Season 2 Episode 3

The Boy in the Shroud

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 13, 2006 on FOX

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  • Another good one

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a dead body is found in the back of overturned garbage truck and we quickly learn that he has been dead for about 3 weeks. And the body is that of a male minor. We soon learn that the victim, Dylan is 17 years old and has been missing for 3 weeks along with his girlfriend, Kelly who is in the foster system. We learn that Kelly has a younger brother and that they were put into foster care, after both of their parents died in a hotel fire, and they had no other family to look after them.
    Soon the young brothers goes to see Booth and tells him that his sister called him, but then he gets upset and so Booth hugs him. Which is really sweet. Soon they track Kelly down and she confesses to killing Dylan. But the evidence doesn't support this and soon they realise that the true killer is in fact her younger brother, Alex. As brother and sister are reunited, it is both short and bittersweet. As the episode draws to a close, we see Hodgins placing a rose on the table for Angela, and we then see Cam and Bones meeting in a diner, and they sit together and share some fries. They talk to each other and try to work through things that are damaging their relationship both in work and outside of the lab. They agree to try to get on better together, and the episode ends they talk about Booth.
  • A totally different side of Brennan.

    Brennan surprised me in this episode.

    She was very human, very concerned, very touching. I loved the scene in the car after they had met Dylan´s father, Brennan´s eyes looking somewhere else but Booth and Booth trying to comfort her somehow. And then at his office, "did you have a list like that?"

    Cam... I really hated her throughout the whole episode, but at the end... Well, I kind of liked her, I have to admit it. That scene where she and Brennan are trying to work out their differences was great, that´s the way it should be done in real life, straight to the point and with maturity.

    The squints: I loved Zack going all desperate with the corpse. Hodgins and Angels flirting was funny.

    The plot was very good, I almost cried at the end, the girl gave a very reliable performance.

    Favorite moment: Booth telling Cam he´s with Bones, all the way.

  • A real tearjerker.

    This case was so sad an beautiful at the same time. And I totally agreed with Brennan on this case, I also didn't like how quickly everybody just pinpointed their finger towards that girl, just because she is a foster kid. I really hope that in real live the look a little further than just that. I mean if you have concrete proof than sure, but just to say she did it cause she is in the foster system is a little too much.

    I really like that Brennan shows some emotion in this episode, that is always great to look it. All in all a real good episode!
  • A modern day Romeo & Juliet ends in tragedy, what else?

    A rather unusual telling but most of the elements are familiar: bad girl meets good boy, pledge eternal love only to be ripped apart by fate… or in this case, a jealous little brother. Okay, I'm being flip. I felt for Alex, he never meant to kill Dylan but he thought he was going to lose the only person he had in the world. If Kelly had explained her plan to Alex, Dylan would be alive. Alex killed someone so is probably headed for Juvi, something that's strangely not mentioned in the episode, and it will probably be several years before he will be permanently reunited with his sister, who will no doubt have to deal with the very real damage done – probably physical and emotional. In trying to protect her brother, Kelly unwittingly destroyed his life. The scene where they are separated was very moving and wonderfully acted.

    It's rare that Brennan talks about her personal life, let alone her childhood and we get a glimpse into what her foster care years were like. It's easy for her to identify with these kids and despite her hurt anger at the knee-jerk reaction about Kelly, truth is that if Kelly hadn't been in foster care, she wouldn't have run away and Alex wouldn't have accidentally killed Dylan. Tale of woe all round.

    Surprisingly touching episode.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones bones is called to a scene of a garbge truck that crashed and it turns out there was a body in side and it was badly decomposed. and they traced the body to a kid that was on the way of having a good life and the kid was good friends with this foster girl and he card for her brother. but thing is he was going away to college and he had to say good bye and the thing is the girls foster mother was looking for aplace for the two of them and the girl went to meet with dilan who she was going to ask to go away with him and she was going to let her brother stay with the women thing is the littler brother thoguht he was taking her ne hit the boy with a pipe and she pused him out the window .and he died .and this was a sad ep i thought. but it was really good
  • A Rose by any other name.

    Hodgins opening lines in this one sum up the scene, and you can almost smell it. “That’s lasagne, fishy rotten cat food and vulcanised rubber”. Buried amongst all this garbage is the decomposed body of a young man, wrapped in a sheet, from this Angela manages to extract an image ala the Shroud of Turin and they have their victim, Dylan Crane. A trace of his associates leads to a girl in the foster system Kelly, which of course arouses Temperance’s instincts and she vehemently defends the girl against Booth, Dylan’s parents and even Dr Saroyan who all assume that Dylan died because of his association with or even by Kelly.

    This was a lovely study of Temperance’s emotional side, all too often she appears as the cool and calculated scientist, not allowing speculation and emotion to influence her decisions. However this time she automatically comes to Kelly’s defense against the bias of those around her, she allows her emotions and the connection she feels to a fellow foster care inmate to drive her, while still following the physical evidence to it’s natural conclusion. She has some lovely comebacks to the assumptions of Booth and Camille pointing on numerous occasions to the circumstantial nature of their ‘evidence’ and the obvious prejudice on their part. She zings in this one.

    Of course by halfway through the episode we as the audience know who committed the crime, but it was still a pleasure to watch as it unfolded for the characters, especially given Temperance’s connection with Kelly and her brother Alex, echoing the experience she and her own brother went through.

    When you add in the blossoming romance between Angela and Hodgins and the sweet awkwardness that entails this episode has to rank up there as one of the better ones, certainly on the emotional level if nothing else.
  • a body of a teenage boy turns up in a garbage truck and every sign points to his girlfriend...but is she the murderer?

    this was another great episode in this series.while it is a quite sad episode, it is also humerous in some places. it also has a good song at the end which is \\\"bring on the wonder\\\" by susan enan. if all the episodes are this fantastic i will watch every episode i can. i am only new to this show so i can not compare this episode to any earlyer episodes i still think that this episode was quite good. great acting, good twists and a good case. and an unlikely murderer. overall i loved tis episode, and i am now a proud squint
  • Bones has there own little Romeo and Juliet!!!!

    I have to say, I adored this episode! It was awsome. I am officially rooting for a H/A relationship! I have to say, Zach really knows how to ruin a moment.

    I love how ironic it was that Kelly was at the garden when Hodgins and Booth went, and Hodgins can not act casual. I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't the first time someone called him a perv. It was so sweet when Hodgins gave his Juliet the rose at the end! Why can't I find a guy like that?? My friend Kennedy thought the rose was cheesy, so I threw my pencil at her (it was during art)! I never really noticed it until yesterday, but Hodgins is actually pretty hot. I don't know why, but anyway.

    H/A all the way!

    See yousall later!
  • Another great episode of Bones!!

    A painful episode, but an amazing one. Again foster kids are brought to the plot which is a cleaver way for show up a little more of Brennan's life and feelings in my opinion any ways.

    Booth showed that he is really her friend and I loved it... I just hope that he doesn't forgets it on the way.

    Cam? I still don't like her. Not even after the final scene and I'm starting to think that no matter what she does I'm not gonna like her.

    Great plot, great actings, great episode! I just love Bones more every week (and I'm here hoping that they wont keep Cam any long)
  • This series just get's better and better.

    With each episode Bones brings new ideas, new suspense, new challenges for all involve.

    This episode had you gripped from the start to end following Booth and Brennan on the trail of a suspected suicide which turned into murder then tracking down the killer.

    As always half way through we all thought we knew who had done the nasty deed but naturally we're left shocked when finally the killer was named and shamed.

    The sexual tension between Angela and Jack is becoming more to the surface and hope the story writers continue along this path.

    I have to admit from the opening episode i was'nt too keen on the new character Camille who took over from Dr. Goodman but she has grown on me and at least is starting to get on with Temperance.
  • It Cam testing Bones?

    This was a good episode. It showed more of Tempe dealing with her past. I liked it but it did have a problem. Cam was a little irrating in the beginning. She needs to listen to the forensic team every now and then. Three weeks in a row she has been wrong with her conclusion jumping. It makes me wonder if she\'s testing Bones or something. However, I did like the last scene with the two women sharing a \'moment\' in the diner.

    I also have to mention the Jack and Angela moment. I was awesome because it was so subtle. I hope it contiues on that course.
  • Another fine example of why i love this show

    This episode was great and added a new slant to the romeo and juliet story. Im just so glad it wasnt as obvious as a suicide pact in the end.

    I feel the episode addressed the issue of foster children well and tried to show that they arnt all bad and drop outs. Alot of them can be mature and hardworking adults. I hate to see sets of people seen in one light. And it was good to see someone standing up for the estranged. The plot was very good and kept rolling along at a good pace. The growing relationship between Cam and Temp is starting to get interesting and they could become friends at this rate. The acceptance of who Temp is as a person was good to see and to find she is acknowledging herself to be controlling and such is great development. I hope she continues to grow and meat expectations.

    The most interesting thing for me is the growing romance i hope that keeps us on our toes
  • this episode rocks for the start

    This episode is one for showing all of the future episodes.. Like the tension between angela and hodgins could develop into something that no one in the crew will see besides them. The wall in between bones and cam will be even more soild in the next few episodes then they finally will be faced with a situation that will force them to take down the wall even if for just a moment. Booth will probably be right in the middle of the two of them when it happens. Just a guess. Poor Zack he is so out of the loop.. Maybe one day the writers will get him a girlfriend before the end of the season
  • Romeo and Juliet like never seen before. One of the most beautifully written TV episodes I've seen yet.

    Our story begins simply enough, with Brennan and the team finding a boy (who has been missing for three weeks) in a dumpster wrapped in a makeshift shroud. But Artist Extrodinaire Angela can figure out the face of the boy by the shroud. Once the boy is found, Brennan and Both unwind the tragic and romantic tale of Kelly and Dylan. Dylan, a nice straight-A student with a hero's heart and Kelly, a lost foster child whose parents died in a fire. Now, Kelly's only true family is her younger brother and Dylan. The two were deeply in love until Dylan is found in the dumpster and Kelly is both missing and the prime suspect. Brennan and Booth dive deep into the world of a foster child, and Brennan reveals a little about her life as a foster child after her parents vanished.

    This story interweaves many tales, with the story of Dylan and Kelly at the head. Things get intense between Cam and Brennan, and Cam even threatens to fire Brennan. However, she is shot down fast when everyone agrees that if Brennan left "the rest of the squints would flee like the French army" (according to Booth). And when even Booth tells Cam he would go with Brennan, Cam realizes that this is a battle she cannot win. Brennan's connection with Kelly, a foster child just like she was, is deep and moving. Brennan's understanding of Kelly and insistance of Kelly's innocence is one of many moving parts of this episode. Also, Angela and Hodgins finally start showing a little romance with each other. This episode started off rather simple, but it got deep very fast. The ending to the episode was absolutely beautiful. I was on the verge of tears, and I usually never cry during a television show. The reuninting of Kelly and her brother, Hodgins giving Angela the Romeo and Juliet Rose, and the final conversation with Brennan and Cam was wonderful. I could almost hear the words "for never was there a tale of more woe than that of Juliet and her Romeo" being whispered at the end. Bravo!
  • A great episode!It Seems every episode keeps getting better and better.It will be interesting to see how they top this one.

    What a great episode.From start to finish and in between.It was great to see Bones so moved by the whole Foster care thing,how hurt she was that everyone automatically thinks the worst of foster children.She is always so to the point that when she has moments like this it really gets to you.And what about how Angela stuck by Bones side even if it meant losing her job.What a great friend!What is the deal with Angela and Jack can you not feel the chemistry between those two?I would have never imagined putting those two together and yet it seems right.I loved it when he came and left the rose but did not say anything,how awesome was that.I cannot for the life of me remeber the new girls name,but I am glad to see that she and Bones seem to be calling a truce.Although I am still not real crazy about her being there.
  • For now, the best of the season

    So far, It's my favorite. It has so much on it! Drama, sadness, sexual tension, friendship, happiness...

    Truly great episodes as we see how the relationship between Bones and her new boss (Cam) gets into a breaking point for find some kind of arrangement at the end. I still dislike Cam. She is not a prosecutor and she should remember that. She is there to get facts, evidence. Temperance was a whole different person for me in this episode. Why? Because she expressed her feelings... to Booth mainly. And also at the end she changed. From being a person who doesn't want to share her personal experiences she opened herself to Cam... off course that's the direct action of Booth and how has he changed her.

    Nice to see that Booth remembers that her partner and friend is Bones. I just hope he'll keep that in mind.

    So this is going to be definitely one of my favorite’s episodes of Bones.
  • So far, this season has been one great moment after another and this episonde was no exception!

    I was smiling when Angela told Cam that everyone including Booth if Brennan left; screaming "yes!" when Booth told Cam he'll leave with Bones (loved the look on her face!) and happy when Hodgins gave Angela the rose. OK, not that I don't see how Cam can help out the team and help Brennan to do a better job, because she can. But, she really needs to try a different approach, which it looks like she learned from the last scene. It's not like she is part of team that wasn't doing their job well before she came along so it just seems she'd do better to let them show her what they're capable of before trying to change things. It's not too late so we'll see. I really hope Cam and Booth don't reconnect romantically though ... having her around creates great tension which is necessary and great, but it would be a huge betrayal of him to stand up for Brennan to Cam more than once and then get together with her. Can't have Booth and Brennan really get together (not for a long time at least ... that usually kills a show) so obstacles are needed but can't overdo it.
  • Temperance and her new boss, Cam, duke it out, new romance hits the office, and we catch a glimpse of how Booth feels about Temperance

    I thought this episode was great. I like the new romance, especially how subtle and classis it is. But I wanted to cheer when Cam asked Booth if he would leave if she fired Temperance, and she said, "I'm with Bones all the way. Make no mistake about that." I wanted to shout with joy! So far this season there have been a lot of shots with Booth and Bones talking very closely, their faces are within five inches of eachother. I thought it was leading to romance but then got nervous when he did the same thing with Cam, but this confirmed it! They're getting closer every episode and I couldn't be happier about it!

    This episode was great. We got to see so many things. First i loved the plotline and how we got an insight in the foster care system and the children who live it everyday. It was also very exciting to see Cam and Bones going at it. It was to be expected, they are both strong women who like to be in charge. It was very sweet how Booth told Cam he was was with Bones until the end. The escenes with Angela and Hodges were very exciting, hopefully the beginning of something else. Booth is always great in every episode, and this one was no exception as he intervened between Cam and Bones and still be charming. A great episode all together.
  • This is great

    This will probably be the best episode of the season. I could really feel for these kids growing up without a permanent home. Being tossed around in this visious cycle making them feel unwanted. The way the Romeo and Juliette plot worked in was amazing, it even had the not so happy ending. Cam doesn't have a choice than to bargain with Bones. She may be the boss, but she knows that she can't lose this team.
  • I can finally say I Loved it!!!!

    Okay the writers just keep throwing their curve balls. I thought that Brennan and Cam were gonna be ready to go at it but they calmly settled things at the end which I was a little upset about that's why a 9.9.

    I loved the sort of development between Angela and Temperance. They weren't all friendly in the last two episodes and Angela totally went to bat for her when Cam first brought up firing her. And Angela and Hodgins were all over the sexual tension, I loved it so much. The two of them in one scene together adds lots of Tension.

    It was nice to see Bren open up a little bit more and Cam kind of accepting her.

    I can't wait for Howard Epps to return next week!
  • This show keeps getting better and better each episode!

    This episode there was a lot that happened.

    We got to see a lot more of the Angela and Hodgins relationship. One of there best scenes was when Jack was looking at a 3-D version of this old wearhouse and Angela comes in and looks at it and says "Funny place for two lovers to end up.", and Jack goes "You mean a forensics lab?", it was so cute! Also, at the end of the episode, we see Jack walk in to the office that Angela is working in, and he puts down a white rose next to her. It was so awsome!

    We also got to see some more about brennen and when she was in foster care. She could really relate to a lot of the foster kids that they were talking to. She said that when she was in the systeme, she wrote a list of foster families that did not work out on the bottom of her shoe. There was some pretty good Brennen and Booth scenes too, but not to many really big ones.

    The tension betine Cam and Brennen was unbilliavable in this episode! She acctuallt thretened to fire her! but of course Angela was right by Brennens side and said that if she got ride of Brennen then they were all going, her, jack, zach, and even Booth. Well Cam was not too happy about that.

    Later in the episode Cam asked Booth what he would do if she fired brennen, and he made it very clear that he was with bones all the way. I was so happy!

    The last scene was was a awsome scene, we see Cam sitting in a dinner and brennen walks in and asks if she can sit down. they talk about how they have a promblem, seeing as they are all ways at each others throats. In the end Cam tells Brennen that she can have 3 "get out of jail free cards" a week, were she can over rule Cam, without any questions asked. they end up talking about Booth, and Cam says, "Yeah, I hate him, well no, i don't" and Bones says "Yeah, me neither" and that is how the episode ends. So CaM and Brennen are now friends.

    Can,t wait for next weeks episode!!! ( :
  • Romeo and Juliet with a twist (and a third person). Also, Brennan and Dr. Saroyan strike a deal, while Angela and Hodgins "have a moment".

    This series is getting better and better, isn't it?

    The foster system isn't that big a deal in my country so I don't think I can say anything about it. But what I can delve into is stereotyping. It kinda sucks when you're stereotyped; everybody thinks you're this or that just because you belong to a certain group or social class. Take call center agents, for example. Here, they are seen as arrogant sons of *****es and elitists. While I have to agree that most of them are like that, I do not ignore the fact that there are other agents who are different. When I meet someone who works in a call center, I try to get to know them before I judge them.

    But I digress. I should be talking about the episode.

    Dr. Saroyan has this like-her-hate-her effect on me. It's been that way since the start of the season. She'd do something extremely annoying (like threatening to fire Bones) one minute and then be kind and considerate the next. Therefore, I still don't have any stand on whether I like her or not, and I'm still giving her a chance.

    I like how Booth told Cam that he's with Bones all the way without even batting an eyelash. ^_^

    It was nice to see Bones having trouble with a case that doesn't concern her family. It's clear how she feels about children who went through the system and goes out of her way to defend them as much as she can.

    The scene with Kelly and her brother Alex was touching. I have a younger sister and I am extremely protective of her. I would probably do the same if we were put in a similar situation.

    Lastly, the Jack and Angela thing. We know from late last season that something's been going on between the two, and that is confirmed by the rose-giving gesture. Sure, it's a white rose but what they hey, it's still a sign of affection. I'm still not crazy about the two, but who knows, they might just grow on me. :)
  • Sad. Lots of bittersweet romance and doomed loves.

    This episode was all about how difficult love was.

    There was also a side motif about how relationships with third parties could ultimately collapse the relationship a couple share with each other.

    All the love stories in this episode should have had happy endings. But something frustrated them.

    This was a great story. Great series of stories, actually. All woven together.

    Bones is a neat show. It is a cop show. It is also a psychology/sociology show too. In terms of what everything revolves around, it is the latter - not procedural cop stuff, or the machinations of criminals.

    It is about how people think. This episode really, really drove that home.

    It was a very, very good one.
  • Awsome episode!

    This was an awsome episode! i think that Cam and Bones have a lot more in common than they think. They are both intelligent strong women who have alot more going beneath the surface. they don't let people in easily. They are both really guarded and hard to get close too. Brennan has her faults and in the begining her lack of openmindedness really got to me, (however that was out weighed by the fact that she is a damed genius.!) Give Cam some time, i am sure the more we learn about her the more we will like her... or tolerate her... or at the very least not hate her :-)

    anyone know the name of the song at the end?
  • One of the best episodes this season!

    Wouldn't you love to see someone give Cam an attitude adjustment as she is really getting on my nerves as well as everybody else's nerves. As she and Brennan are butting heads a lot. But also Brennan really shows her true human side as she has been through the foster program before and know what it is like to be someone like that and that made her angry her colleagues were taking it out on the system.
  • Well-written and angst driven!

    I thought this show was well written and great
    Despite the lack of Brennan and Booth togetherness and it was neat to see Booth with his son as he is trying to learn to be a single working dad
    Brennan and Cam are continuing to butt heads together
    Cam is condescending thinking that she is always right
    Makes you want to adjust her attitude for her!
  • We see Brennan deal with her past through a case. Cam is still harsh. Hodgins is sweet. Booth picks a side.

    This episode was very well plotted. From the case to the character interaction. Although being a mediocore and predictable case, it was very well played and well plotted. What I appreciated most from this episode was that when Cam asked to chose sides, everyone sided with Brennan, even Booth. He didn't even hesitate a second about it. We get to see the loyalty the team has for Brennan.

    We saw a very competitive Cam towards Bones. I still don't like her character. She's manipulative and condisending. She rushed to judgement about Bones and she deserves what gets thrown to her. IMO, there was a lack of Bones and Booth moments in this episode. They're seen less together, we don't see them interact as much alone. But I did LOVE Hodgins and Angela i this one. Hodgins was sweet. And leaving her the rose at the end, definitely the icing on the cake. I hope next weeks episode can bring some more Booth/Brennan time and some more Angela/Hodgins time too.
  • Today we see real anquish for Tempe as she sees herself in someone else.

    Tonight's episode started -- oh, what shall I say -- gross. The skelton was badly decomposed. The only way they could really first see the body was through the shroud. It seems that we are given a lesson in how things are created.

    Tempe tonight has to deal with finding a suspect that comes from the same background as she -- the foster care system. The fact that the system doesn't always work is illustrated in both the girl who is suspect and in Tempe's remembrances. The fact that she can understand these children brings an added depth to Tempe's character. It shows that she has buried her real feelings so deep that when it slips out she is so taken aback she doesn't know how to react.

    Booth's dealing with the little brother also shows an additional compassion and understanding of children. I never thought that "Angel" would be able to play the compassion as well as this.

    The feelings of Tempe's new boss also shows that she has a lot to learn with working with the quiet type. If she was taking over the management of a bunch of people, it only makes sense that she read their personnel files. With the season finale of season one, the fact is known.

    Kelly is caught and claims to have killed her boyfriend. Tempe found some whole. SHe's told about the sandwich guy. She admits to killing him too. The blame she is feeling is very visible and it will eventually affect many of the people who investigate it because they must decide whether to buy into it or not.

    Temp and Boothe try to figure out why she confesses. Mrs. Duncan shows up. In a way, this is predictable but the fact that she comes forward to admit gives her points although she is in one way a cause. Tempe is sure Kelly didn't do it. With the evidence and reactment that her team and Booth do, they can realize the lie of Kelly and know the situation is more "weight of the world" to Kelly than anything else. Booth immediately seems to realize that only two people Kelly would protect. One is Dillion who is dead -- the other is -- her brother, Alex. Side note: Isn't Kelly's lawyer from "Boston Legal.")

    The final scene where Tempe and her boss comes to an understanding can take the show in a new direction. It will be interesting to see if they follow through with it.

    OKay-- while tonight's was unusual, some of it was predictable -- protecting the younger brother, the fear of the sister. Actually, the way things played out was done in a very emotional way that actually moved Tempe's character further along. By having her admit that the case came too close to her personal life, we (and her boss) can find acceptance of her head strong ability. And the ending song is appropriate to deal with the foster home condition.