deserves it and I sincerely hope this means he's going to be the one that gets the job in the end.

    As for Booth and Brennan I was very pleased to see they didn't take everything they did in the premiere and just kind of leave it alone like they are so fond of doing with Hodgins and Angela. While obviously it wasn't the focal point of the entire story like it was in the premiere they're really keeping it engrained in the season so far (granted we're two episodes in but just the same). Booth still seems to be very unsure and not ready to make any sort of move or overture towards Brennan. But, and there's a chance I'm reading this wrong, he seems to be testing the waters so to speak. That conversation about honesty underneath Brennan's sink seemed loaded. And while I don't think Bones knew what Booth meant by the whole speal they clearly had a very connected moment. Loved that pipe broke too. The whole fixing the sink thing is kind of a good metaphor for Brennan. If they get it right things could fuse together great but if they mess up like say try things to early or the million other ways they could malfunction they'll burst. Not sure that's the purpose they meant for the scene but that's what I took from it.
  • Wendall's last day? James Bond dead? Great episode yet again.

    you know for a moment there i thought james bond really was depressing is that thought?? this episode is still really fun to watch as it visualises pretty much every guys adventurers fantasies, and yes, i did occasionly think that i could become a real-life james bond.
    as for the episode itself, i still can't believe that with all her money Brennan still hasn't got a flat screen, what is with that? you might think it weird that i know that but i've just watched it. Hodgins as usual is his paranoid self and with the bond-theme it is priceless watching him and wendall talking bond and casino royale.
    As for wendall, how funny is it that everyone who could gave their money to wendall for his scholarship and him staying on. i do like wendall alot more than the other assistants they've had.
  • A very strange murder that is right out of 007 when a car similar to the one used in Casino Royale is used in the murder of a possible CIA operative. His case is missing and Booth and Bones need to figure out how and why he died and where the case went.

    A truly likable episode. Michael Grant Terry is back as intern Wendell who has lost his scholarship. Wendell is one of the few interns that truly has been helpful and not obnoxious most of the time. It seems the economy is to blame for the loss of money.

    We're sidestepping the whole I love you scenario for this episode. Booth still seems to be having trouble remembering certain things that he should know such as basic plumbing. Bones gets given a Gold Rolex and tells Booth she is rich enough never to have to work again based on her royalties.

    Booth has high enough clearance to go toe to toe with the CIA, so he and the team try to figure out what is going on. There are a few CIA suspects as well as a few unknowns. Wendell does his usually fine job of assisting in the case and in the end really does the majority of crime solving based on the evidence.

    Everyone else spends the majority of the episode avoiding tell him he lost his scholarship. Of course good ole Bones blurts it out in her usual callous way and of course he is devastated, but he does his job at a very high level.

    With the kind of money Booth and Hodgins are worth they could fund the scholarship, but both of them have excuses for not doing it. Will someone come up with the money to save his miracle scholarship? We'll see! As far as the case goes they solve it of course.

    Another enjoyable and entertaining episode. I always look forward to Thursday evening and my weekly fix of Bones. Thanks for reading...
  • a good all around episode with my fav. intern, interesting case with CIA involement, james bond theme, and booth trying to fix his own sink even if he forgot how, what more could you want.

    Episode 5/2 was pretty solid for me. I like wendell and he is my fav. intern by far. He really gets along with everyone at the lab and it showed. He is alittle bit of bones and booth. He can do the science like bones and do the normal activities like hockey with booth. Hodgens seems to really like him as well, which i thought is great since it seemed after zack left, there would be no void to fill. The case was interesting with the usuall twist and turns with them dealing with CIA and state department again. Of course there were some really good moments in this one. The talk bones and booth had in vehicle about money was interesting, she was asking him if her making alot of money mattered to him as if she is poking around at the fact if they were already together as a couple. She really seems to be comming around emotionally and understanding of others even if she really tries to hide it. Sweets telling the state department guy atleast he can tuck his own self had me in stitches. I figured it would come down to bones helping wendell, i think she really saw how everyone really wanted him to stay and she admires his work and the bit where he said his dream was to work with her i think helped alittle. case is solved and the cia guy acting like bond and doing his own thing apparentlly suffered some nasty torture but didnt break, pretty tough guy for supposed desk job. Of course the end with them under booths sink was great too. you can really see how comfortable they really are together even in the tight quarters they were me they pretty much stated they really trust each other and are honost to each other. great episode and i hope it keeps getting better.
  • One of the sweetest end scenes

    I have to say that this episode had the most disgusting bodies in the series, after the Cinderella in the Cardboard. Actually I thought that the beginning looked a little weird and phony but after our favorite duo arrived at the crime scene, I changed my mind.
    The case was interesting enough to keep me excited, too bad we didn't know what that USB contained.
    I was suffering for Wendell. I really thought it was going to be his last episode, but I guess I know Bones' good heart, yes, because I think she was the one who donated that money. I liked that she appreciated his great work and intelligence to keep him there.
    Now the end scene... This has got to be one of the sweetest scenes between Booth and Brennan. Straight to the point, talking about their doubts, their feelings, without hesitating, without being interrupted in that very close space... And yet having so much respect and admiration for the other. That is the Brennan I like, the one who can open up her mind and her heart and let someone lead and teach her and be in second place. I really hope she can do this more often.
  • Booth and Bones investigate a CIA cover-up :P Always fun!

    I have to disagree with everyone, I thought the last scene under the sink was great :) I knew it was gonna burst....knew it :P Very cute and classic B&B!

    I really shouldn't have been eating breakfast when i watched the start, let this be a warning to you all :) And I love cats and the way they were looking at Booth and Bones, licking they're chops..HAHAHAHHA

    I loved the 'Bond Theme' they had going and I am very happy that Wendell is staying, he is by far my favourite intern (offcourse no one can replace Zach). It's fantastic to see that Bones seems to have got its groove back and I can't wait for the rest of the season :)

    Aussie Aussie Aussie! *high five from the land down under*
  • Another fine installment of Bones saga..

    It was a good episode. The whole Bond thing was corny but worked ok.

    I'm glad Wendell is not leaving because he's by far the best assistant. The other ones were just weird and too cartoonish for my taste.

    I know Booth and Bones moments were supposed to be magical, funny and "cute", but I don't know.. I guess this whole 7th grade just "dancing around each other" thing is finally taking its toll on me and I ain't finding that funny anymore.. sometimes it's unbearable and I just think it's pointless because no matter what happens, if Booth takes a bullet for her, or if Bones is losing blood and fallen unconscious, there won't be a "I love u" exchange or anything for that matter.. don't get me wrong, the show is great and the episodes are interesting tho.

    Of course, now that Hodgins and Angela aren't together anymore, we've lost some interesting side stories and character development possibilities.

    Anyways, Bones is always Bones, even tho it could and should be Bones & Booth, the couple.. oh well..