Season 2 Episode 16

The Boneless Bride in the River

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2007 on FOX
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The team investigates the death of an Asian woman without any bones left in her body. Sully proposes something to Brennan that she does not expect.

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  • Poor Sully!

    It is a pity that Sully (PETE!!!) had to go but really he was far too viable a candidate for Brennan's affections and obviously she's meant to be with Booth, a few more episodes with him would've been nice though, love Eddie McClintock
  • Another agitating episode, until the end when Sully left!

    Blegh, Bones and Sully are still together, on VACATION, nonetheless. Her line "I would rather spend time with you, then at work." Well I would rather stab a fork in my eye than to see you two together, so we're even. Seeing Booth obviously jealous of the two was enjoyable to watch, though. Oh and the end made me shout for joy! Sully sailing away for a year, HOPEFULLY never to be seen again. Oh, Sully, please be eaten by a shark.

    I did enjoy the plot of the episode, the boneless girl. I can just see the creators sitting at the plan table thinking, "We got an expert on bones...what would happen if we took away those bones? Could she still pull it off?" Oh, and the inflating head! Funny stuff. Of course, the team was able to find some bones for Bones to work with, and before the day was done, they found their culprit.

    Booth, would you please step up as a man and make a move on Bones already? I guess they like going the "Jim/Pam" route from "The Office." Anyways, good stuff.moreless
  • A very unusual case involving a fascinating Chinese custom. Thankfully Sully hits the road… or the ocean as the case may be.

    I must admit I've never heard about this custom and I have a best friend who is Chinese. It must be pretty rare these days but it's certainly a fascinating one except that the origin of the woman's bones are a very obvious concern. If a woman's bones cannot be found, it's not a reach for desperate people to turn to the black market and $25,000 is a lot of money.

    It didn't occur to the local cops not to open the locked trunk and contaminate the contents. As if to make matters worse, they open it a second time with Booth and Brennan standing there.

    The supposed killer is very impressive, awesome fight and evade skills. It's quite funny when he drops the cryptic routine and acts normally and everything he did makes sense and proves that the killer is actually the mail-order bride lady.

    I originally liked the whole Sullivan/Brennan thing but now the writers are using too much of the story on it and it's getting in the way of the actual crime story which is why we watch it. This has been a problem in several episodes recently. It is, however, introducing unmistakable jealousy in Booth, evidenced by his constant interruption of Brennan's vacation. Sully says he wants Brennan to go away with him but he made a huge life-altering decision about his future which he is going to do with or without her, this isn't a relationship or he would have at least told her before making the decision.

    Angela's picture of the 'couple' was very sweet. She's right about it being a nice idea, almost romantic in a soul-mate kind of way, I like it.

    Much as I liked Sully, I'm not sorry to see him go. Now the focus can get back where it should be – on the crimes and Booth/Bones.moreless
  • Sully buys a boat and leaves for the caribbean,- fortunately without Bones

    So this is the fourth and last (so far) episode featuring Sully... and I bet that every BB lover (including me) was relieved to see him leave. But I have to admitt that I came to a little realization in the end... I didn't hate him as much as I hated Brennan's previous love-intersts or Booth's lovers. Sully was kinda...nice. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's good that he's gone now, so that we can finally move forward with the BB storyline, but he was, as Booth put it so nicely, one of the good ones, cause he made her genuinley happy.

    Plus jealous/hurt Booth was interesting to watch, too. The end was fantastic, first Sully asking Brennan for the reason, why she can't leave with him, and her eyes flickering to Booth, second Brennan waving Sully goodbye and Booth being there for her and giving his speech that all good things happen eventually.

    Oh and one last thing, contrary to a few other reviews I've read, I really liked this more light-hearted side of Brennan, the joking ('no bones, No Bones' hilarious!) and the letting go from work, because she grows and evolves throughout the series (influenced by Angela and Booth), we can't have Season One work-aholic Brennan forevermoreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show bones . they are called to the water and find a body that has no bones in it but except one that gave them info when they did some investgating . and they found out who it was it wasa girl that came from china to marrie some guy and it was set up by a agency and in this ep they found out that after figuring thingso out on the infromation about secrade buryl and they accued the feance of doin the wroing doing but he just did not feel into her. and they found out that it was the women in charge of theagnecymoreless
David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Eric Millegan

Eric Millegan

Zack Addy

Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor

Dr. Camille Saroyan

Eddie McClintock

Eddie McClintock

FBI Agent Tim Sullivan

Guest Star

J.P. Pitoc

J.P. Pitoc

Drew Harper

Guest Star

Deborah Theaker

Deborah Theaker

Jackie Burrows

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • This is the first episode in which you see Booth wear his "Cocky" belt buckle.

    • Goof: At the end of the episode, when Brennan is talking with Sully in the observation room, her hair style keeps changing from in front of her ears to behind her ears.

    • Goof: At 36:35 Booth cuffs the man's right hand to the pipe. Moments later, the man points at Booth with his right hand. The cuffs were never removed, so he couldn't have pointed with that hand.

    • Goof: At 35:28 there is a shot of Sully on the ground. Booth's gun is visible as it pops in from the right, as if he were standing there, two or three feet away. But when the shot changes to Booth he is running toward Sully from the street.

    • Goof: At 14:24 as the camera moves in, the cart in the lower right-hand corner is visibly being pulled out of the shot to make room for the camera.

    • When Sully sails away, we see that he has named his boat Temperance, after Dr. Brennan.

    • Goof: Angela tells Dr. Brennan that she has worked every day since they have met, and that Dr. Brennan has never gone on vacation. This is untrue, because instead of going to Darfur, recently she went on vacation to North Carolina to reconnect with her brother. Dr. Brennan talks about it with Booth, on the car ride to the train wreck accident in the episode "The Titan on the Tracks".

    • This is the first time that Temperance refers to herself as "Bones", previously showing no affection for the name, she now accepts her nickname from her partner Seeley Booth.

    • Goof: Originally, the squints say that William Chang died 2 years ago, however they later say that he died 3 years ago.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Angela: (to Zack and Cam) You know what you people lack? Whimsy. It's a genuine handicap.

    • (Booth and Brennan at a stakeout inside a car)
      Booth: Sully is a nice guy.
      Brennan: That sounded condescending.
      Booth: I'm just trying to be nice, ok? I'm complimenting the fact that you got a good one this time.
      Brennan: Thereby implying I'm incapable of making my own judgments.
      Booth: The physicist who couldn't tie his shoes. Oh, the former professor who was jealous of your success. Should I stop?
      Brennan: Yes.
      Booth: Oh, the guy that you found on the Internet and then turned out to be some kind of recruiter for a cult. Oh, and this is my favorite: a guy who cut off his own brother's head because he thought he was possessed by a witch.
      Brennan: You made your point.
      Booth: I'm just saying, a guy who wants to take you away from all of this on a sailboat? That's a step up.
      Brennan: Condescending.

    • Brennan: You had a vacation and never left town.
      Booth: It wasn't a vacation, it was a suspension.
      Brennan: Plus compulsory therapy.
      Booth: Hey, dude, don't knock therapy, ok? Dr. Wyatt has helped me realize that there are certain (looks pointedly in her direction) pressures that build up on the job and I need creative ways -
      Brennan: We do everything together.
      Booth: Of dealing with them.
      Brennan: What, what exactly do you have to contend with on the job that I don't?
      Booth: You Bones, you don't have to contend with you.

    • Angela: You want me to take this face and build a skull for it???
      Cam: Can you do it?
      Angela: No.
      Zack: You're always taking skulls and putting on faces - can't you simply reverse the process?
      Angela: No.
      Cam: Why not?
      Angela: Because I am a human being!

    • Brennan: Rationally...rationally thinking I want to go and I know, I should go but...I can't.
      Sully: What you are doing, it's important. But it's not important enough to be your whole life.

    • Bones: Sully bought that boat.
      Booth: (Sarcastically) Yeah, hah, next thing you know he'll be shipwrecked on some island talking to a volleyball.
      Bones: He's leaving for the Caribbean.
      Booth: Really? (Sympathetic) Look, I'm-I'm sorry Bones, I know the two of you were kinda hittin' it off.
      Bones: He wants me to go with him.
      Booth: (Shocked and uncomfortable)
      Bones: He says I should take a year off, a sabbatical, he says it would be fun.
      Booth: (Rushes) Yeah, it would be.
      Bones: (Confused) But you just said he'd be shipwrecked with a volleyball.
      Booth: Well, he's got you he doesn't need the volleyball.
      Bones: You think I should go?
      Booth: (Takes a long pause and then looks at her) Yeah, yeah, you know, what's one year out of your life? You know, a person's gotta live wide, this is kinda narrow.

    • Angela: Do you want me to bring you up to date?
      Brennan: No, (Upset) I want you to tell me what to do.
      Angela: About what?
      Brennan: Sully wants me to run off with him.
      Angela: Go.
      Brennan: For a year.
      Angela: (Insistent) Go.
      Brennan: He wants to run a charter boat around the Caribbean.
      Angela: (Pleading) Go.
      Brennan: He says I should take a sabbatical.
      Angela: (Insistent again) Go. What is the downside? He's a great guy. This is a great idea.
      Brennan: (Upset) I'd miss you guys.
      Angela: (Dismissive) Oh, we'll meet you in Barbados. (Determined) Look, you have been working every day since I met you. It's time to let another part of yourself out into the sun, (Slyly) with a bare-chested man and a tropical breeze. (Brennan laughs)

    • Zack: Positive ID on both sets of remains. William Chang and Li Ling Fan.
      Angela: Wow. They kinda go together.
      Cam: Because they're deceased?
      Angela: Yeah, but more than that. They're exactly the same level of hotness.
      Cam: Which is zero, because they're skeletons.

    • Brennan: The funeral home was in on it. They wanted the body to decompose as quickly as possible.
      Hodgins: Full service mortuary. They perform funerals and weddings for dead people.

    • Booth: Alright Sully look, I want you to look into buying one of those ancient weapons, Leaping Donkey?
      Bones: Flying Horse.
      Booth: Yeah whatever, see if Harper surfaces long enough to, err, to make the sale.

    • Zack: Essentially all we have to do is refill the empty head.
      (Hodgins uncovers a glass cubical with the skull-less head attached inside to a tube)
      Hodgins: Like a balloon.
      Zack: Which is literally what we did.
      Cam: Oh no, you did not.
      Zack: Put a bladder inside the head, and inflate it very slowly.
      (At this point the skull-less head inflates as Hodgins turns on the air, Cam watches openmouthed)
      Cam: This is… It's… absolutely…
      Hodgins: Brilliant?
      Cam: Useless! You need the exact shape of a skull to get a likeness, not just a… this is– turn that off!
      Angela: Oh my God!! You guys are perverse.
      Cam: Dr Brennan was right, bone people should only do bone things.

    • Jon Chen: It's an ancient belief in rural China, that if a young unmarried male dies, his family should rebury his bones with the bones of a woman.
      Brennan: A-a Bride for the afterlife.
      Sully: Like a Bury-age or a Marry-ial.
      Booth: Dead-ing? (Sully and Booth chuckle, and Bones cracks a smile)

    • Angela: So, a boat, hmm?
      Booth: Who Sully, yeah, (sarcastically) last month he wanted to live in a treehouse.
      Angela: Mmm, he's like me.
      Booth: Yeah ... (skeptically) I don't see that.
      Angela: Well, he's not really made for all this murder and corpses and empty eye sockets crap. He's a romantic.
      Booth: (slightly hurt) Unlike me?
      Angela: No, you're a romantic of a narrow kind. You live to catch bad guys. Sully lives wide. (Angela's computer beeps) Hey, I got a hit off the homeland security database.
      Booth: (he leans over to read the monitor) Li Ling Fan.
      Angela: Yeah, she's here on a fiance visa from mainland China.
      Booth: Well, the fingerprints, it's a match. Print this up for me.
      Angela: Yeah, this is the victim.
      Booth: Okay, I'll go, uh, visit her fiance tomorrow. And ... I live wide too. Heh, far and wide. Alright? (as he struts out of the room with the paper) There's nothing wider than Seeley Booth.
      Angela: (to herself) Okay then, my bad.

    • Zack: (to Cam) I think I have an idea for the face, if you can remove the head from the rest of the skin sack.
      Angela: Please, God, I am not out of earshot yet!

    • Angela: Leaving the third circle of Hell, but before I go, I think she's Asian.

    • Brennan: Okay, I want the whole kip and canoodle transported to the Jeffersonian.
      Booth: (look of disbelief) Kit and caboodle.
      Brennan: Whatever.

    • Brennan: I'm supposed to be on vacation. You know.. spending time with Sully...
      Booth: Oh, that's a good lesson for Sully then, huh? Next time he actually takes you away on vacation you should go away and, ya know, leave town.

    • Booth: You know, in therapy I learned that uh, superlatives like perfect are uh, meaningless.
      Bones: Not in science, a perfect number is a number whose divisors add up to itself, as in one plus two plus three equals six.
      Booth: Well, in therapy I learned that definitive statements are by their very nature, wrong.
      Bones: Isn't the statement "definitive statements are by their very nature wrong", definitive, and thus wrong?
      Booth: (Aghast) You hate psychology!
      Bones: You haven't said anything to change my mind.
      Booth: (Frustrated) You know this is why, okay, sometimes I do things like shoot up an ice cream truck.
      Bones: (Sarcastically) Well, it's a good thing you have therapy.
      Booth: (Tense Pause) You know, we talked about you in therapy.
      Bones: (Suddenly interested) You did?
      Booth: (Still very tense) Um-hmm.
      Bones: What did you say?
      Booth: Well, you know, since it was uh, my therapy, I don't have to share the details. (Smugly) Sorry!

    • (at the docks after Sully leaves in his boat)
      Bones: What are you doing here?
      Booth: I am waving good-bye. (does a little wave) See?
      Bones: What do you want?
      Booth: Breakfast.
      Bones: I am not hungry.
      Booth: Oh, come on, huh? (puts his arm around Bones and walks with her) What are you gonna vomit when you come across one of those horrific cases?
      Bones: I don't vomit.
      Booth: Give it time Bones, okay? Give it time. Everything happens eventually.
      Bones: Everything?
      Booth: All the good stuff. And when you think it never happens, it happens. Just got to be ready for it.

    • Hodgins: The size of the (Brennan walks away) scum colony indicates 8 days submersion… Dr. Brennan, have I offended you in some way?
      Brennan: (stops at the door) Dr. Saroyan said, "no bones". So, you know what that means? I'm back on vacation. No bones, no 'Bones'. Uh… I was the second bones.
      Camille: It's very witty.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: Tuesday April 24th, 2007 on TV3
      Spain: Friday May 25th, 2007
      Belgium: Friday December 7th, 2007
      Germany: Thursday December 20th, 2007
      Saudi Arabia: Tuesday January 22nd, 2008
      France: Friday March 21st, 2008 on M6
      Australia: Thursday June 5th, 2008 on Channel 7
      Finland: Friday, August 22nd, 2008 on Sub

    • Featured Music:
      "You" by Fisher from her album titled The Lovely Years (Sully sails off and Booth and Bones walk away together)


    • Booth: Next thing you know, he will be shipwrecked on some island, talking to a volleyball.

      This is an allusion to the film Cast Away (2000) starring Tom Hanks. The character played by Hanks survives a plane crash and lands on a deserted island. His only friend is a volleyball with a face which was outlined by Hanks with his blood.

    • Camille: Walk seven steps and die

      A small allusion to the deadly hand-trick that would cause a man to die within walking seven steps, from the movie "Kill Bill."

    • Booth: Whoa, what are you saying, she was killed by Wile E. Coyote?

      This is an allusion to the Cartoon Character Wile E. Coyote, a coyote that tried various ways to kill the Roadrunner, with anvils, steamrollers, boulders and other various outrageous stunts, usually with a disastrous outcome.

    • Angela: Oh, alright, leaving The Third Circle of Hell.

      In the Third Circle of Hell, in Dante's Inferno, the Gluttonous must lie in mud and endure a rain of filth and excrement, much like where the victim was found.

    • After the theme song when Brennan walks up to Sully on the boat, she responds to his greeting of, "Hey Dr. Brennan" with, "Agent Sullivan I presume?"
      This is an allusion to the famous greeting, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"

    • Booth: The physicist that couldn't tie his shoes. Oh, the former professor that was jealous of your success, should I stop?
      Bones: Yes.
      Booth: Oh, the, the guy that you found on the Internet and him being some kind of recruiter for a cult. Oh and this is my favorite, the guy who cut off his own brother's head because he thought he was possessed by a witch.

      This is an allusion to Temperance's former boyfriends, in order of allusion: First introduced in:
      Pilot: Peter St. James
      The Girl in the Fridge: Michael Stires
      Two Bodies in the Lab: David Simmons
      The Headless Witch in the Woods: Will Hastings