Season 6 Episode 23

The Change in the Game

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 19, 2011 on FOX

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  • Not the greatest or worst season finale

    Ok...not the best season finale i've ever seen but also not the worst. unfortunately bones being pregnant was pretty predictable for me, with emily deschanel being pregnant for real i figured they wouldn't postpone bones and since they had hinted that booth and brennan had gotten together in the last episode i saw it coming, unfortunately this made the episode pretty boring for me, i'm a huge bones fan and B/B all the way but not very impressed. they coulnd't stop playing with words, if you listen carefully almost every other line brennan has is a comment about a baby or kid (ok, i'm exaggerating a little). next season i really hope we have some flashbacks to what happened in between the last 2 episodes of this season.
    I've also been waiting to explore booth's past a little more, any one else agree? cause for me it's always been a little fuzzy on when he left the army and when he joined the feds. kinda think it would be interesting to delve into his background more...we pretty much know everything about bren's parents but very little (aside from the abusive alcoholic) about booth's life before he met bones. so i hope next season they take the time to flashback a little, cuz with bren being pregnant there isn't going to be a lot of B/B on cases cause it would be against policy, not only for them to be working together but also for a pregnant woman to be out in the field.
    overall, i'm pretty interested to see how this next season plays out, and if we will have more seasons after this, i really hope we do, cause bones is awesome, but with all the changes in their relationship and this not exceptional but not terrible finale, i'm not sure how much longer our beloved bones family will be on the air.
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