Season 5 Episode 21

The Boy with the Answer

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 13, 2010 on FOX

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  • Will she, won't she? be found guilty that is.

    Wow. Tension throughout as the Gravedigger comes to trial. Hodgins and Brennan have nightmares after their experiences but Booth doesn't seem so traumatised. Taffet shoots down the evidence and gives them another lead to work on. When the body of the Gravediggers's first victim is found the team cannot work on it and appear as expert witnesses whilst they are also victims. So the team are obliged to change the charges against her.

    Taffet really is creepy and, as a former FBI prosecutor, more than capable of representing herself in court.

    Booth is, as always, optimistic that Caroline will clinch the case but it's still a nerve wracking wait till the jury comes in.

    The final scene between Booth and Brennan suggests that maybe they will be parting. She is tired of murders and as she is driven away in a cab, she looks back at him standing there looking sad and worried. This is like the last scene of 'Parts in the Sum of the Whole'
  • Stunning!

    That was just purely great episode. It had it all: what a case: gravedigger returns and she has her own game even if they have caught her. She manages to get into everyone heads and starts messing with them. And one of her games is that they have to drop their cases in order to testify as experts instead of victims. To see Brennan suffering on those nightmares.. Hodge almost losing it.. getting closer to edge.. the emotional impact this case has on the team and how every evidence they have, is downplayed and in the end, noone know if they manage to convict her.
  • Outstanding!! (possible spoilers)

    TV has started becoming...disappointing (to say the least). But this episode made up for all the boring episodes of CM and House. This episode was golden...amazing. Honestly, I found myself bawling in the middle and cheering at the end. The Boy with the Answer was suspenseful and thought provoking and beautifully disturbing. There were some amazing BB moments (even though I'm not really a BB shipper). The battle in court was intense and dramatic and I loved how the characters had to make some personal sacrifices just to put Taffet away. Speaking of Taffet, the acting on her side was OUTSTANDING. I thought she portrayed the creepy psychopathic lawyer perfectly. Also, the emotion in the episode was perfect. With Sweets' angsty "I know" and Brennan confession about the nightmares, I could almost feel their pain. This is what TV is supposed to be! This episode was BEAUTIFULLY written, the acting was AMAZING and the emotion was raw and genuine. That really just sums it up :)
  • The trial of the Gravedigger ensues, and the Jeffersonian team has to both support each other emotionally and piece together new evidence, to bring justice to a cunning killer arrested under shaky grounds.

    Any review of this episode on this site, must come with a message: if a show stirs you enough to cry or puts you on the edge of your seat, an "8" score/rating is insufficient, and does not accurately convey how good the show was! C'mon, reviewers...this one was easily a 9 and more like a 9.5 if you didn't like Bones' wavering emotions!! Tighten up! I really loved both previous battles with this fantastic villian known as the Gravedigger, who, in burying victims after stun-gunning them, and giving GPS coordinates only after a ransom is paid, is one of the most ruthless and cunning adversaries TV has seen in many, many years! The first encounter in "Aliens in a Spaceship" with Bones and Hodgins buried inside her car was the better of the two, being more gripping overall and more believable, than Booth's turn in "The Hero in the Hold", but it was so-o gratifying in "Hero" for the Gravedigger to be revealed and caught in the act. So "The Boy With The Answer" is kind of the last one in a trilogy, and was fantastically acted and written all the way around. Heather Taffet proved a lethal, devious killer in the first two Gravedigger shows, and in this one, she shows us a caginess and evasiveness in getting the initial evidence against her thrown out, then relentlessly shredding the credibility of Hodgins, Booth, and mostly, Bones, who she challenges intellectually on top of everything else! It was an incredibly difficult court case, so dramatic that I'm sure left viewers emotionally drained, frustrated, and on the bitter edge, as much as it did the Jeffersonians who fell victim to the former-FBI-Agent-turned-stone-killer...I wanted her jailed, tortured, and even wouldn't have minded if Bones' Dad Max would have succeeded assassinating her! In the end, it took the best of all of our favorite labbers, (spoiler alert!) to finally bring the snarling killer to justice, who left the courtroom leering at Temperance, vowing that it's not over between them. The one weakness of this episode was the over-dramatic response of Tempy, who is the only person not elated to see the 'Digger put away, and not handling well Hodgins' announcement of his and Angelas jailhouse wedding. It was so great to see Booth, Sweets, and Cam being touched by the wedding revelation, but of course, Bones being the fragile, emotionally stunted person she is, was left after her initial congratulations, stunned and confused. As much as I'd want Booth and Bones to finally consummate their obvious feelings, I feel like Tempy is just too much of a wreck by her professional life, to invest an emotional relationship with. The Bones/Booth drama aside, this was an incredible episode that I loved enough to give it an 11!!!!
  • Warning: Emotional turmoil. 43 minutes with no seconds wasted... a promise of great change to come

    I havent written a review in a while but this episode makes so many thoughts and words explode in my mind.

    firstly- 10/10 for acting and 9/10 for the writing.
    Everyone was just brilliant, they convey both spoken and unspoken emotions. The first moment it showed hodgins - brennan in the nightmare it really reminded me of gravedigger case. I havent seen Brennan this affected in a long time. The last time she had that much fear (and that scene where she admitted to having nightmarea broke my heart)was when booth got blown up and she was nearly murdered by the bad cop, the grave digger episode and both times when booth was kidnapped.

    It was unexpected that they can only prosecute the boy's kidnapping case. In some ways it was smart but it also undermined what could have been a mind-blowing episode. Quite a few people fantasized for the grave digger's ending.. and now it's reduced to 'what could have been' cause they sort of expected hodgins n temperance to testify for themselves. I guess the writers want to surprise us at every turn.

    Brennan looked so battered and it really suggessted that she needs a break from crime solving... and perhaps a break from their partnership. oh the suspense... and i'm pretty sure they'll throw us a cliff-hanger of sorts in the finale. I love seeing hodgins-ange together again. with them married- there's whole loads of cute possibilities in future episodes. I'm still reeling from taking in everything this episode...
  • A fantastic episode, one of the best of the season.

    This episode has to be one of the best of the season. The grave digger has returned for her trial and does an amazing job of getting into everyone's heads. Everything gets twisted around and the team (in particular Hodgins) starts to reach breaking point. The grave digger throws in many twist and turn but of course in the end the team pulls together to uncover new evidence and put the grave digger away. This was an extremely well written episode. Angela and Hodgins decide to make their marriage public, not to mention Max tries to kill the grave digger for Bones but Booth stops him before he could can.
  • Best episode of the season

    This was a perfect conclusion to the Gravedigger story. I was happy they went with a happy ending, mostly because I really think that Taffet walking would've been really unrealistic. It was great to see Brennan and Booth letting go of their personal experiences with being buried, in order to serve the greater good. I really have a hard time buying the whole Angela thing, though. Taffet was completely right in questioning Angela's credentials. Of all the people in the lab, she's the least qualified - don't get me wrong, though. I love Angela. But she's not a scientist, no matter how much time she spends in the lab. The end of the episode was really powerful... it feels like they were writing this episode as though the series might be ending. I'm looking forward to the finale. :)
  • A good episode addressing the Gravedigger storyline but one thing IRRITATED me...

    The trial wasn't about the team!!! I was waiting for the emotional testimony, the flashbacks, the letters that Hodgins and Brennan wrote underground before they blasted their way to freedom.

    I have been waiting and WAITING ever since then to find out what was written in those letters and this was the perfect opportunity to reveal this for so many Bones fans that want to know the same thing... then nothing! Argh! Aside from this, it was a fair episode. Much, much better than the majority of episodes in Season 5. I loved that they humanised Brennan by giving her nightmares about the Gravedigger. And I luv Max for going out to the jail in the middle of the desert and being seconds away from putting a bullet through Taffet's head. But once you realised the verdict was gonna be revealed right at the end of the episode, it was pretty predictable. I mean there was no way that HH and the writers were going to risk a HUGE angry backlash similar to the one they received for the Season 4 finale by having her walk free from the courtroom. Overall, a satisfactory conclusion to an important storyline. Still disappointed that in the end the trial wasn't exactly about what happened to them.
  • Fantastic opening.

    I was so thrill with this episode´s opening. It made me remember the absolutely creepy season 1, 19th episode "The Man in the Morgue", which was great.

    That trial was nerve wrecking. Taffet´s character was amazing, so much better than in the episode in which we finally knew who the gravedigger was. How that psycho defended herself was fantastic. I so much loved her face when Hodgins said the bug was found between the boy´s teeth. I also liked when Brennan made Hodgins snap out of his narcissistic pain. Because he acted like he was the only victim and he absolutely was not.

    Poor Booth all worried about Brennan acting weird. Trying to make her feel better through all the trial and after. Even when he himself was a victim of the gravedigger.

    I totally agree with TalkingBones18 on the whole Brennan´s change of brain. I mean, what the hell? She turn down Booth saying explicitly "I can´t change" and now with the whole gravedigger´s case, all she wants is to flee the solving murders thing and change her surroundings. Not even when she found her dead mother did she react like that.

    And what the heck is all that "some how I got caught up in it"? Wasn´t She the one that always annoyed Booth to be in a case, chase the bad guy with Huge guns, and says the victims were just that, victims?
    Her being Brennan, I don´t get it.

    But, I DO get it if I look at it humanly. I mean Brennan at fist was like a clamp, so closed up to the world, to feelings, people, buried in anthropology (the mummy kind) ect. But after five years of working in solving murders she as bonded with people, which she obviously never did before, she has dealt with human sympathy and pain for others, she has been chased by nutcases, buried alive, stabbed in the arm... you get the idea. And in the end IT IS reasonable, after facing SO strong emotions in the trial of the person that buried her in a car, that she simple had enough and can´t take it any longer. So in the end, the One person in the whole Jeffersonian that always criticized human responds to things, is now experiencing those same emotion. And that is totally acceptable.

    To conclude. This episode was fantastic, the acting was superb and I just hope this Season Finale will be better than last season´s. Let just hope.
  • The Gravedigger trail....

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. In this episode we have the trail of the Gravedigger. We open with Bones having a nightmare about the Gravedigger, with Hodgins covered in blood, Booth drowning and with Bones herself being buried alive. As the trail starts, we see that the Gravedigger is acting as her own lawyer. As she tries to rip the defence to shreds, they manage to find the body of a 10 year old boy who she kidnapped and killed. And so Hodgins, Bones and Booth have their cases dropped so that they can work on the case of the boy. As the trial draws to a close we have an anxious wait to see if she will be found guilty. Hodgins tells everyone that he and Angela got married, and then everyone gets called back in for the verdict. She has been found guilty on all counts. As the episode ends, we see everyone celebrating at a bar. As they leave we see Bones questioning her future.
  • The Gravedigger goes to trial and problems arise as a new murder involving the case is revealed.

    One of my all time favorite cases was the graverdigger and all the anger that was conveyed to Brennan, which was a challenge to her purely rational lifestyle; The reference to the case at this stage of the show was well timed and (spoiler alert) Brennan and Hodgins's decision to drop their cases for the sake of the boy's murder was relatable as few people in that situation would be able to overcome their personal feelings of vendetta for the greater good.

    I should mention that Max Keanon's attemp to protect her daughter, no matter how wickedly planned, was very noble and I don't think even Booth would mind if he succeeded. One thing that bothered me was the ending of the episode that very much reminded me of Moonlighting and I sincerely hope Brennan doesn't return with a bun in her oven!

    Last but not least, Angela and Hodgins decided to make their marriage a public announcement which was sweet and I think Booth was the happiest for them amongst everyone else.
  • The Gravedigger's trial has finally come up and Jack and Angela come clean about being married. *SPOILERS*

    The show starts out with a nightmare of Brennans, Jack is bleeding then gets dragged off, Booth is drowning, then lastly, Brennan is being burried alive. Angela figures out that the only phone call Taffet made was actually GPS coordinates leading to the body of a 10 year old boy, one of Taffet's victems. The team then tries to find evidence on the boy that will link him to Taffet. Taffet , who is defending herself, is not only rude, but she criticizes the squints. She makes fun of Angela's creditentials, hints that Cam is a lousy doctor for destroying evidence, uses the fact that Jack is a conspiracy theorist against him and calls Brennan emotionally destressed. They of course come up with enough evidence to convict her and she is found guilty. Everyone goes out to celebrate afterwards, but not everyone is happy. Brennan is upset and hints that she wants to leave the Jeffersonian because she does not want to deal with murder and victems and such. Don't hate me for saying this; but isn't that what happened to Sully? He felt he was being "morphed" by this job and wanted to leave all of the pain? Please Brennan, don't go!
  • We finally see the conclusion of the infamous Gravedigger case.

    This episode wasn't spectacular, but it was enjoyable. One thing I liked was the doubts Brennan seems to be having. Though she is best known for her ability to compartmentalize, I think that after five years, I think it's right about time she had a little loss of faith. It makes her character a little more relatable - she's not a psychopath, she cares about people and eventually it'll get to you, in her line of work.

    (I'm a little annoyed by the sudden hinting of her wanting a change, though. I know it makes sense, but it's also extremely irritating, when you remember her "I CAN'T CHANGE!" bull from the 100th episode. How we went from change being the antichrist to change being necessary is a bit of a gap, but my brain will close it eventually, I suppose.)

    Loved seeing Caroline again. She's always a joy to watch - so sassy and domineering. Let's face it - even though the case was not by any means a slam dunk, Caroline still mopped the floor with Heather Taffet, and it was so much fun to watch!

    I liked how Brennan stood up to Hodgins in the beginning. He really pissed me off in The Hero in the Hold, and I'm more than happy that he was taken down a couple notches. Both Booth and Brennan were both buried alive, too. Hodgins wasn't even the target. That doesn't make it any easier, but still...

    Loved, loved, loved Cam, once again. Back in season two, I didn't like her much, but in hindsight, she is absolutely the best person they could have chosen to replace Goodman (who I actually really liked). She cares so much about her people. If Booth and Bones are the center, then Cam is the glue that sticks them all together. This character has really come a long way from that snobby feminist character I was introduced to in season two, and she's such a wonderful part of the Bones forensics team. The scene with Sweets was so...sweet. (No pun intended. That would've been a really bad pun. xD)

    Anyway, kind of excited and kind of nervous for the next (and last! for the season, anyway) episode. Can't wait to see what goes down between Hodgins and Angie's dad.
  • What was that look between Booth and Brennan after the 'love' word?

    First of all, I have to say that the idea of having a child as a victim was not very pleasant, much less listen to what the Gravedigger did to him. Good she got what she deserved.

    I'm glad to see a little bit of Brennan's softer side again. Admiting to Booth that she has having nightmares was good sign, but her confession in the end only left Booth wondering if this is going to be the end of their partnership... And lose her forever.

    I love Max. And I like how he and Booth know each other. And it's nice to see Booth keeping an eye on him in order to avoid Brennan more suffering.

    Now... I couldn't help noticing the look Booth and Brennan exchanged when Angela said they had married for love. Something is off with Brennan. What she's been doing these years is not easy to deal with. But I wonder if she thinks that getting away from everyone is better than seeing them suffer or spending wonderful times together and treasure them while they're alive. Something will change for sure and we will know in the next episodes.
  • The Gravedigger vs the Jeffersonian

    The gravedigger is finally brought to court to be tried for her crimes but before the Jeffersonian team can do their thing they are forced to make a choice; either be represented as victims or be there evidence givers. This move as always was cleverly orchestrated by the gravedigger so that she would have to face fewer charges. She also systematically destroys all the arguments against her by counter arguments, annoying the team in the process and making them doubt their abilities as professionals in their respective fields. Kudos for the writers making the whole court part look very authentic and as well as to the actress who plays Heather Teffet aka the Gravedigger.

    I however feel obligated to point out a one thing that writers have stretched out a bit too much. When Brennan first met Angela she was a struggling sketch artist saving to move to Paris but in less then five years she has become an expert in sound technology, computer forensics, writing complicated algorithms and computer programs, and holder of numerous patents. The patents alone would make her richer then Brennan and all this would be believable if she was Zack, or has something more then a bachelor's in fine arts and a minor in computer science. I think the writers need to reign in her abilities before they get carried too much. Also am I the only one who thinks that Cam is always dressed like she's heading to a cocktail party whenever she's at work?

    Overall not a bad episode with hints about a couple of things to come; Brennan might be thinking of cutting ties with the FBI and Booth and the Gravedigger might make a comeback. The whole charade with Brennan's father was a bit stupid and not relatable at all, and the ending could have been a bit more exciting but still I enjoyed it and looking forward to the season finale next week.
  • Simply fantastic - Brennan and Booth beat their best.

    Hart Hanson and the gang knocked this one right out of the park - easily one of the best episodes of the season. From the opening scenes, beautifully played out by the incredible Ms Deschanel, to the agonising final moments (which set us up nicely for next weeks finale - gulp!), this episode had me riveted.

    The Gravedigger has always been an incredibly worthy nemesis, and the emotion that the trial brings to each of the characters really came through to the viewer - I was on the edge of my seat, not only through the trial scenes, but through the lab scenes as well. The bittersweet celebration toward the end was a great moment for all of the characters, but as ever, Booth and Brennan steal the show with a hugely powerful final scene, leaving me sharing Booths panic and nervous anticipation as we move into what will no doubt be a shocking finale.
  • A fantastic episode that could open many doors

    As stated by previous reviewers, this episode was easily one of the best this season, and this season has had some great episodes. True character and emotion was present in all of the characters, and it was nice to see such a drastic turn be made in the Gravedigger storyline. As the title says, this episode can open doors to many opportunities for the series. Angie and Hodgins are now married, so a plethora of scenarios can stem from that. Brennan hints towards severing her partnership with Booth and or the Jeffersonian in general. My favorite moment though, and I'm very shocked that no other reviewers touched on this, is the final scene. It's an exact mirror of Booth and Brennan's scene from that first case where they were going to get together. It broke my heart. Was that scene a hint as to what's to come? Will Brennan leave the Jeffersonian and finally be with Booth? Great questions, indeed. This episode sets up the season finale and the next season excellently. Kudos, HH.
  • One of my favorite episodes of all time :-)

    This episode was so brilliantly written. At first you think its going to be a slam dunk of a case, but then they throw out the evidence from the search. Then Tempy, Jack and Booth all tell caroline to drop their cases. That shocked me a bit but I understood. This episode kept me on edge the entire time. I was thinking that she was going to get away after all that work they put into capturing her. This also showed the first time Brennan used human words in court to describe what happened to the victim. Someone below pointed out the final scene as it was a mirror of the scene from their first case a couple eps back. That made me cry because I thought it was their way of saying Bones was no longer going to work with the FBI. I also KINDA hoped that Zack would return, but since he is "insane" I guess he wouldn't be in this ep.
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