Season 4 Episode 11

The Bone That Blew

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 2008 on FOX

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  • A decent episode but the Max storyline is becoming ridiculous, have the characters developed amnesia about the murderer in their midst?

    In season 3, I loved the Max episodes… right up until Brennan got her father off on murder charges with lies. She blatantly disregarded justice to free her father and she's been ignoring the rules for him ever since and this is just another disgraceful example. The writers originally took the hard line and I respected them for that, it was very bold and created a powerful conflict within Brennan as she tried to reconcile the father with the criminal. It easily created some of the best episodes of season 3. Brennan's conflict was genuine because her father really was that bad, cold-bloodedly killing people, violent and unrepentant. Now the writers have backed off, trying to make this violent criminal appear like some sweet, innocent science teacher, asking the audience to ignore everything the man has done for the last twenty years. And let's not forget the nauseating displays of fatherhood. If Sweets comments on Brennan's abandonment issues one more time, I'm going to throw up.

    Did Cam get hit on the head? Hiring bank robber and double murderer Max Keenan to work in a crime lab?! The other familiar face is Wendell, good to see he's still around. I like that we're seeing the recurring secondary characters, makes it seem more realistic when you recognize people in the background.

    It's been commented before by Hodgins that Cam has made the lab more efficient – she sends out summaries of the case to everyone so that everyone has the same information. It's simple but brilliant, keeps everybody updated without having to bother with time consuming meetings.

    What a pleasure to see Gina Torres again, she pops up in the most unusual places. As always, she doesn't change, still gorgeous.

    The murderer, this murderous little 11 year old brat just sits there, irritated and bored, acting like the man she murdered was an insect she swatted. As if she thinks her parents can buy her way out of murder the same way she bought her way out of homework. I've seen other series do this type of scenario before and what this episode is truly lacking is showing the child realize the consequences they talk to her so vaguely about. Had they done that, I would have given this episode a higher rating.

    For all Booth's concern for his son, he completely ignores the fact his son is spending time with a murderer and violent criminal. As for Brennan, every time she bends the rules for Max, I lose a bit more respect for her. How can she apply one set of rules to her work and completely twist those same rules when it comes to her father? Sweets should really put her in hardcore therapy because he's really missing her fundamental father issues and it's affecting her work. I'm really not impressed with this storyline.
  • Booth and Bones investigate the murder of a nanny who had sex with a wealthy soccer mom and participated in insider trading, but got killed for making a kid do her own homework. Meanwhile, Max works at the Jeffersonian and Booth contemplates fatherhood.

    I think this marked some of the best writing of the series. The case fit the episode thematically, and lead seamlessly to an ending which was both fitting and incredibly touching. In fact, I think the ending, with Booth convincing Bones to let her Dad work at the Jeffersonian and "enrich" Parker's school experience, made the episode. It was great.

    The best part about it, for me, is that Booth and Bones are already creating a "family" in a sense. I mean, can't you just see Parker coming to view Max as a grandfather figure, with Booth and Bones being, of course, the parents? ... All right, all right, maybe not anytime SOON, but the dynamic is definitely being set up here. And the looks they exchanged at the end... All together now: Awww! Only downside to the episode: I hate it when TV shows have kids as their murderers. It is sad but also overdone. I mean, a kid was the killer last episode, too, and he was treated in such a horribly flip manner. I personally find that inappropriate. The writers should look for something more original and less disturbing next time.

    Bottom-line, though, is it was well-written, I'm loving the possibilities created in it, and I can't wait for the next episode!
  • I'm going to give this episode ten thumbs up

    Personally I like the idea of Max working with them, possibly in a semi-permanent capacity. He would provide interesting insights upon the cases from a criminal perspective and I think he'd be a valuable asset. However I don't think that Bones would agree with that assessment) and Booth is having issues because he's worried that he's not giving his kid {Parker , i think} all the advantages that he deserves after he visits a ridiculously advanced private school in the course of his investigation. Bones thinks as long as a child is looked after (be it by a nanny or whatever) it doesn't matter whether they have a loving environment or not. Booth thinks that the loving environment is all that matters. They're the original odd couple! In the end it turns out that the posh kid killed her male nanny because he was trying to do the right thing for you. One disturbed kid or one kid that didn't get the loving environment that she so desperately needed? Either way that male nanny ends up just as dead.

    The best bits were Booth talking to that woman about migrating boobies (god I'm so childish), Bones and Sweet bickering childishly over her motivation for wanting her father fired and Bones and Max stumbling around trying to determine whether or not Max wants to move in with her.

    overall this was a great episode
  • Max gets a job, at the lab!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with Bones learning that her father, Max has been hired for a teaching position at the Jeffersonian. When body parts are discovered in a woods Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. They soon get an ID on the victim and we soon learn that he was a Nanny for a very well to do family. When he ends up helping out with the murder case at hand, Brennan is noticeably bothered by his sudden presence in her professional life. Soon Bones fires her father, for helping out. Max then bumps into Booth and asks him if he and Bones are sleeping together. When Booth tells him no, he looks shocked and asks him if he is gay.
    And so Booth says that he will try to sort out the mess between him and Bones. Soon they find out where the body was burnt and also locate the missing body pieces. Soon all of the evidence points to the mother he worked for, and although she confesses, Sweets doesn't believe that she committed the murder. She is covering for someone. And soon, the evidence soon takes them in a different direction and her daughter, is brought in for questioning. We soon learn that she cheated on her school project and that she shots him to prevent him from telling anyone. She shot him and then her mother took the body out o the woods and burnt it. As the episode ends, we see Max with parker doing an experiment in the lab, whilst Booth and Bones watch on. Booth asks her, as a personal favour, to let Max keep his job at the lab.
  • I really liked this episode. The mystery that was written into the plot was outstanding

    I really liked this episode. The mystery that was written into the plot was outstanding. It had so many twists and turns and the attention to detail was amazing. I may go as far to say the murder plot was one of the best in the series. It ended up in a place that I never say coming. I thought I figured out "who done it" three times before the end. Ryan O'Neal returns, in this episode, as Max Keenan, Dr. Brennan's father. I thought this episode was his best performance, so far, on the series. He had to show a much larger range of emotion and he did it very well. Also guest staring in this episode was Gina Torres. She and David Boreanaz had previously worked together on Angel and I love seeing them get a fair amount of screen time together again.

    Another thing that made this such a great episode was the genuine humor written into the dialogue. The humor has been much better this season that it has over the rest of the series. In my opinion, before this season, the humor didn't work all that well because the writers were trying to hard and the cast didn't have the on screen chemistry that they have now. But this season has really stepped it up in the comedy department, making this show much more enjoyable.
  • "As I always say: The Best Show Ever!"

    This episode was another awesome episode in this amazing show. I have to mention that Ferrari was nice. It extremely sucks that we have to wait til January for the next episode but i am positive it will be worth it. I also hate how stupid American Idol pushes Bones to Wednesday. I thought this episode was great more flirting, great plot line and I never saw the end coming so that was awesome. This is a great show and I great guessing game all at the same time and is exactly why I watch it. Love this show extremely!
  • A partner thing? Sure...

    I absolutely loved this episode. We got to know a little bit more about Booth and Max is back.
    I like the whole interaction with Cam and Hodgins, they make such a good team and I like this new side of Cam, she's still the boss but she can let her staff challenge her, she doesn't always have to be right. I was pleased to see Wendell again, he's my number one grad student.
    Brennan... I hate how she can be so stubborn sometimes. Why doesn't she just admit her fear? She's a grown woman and even when she went through a lot of pain because of her father, she's very intelligent and she should just give him a chance. It's not like she's 15 when she was all alone and afraid, she has friends now, who support her, who care about her and in case Max failed her, they'd be there for her. Sweets... He had me when he told Booth that he would be a lousy father is he didn't think of Parker's school. Booth's reaction said it all. I like how Booth was worried about Parker's education, however, I think he doesn't believe in him sometimes. Booth is a very bright and intelligent man and somehow he underestimates himself for several reasons. It's amazing how many things he can offer to anyone... He doesn't have to be so hard on himself.
    The case... Well, the plot twist was a surprise. It's true, many priviliged kids are raise to think they own the world and they're not taught the most important thing: values.
    The last scene was so beautiful. Partner thing? Right. They both knew the meaning. Again, Brennan only listens to Booth when it comes to her father. She finally gives in to, have her father close and help Parker. I like the way she talks about him. And those looks Brennan and Booth give each other proves only that there are things they want to say but don't dare say.
  • The main premise of this episode was parents and their relationship with their children or was it the other way around.

    Max and Brennan come to blows after Max gets a teaching job at the Jeffersonian and Bones is not happy then after he takes part in an experiment connected toa murder case Brennan fires him.
    The murder is of a nanny ( childminder ) who turns out to be an ex special forces soldier who is shot and burnt to death, naturally with Bones we are treated to an array of suspects and motives but at the end of the day Booth always catchs his man, or women or in this case child. Bit of a funny episode this week, not funny as in comedy but in the whole episode, the murder, the suspects and real killer(s) then having Brennan's father return in a teaching position at the Jeffersonian when only a few months ago he was on trial for allegedly killing the director of the FBI. But he was set free and I was surprised then that Brennan wasn't glad to see her father working there and happy for him with getting on with his life.
  • Bones and Booth are thrown into a murder investigation when bones end up in a tree. Bones' father is hired by the Jeffersonian.

    Another episode I really liked. Lots of Bones/Booth interaction, and the reappearance of Ryan O'Neil as Bones' father is always welcome. He's a good actor and he brings a lot of humorous tension to the show without threatening anything, especially the relationship between Booth and Bones. He also works in well with Hodges, who since the departure of Zach (bonehead play of the year by writers) is a bit lost. Overall, good case, fun to watch, lots of chemistry, and Booth vehemently denying that he is not gay Wish we didn't have to wait so long until the next episode!
  • Mo' bones is found.

    Realism, that is the biggest problem plaguing Bones right now. This is the second consecutive episodes where a child was behind the murdering. You have to question just how believable those two scenarios are.

    Other than that the acting by the two stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel is great. I liked the recurring role of Bones' father is well. The scenes were entertaining with him and I would not mind if he were brought in more regularly.

    This was another entertaining episode and another interesting case. Like I said I wish they went a different way with the final reveal, but all in all a fine episode.
  • Another great episode!

    WOW!! Bones is getting better by the day. This episode was awesome. I loved the Max and Booth moments, especially when booth said that bones is beautiful. That was soo sweet! I also loved the ending scene, when booth says that Brennan and Max can teach Parker all the things that he can't. Overall, it was a really good episode. Definitely met my expectations! This season has been by far the best season of Bones so far. There are soo many good episodes, like the Con Man in the Methlab, the Finger in the Nest, the Passenger in the Oven, and soo many more! I can't wait till January now!
  • Bones in Trees...

    Bones is used to finding old bones in the strangest places, but I think this tree is a first. I like the idea of the interaction with Max and Bones. I also thought it was a slick idea of Cam for Hodges to work on experiements. A dead marine turned into a nanny/bodyguard and he was also involved in possible insider trading. When the focused shifted to the Mrs. King, who in turn stated she was protecting her family. I knew it was one of the kids. Cal turned out to be a good guy who wanted the best for his charges.