Season 5 Episode 21

The Boy with the Answer

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 13, 2010 on FOX

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  • The trial of the Gravedigger ensues, and the Jeffersonian team has to both support each other emotionally and piece together new evidence, to bring justice to a cunning killer arrested under shaky grounds.

    Any review of this episode on this site, must come with a message: if a show stirs you enough to cry or puts you on the edge of your seat, an "8" score/rating is insufficient, and does not accurately convey how good the show was! C'mon, reviewers...this one was easily a 9 and more like a 9.5 if you didn't like Bones' wavering emotions!! Tighten up! I really loved both previous battles with this fantastic villian known as the Gravedigger, who, in burying victims after stun-gunning them, and giving GPS coordinates only after a ransom is paid, is one of the most ruthless and cunning adversaries TV has seen in many, many years! The first encounter in "Aliens in a Spaceship" with Bones and Hodgins buried inside her car was the better of the two, being more gripping overall and more believable, than Booth's turn in "The Hero in the Hold", but it was so-o gratifying in "Hero" for the Gravedigger to be revealed and caught in the act. So "The Boy With The Answer" is kind of the last one in a trilogy, and was fantastically acted and written all the way around. Heather Taffet proved a lethal, devious killer in the first two Gravedigger shows, and in this one, she shows us a caginess and evasiveness in getting the initial evidence against her thrown out, then relentlessly shredding the credibility of Hodgins, Booth, and mostly, Bones, who she challenges intellectually on top of everything else! It was an incredibly difficult court case, so dramatic that I'm sure left viewers emotionally drained, frustrated, and on the bitter edge, as much as it did the Jeffersonians who fell victim to the former-FBI-Agent-turned-stone-killer...I wanted her jailed, tortured, and even wouldn't have minded if Bones' Dad Max would have succeeded assassinating her! In the end, it took the best of all of our favorite labbers, (spoiler alert!) to finally bring the snarling killer to justice, who left the courtroom leering at Temperance, vowing that it's not over between them. The one weakness of this episode was the over-dramatic response of Tempy, who is the only person not elated to see the 'Digger put away, and not handling well Hodgins' announcement of his and Angelas jailhouse wedding. It was so great to see Booth, Sweets, and Cam being touched by the wedding revelation, but of course, Bones being the fragile, emotionally stunted person she is, was left after her initial congratulations, stunned and confused. As much as I'd want Booth and Bones to finally consummate their obvious feelings, I feel like Tempy is just too much of a wreck by her professional life, to invest an emotional relationship with. The Bones/Booth drama aside, this was an incredible episode that I loved enough to give it an 11!!!!