Season 4 Episode 20

The Cinderella in the Cardboard

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2009 on FOX

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  • A case that brings out Brennan's mixed feelings

    I have to say that I really enjoyed this episode. There are a few things that I want to point out like the Angelator is back! Wendell, my favorite grad student is also back and does a very nice thing for Hodgins (and I think he's the one that fits better in the team's dynamic) and Booth's session with Sweets, this was just fantastic and we might've seen one of the most gross bodies in the season. You might think that Booth is all hard and macho and doesn't want any teary moment from a man, but it was nice to see him listening to Sweets and well, giving him a very good advice.

    I think it was right the fact that Brennan told Sweets about Daisy, but Sweets should've been more intelligent and confront her in a different way. He's a psychologist, he could've handled it and dealt with it. There's something else that caught my attention. Booth touching Brennan at every opportunity he had (and she letting him do it) indicates me that something is happening soon between them. Also Brennan, being jealous of something she's not sure she wants to have but at the same time something that might need is very important for her, because it shows how much she has evolved. The last scene was excellent, Brennan telling Booth about this feeling and Booth comforting her. I would've loved to see a hug to seal the scene but well, it was all good.
  • Some great char moments..

    Mm.. episode what had all the good components, some really great moments and what most important - the story.

    I loved maybe the substories more than the case itself. First and maybe major for Bones was Sweets girlfriend in bridal shop with another man. And the way she took it, how Booth warned her not to tell and what happened when she did and the truth. Great story, great emotions, great turns.

    And I adored the revelation Bones had - that she would like to be or have world like others.. have relationship the way others around her have.. I think it was great development.

    And so.. the case.. as you expect, I would say.
  • The usual Bones episode with some funny moments but the repeated zooming in one the extremely disfigured head of the victim was just disgusting.

    I usually don't mind some gore (sorry if this is not the right word, english is not my first language), i have been watching Bones since season 1 now and still like it and there have been a lot of dead bodies. But the way the victim was shown in this episode was, at least in my opinion, way over the line. The head was completely smashed and the producers just kept showing close ups of it or of the entire body. Even later on when Angela uses one of her image enhancing techniques (which are mostly pretty ridiculous) they kept showing the face. And comparing the victim to a pizza repeatedly is just tasteless.
  • Another good episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a body is found at a recycling centre, Bones, Cam and Booth are called in to investigate. Soon through surgery the victim had, she is IDed. Soon they met her fiancé and learn that shortly before she died she went to a bridal store. Whilst there Bones and Booth sees Sweet's girlfriend, trying on a wedding dress, with another man.
    Bones of course wants to tell Sweets, but Booth doesn't want to get involved. Soon they discover the victims cell phone and when they manage to get it back working, she gets a phone call from Hodgins. We learn that he is part of a dating service, when a potential mate is within 100 yards then they both get a message saying date or hate. If they click date then they get the other persons cell number. Before long, Bones can't keep the truth to herself any longer and so when she and Sweets are alone, she tells him about his girlfriend. Soon we learn that the victim was hit by a car before her body was dumped. We soon learn that the victim had another fiancé who she broke up with very recently. We also learn that she sold his grandmothers ring, which he gave to her as an engagement ring. Sweets calls his girlfriend into his office and confronts her about what Bones and Booth saw. We soon learn that her cousin is out of town and that she was trying on wedding dresses on her behalf and that the guy she was with was her cousin's fiancé. Her cousin was out of town and the sale was only one for one day, so she did her a favour, since they are both the same size. We soon learn that the last guy the victim met up with was a fake person, whose picture was formed using pictures of other guys she met through the site. And so the creator of the site is brought in for questioning. When confronted with the factors, he soon crumbles and confesses to his crime. He met up with her and when she blew him off, he flips and drove over her twice. As we end we see Hodgins getting a message from the site and the person who he has to "date or hate" is Angela. We then see Angela getting the same message. Seems that fate wants them both back together, but neither of them reply to the message. We then see Bones going round to Booth's apartment. She tells him that they were wrong about Sweets' girlfriend. They talk and drink and discuss how Bones is jealous of Angela, Hodgins, Cam and Booth, so basically everyone who works in the lab.
  • A good episode, usual with a nasty corpse.

    That cardboard stained with blood and those morons standing around, even a priest?! It's blatantly obvious it's blood and that's it's seepage from a body.

    This 'Date or Hate' thing is disturbing, your phone automatically dials strangers. It even turns out to be the reason she died. Hitting Muriel once could be an accident, but reversing then driving over her head makes it murder one.

    I love the interns, "Now that's something I'd serve… if she were a pizza." Wendell's my favourite. He fits in very well.

    It's quite appropriate that Daisy calls Sweets 'Lancelot' since Lancelot was cheating with Arthur's wife. Why does she call him Lancelot anyway, does she even know the story? It's not a compliment.

    A good episode.
  • When he body of a women is found squashed between compacted cardboard at a recycling centre Booth and Bones are sent to investigate.

    The women is fairly quickly identified and it's found she's a new bride to be, her fiancée is questioned and the investigation continues to a bridal dress shop where Brennan and Booth spot Sweet's girlfriend Daisy trying on a wedding dress with another guy in tow, naturally Booth and Bones think Daisy is cheating on Sweets and Brennan thinks they should tell him, Booth say's no and it's none of there business where as Brennan needs to be moral and tell Sweets of Daisy's cheating and impending marriage to another guy.

    So we now have two storylines which are both as good as the other, the Jeffersonian team discover the victims murderer after some initial finger pointing and it made me laugh when it was discovered she used an 'on-line' dating service that sent messages to your mobile and Hodgins picture came up, and Sweets and Daisy made up and got it on in his office. Loved the end of the episode Angela and Hodgins pictures matched.
  • The episode begins with what appears as a miracle to some workers and Booth but is revealed to be a body in a stack of cardboard. Through the investigation Brennan and Booth see Sweets's girlfriend trying on a wedding dress and Brennan wants to tell him.

    This part was exciting, invigorating and yet romantic. We have Hodgins who had signed up for a dating service on the victim's cellphone, Angela winding up eligable for Hodgins on the same service and Brennan admiting she lacks the need for love in her life to Booth which I think was the best scene in this episode.
    The fact that Booth tries to psychoanalyze Sweets is greatly put and David plays a remarkable role as he attempts to put himself in Sweet's shoes.
    Sweets also reacts nervously as Brennan tells him about Daisy and completely loses hope.
    The only thing this episode lacked was one of Hodgins's wacky experiments.
  • Ugly Ducking Gets Revenge.

    Bridezilla meets a grizzly end via a SVU. As Bones and Boothe investigate a her murder their coupledom or lack there of is really pushed throughout the episode. I found the idea of our "bride" abusing the men around her and I loved the twist that the murderer was ultimately everything she was looking for with the exception of looks. I appreciate the conflict of whether or not they should tell Sweets about seeing Daisy. Granted yes, they had the wrong information but it's a question that friends find themselves asking. The writers are really having Brennan comes across as cold and unfeeling lately but tonight we saw something different in Brennan. We got to see her with some vulnerability and showing weakness. She knows she missing out on something and she knows it's important. But as always Booth is there to reassure her that everything is okay.
  • The Virgin Mary? Nope.

    Bones stagnant period appears to be over as this had to be one of the best episodes of the season, and one of the best shows period this week. It had everything we have come to expect from the series: comedy, drama, mystery and even an emotional moment at the end (for this who are into that sort of thing).

    This is probably the first time in weeks that I have not been utterly bored by Bones and could care less as to who hurt the victim (apparently they're saying "vic" now, like CSI). I cannot wait for the second consecutive Bones episode tonight.
  • Booth and Bones investigate the death of a bridezilla

    This episode was more about the interpersonal relationships than it was about the case. The case itself seemed to be a platform for looking into the various relationships on the show. As usual people who didn't know the duo immediately assumed that they were a couple and they had their "no, we're just partners" shtick but the added bridal theme was cute. I liked that even though Brennan has avowed many times over that she doesn't believe in marriage let alone monogamy that in the end wished that she had a more romantic view of relationships rather than through just her anthropological or biological perspective. I also find it cute that at the beginning of the series she hated the nickname that he gave her, and now she owns it although she won't let anyone other than Booth call her Bones.
    Hodgela had some moments too, although the possibility of them getting back together seem a bit further along than Booth and Bones at this point.
    Sweets and Daisy I have to admit were adorable together. I like how Brennan actually admitted that she liked Sweets (as a friend) and couldn't understand why her honesty brought him pain rather than relief. It was also nice to see her turn to Booth when facing emotional uncertainty.
    On top of all that, Wendell's back! He is by far my favorite intern and it was awesome to see him. I liked how he talked himself out of trouble with Cam and how he reached out in friendship to Hodgins when he found out that Hodgins was still having trouble in his personal life, and I'm glad that Hodgins took him up on his offer. Good episode and we get another one tonight.
  • Great episode..

    So another episode of Bones. The story per se was not bad, it was interesting and all the side plots were well executed and tied together. I like Dr. Sweets character, he's smart and funny and gives good advices. He adds to the chemistry of the two main characters..

    So we get to see other people thinking Booth and Brennan are a couple.. No wonder, they argue like married people.. it's funny.. the wedding dress lady saying that they are meant for each other. So true, couldn't agree more there, my friend.

    The ending was another demonstration of their deep connection but I was 100% sure nothing was gonna happen, and probably never will.. Perhaps in the series finale, they'd finally stop dancing around each other and make it happen.. well, who knows..
  • Bones and Booth must find out who killed a bride by dropping her into a cardboard recycling bin. During their investigation they see Sweets girlfriend at a wedding dress store hugging another man. Bones ends up telling Sweets really upsetting him.

    Another great episode from the cast of bones. Great performances by the whole cast and a very interesting main plot and a few fun sub-plots.

    The bride turns out was playing the field a lot even though she was engaged to be married which sort of led you off the trail of the killer. It turns out it was a crime of passion, but one that was sort of a cop out as the person who did it sort of popped up as a suspect in the last few minutes of the show. They had a wide range of choices, a former fiancee who was dumped for the current one, a current fiancee who didn't know she was cheating on him, and finally all the possible dates she was having from the dating service. Of course Bones thought it was the proper thing for the woman to do as humans are not really monogamous.

    Bones and Booth fighting about telling Sweets about his girlfriend was good as it seemed to bring them closer together. Bones continues to realize that pure logical actions is not always the best way to handle things. She tells Sweets about his girlfriend which hurts him, but in the end after all the pain he discovers it was all a mistake. Afterwards she is hurt because she made him feel bad for no reason. Hodgins gets himself in trouble for a few minutes as his dating service connected him with the murdered fiancee. The next thing he finds is Angela has joined the service and they are matched together. Wendell helps him out by introducing him to a bunch of his single girlfriends. Wendell and Angela really come up with the important points to discover the murderer.

    I was a little disappointed with the perpetrator at the end and the way they threw him in there and why and how he killed the girl. The episode ended well and Bones and Booth are getting closer to one another. Another person a doctor at the beginning of the episode thought their behavior was like that of a couple in a relationship.

    Entertaining as always.

    Thanks for reading...
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