Season 5 Episode 21

The Boy with the Answer

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 13, 2010 on FOX

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  • Warning: Emotional turmoil. 43 minutes with no seconds wasted... a promise of great change to come

    I havent written a review in a while but this episode makes so many thoughts and words explode in my mind.

    firstly- 10/10 for acting and 9/10 for the writing.
    Everyone was just brilliant, they convey both spoken and unspoken emotions. The first moment it showed hodgins - brennan in the nightmare it really reminded me of gravedigger case. I havent seen Brennan this affected in a long time. The last time she had that much fear (and that scene where she admitted to having nightmarea broke my heart)was when booth got blown up and she was nearly murdered by the bad cop, the grave digger episode and both times when booth was kidnapped.

    It was unexpected that they can only prosecute the boy's kidnapping case. In some ways it was smart but it also undermined what could have been a mind-blowing episode. Quite a few people fantasized for the grave digger's ending.. and now it's reduced to 'what could have been' cause they sort of expected hodgins n temperance to testify for themselves. I guess the writers want to surprise us at every turn.

    Brennan looked so battered and it really suggessted that she needs a break from crime solving... and perhaps a break from their partnership. oh the suspense... and i'm pretty sure they'll throw us a cliff-hanger of sorts in the finale. I love seeing hodgins-ange together again. with them married- there's whole loads of cute possibilities in future episodes. I'm still reeling from taking in everything this episode...
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