Season 5 Episode 21

The Boy with the Answer

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 13, 2010 on FOX

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  • Outstanding!! (possible spoilers)

    TV has started becoming...disappointing (to say the least). But this episode made up for all the boring episodes of CM and House. This episode was golden...amazing. Honestly, I found myself bawling in the middle and cheering at the end. The Boy with the Answer was suspenseful and thought provoking and beautifully disturbing. There were some amazing BB moments (even though I'm not really a BB shipper). The battle in court was intense and dramatic and I loved how the characters had to make some personal sacrifices just to put Taffet away. Speaking of Taffet, the acting on her side was OUTSTANDING. I thought she portrayed the creepy psychopathic lawyer perfectly. Also, the emotion in the episode was perfect. With Sweets' angsty "I know" and Brennan confession about the nightmares, I could almost feel their pain. This is what TV is supposed to be! This episode was BEAUTIFULLY written, the acting was AMAZING and the emotion was raw and genuine. That really just sums it up :)