Season 6 Episode 5

The Bones That Weren't

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2010 on FOX

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  • Brennan on a case with no bones? Well, almost no bones...

    I knew Hannah was going to get shot when I saw the trailers for the episode. I did think it was going to be more serious than it turned out to be, but I do believe that her new BFF, Brennan, will unwittingly and perhaps unwillingly, be the downfall of she and Booth.

    The two women in Booth's life are very similar, very smart and very driven. Hannah's drive may just be the thing that ultimately drives Booth away. And lets face it: a successful chemistry experiment, they ain't!

    Other than that, how did I feel about the case? Well, so-so.

    Fun stuff?: Once again, Angela's lab tricks are really out there, but would be very cool if possible someday. Hodgins is waaaayyyy too into his garbage, and this dumpster diving may have had Mr. Viziri weighing the relative merits of cultural versus forensic anthropology! Sweets conducting his interview in Shakespearean English...classic Sweets, but admissible evidence? I still loved it.

    But the whoodunit part didn't grab me this time out. No less enjoyable an episode for that fact however.
  • Filler episode

    Everything was going well until... Hannah appeared... but I had to finish watching.

    I wonder what is wrong with Brennan lately that she pauses too much before saying something complicated. I find it desperating and she didn't use to do it, it's like Emily is about to forget her lines or something.

    I have nothing against sex, but Hannah and Booth having sex all the time makes me realize where their relationship is headed. Yes, to disaster.

    Angela's participation in the case was really cool but it seemed totally unbelievable.

    Brennan leaving Hannah's hospital room and Booth staring at her, watching her leave, was worth watching the whole episode. There are still feelings there and it's still their moment, it hasn't died. So I hope this is the relevance in Hannah getting shot, Booth's feelings for Brennan resurfacing little by little; otherwise, her getting shot is totally pointless, because I don't believe in that Brennan/Hannah friendship at all.
  • I hope Brennan gets those glasses back.

    Street Ballet Dancer.
    OK, I've seen worse but still.

    Anyways a case with no real bones? That's new at least. The entire laser bone thing was by far one of the coolest technical devices ever shown on the show. Indentification by tooth tatoo. That's also new. At least theyr'e trying to spice up the show a little bit. Hannah, Hannah Hannah. What are we going to do with her. Or more importantly, what are the creators going to do with her. I started out actually kind of liking her. But now. Ugh. She's a bit of a prat. Extremely concieted thinking she can get that story, and the entire sneaking around you boss' back thing- no. She's a brat, sorry. And look where it gets her. Shot in the knee. I'm a little disappointed it wasn't through the heart. And after Brennan quite literally saves her life she demands a gift? RUDE. And she has a horribly naselly-whiny voice.

    As for the suspects. The injured teacher, the other hiphop dancer, the hippie girl, the magician, and the Shakespeare dude. they were just not convincing. The teacher had a way more convincing motive than than Beverly. Just not a realistic plot.