Season 6 Episode 11

The Bullet in the Brain

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2011 on FOX

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  • Caroline gets Emotional?!?

    Caroline gets emotional and Booth shows his sniper skills - This episode helps revive the otherwise flat-lined season
  • I loved this episode!! I can't wait for tomorrow's episode, although I have to watch it online but i'm looking forward to it

    this episode was so awesome!!!! When The Gravedigger's head just exploded, that was so cool. I really hope that Bones and Booth get together, don't get me wrong I like Hannah, but they only seem to have great sex in common. I can't wait to see Angela's and Hodge's baby!!!! This show rocks hard!!! This show has inspired me to become a Criminal Psychologist, like Sweets. Anyone else thinks that it's not fair to Hannah that she's with someone that is in love with someone else (even though he won't admit it anymore. I hope that they bring back Zach for at lest alittle while!!! Bone's Rocks!!!!!
  • I really liked this episode, but . . .

    why didn't Booth shoot that SOB Broadsky in the leg? He had plenty of cause to take him in, even aside from the murders, what with Broadsky buying land in Booth's name AND blowing up a building on that land. Both of those things are crimes. It made no sense for him to just let him go like that, and I didn't think it was a very Booth-like thing to do, even if the guy was his mentor. Also, his hands seemed shaky on the gun, which didn't seem very Booth-like either. Other than this issue, I found this episode very enjoyable to watch, especially Brennan's interactions with Max and Sweet's interactions with Caroline.
  • 611

    I have been getting back into Bones recently after deciding to drop the show from my viewing schedule, but it has been missing that classic episode as of late and you might think that with The Gravedigger involved, that would happen, but apparently not.

    The opening scene in the prison transport truck was good though and the rifle taking her head off was one of the most graphic things I have seen on FOX ever, but after that it just went downhill. I have no desire to see Seely in a chase through a forest.

    Okay episode, don't get why people loved it so much though.
  • It's about time!

    That we actually get a show like we used to... I missed the relationship between Bones and Booth and not the almost getting together that's been going on for years but also the closeness and the friendship. Booth had been so cold this year, for a guy that's supposed to have moved on he sure still is mad as... I felt relieved that the gravedigger was the one who gets shot and dies, it was long overdue such a despicable character! Poor Sweets who suddenly felt so insecure about his work, he's always helping out the others and even someone like Booth ask for his advice and help so he must be good! Glad that he got his confidence back at the end.
  • Great episode! The chemistry of all the characters was back in full form!

    I loved it!!! Booth and Bones were back! I hope the writers go with what the fans like, Booth and Bones, the chemistry, the exchanged looks, the almost getting together but not. And the best part, no Hannah!!! She definitely needs to go, she's ruining the show. Proof was in this episode because the cast and their chemistry was back. Also an excellent job by Sweets. I really like his character. The scene with Angela and Hodgens was very awkward, didn't seem like it fit the show,just seemed like a filler. I love when Max makes an appearance, too. He adds an element to the show. I would love to see more of Max. I'm glad Bones finally had a good moment with her Dad. Sometimes she is a little too angry with him when he was only protecting his daughter because he loves her so deeply. The dates that Booth and Bones had with occasional characters was fine and still allowed for them to have "their" moments.
  • Loved it, but this really bothered me...

    Love the show, love the characters, but I had a real problem with the opening of this episode. When Booth was investigating the scene, he found the bullet impact in the wall. on EARTH does he find an impact at eye level, AND the victim's exploded head at eye level, and come up with a trajectory pointing to a rooftop? Made no sense whatsoever. From a rooftop, the impact would be near or in the ground. Oh well. I don't usually nitpick, but it this in particular goes with my career. Also why I cringe every time I see Booth the Super Sniper flinch and close his eyes every time he fires his gun.....
  • Stellar. Best yet.

    David Boreanaz' directing was fabulous, even if his vision was about as graphic as I've ever seen in a Bones episode. I didn't mind that. It was a very tangible episode from a viewer's perspective, and that's what made it so amazing.

    John Francis Daley as Sweets was great, once again. The scared kid in his too-young-to-be-real character was brought to the fore, and he did an amazing job with it. I guess brain matter on the suit and whispered manipulations from a crazy person can have that effect!

    And Caroline was a treat too. I was glad to see her so prominent in this one, and also to see her (somewhat humourously for me) confess to her own vulnerabilities. A lawyer with some blood flowing in her veins: what a concept! And was I just imagining it, or did that scene at the end with Max strike anyone else as a bit of a hint that he was somehow complicit in this "assassination"? Just saying...
  • At the appeal of the Gravedigger, the most notorious of killers in the Bones series meets with a very different, and very final, conclusion.

    A lot of reviewers of this superb episode were left happy at its conclusion, for a variety of reasons. I agree, that the return of the Gravedigger with the tension she brings with ease, that the characters' acting was first-rate and elevated with this successful plotline, that all the sub-plots being woven expertly, and that there was even a familiar moment of adoration for Brennan by Booth, in a familiar scene of a diner, were all quite enough to make this a fantastic, feel-good episode!! But I have to add my gladness at the maturation and change of character, on the part of Tempy: she's no longer the odd-acting, whiney, and withdrawn scientist whose people skills are marginal and who comes off as such a strange person, one that couldn't possibly exist in the real world. Now she's a sensitive, wounded, but much easier person to communicate with, and who seems more like a real, live, mature woman. And yes, someone that you would want Booth to fall for, and maybe now she is truly the woman Seely can imagine being someone he can't live without. Didn't this episode seems like a litmus test for the writers, to see if there's still a lot of audience fervor for a Seely-Tempy romance??? I personally don't hate Hannah, and find her as pleasing company and to-the-eye, as Booth does, but I also always pull for the person one loves deeply in their heart, to at least have a fair shot at making their dreams together come true! I'm glad for the ending fate of the Gravedigger, as if I were on the Jeffersonian team, but I'll miss the excellent dynamic she brings to the show, and hope that they'll conceive of another villian to similarly test the wits and coping mechanisms of our heroes. Loved the interplay between Angie and Jack, as usual, and Caroline, who weaves in and out of characters so well! Even lovable/fallable Max, and his growing relations with Brennan...but the true star of this one was Sweets and his battle against the psycological machinations of the wretched Gravedigger. It was his turn to shine, and he did, but I would liked more sympathy from the team to his inner suffering, and more of an outpouring of respect for his role in things, and also the team letting him know how important he is to them, as a professional and a friend...the latter was distinctly missing from this show. Sweets still seems to be out on an island rolewise, and that's a shame because Sweets has shown others that he cares for them more than psychologically or professionally, especially Seely and Temperence. But that's a small criticism, and it doesn't take away much from a gritty, spectacular episode ranking amongst the show's all-time best! Keep solving for and entertaining us, Jeffersonians!! :)
  • 'Till we meet in Hell, Gravedigger.

    This episode finally helped us remember why do we still keep coming back every single week to catch an episode of Bones. It had everything that made us root for this bull- headed couple that are great together.
    Booth FINALLY, and I mean FINALLY stopped being such an idiot and stepped it up to his dutiful place as a great FBI agent who does not put his personal relationships get in the way. Hear that, Hannah!?
    The episode was beautifully directed by David Boreanaz, who had some great acting too. Emily was just, Emily. I loved how they finally put an definite end to the Gravedigger's arc. I think it was a honest ending to this person that gave the whole Jeffersonian crew hell.
    Angela and Hodgins had some very good scenes and dialogs. But bid, big kudos for John Francis Halley for his acting this week. Sweets is a very funny and charismatic character, so to see him that shaken up about something that the Gravedigger told him was absolutely heart crushing and a reality check, so we don't think that Sweets is just that big fool funny guy that helps everyone all the time. That scene with him and Caroline was just priceless.
    And thank God for an ending Bones' worthy! Very, very sweet and from a classic point of view: through the diner's window.
    Next week's episode is more than promising. Let's keep ours fingers crossed for another amazing episode!
  • I'm happy again!

    Why am I happy? So many reasons :D

    I have to say that this has been the best episode in a long time. Back to the suspense, the chemistry, the evidence and the working relationship between Booth and Brennan and the best of all... No Hannah!

    The chemistry among the cast was at its best. Old Booth is back and Emily was excelent again. I was happy to see Max and his appearance gave continuity to the show. I liked how there were several suspects and I really thought the next to last was the one, but something else came up and he wasn't. Move on to the next one. That hadn't happened in a while. If the writers can keep this pace, we can have Bones for a while.

    Hodgins and Sweets in the car? LOL! I loved how Hodgins could bring some humor to the dark story without being rude or careless.

    But the best: The scene at the diner. Booth and Brennan looking at each other, sharing a very small intimate moment. I'm glad we didn't have a scene where Hannah would call to check on Booth. For once, I applaud the writers that they didn't have Brennan say something cold or insensitive when Max asked her about Booth. She's clearly hurt... and she doesn't want to talk about it. But a smile came my face when Booth was watching Bones carefully from inside the diner... He's having second thoughts. And he will act on them.
  • The Bullet in the Brain, marked the return to what I used to expect from an episode of Bones.

    We were presented with an intricate puzzle; a conundrum, to be solved by the collective,i.e., Booth and the "squints". We saw familiar faces; Wendell, Caroline, Max Brennan, and of course, the Gravedigger. It was fascinating to watch Brennan and her team calculate, triangulate, and hypotheize - to solve this major case. As strange as it may sound, I mourned the death of the Gravedigger; she was a worthy opponent who provided us with several great storylines. Hopefully, the writers will come up with someone equally diabolical. The ending, which featured Arnold Vosloo from The Mummy films, will ideally continue into several episodes. And while she may have been missed by others, I was glad Hannah was m.i.a.; I feel she is an unnecessary distraction.
  • Amazing performances by the entire cast. Especially John Francis Daley, blown away.

    With this episode Bones returns to the epicness it had back in the days. We get amazing performance from the entire cast, with John Francis Daley excelling. His portrayal of Sweets who was clearly deeply traumatized by the words and death of Heather Taffet. His facial expressions are class and he definetly brought his A-Game. As did the rest of the cast/crew. With an episode directed by Boreanaz who excelled both behind the scenes and on screen. BB fans have something to look forward to, because of Booths' look at the end of the episode.

    Hope Bones keeps this quality going throughout the rest of the season.

  • Finally a good one!!

    So this is what we expect from this series-dramatic, surprising, emotional and with the personal stories coming to the forefront. Great action at the beginning- I didn't see that one coming. Lots of good acting and directing throughout. It was also nice to see Tempe's Dad back and I really liked the final scene. It was a relief to see Booth finally showing some cracks in the seemingly heartless exterior that he has put on this season. Let's hope this continues as I am tired of Hannah and a cold Booth. The show is at it's best when they work together and have their moments at the end. This has been sadly lacking lately. I'm looking forward to see where this goes next!