Season 5 Episode 15

The Bones on a Blue Line

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2010 on FOX

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  • ugh, product placement.

    If it hadn't been for the time they wasted on adding a car ad instead of plot, i would have really liked this episode. I liked how impacted Sweets was by sudden/pointless death.
  • Bones finally comes back with a derailed subway car, a annoyingly hilarious journalist and a new relationship twist...

    Sweets in on the subway talking to this guy who was just cured of cancer. The a flood derails the subway, a body washes up against the window, and the poor boy that Sweets was talking to dies. This episode was pretty good, and that's mostly because of the Japanese journalist that was interviewing Brennan. She cared A LOT more about the relantionships between the actual people than she did about the science, no suprise there. I'm dying to find out what exactly is on page 187, knowing Angela and Hodgins, it's bound to be something. Speaking of Angela, it is also revealed that she is the one who writes all the steamy parts of Brennan's book.

    There is a "suprise" ending, that almost everyone expected. It was cute though. In all, it was a pretty good come back.
  • Thinking about life..

    This episode was somehow controversial. I most say I loved the whole Sweets storyline.. not that while watching it did not made much sense and looked quite unexplained.. but when the ending came.. and we saw where it lead.. it made much more sense and had nice message on it.

    Even thought Brennan storyline had nice ending too.. I did not liked the process there at all. That journalist or whoever she was.. was way too annoying and they looked like broken gramophone running around one aspect of the story. I do not know.. I think there is much more on the serie than that.. And the case was quite overshadowed by both of those substorylines and it was way too easy to guess who was the murderer. Expect much more from next episode.
  • Angela has been writing all of the emotional parts of Brennan's books.

    The episode is all around good, but what I can't get over is how much they screwed up Brennan's character. In this episode, you find out Angela has been coming up with all the sex scenes and whatnot in the books Brennan authors. I really hate this move. It messes with Brennan's characterization. You need to believe that her, well, humanity comes out through these books. She's really more of a thief since Angela's parts are the ones people actually like.
    Of course, not everything can even be Angela's idea since Brennan is writing all of that emotionally-packed stuff when Booth was in the hospital. Writers changing their minds again. Hate it.

    I have Bones scored Superb. But it won't stay that way for long if the writers keep screwing it up like they did this episode and the next on. I mean, come on!
  • Page 187....

    Well we at least found out page 187 is a sexual thing that Hodgins done with Angela. Can we get the book to find out exactly what is so amazing??? Was is just me or did Booth have a look of relief when Brennan told him that she got that part from Angela and not first hand from a partner. What ever IT is I wonder if Booth will someday give Brennan the first hand experience? Brennan gives Angela 25% of her book income. Wow. Ahhhh. Sweets proposes to Daisy and she in turn proposes to Sweets. So now we have a wedding in our mists. Yeah. This show has really gotten good this episode. Even the murder involved romance. Such a good show this time. Can't wait till next week to see what we've been waiting five years to see. Yeah!
  • Sweets is on a subway train that gets derail revealing a dead body they must identify. This episode brings major things to focus having to do with Bones books and how they are written and who is involved. A Japanese reported is there to interview her.

    Bones is back! Bones thinks her books are about the forensics, but she finally learns it is as much about the characters as the science.

    We learn a great deal about her characters and who they really are portraying and how they are different from the real people they supposedly are modeled after. The idea of putting a foreign press person with Bones who really is looking for the human element in the stories was clever because as we know the human element is not where Bones really thinks.

    The Angela piece was a revelation as was page 187 and Hodgins involvement! It was interesting to see how Bones reacted to that revelation and her solution to the problem. Sweets PTSD was not a surprise. The foreshadowing of the man revealing he had just become cancer free after having it for half his life was very real. Somehow you knew that something terrible was going to happen. It is that randomness about life that really can get to a person. Why him and not me? This was very well done and the scene at the end with Daisy was sweet.

    If there was any flaw in this episode it was the case itself. The killer made no sense and it seems it was all handled like an afterthought. I'll give them a pass this time for all of the other pieces that were brought out.

    The whole cast did a wonderful job as always and it is great to have Bones back on the air after a few months. I'm already looking forward to next weeks 100th episode. Should be fun! Thanks for reading...
  • Soul mates...

    Good to have Bones back with a good episode and a very interesting case.

    The whole thing about Brennan's book was mmmmhh ok, however, I kind of knew that Brennan couldn't be responsible for those steamy scenes because she doesn't seem to be that kind of person, so when it turned out to be Angela, it explained the whole thing. It was a very nice gesture from Brennan to share her profits with her best friend. After all, the Japanese love it :P

    Fool police officer. I have another word but I won't write it. It wasn't enough for her. She felt betrayed and clearly was not ready for good, since apparently she went back together with the pawn shop's owner. Sweets' decision was normal. Having gone to a tragedy made him appreciate life more and I guess we all should do the same before going through that.

    The last scene was very nice. Back to nice end scenes that we all like and enjoy. So Brennan was alone... and Booth had nothing to do and goes to her place... and the whole talk about soul mates makes me wonder what the heck is going to happen next episode. Seven days feels like a year.
  • A pretty good episode, with a few disappointments . . .

    What I was most disappointed about was the blatant and awkward product placement of the Toyota Sienna. It's one thing if a company pays to have their product in an episode; it's another thing if the product enters into the script to the extent that you feel like you're watching a commercial. It wasn't as bad as "The Gamer in the Grease", which was pretty much an hour-long commercial for Avatar, but the product placement in this episode was really obvious and awkward.

    I also thought the case itself was a little bit weak-- not terrible, just not very riveting. I thought the cop had more motive to kill the guy who hired someone to write her love letters than to kill the letter-writer himself.

    Lastly, I was a little surprised that Bones had so much help from Angela when writing her novels. I guess I liked to think that underneath her analytical facade, she's a highly sensual person (and I think that her appreciation for sex has suggested that in the past). I'm a little unclear on how much help Angela has given her and whether Angela should get more credit than she's getting. Brennan is now paying her for her help, but is it enough? Is she really just an editor? Or is she a co-author? Anyway, I realize this has all been pretty critical, but I did enjoy the interaction between Booth and Bones and the subplot with Sweets and Daisy.
  • Earthquake strikes in Washington and makes a large impact on Sweets's life as he witnesses death, human remains and realizes the fragility of life when riding the subway. Meanwhile Brennan is interviewed by a Japanese reporter on her new book.

    Spoiler alert, I may have seen it coming as I'm sure many others did, but Sweets proposes to Daisie after giving it a few days' thought and he does it well. The first thing I said was that they're too young to get married but then I thought they're ready for it, let's just hope this time we go through with a Bones wedding.

    The story wasn't that entertaining but the notion of someone expressing his emotions through letters in this time and age sounded romantic. What made the whole episode worthwhile was indisputably page 187 and I'm sure everyone will remember the page number for quite a while.Poor Hodgins was right though, he can't do IT again well, that is unless he gets back with Angela and then... for episode 99, I say well done. Let's see how 100 will turn out.
  • The show returns from break with a horrifying event Sweets undergoes causing him to act irrational and depressing the rest of the episode. Brennan is interviewed by a Japanese columnist focusing on characters rather than science.

    Dude, I 100% agree with you!!! Ugh the Sweets plot was just horrifying. I almost felt like the kid realizing he no longer had cancer would have been enough to make Sweets think about his life. Killing the kid was just super messed up. My aunt died Cancer a year ago and this just seemed unnecessarily tragic. If you're going to bring tragedy in don't try to hard to MAKE something sad. Look at The Lost Boys of Sudan or REAL every day horrible things. This just seemed forced. The homeless ex-military guy they had on one episode was genius. This episode was dull, there was no forensics and Angela was the best part (besides Booth's beautiful face... But he was barely in this either!) and Hodgins and "that thing he does" LOL. :o)
  • Page 187!!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. During a subway ride Sweets starts to talk to a young man next to him. We learn that the young man has just found out that he is cancer free. Then an earthquake hits, and the young man falls and hits his head and dies. Thus causing Sweets to re-evaluate his lie, and we end with him asking his girlfriend to marry him.
    A journalist from Japan comes to town to interview Bones about her new book. But all she can focus on is the relationship in the book between Andy (Booth) and Kathy (Brennan). As the episode ends, we see Bones as she gives Angela a cheque for helping her out with all of her books. But what I really want answered in this episode is, what the hell does it say on page 187? Oh yes there was also a case to solve in this episode, but the whole 187 thing kept me distracted.
  • bones finally return **some spoilers nothing big though**

    well bones finally return, its about time lol.
    i really enjoyed this episode. it was really funny at parts and yet sorta sad. some of the parts i liked were with brennans book and how some people were gashphing over the sex part on page 187 lol. it was sorta sad to me because of sweets and his whole ptsd, but otherwise i really liked this episode it was good and intertaining. another part that i liked and thought was funny when hodgins and daisy were in the tunnel and hodgins like to daisy you know your poop lol. and there where also other parts of this episode i found funny to but these are just some.
  • Awwwww, Sweets!

    What a great episode for John Francis Daley as the inestimable "Sweets". This story starts with what Dr. Phil would call "a defining moment" in the life and continuing state of mind for the good doctor. But with a little help from a surprising source actually in Hodgins, he manages to "heal [sic] himself", and Daisy is the benefactor. I mean, someone has to love her besides herself, right??!!

    And so, no surprises here actually, but Brennan also needs some help from her friend, to get beyond the clinical in the development of her book's characters. And boy is Angela the benefactor! I wish someone would cut me in for 25%!

    And maybe someday soon, Booth will also be a benefactor...??!! ;o} We live in hope...