Season 6 Episode 23

The Change in the Game

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 19, 2011 on FOX

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  • End of the series

    This was the last episode of the last good season of Bones. After this, the show sucked. The writers didn't know how to handle the characters having a relationship or how to separate work from home. The entire next season (all half of it) is just a bad pregnancy joke followed by bad newborn jokes. As far as this ep, there were some good bits, and some bad bits, and it was overall just unsatisfying. Just do yourself a favor and don't watch any more after this. Bad as the terrible pregnancy jokes are in the next season, they are head&shoulders above the terrible plots and illogical mysteries thrown into the show. Seems like a crop of inexperienced and untrained writers take over, and the show if floundering for direction. For over 4 years!
  • What can I say... "dunno".


    Unfortunately, having seen this episode just today, I already knew about the pregnancy. I have to admit that this takes off a lot of suspence, but still I feel like saying that this episode could have been... huge.

    Angela+Hodgins was great, very emotional, maybe a little too much sugar with the smile/voice/skin part, but hey, they're an odd couple, and we love them for that. What raises the ep. score for me it's the fact they named the boy after Vincent. Yeah, I'm still shocked about his death. Like real-life shocked.

    Now, Booth and Brennan. Ups, the under-cover case. Downs, pretty much everything else.

    I agree, it didn't happen fast, 'cause we've been waiting for six years. Still, we got pretty much nothing for five and half years, so excuse me if i feel like they rushed into it. The fact is, I liked soooo much the tension between those two, that now i kinda feel the show will miss something. That's what made the show great for me, the fact they had a close friendship, a not-so-much-hidden sexual tension, and just a great partnership. I really hope I'm wrong here (as I usually am) when I state that something's gonna lack in the next season.

  • Why, Why

    I used to really like Bones, really like. But as soon as they started this Booth/Bones thing, i liked less. I can accept this if the real Booth and bones got together. I dnt see why a woman and a man can't work together and not fall for each other. Close quarters or not.I mean i liked them just the way they were, really good friends, who understand each other, it so hard, to see real friendship like that on tv. without anyone sleeping together. also, can't they lightne up on Bones a bit, she can be such a uptight know it all a bit too much. Geez. i'll still watch,to see what goes on.
  • We knew it would come someday. And it was a little rushed, almost like an afterthought but I still thoroughly enjoyed this season's finale. Can't wait to see the next season.

    I have never been somebody that enjoys a season finale with a cliffhanger. I'm probably the only person but they just drive me crazy. I loved this episode. The scenes with Angela and Hodgins were fantastic. They make a great couple.
    I've seen some people talking about how this will be the end of the show. I don't know about that. We all knew at some point if they wanted to get together their relationship was going to have to change. I don't think this will kill the sexual tension though. The 2 of them are very strong-minded people that just happen to be attracted to each other and in love. Sometimes that just increases the tension especially until they find their footing with each other which could take years.
    And then there is the issue of marriage which is gonna be a biggie. Booth has always wanted the white picket fence relationship and Brennan is more, as she calls it, rational in her approach. It will definitely lead to some tension and hopefully, Booth learned his lesson the first time and doesn't propose while waiting for the stick to turn blue or something of the sort.
    Brennan can still work on cases in the lab, which we all expected because Deschanel is pregnant. I don't think she can run after bad guys and clock them right now! She's too valuable to the FBI for them to dump her just cause she fell in love with Booth. Who wouldn't? I'm surprised all the female agents aren't in love with him, LOL!
    I can't wait for next season and I fully expect more fireworks. That's just the kind of couple they are.
  • Not the greatest or worst season finale

    Ok...not the best season finale i've ever seen but also not the worst. unfortunately bones being pregnant was pretty predictable for me, with emily deschanel being pregnant for real i figured they wouldn't postpone bones and since they had hinted that booth and brennan had gotten together in the last episode i saw it coming, unfortunately this made the episode pretty boring for me, i'm a huge bones fan and B/B all the way but not very impressed. they coulnd't stop playing with words, if you listen carefully almost every other line brennan has is a comment about a baby or kid (ok, i'm exaggerating a little). next season i really hope we have some flashbacks to what happened in between the last 2 episodes of this season.
    I've also been waiting to explore booth's past a little more, any one else agree? cause for me it's always been a little fuzzy on when he left the army and when he joined the feds. kinda think it would be interesting to delve into his background more...we pretty much know everything about bren's parents but very little (aside from the abusive alcoholic) about booth's life before he met bones. so i hope next season they take the time to flashback a little, cuz with bren being pregnant there isn't going to be a lot of B/B on cases cause it would be against policy, not only for them to be working together but also for a pregnant woman to be out in the field.
    overall, i'm pretty interested to see how this next season plays out, and if we will have more seasons after this, i really hope we do, cause bones is awesome, but with all the changes in their relationship and this not exceptional but not terrible finale, i'm not sure how much longer our beloved bones family will be on the air.
  • i just love bones..


    i fell in love with the concept the first time i saw it and i was hooked. i laughed, cried and felt what every character felt. i was into it. they had the perfect finale!it was simply put together perfectly. no rush in the characters. the moment where angela was in labor and hodgins has to stay cool under pressure was so natural. to me, they have captured that scene perfectly. the flaws were there to make it really catch the eye of ordinary people. that even the most intelligent people will go through the same thing when placed in that position. brennan and booth also had their shinning moment, of course!buck and wanda was definitely missed, since the circus episode. they were always good as a reel couple and to our surprise, they were gonna be a real couple after all.

  • Really? Come on, I can't be the only person who was disappointed in the episode, right? (Contains major spoilers)

    Okay, I'm not gonna be THAT person who relentlessly picks apart the episode, nor do I have any issue with the other folks who reviewed and gave this a 9 or 10. But, really?

    I'm speaking as a hardcore Booth/Brennan shipper, and if you're not, you may be judging by different standards. And I ADORE this show. But if I hadn't been waiting to see if something happened between Bones and Booth, I would have been kind of bored. Normally, after season finales, I have no idea how I'll be able to wait several months to know what happens. Not so this time. For a season finale, it was kind of a throwaway until the "last minute reveal". The most tension I felt was waiting to get the news if Angela and Hodgins' baby was blind (the moments between those two were the most compelling of the episode, in my opinion). Back to B/B: during the previous episode, there was *very* little indication that they had sex. The implications are all very mild and unexciting. I was kind of hoping for just some romantic comforting, leading to the tension that we all know and love between the two. But instead, they SKIPPED all the lead-up/payoff. Don't get me wrong, there have been cute moments between Bones and Booth this season, but romantically, very little *tension*. We see them being sweet to each other, and next episode, at the end...we discover they slept together. And they both act okay with it. There was no drama. They got together in the most "...meh." way possible. Then, Brennan's pregnant. She seems to be okay with that. Booth seems happy. Are they "together"? Are they "seeing each other"? Does it matter? NO. *Because there was no drama* about their feelings for each other. I'm not saying there HAD to be a sex scene (I would have loved it, but I wouldn't complain), but how about a kiss? An emotional conversation? Confessions? Anything? Nope. Barely tease us and then skip straight to the happy ending. And, if they're down with having a baby together (which their end reactions implied), we even missed all the emotions of watching them work through an actual relationship. We missed all the fun, deep, heart-wrenching moments in between. Yes, I know: "there can be flashbacks", "Emily's pregnant, so they have to...". There are other ways.

    Bad form, Bones. I love you and always will. I'll be back next season. But still...bad form.
  • The Change in the Game-The Truth is in the title

    For all you people that have given this Bones finale less than a seven, in my opinion, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Firstly, it was a brilliant episode, which if you look at past Bones season finales is a hard thing to do. The season 2 finale wasn't the best, after five years, in the season five finale we expected a bit more that just Booth taking hold of Brennan's hand when he was about to go to a war Zone and she was about to go to Maluku Island. And finally, after all these years they've given you a fantastic ending! Brennan is pregnant. As viewers we have waited six years for something like this! Six years! And there are people saying it happened too quickly, to them I say six years!!! In that time I started high school and college! There has been a lot of people saying how they wish Brennan and Booth had some romantic kiss instead of her being pregnant, well I say Bones has been there and done that. There was a kiss in season 3's episode the Santa in the Slush, admittedly they were sort of forced to kiss, but they definitely enjoyed it. Then they kissed a lot in his dream in the season 4 finale. And in the Parts in the Sum of the Whole (100th episode) we saw not just one kiss, but two. One six years earlier and one on the present day and that one kiss from six years ago was the real kiss, also, in the present day, before Brennan pushed Booth away there was a good kiss going on. Why do any of you want to repeat a storyline by having them kiss in the end I do not know! Being a high Bones fan I am able to criticise the episode too as I do agree with some things that are said. Firstly, it wasn't the perfect episode of Bones. The moments between Angela and Hodgins I felt were perfect, the ending with Brennan and Booth was perfect, but the actual case itself wasn't perfect. Yes, the case at the bowling alley, gave us a few laughs, it was better than your usual cases, but it's no Grave Digger, no Gormogon and finally, it certainly wasn't a Broadsky. If Bones want to make the perfect episode then they have got to have a fantastic case, such as the Grave Digger, you combine that case with all the moments between Angela/Hodgins and Brennan/Booth from the episode we just watched then it would be the perfect episode hands down. But despite that, they still could've made this case a little better, firstly, Brennan and Booth were undercover. And undercover should mean brilliant things, like when they pretended to be a couple in Vegas. She kissed him and when he saw her in that black dress Booth was like WOW! Also, the first time they were Buck and Wanda in the circus when there was a really small bed for them both and they had to shake the caravan to make people think they both were sleeping together. I understand that the writers were trying to make it seem as though everything was normal and that nothing had happened in the last episode, but it would have been good to do things like that. Anyway, the chemistry wasn't as good as usual, but it was still good. The second time of watching it I noticed Brennan's hints about how she's pregnant i.e "If Buck and I ever have a baby it's not going to turn out like that." and I thought it was really clever, because it honestly wasn't obvious to me. There was only one time at all I had a theory that Brennan could possibly be pregnant and that was a week before the episode aired for like three seconds and come the episode I couldn't see her being pregnant. they fooled me! After watching Bones for six years, I was so pleased with everything that had happened in the finale. I thought Angela and Hodgins were just the cutest couple ever. Both of them were hilarious many times and come towards the end of the episode you got to see how great their acting skills were. When she had the baby and they were looking over at the Nurse and their child, the look on their faces fit the scene perfectly. And it was from then on that I really felt the need to cry, because it was just so emotional. And then came the last scene with Brennan and Booth walking down the street, it was obvious something was going to happen. Something big. Just watching them walking, hearing them talking made my heart beat at a hundred miles per hour and it was well worth the wait. The moment she said she was pregnant, I was on the edge of my seat and I immediately shouted: "And your the Father!" Only to have her repeat what I said afterwards and when he smiled, God there were tears in my eyes, in fact there are tears in my eyes as I recall the episode now. And when the credits came up I seriously didn't want the episode to ever end, it just made me so happy, I can't remember the last time I've been so happy. And I was just happy crying and everything. If a series can do that to you, can make you react that way. In fact, if a single episode that probably isn't your favourite but has the ability to make you that happy then honestly, how you can criticise it dramatically I don't know. It was so perfect, it was like after six years, finally my prayers had been answered. And Bones has brought out lots of emotions time and time again. I almost cried when we found out Booth had a tumour, I was in tears when Brennan turned Booth down in the hundreth episode and when Brennan finally told Booth she loved him and he replied saying that Hannah wasn't a consolation prize and then she just burst into tears, it had me, as did the season finale. There is not a programme that I can say has had a better finale (and believe me, I've seen some good ones and am an extrmely critical person). And for anyone who thinks that Brennan being pregnant will ruin it, well, it won't. If they stayed apart completely for another year fans would be angry and would be like just get together already. However, you throw a baby into the mix it makes it so much better. Every opposite they've had as partners, as friends are going to be intensified big time because they both have such diffferent views on life. And the baby means they don't necessarily have to be together (although I've read an interview and heard that they will be), either way this baby is going to open a lot of doors to them. And I think because of the baby, you're going to see a different side to Brennan. Also, for those of you who felt there wasn't as much chemistry this season, there never was going to be. He had a girlfriend who he loved, who he proposed to. How can him and Brennan live up to the chemistry of the last couple of seasons when he feels that way about another woman? And the fact they both got through all that just shows what a strong partnership they have. Anyway, I really applaud this episode, because there has not been one TV series where I have cried happy tears, but there's a first for everything, so well done Bones! You really are the greatest TV series and there is no way I'm missing an episode next series after this cliffhanger. And for the rest of the summer, I know I'm going to be desperate to watch the next episode. Back to the point, congratulations Brennan and Booth!!!! For me, it is now six years of bliss!!!!
  • Whether you expected it or not, deep down its what we have all been waiting for!

    Booth and Brennan are going to have a baby, So all the flirting they did for the past six years didn't go to waste. Even when they were in relationships with other people, they liked eachother. We all knew they were meant to be two lives bond into one. And now after all the waiting we did, it is finally going to happen. But is it going to change evrerything for the worst? What if it turns out to be a false positive? What will happen to them as a couple? i have no idea what will happen next but lemme tell you that whatever happens they are going to be together like Hodgins and Angela. Like when Brennan told this a greek myth: She said that the Greeks believed that Zeus created humans, with two heads fours arms, and four legs. But after looking at how much conflicts occured, he split them. She said that the Greeks believe that your biggest life goal is to find your other half. I think Booth and Brennan found there halves. So sure, they are going to have a lot of problems, but thats the price of love and they are definately in love. From when Brennan rejected Booth to when he smiled knowing she was carrying his baby, life has its surprises and right now i think, like many of you, for Brennan and Booth, fate just took its toll.
  • It's finally here!

    It has finally happened - the moment we've all been waiting for. Bones and Booth are finally having a baby.

    After years of excruciating tension the moment has finally arrived. Booth and Bones are going to have a child (hopefully) and be together(again, hopefully). I have to wonder though, whether the show will lose its spark that was the overwhelming tension between the two. I'll find it interesting to see whether or not the chemistry between Bones and Booth will compensate for the now lost tension that has kept some of us watching from day one.

    Of course even without this tension I will still find the show great, with the superb, smart, funny writing and cast of loveable, and sometimes eccentric, characters. My only wish is that we could have seen the moment, when the dam finally broke, and Booth and Bones came together. I feel a little insulted that, after all these years we didn't get to witness the final moment between the two (and yes, I realise that moment would technically have been in the episode prior). Of course I am not bagging out the show I have come to love, and otherwise I thought this was the perfect way to end the season, Angela and Hodgin's had their baby (I appreciated the tribute to Vincent too - he was my favourite), with another possibly on the way for Booth and Bones. I can't wait to see what to see what is in store for season 7, and how the show will turn out. :) Yay
  • What everybody 's been waiting for!

    This episode was so great in every way. Angela who couldn't wait to be in labor, Hodgins freaking out and Booth and Brennan at the bowling.
    It was great to see Brennan's dad again. he's very funny, he likes Booth. It was amusing to see him trying to help them solve the murder and noticing changes in his daughter relationship with Booth.
    The kid at the bowling was so annoying, and Bones who kept saying that they'll not have a child like her.
    I was so happy when we learned that Angela's Baby was fine. And the ending with Bones telling to Booth that she's pregnant. Best ending ever!!!
  • I remember the finale that Brennan and Booth were left at the alter and the pilot that made me like the show. This episode ruined both.

    The idea of a dead guy in a bowling alley is fun for anyone who doesn't watch any other standard crime procedural show like, say, CSI. This kind of lame activity might be fun for a filler episode but not for a season finale. Had that been the only thing that was wrong with this episode, I would be ok. But it wasn't, oh boy, was it not.
    Starting off with what's seemingly the most important story line through the six season stretch; Brennan and Booth's chemistry. Not only was there none, I was completely bored by how lazy the writers were to team them up in an undercover setting posing as a couple. It doesn't help that Brennan's annoying father supposedly picked up on some signals and tried to be a mediator. I saw the intentions of the writers and I had to laugh at them in their faces.
    Secondly, the episode's level of investigation was simply amateuristic. Nothing anyone said felt like something professional investigators would say. In fact they picked up on things so slowly that this could have easily been a kid detective show. It's a bowling ball! It's not a bowling ball! Let's simulate it with this cool computer program so we don't have to do any work! Then there was the birth. True, Hodgins and Angela were the best part of the episode. But the birth was very lame. First because they named the baby 'Micheal', second because Angela, fresh out of labor, described it as beautiful and wonderful and what not. Oh and then came the out of the blue cliffhanger that only really made clear that the writers have no imagination left.
    Very, very bad.
  • Though I hate to, I have to agree with fierytopaz.

    It was a letdown that we saw none of the romance of baby making, but to be honest, I wasn't expecting it. I also wasn't expecting the big announcement until next season. I was expecting there to be a conversation about the unseen night while waiting for baby Hodgins to be born. At the most, I was expecting an end season kiss. I honestly thought any baby making would be done off camera and we find out next season. That's why I was surprised by her announcement. Most times the powers that be punk out at the last minute. That is something I was expecting to happen also.

    So yes, I am disappointed not to have the lead in to romance, but that will be something to look forward to next season. The season can start off where it ended. Booth reacting to the news with a big kiss.

    Regardless, I gave it a ten because, though I anticipated the news, til the final scene, I didn't think it would happen. That alone made it worth the watch.
  • Baby, baby, baby, ohh..

    You sang it didn't you?(c'mon, admit it :p)But it's not a Justin Bieber song; it's the main theme of the Season Six finale of Bones. Two in fact.

    Booth & Bones goes undercover as Buck & Wanda to solve a murder at the bowling alley. Although interesting and fun, the case was just okay once again for a finale. I would've preferred a two-parter Broadsky finale. It could've been fantastic! Don't get me wrong, because this episode has its own share of the fantastic, amazing, and wonderful (add more adjectives here) for those who have (im)patiently waited. But first, the baby: Hodgins and Angela welcome their baby, and he, Michael Staccato (Mamba?) Vincent Hodgins, is healthy (as expected). It was fun watching these new parents go through the whole process, while solving a murder. Kinda reminds me when they went to jail, and got married, while solving a murder. It was touching when they finally learn that their baby is not blind.

    I am glad Max is back, although i feel like it was just for the sake of being back. Also, this made me wonder when Russ will come back. It has to be an occasion which has something to do with the next paragraph.

    This is when we get to the second baby. And it's B&B's. Yay! (PM me for the nearest party) Although somewhat expected, as Emily D. is pregnant, it's still something that is done beautifully, bravely, and satisfyingly (add more adverbs here). The last scene when Bones reveals that Booth is the father (duh!) is almost suspenseful that when Booth finally gives his silent reaction, you let out a sigh of relief. And it is mostly a relief that the show is finally moving on. F*ck you Moonlighting curse! Here's to Season 7!
  • A very nice finale, looking forward to season 7

    A pretty good season finale episode if I do say so myself. The case itself wasn't really all that special, sure I didn't really foresee who the murderer was since he was brought up so little in the episode, but it was fun to see Booth and Bones undercover in their ridiculous 80s getups. What I enjoyed the most were the scenes of Angela and Hodgins in the ER during labor, between all the expected pain and shouting they had some really sweet moments together and I actually felt happy for them when the baby was born not blind. I was wondering what they were going to do to work with the fact that Emily Deschanel is currently pregnant...I should have seen this coming but for some reason I didn't, nice little ending there, even though I kind of worry about the disappearing of the sexual tension between them...but I'll wait for season 7 to see if it actually goes away. A good ending to this season I say.
  • For once I did not see the ending coming!

    Not one of the most quite as suspenseful or dramatic as last weeks "Hole in the Heart" but it was very good. This was one of the ones that is not all about the case it's almost in the background, just a backdrop to whats going on with the characters. Angela and Hodgins got a healthy baby boy and the whole delivery while trying to help Wendel and Cam solve the murder was quite entertaining. Watching them realize how integral a role Angela and Hodgins play was great.

    Its taken six years of missed chances and bad timing for last weeks Booth and Bones get together. But the show stayed true to how they have done things and didn't lay it all on the table at once. After last week there was still the question of did they or didn't they go all the way or did they just spoon. Through the whole episode you got the impression that they were closer with the talk of children but played it very close to the vest as to whether they were officially a couple. And until the last 30 seconds you were left guessing. I new that Deschanel was pregnant but it sounded unlikely that they would write it in. I was so happy and shocked when she said she was pregnant and Booth was the father. I can't wait to see how they play it out next season. Hopefully we get to see a baby Bones and they don't cop out and have her miscarriage or something.
  • WOW. *Spoilers*

    Wow. It actually happened. Kinda predictable, but it actually legitly happened.
    Spoiler Alert:
    Welcome to world Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins!
    The birth scene was funny- Angela's labor scenes were hilarious, she is very talented at freaking out, as is Hodgins.
    I loved his name. Michael since the beginning. Staccato for her dad. Vincent for well... Vincent Nigel-Murray. And Hodgins is a given.

    But that's the not the only baby in the episode. It was pretty predictable considering the actress is pregnant and they had to tie it in somehow. Not to mention she kept dropping hints to her dad. The ending was the best. She was terrified, waiting for his reaction. And his reaction was enough to reassure her. It was gold.
  • A classic Bones and Booth episode, but the ending had a cliche twist. *SPOILERS*

    Nice to see Bones and Booth working together, undercover, in order to solve a murder at a bowling alley. Meanwhile, Hodgins and Angela wait for their baby to be born, hoping its healthy.

    To end the season with Angela giving birth was to be expected, but to have Bones tell Booth that she's pregnant and that he's the father, was unoriginal, cliche and very expected as well.

    To me, this marks the end of the entire television series. Once the sexual tension between male & female partners has been breached, the flare and fun is gone. For example: The X-Files, House and countless soap operas.
  • Booth smiling...

    The smile on Booths face at the end says it all to me... LOVED IT! Great last scene to this season for my favorite TV none-couple. Bones being scared to Booth that she is pregnant, but she tells it straight to Booth, and he just starts smiling. I really hope that it is not a dream or anything else that makes this pregnancy not real in the next season. I am really looking forward to see what happends to them and what their baby will be like; cute and smart... Booth and Bones forever! Next season will be great, they as a couple and how their situation will be like...