Season 2 Episode 16

The Boneless Bride in the River

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2007 on FOX

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  • Poor Sully!

    It is a pity that Sully (PETE!!!) had to go but really he was far too viable a candidate for Brennan's affections and obviously she's meant to be with Booth, a few more episodes with him would've been nice though, love Eddie McClintock
  • Another agitating episode, until the end when Sully left!

    Blegh, Bones and Sully are still together, on VACATION, nonetheless. Her line "I would rather spend time with you, then at work." Well I would rather stab a fork in my eye than to see you two together, so we're even. Seeing Booth obviously jealous of the two was enjoyable to watch, though. Oh and the end made me shout for joy! Sully sailing away for a year, HOPEFULLY never to be seen again. Oh, Sully, please be eaten by a shark.

    I did enjoy the plot of the episode, the boneless girl. I can just see the creators sitting at the plan table thinking, "We got an expert on bones...what would happen if we took away those bones? Could she still pull it off?" Oh, and the inflating head! Funny stuff. Of course, the team was able to find some bones for Bones to work with, and before the day was done, they found their culprit.

    Booth, would you please step up as a man and make a move on Bones already? I guess they like going the "Jim/Pam" route from "The Office." Anyways, good stuff.
  • A very unusual case involving a fascinating Chinese custom. Thankfully Sully hits the road… or the ocean as the case may be.

    I must admit I've never heard about this custom and I have a best friend who is Chinese. It must be pretty rare these days but it's certainly a fascinating one except that the origin of the woman's bones are a very obvious concern. If a woman's bones cannot be found, it's not a reach for desperate people to turn to the black market and $25,000 is a lot of money.

    It didn't occur to the local cops not to open the locked trunk and contaminate the contents. As if to make matters worse, they open it a second time with Booth and Brennan standing there.

    The supposed killer is very impressive, awesome fight and evade skills. It's quite funny when he drops the cryptic routine and acts normally and everything he did makes sense and proves that the killer is actually the mail-order bride lady.

    I originally liked the whole Sullivan/Brennan thing but now the writers are using too much of the story on it and it's getting in the way of the actual crime story which is why we watch it. This has been a problem in several episodes recently. It is, however, introducing unmistakable jealousy in Booth, evidenced by his constant interruption of Brennan's vacation. Sully says he wants Brennan to go away with him but he made a huge life-altering decision about his future which he is going to do with or without her, this isn't a relationship or he would have at least told her before making the decision.

    Angela's picture of the 'couple' was very sweet. She's right about it being a nice idea, almost romantic in a soul-mate kind of way, I like it.

    Much as I liked Sully, I'm not sorry to see him go. Now the focus can get back where it should be – on the crimes and Booth/Bones.
  • Sully buys a boat and leaves for the caribbean,- fortunately without Bones

    So this is the fourth and last (so far) episode featuring Sully... and I bet that every BB lover (including me) was relieved to see him leave. But I have to admitt that I came to a little realization in the end... I didn't hate him as much as I hated Brennan's previous love-intersts or Booth's lovers. Sully was kinda...nice. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's good that he's gone now, so that we can finally move forward with the BB storyline, but he was, as Booth put it so nicely, one of the good ones, cause he made her genuinley happy.
    Plus jealous/hurt Booth was interesting to watch, too. The end was fantastic, first Sully asking Brennan for the reason, why she can't leave with him, and her eyes flickering to Booth, second Brennan waving Sully goodbye and Booth being there for her and giving his speech that all good things happen eventually.
    Oh and one last thing, contrary to a few other reviews I've read, I really liked this more light-hearted side of Brennan, the joking ('no bones, No Bones' hilarious!) and the letting go from work, because she grows and evolves throughout the series (influenced by Angela and Booth), we can't have Season One work-aholic Brennan forever
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show bones . they are called to the water and find a body that has no bones in it but except one that gave them info when they did some investgating . and they found out who it was it wasa girl that came from china to marrie some guy and it was set up by a agency and in this ep they found out that after figuring thingso out on the infromation about secrade buryl and they accued the feance of doin the wroing doing but he just did not feel into her. and they found out that it was the women in charge of theagnecy
  • Another good one

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a body is discovered without any bones in it, Bones and Booth are called in to investigate. We learn that her body was boiled before her skeleton was removed and then her body with organs (apart from her eyes and brain) were all sown back together. We also see that Bones is on vacation with her boyfriend, Agent Sully. But of course it doesn't last long, as Booth keeps pulling her into the case. Thus proving my feelings that he deeply cares for her/loves her. Sully asks Bones a question, he tells her that he is heading to the Caribbean, and asks her to go with him. She doesn't look happy with his suggestion and actually looks upset by it all, and then she hugs him.
    Bones then goes straight to tell Angela about it, who tells her that she should go. Soon Booth learns about the news and he reluctantly tells her to go. They track down a Chinese ceremony, which has the victim skeletons a part of it, but before Booth and Bones can make any arrests or question any one, everyone leave, quickly and quietly. As the episode ends the dating agency is arrested for murdering the victim. Sully asks Bones what her decision is, and she tells him that she wants to go with him, but she can't. We then leaves, and we see Bones start to cry. When she goes back into the lab, she sees the picture that Angela has drawn of the 2 victims, and she starts to cry again. We then see her waving goodbye to Sully as he goes off into the sunset. And we see that he has named his boat after her. But luckily for her, as she turns around Booth is there for her.
  • It is finally BYE BYE Sully!

    After not being on vacation for quite some time, Brennan finally takes one with Sully but is called back because a body is found in a chest. This body is the most disgusting one on the show next to the goo in "Truth in the Lye". I can't even explain to myself what exactly disgusts me so much. It's missing every bone in its body and was cooked (a fact Booth has trouble getting over,too). What is both funny and yucky, when Zack and Hodgins inflate the head to give it a face. Cam is not amused by this experiment.

    Meanwhile Bones wants to get back to her vacation since she thinks "no bones, no Bones".
    Sully is planning to buy a boat, which he does, and wants to sail of to the Caribbean (Hurra!)but wants to take Brennan (NOO!!)with him.
    Of course Bones is confused and asks Booth and Angela for advice. They both tell her to go.
    In the end she decides to stay in DC and Sully leaves without her.

    I am really thankful that the romance between Bones and Sully has finally come to an end.
    Hopefully he stays lost in the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Booth and Bones work on the case of a boneless woman found in a river. Meanwhile, Sully asks Temperance to go sailing with him for a year.

    Among some of the best episodes of the season, Boneless Bride in the River, is a fine example of why I love this show. The tension between Booth and Brennan is there, even with the addition of Sully. The case is very intresting, with the idea of brides being shipped over from China. The episode is often humorous, especially as Booth constantly interrupts Sully and Brennan's alone time, taking any measure. For example when a bone is finally found, instead of having Zach is more than capable of diagnosing the bone, he goes and interrupts Sully and Brennan. The ending is truly amazing. After Sully sails away, Booth comes to comfort Bones taking her out to breakfast. One of my favorite lines comes from that scene: Everything happens eventually, all the stuff you never thought would happen-it happens.
  • Left Again...

    The plot of this episode was very interesting and at the same time creepy. I would´ve never thought that is actually done and the fact that someone can "order" a bride is very sad, what happened with going out, socialize, meeting people? Sad...

    Ok, back to the other important part of the show. The whole personal ordeal for Brennan. First of all, Sullivan was being very selfish. Yes, he wanted her to come with him and all, but he knows (and if he cared) that what is important for Brennan is her career. He didn´t have to look hurt because he was just thinking of himself.

    Now Booth. I have to talk about him. The look on his face whe she tells him. The tone in his voice, he just couldnt believe it. He was hurt, confused, insecure. Back to Brennan... When she tells Sullivan she wont go, she cant go, it was great. Poor Brennan, finally she has this great (¿?) guy and he goes away. When he asks her why, I know there´s been polemic about this, but Brennan looked at Booth with her teary eyes (her look was priceless) and you know immediately that, if it´s not the reason she´s not going, it´s one of them. He´s a friend, more than a friend, I dare say. Favorite moment: The last scene... Why not? She says good bye to her guy and that take is great, there, on the background, Booth waiting for her. So he puts her arm around her and maybe nothing would happen, maybe something will, but Booth´s words to Brennan are full of hope.

  • I love you so much, Brennan... for not leaving with that weirdo.

    Whatever I can say about the episode it was Booth's episode. He was really brave, learning about a possibility that Bones may leave for a year must have been a shock for him. And all those times when he showed up on a boat while he wasn't supposed to--I don't know if I would be brave enough to go there and he did. It means he cares. And in the end he was there, waiting for Bones. That was just too sweet... :)
    Besides I had an impression that he wanted Temperance to attract her attention back to him. For example when he said he talked about her with his shrink. It's a trick that always works because the person you talk to will try to figure out what you said about her or him anyway.

    Sullivan is finally gone! A year? Ladies and gentlemen, we don't have to worry about him until S3 will start to end. At least I hope he'll be truthful and doesn't get bored playing pirate. On the other hand was he really THAT involved if he decided to leave anyway? I don't think so. Okay, I didn't say anything. Go, Sully, go! We're NOT gonna miss you.

    I liked the case though it was a bit boring.
  • Great episode with great dialogue and symbolism

    The fact that the victim in this episode is actually boneless should make Brennan's holiday with Sullivan easy. Yet, Booth keeps coming back for her during the investigation and interrupting her holiday with Sully - in spite of the lack of Bones - showing how much he needs her and how scared he is of losing her.

    Brennan seems really torn about what to do, leave for a year with Sully or stay, yet the way he hugs Sullivan when he asks her already translates into a goodbye. When Brennan asks Booth whether she should go he is shocked and scared when he hears about Sully's plans, yet, he tries to be a good friend, be the bigger man and get beyond his own fears of losing her and encourags her to go. Something that surprises Brennan showing that she somehow expected him to stop her.

    The goodbye scene between Brennan and Sullivan is very special because for once the scientist Brennan uses her heart and not her head to make her decision. While her head tells her to go, her heart tells her to stay and we cannot but think that this has a lot to do with the place Booth has in her heart, even if she isn't consciously aware of that. The important thing is that she couldn't but listen to her heart which wasn't completely in it with Sullivan because it is already taken by somebody else, even if she doesn't know it yet.

    But the most beautiful scene is the final one with Booth bing right there for Brennan after Sullivan has left and telling her that all the good stuff happens eventually, she just has to be ready for it. And they walk off together smiling, contemplating the good stuff that's still in store for them, happy to be together and about the possibility and hope for more...
  • really liked this episode, despite all of the Brennan and Sully action.

    This episode was difficult for the team. During the course of the episode. it was such a nail biting decision if Bones would go with Sully or not. In the end, though, i totally knew she wouldnt go with him. how could she? the show would be over if she had.

    that little "kip-n-kanoodle" moment just cracked me up. at first, you see Booth's face in like a laughing, loving knda way. then he hides it and pretends to be annoyed, and he corrects her. ya, Booth, you know you love her little quirks.

    really good episode, looking forward to next week!
  • The inevitable has happened and everyone is better off for it.

    Well, it had to happen and everybody knew it. Sully had to leave and to be honest they did pull it off in a somewhat convincing manner. What I didn't expect was Booth, even half-heartedly telling Bones that she should make the leap. I think that would have taken a lot more than I could have mustered in that moment. But on to lighter things. This is what this series needs more of. Namely two guys inflating a ladies head to see if they can get a face match. Hah. Classic Hodgins. I may just watch the episode again just to see that. Anyway here we are again ending the story with Booth's arm around Bones. Forever together.
    Two Thumbs Up.
  • Wow I never thought I would be sad to see Sully go but I somehow found myself tearing up at the end. Great episode!

    Ok so I have to say that Iam a major B/B fan and was looking forward to seeing how the writers were going to get rid of bones new love interest Sully (although he wasn't nearly as bad as I thought he was gonna be) I found myself actually kinda liking him. Plus jealous Booth is always fun to watch. I did feel really sorry for Bones at the end, having to watch another person she cared about leave (lucky Booth was there, right ;-))I can't decided whether Sully naming his boat after her was chessy or sweet....the jury still out on that one. Over-all I enjoyed seeing another side to Bones during this episode. Plus she called herself "bones" which was new and funny :-) The ending did bring me slightly to tears (yeah I'm not to proud to admit it!lol) but the little B/B moment cheered me up. Everything happens evenually, right?
  • Fantastic show - humor ("Deading" and blowing up the skin head) and tears at the end during the parting. Help - what was the music at the end??? Oh and the music at the end of "Bodies In The Book" episode?

    Fantastic show - humor ("Deading" and the other words joining death and marriage and blowing up the skin head) and tears at the end during the parting. No chance in hell that Bones would leave her job! Help - what was the music at the end??? Oh and the music at the end of "Bodies In The Book" episode?
  • A bit of a let down.

    What’s happened??? Why the sudden change in Brennans personality, yes we know she’s involved with Sully and happy, naturally I watch Bones is for the forensic investigations and how each case get’s solved in a way you wouldn’t expect but one of the reasons I love and watch Bones is for the dead-pan personality of Bones and the sharp wit of Booth, I loved the way Bones was all serious with work, relationships ( though not many ) and life in general with Booth playing the happy go lucky court jester.

    Come on writers get back to the old school Bones we all fell in love with from the start.
  • Finally Bones does have a private life!

    We learn that Brennan does have a private life as
    She has also let work get in the way of her
    Having a private life as she has had about four
    Or five boyfriends. And maybe later on in the shows that
    Sully and Booth will be fighting for her affections but only
    One will win her? Which one? LOL!
  • This episode was soooo good!!!

    For starters I'm so glad Bones didn't go with Sully. I don't know I would've been able to deal with a year without her!! With Sully gone - who knows what will happens next!! The boneless bride was a little creppy. She was juss a pile of skin!! Imagine that's what we would be like without bones!! Anyways, throughout the episode you could tell that Booth wanted Bones and was i guess you could say 'upset' that she was with Sully and not him. I still think that they will end up together. If you can't see that then you must be blind!!
  • Just when I'd decided it had jumped the shark, Bones may be back.......

    Bones had lost me since the plot seemed to veer away from intricate cases, often revealing background material about the main characters, in favor of focusing on the "will they or won't they" question. This episode had an interesting plot (esp. if it's based on fact) and it dispatched Sully without damaging the Booth/Bones thing. The last scene is encouraging - David B is at his best when doing the playful, irreverent, flirting that Willis did on Moonlighting. Let's hope Bones will be back on track now.....
  • What happened to Bones?

    Okay this was not Bones! She was so involved with Sully and she wasn't herself. She was cracking jokes including Booth's nickname for her. I hated that she was all into being with Sully and not into her job it was kind of Out of Character. Booth was great though when he kept popping up to drag bones back to work!

    I liked that in the beginning there were no actual Bones, it made the story a little more interesting. I enjoy learning about other customs in other countries but when they were going on about all the Chinese customs for the dead and their marriage thing with the bones and all I was lost and confused. They tried to shove too much detail in at once. I felt like Booth when Tempe is explaining all her bone stuff. The whole thing with Sully was interesting but it seemed like a good portion of the episode concentrated on that instead of the case. And we all knew that she wasn't going to leave with Sully; Bones loves her job too much to do that. I hated seeing Booth doing everything solo too because the guy got away and that would not have happened if Bones had been with him doing the interview chasing suspect thing.

    Way below average not what I was hoping for hopefully next week will offer more.
  • “No bones, no Bones.”

    So this was a different idea. A body with no bones, just what are the bone people supposed to do?? Well as we saw with the balloon in the head, they pretty much mess it up. Only Angela seemed to keep her head together, she has always been the more “human” of the group. So it was very obvious that Bones wasn’t going to go with Sully. I am sure that there are many reasons, some that she can admit to and some that she can’t (can anyone say Booth??). I also kinda liked that the cultural anthropologist had some words with Bones about how her work has changed course. Maybe that will help her find some clarity in the future.
  • Love is the backdrop for this ep in both the case of the boneless bride and Sully sailing off into the sunset...

    The pile of flesh was gross, reminding us that this show is in fact a procedural, not a character study. Although, I love that I have to remind myself of that, especially while watching tonight's episode. The case itself was interesting. I hadn't heard of the custom before, but like Angela was somewhat taken with the idea. Sully asking Brennan to sail around the Caribbean was a romantic gesture, and one that was made because he does love her and fears what the job will do to her. The cultural anthropologist's comments about how Brennan is a tool and used to search for a higher truth were very interesting and telling. I think that as the show continues this is going to be a constant battle for her. Despite the connection that Brenann feels with the victims and their need for justice, she is a scientist and I think the two ideas are in constant conflict within her psyche. I thought it was interesting that when Sully was asking her why she wasn't going, she didn't respond, but did glance over to Booth, which effectively stopped him from pushing for more. This should have been the Valentine's episode. Love was definitely in the air.
  • This episode was difficult for the team. During the course of the episode, we find out that Angela is a true romantic. We also watched the nail biting decision if Bones would go with Sully or not.

    OMFG. This episode was great! I have a feeling I will be talking about it for a long time. I was on the edge of my seat when Bones made her final decision. I hoped she wouldn't go but you can never be sure. Bones after all is a person that lives to solve murders and save people. It's who she is. Sure the show COULD go on without her, but why? and now we actually know that Booth has feelings for Bones. But I will be honest and say that no matter how much I would like Booth and Bones to get together, I was kinda rooting for Sully. He was such a nice guy. In the episode, the fact that the girl had no bones was awesome! It was nasty and cool and I even learned a little about Chinese culture and beliefs.
  • Farewell Sully...

    I felt kind of sad watching this episode... I was sad for Brennan for the hard decision she had to make; felt sad for Sully for leaving alone and specially sad for Booth, when she told him she was asked to go with Sully he struggled hard to sound and look natural and above all to tell her to go. He's such a great guy. I can't stop thinking that in a way Sully left her behind just like her family did. One day she'll realize Booth is the only one that sticks around.
    Sad, but there were some real funny scenes too like the balloon head and Brennan stealing a bone and speaking chinese! And Booth was specially funny on this one.
    The case was fine but it lacked something, maybe it was because Brennan wasn't fully committed to solve this one at least in the beginning.
  • Goodbye Sully, I will not miss you.

    I'm so glad Sully is gone. That guy could not make up his mind on what he wanted to do. Booth at the end was so funny. And what was up with Angela drawing the picture? She suddenly seemed like such an airhead. The girl getting all her bones removed was just gross.
  • Dear Mr. Hart Hanson: You had a great thing going with this show, and have since started it ruining it by getting away from what works. Therefore, please dump Sully, and go back to the almost palpable tension between Booth and Bones. Thanx.

    Well, I'm going to keep writing bad reviews until Sully drowns, dies, gets shot, blows up, or something else happens to him. The writers are not getting the message, so I will but it in as clear as possible: stop introducing and developing new characters and get back to what works--Bones and Booth. Thankfully, there is at least a glimmer of things getting back to normal here, as Sully sales off into the sunset and Booth comforts Bones after she elects to stay behind rather than travel to the Carribean. But they (the writers) left the door open for Sully to return, probably just as Booth and Bones are getting ready to get together. As for the episode itself, it was an original idea, but so much was time was spent on that idiot Sully that the story didn't develop well and overall the episode was a waste.
  • Different sides of the same people. Interesting.

    Skeleton removed an interesting puzzle for Brennan. I liked it, it made her think differently. I liked the various different avenues that this investigation took. Especially seeing for a change there were minimal bones to aid Brennan. From the families, the funeral homes, the Asian traditions, to the marriage broker lots of different angles. It kept me and them on our toes in determining what happened and why. Brennan having a personal life, definitely interesting. Booth jealous, not new but more visual for a change. I didn't think Jack could shock Angela anymore, another surprise. Watching Booth fight every instinct of asking Bones to stay, but telling her to go shows the depth of his feelings. Watching Brennan struggle to come to an important decision shows just how far she has come in dealing the the living.