Season 8 Episode 8

The But in the Joke

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 2012 on FOX

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  • comedy episode not funny.

    Bones is normally funny, but for an episode about comedy, this failed to hit the mark.
  • amusing (on a # of levels) but stop inserting car commercials into the show

    The overt product placement wherein the writers confuse plot and dialogue with a car commercial was revolting and knocks off half the stars for that.

    Otherwise I liked this episode more than usual. The body being superglued to a live human was simultaneously icky and hilarious. The reaction of the girlfriend upon hearing her boyfriend was dead - great. The wannabe Banksy was amusing, as was Angela's mid-mid-life crises over giving up her dreams of art for a steady paycheck and stability. The commentary on humor and the jokes were pretty funny and enjoyable.. (Seriously do try watching 3 Stooges on mute, it is super
  • weird episode

    I am not being able to find the right words, I'll try to simply write my impression after I have just ended watching the epiosde. This episode kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. The only really funny thing was the things Seth said when lying on the table, the rest was weird and out of place. The strange Angela story, this thing with her unhappiness (what are the writers trying to tell us?, where will this lead us), and I have the impression that there was no chemistry between B&B at all in this episode. The episode didn't kind of shine. Even the case itself was weird with Fisher laughing and BOnes and the rest being irritated. What happened to this show??
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