Season 4 Episode 16

The Bones That Foam

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on FOX

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  • Chemistry

    @wpatcunningham, your explanation about the chemistry is hard to understand. Could you kind of dumb it down for me? Oh. and this episode was funny and amazing. I love David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel; their chemistry is amazing!
  • The Chemistry Doesn't Work

    The thesis here is that hydrofluoric acid will dissolve bone. OK, it will dissove pretty much anything, but it will not emit hydrogen unless exposed to a bodacious reducing agent that can tear the hydrogen gas out by giving it electrons. There are no such reducing agents in the human body.
  • Skills...

    I thought this was a pretty good episode. The case as a whole was pretty interesting although I couldn't understand why everyone seemed to think Chet needed protecting, he looked like a grown man to me. Anyway I like the especially after all this time Brennan realized that maybe there was a thing or two that she still had to learn, like tact. But I loved watching her learn that she has her skills and Booth has his. I did think she held her own in her first solo interview. I thought the whole foaming bones thing was kinda cool. I was on the floor laughing during Bones and Boothe's interview of Ms. Lust. It gave the team a new challenge but I'm with Camille, those alarms going off every 10 minutes would be annoying. I love the return of Nigel Murray, it's the accent. I'm also in agreement with the "when in doubt go ask Angela". I don't think they give her enough credit for what she does know. I've noticed Ms. McCarthy seems to be popping up all over television recently.
  • Funny bones

    Another fun episode. Great corpse idea, loved the green foam coming out.
    So many fun scenes - the lap dancing club of course Brennan's desire to observe, Booth's unease, and Bones saying the dancer Strawberry Lust was arousing! From Booth's face and the script she was indeed. Very suggestive, and funny.
    Also loved the test drive in the car. An original method of interrogation!
    Booth and Bones at the end - no tender moments there just a big arguement- shouldn't have let her drive Booth. you should know better.
    David Boreanaz directed this episode. Wonder how you direct a lap dancing episode when you are on the receiving end.
  • Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Foaming Bones.

    After finding a decomposed body the team investigate to it's death, while the investigation is underway the bones of the body start to emit a foam like substance and the team find they only have a short period of time before the bones disintegrate leaving them nothing.

    Booth and Bones search out the perpetrator while Hodgins, Cam, Angela and find out whom and why the body is doing this.

    Another brilliant episode involving everyone, some funny moments as you would expect from this series and David's and Emily's chemistry on screen is one of the better duo's seen in any other TV show.
  • An interesting case with a unique corpse.

    A very unusual wedding with a nasty ending. The corpse is just as bad, I have a thing about living things being inside a body, living or dead. It's thankfully not alive but the foam coming out of the body was disgusting. Yuck. Hodgins is bonding with the interns, first with Wendell and the fish incident, now with Vincent and the 'hard candy coating'. That was hilarious, it did stop the deterioration though.

    Hodgins hasn't done his 'king of the lab' thing since Zack left. Guess Hodgins is recovering.

    Booth was hilarious with the stripper, "It's my gun." Yes, Booth, that's why you asked Brennan to wait outside! The stuff with the car was great too.

    Very fun episode.
  • There are some things you just can't learn

    It was great to see this show come back with new episodes and that its plot was both interesting and full of good and fun moments.
    Nigel-Murray is back and although he can be very obnoxious, the rest of the squints seem to have gotten used to his "trivia" moments and just let him be.
    Cam is just great. I'm glad the writers did something good with her character by making her evolve and change her attitude towards the squints. She might be the boss, but the squints know how to do their job.
    Brennan... She was a little odd in this episode. Lap dance scene... Not what I expected, she looked way too innocent. However, the good thing about her in this ep in that she was trying very hard to learn Booth's ability to interrogate people because she admires him, but specially, she admires that ability. She doesn't have it and she was willing to make an effort. And I'm sure Booth appreciated it.
    Booth and Brennan's dynamic was as great as always. Their last scene is probably one of the best I've seen, their banter comes out so natural that I dare say sometimes I think it's not acting.
  • Interesting

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with a couple being married in a hot air balloon, after which they bungee jump and discover a body, or at least what's left of it. When they get the body back to the lab, we see that there is something under the victim's skin that is moving. When Cam cuts the skin, it starts to foam, and so not knowing what it is, the lab is placed under locked down. Soon the victim is IDed, as a car salesman and Bones and Booth go to see his next of kin, his brother. Soon we learn that the foaming bones are starting to completely disintegrate and so the team only have a short time to solve the case. Soon they find out that the victim was in a strip club, not long before his death and so Bones and Booth head there together. This is hilarious to watch, as Booth gets a lap dance and Bones watches on. Bones has sessions with Sweets in order to learn how to interrogate better. When Hodgins and the intern perform tests on the remains, things go wrong and a small fire breaks out on just the body. They manage to put it out, but as the bones start to disintegrate quicker than expected, Hodgins has to come up with a way to stop it, and quickly. He does manage too, but this causes the remains to basically turn into stone. They soon learn where the victim was killed, but as yet don't have a suspect, as to who killed him. But soon the evidence points to one person and that is the victim's sister-in-law, who soon confesses to the crime.
  • Wow!!

    Wow... I haven't seen the whole thing (only about 16 minutes in the show), and I'm already freaked out. I would like to know what causes bones to foam like that. Whoever made that body made it so realistic I almost threw up looking at it! This episode is awesome so far, and I hope to find out what causes bones to do that. I wonder who the new kid is though, (the person with the accent and black hair). I don't recall seeing him before. I thought Booth and Bones were both funny when they went into the bar. (I also thought 'Lust Dust' was funny, too).
  • Awesome

    This was a great episode. I never thought that the team would discover a body with bones that foam. The bones of the victim started dissolving away. On numerous occasions the alarms went off and the lab was shutdown. They are unable to find a cause of death because of the foaming bones until Angela says she has developed a program that will let them look at the bones. Once they look into the bones they can determine that scissors were used to kill the man and are able to arrest the wife of the victims brother for the murder.

    Brennan paid a stripper to give Booth a lap dance, which was the funniest scene in the episode.
  • Great episode with a fantastic story line!

    When I first read the synopsis for the episode "The Bones That Foam" I was excited when it mentioned a lock down. I flashed back to an episode in the first season called "The Man In The Fallout Shelter" and had hoped it would go along those lines again. I was a little saddened when it wasn't that kind of a lockdown but it was still a great episode. I thought that the story line was fantastic! You can't get much better than the team racing against the clock before the evidence literally dissolves. I loved when Bones decided to ask Sweets for help at being more like Booth and thought it was a humbling time when she admitted that there was something he was simply better at. I felt that Bones' intrigue and Booths awkwardness during the lap dance was hilarious. Not on my top ten list of Bones episodes, but still an instant classic.
  • Bones and Booth investigate the Death of a Salesman who's bones are not so slowly foaming into nothing.

    I loved this episode because Bones realizes that maybe there is some truth behind Sweets' profession. She puts her prejudice aside and attempts to better herself, even if it means taking lessons from Sweets. She quickly realizes that maybe talking to people and making them break is Booth's "science". For someone who is constantly reminding those around her that she is of superior intelligence, it's just nice to see her vulnerable and ignorant towards something so simple as conversing with others. She also takes a lesson in humility and bows to Booth in this specific area of expertise. It's just nice to see Booth be given some real recognition for his abilities, and it's especially nice that Brennan is the one doing it.
  • Bones that foam!

    This was a fine episode of Bones. Nothing to go over the hills and write to your family back home in England about, but it followed the simple formula that works with an interesting case, some good dialogue between Booth and Brennan and a nice, red herring end.

    I liked Jungle Jim and his auto dealership, but the scene seemed to drag on for a little bit too long. I also liked the actual scenes in the agency looking at the bones, a point of the show that despite being the premise, is usually pretty boring and I find myself dozing off during it.
  • Foaming bones and Brennan's attempt to step into Booth's shoes.

    This was a fun episode. The case was interesting with the victim's bones acting in a very bizarre manner. It was funny that when the alarms went off, Cam was trying to get everything secure for everyone's safety and she practically had to slap Brennan's hand to keep her away from the remains until it was safe. It was also fun to watch Brennan trying to learn to do what Booth does so naturally. The scene at the strip club was funny too, and is it just me or did Brennan not jump in and correct the stripper when she called Brennan Booth's girlfriend? The banter was good with all of the characters, and it does seem that Hodgins is attempting to get along with the interns more. My favorite scene had to be at the restaurant when Brennan finally conceded that there was something that Booth could do much better than she could. It showed growth on her part. Usually when she gives him a compliment she has to blurt out her accomplishments as well, but this time she said that there was something that he did much better than her and left it at that.
    I enjoyed the episode and can't wait for the next installment.
  • The team try to solve the case before the corpse melts. Bones tries to be more like Booth and gets some interesting advice from Sweets. Everyone forgets about Angela and she saves the day. Finally there is the lap dance! Cost: $60 Results: Priceless

    I have to mention first that it has been hard to wait three weeks for another fix of my two favorite shows on Thursday night.

    This was a well written episode that was a little strange in the make-up. The fact that the corpse that they were trying to solve the murder of was melting away as they worked and kept on putting the team in bio-lock down was interesting. A number of things occur and you kept waiting for the next one to happen. In the end it seems like everyone forgot about Angela and she is able to really come to the rescue as she does quite often. Hodgins and Soroyan are great in these scenes.

    This weeks Bone and Booth relationship bit was great. Bones trying to be more empathetic like Booth. Then Bones going to Sweets for advice and then putting that advice to work in trying to do the interview and screwing it up, but still getting the information they needed. Finally the scene in the "strip club" was priceless. When they didn't identify themselves first and then Bones just handed over the sixty bucks. The look on Booth's face. Bones saying "did we get our $60 worth?" Then Booth's line to Bones, "just give us a minute". I also liked the fact that the dancer was a criminology major. Maybe we'll see her again???

    I also thought it was significant that Sweets told Bones in not so many words that Booth always made sure that she felt superior because of her intelligence and that it wasn't important to him to make a fuss over his own intelligence even though it is obvious he is pretty smart in his own right. I think that will be significant for her to understand if their relationship ever really moves forward.

    Overall another enjoyable episode. One thing I wanted to mention about a lot of things I have read lately. Every time someone wants to speak about great chemistry in a show between two characters they always seem to come back to Bones and Booth. Obviously that is what makes this show go and the great ensemble cast as well.

    I'm looking forward to next week.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Good episode..

    It was some way a funny episode.. the whole thing with bones.. foaming.. and all the time alarm going off. And then they trying to work it out there.. and the way it just seems not working.. flames.. and then turning to rock and fair point Angela brought up - they never turn for her to help.

    I did enjoy the other char interaction between Bones and Booth too.. It was quite a clever turn trying to make Bones more like Booth and she realizing it does not work like just.. she is so much different person and Booth.. and the whole case was just little left behind with all the excitement and char concentration.. and I think it was not bad.. Good episode.
  • Booth and Bones try and solve a murder regarding a corpse that is decomposing literally before their eyes. And there is a lap dance, too.

    Make this four in a row for really good episodes. From the unorthodox beginning to the meaningless but exceedingly entertaining driving scene at the end, this one was exactly why I watch Bones in the first place. Great one liners ("because you are ten!") and wonderful interaction between the squints make this the next installment in a string of great episodes. Bones' attempt at interrogation made her spend more time with Sweets, who is fast becoming less of an aside and more of a main character, and doing a great job of it. It was three weeks since the last episode, and worth the wait!
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