Season 4 Episode 9

The Con Man in the Meth Lab

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2008 on FOX

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  • Very insightful episode

    Well, this was yet another great episode of Bones.

    The episode starts as an 'ordinary' case episode, but then the focus is taken away from the case as Booth's little brother Jared shows up. Brennan goes out with him, they have a great time, etc. Until Brennan finds out that Booth's deserved credit on a case has been taken away because he had to bail out his brother. And from then on, wow, intense story. I loved the scene with Bones and Jared. The way she 'defended' (for lack of a better word) Booth, even pushing Jared (which sounds stupid here, but was pretty impressive in the show) was beautiful. We mostly see Booth defending Bones, not the other way round. Of course, the speech... How could we not love it? She basically said "I know who Booth is [as in: the real alpha male] and I love him for it". Really nice.
    And the ending... just perfect. Another example of how much can be achieved with a few words. I'm looking forward to getting to know more about Booth's past and/or family. Where does his mother fit into the picture?
  • One of the best episodes of any series I have ever seen. Rich in emotion and caring.

    While I think this episode stands well on its own knowing the history of the Booth Bones relationship makes the episode so much more enjoyable. Let me explain:

    Bones and Booth have been dancing around the fact they are attracted to each other on a physical, emotional and intellectual basis. But like all things of love they have reasons to not consummate their relationship. So they cling to various barriers to avoid sexual intimacy. They clearly already have emotional intimacy and love and respect. In every episode Bones gets to see the character of Booth in terms of honesty, integrity, and his humanity. She has seen his skills at reading people and solving crimes as well as him being a great father. In turn Booth has seen the brilliance of Bones and despite all her protestations her incredible passion about things. She is, in my opinion, the most passionate person on the show. (A small digression: In the episode "The Hero in the Hold" when Bones realizes where Booth is and she also realizes she no longer needs the grave digger for help she picks up the attaches case and slams the grave digger with it letting out a big grunt. For my money it was one of the most sincerest gestures of love I have ever seen on the tube.)

    So if she really loves Booth why did she go out with Jar Head? Well it was part of her never ending (and i think in the end losing) battle to keep from consummating the relationship with Booth. She bought Jar Head's description of Sealy as a loser despite all she knows to the contrary so she would have a good reason not to be with Sealy. Of course when the drug bust credit went to the state troopers she thought Jar Head was correct. When Bones confronted Sealy on the lost credit she really hurt him and instantly knew it. This entire behavior shows true vulnerability on Bones' part.

    One of the great aspects of the show is how tightly knit the staff is. The intervention of Cam, Sweets and Angela was touching and awesome. And of course that led to her confrontation with Jar Head.

    This scene is one of my favorites in all of TVdom. She realizes she has been had, realizes why I think and then pushes Jar Head off the stool. Now if that isn't love and passion I don't what is. Hard to think of a show where anyone displays that kind of passion.

    The scene in the bar where Brennan gives her touch was an awesome apology. I think in her own way it was the best she could do.

    As always the writing is entertaining, the pace of the show is quick yet they make great points. I for one like how all the characters are portrayed.

    My personal thanks to all involved in making this show for providing me with such wonderful entertainment.
  • this was an unbelievably amazing episode. that at time had me bursting out with laughter, and then at times almost in tears.

    This episode was unbelievably AMAZING. The relationships were very much the centre of this episode. The case was interesting, but nothing totally captivating. To me the interaction between characters was the draw card. Yes, I love every episode of Bones, but this one was one of those outstanding episodes like aliens in a spaceship, and verdict in the story where they could just remove the case and the episode would still be just as successful. I found myself bursting out with laughter when Brennan confronted Booth's brother Jarrod in the bar. and when she was yelling at him for what happened I had tears in my eyes, cos you could see just how much she really does care about Booth. The last scene was so sweet. When Bones made the speech to Booth and acknowledge that anthropology was wrong about the alpha male was such a special moment. She is always so certain about her field of study, yet her she was admitting that it might have gotten it wrong. And the last line it that speech where she promised never to look at shiny ball balls again was perfect. To me it was like she was saying to Booth that she is his.
  • The perfect combination of character and case. Booth and Brennan have a huge development in their relationship, as well as a nice case to go along with the story.

    The case opens up and shortly afterwards takes a new turn when two dead people are involved. I liked the introduction of Jared Booth, as well as the funny moments when Jared called Sweets an Agent and when Sweets and Cam staged an "intervention" because brennan was beginning to believe that Booth was a loser for sabotaging himself. In the end, you can really tell how booth and brennan care for each other as Booth allows Brennan to sit with him. They even share a piece of cake and Booth begins to open up more about his personal life. IT was really sweet to see how much they truly appreciated each other, although it took a while for Brennan to realize that perhaps anthropology is not always correct, and that perhaps she should avoid being distracted by the "baubles". This episode also develops Booths character, and we see what a caring older brother he is. I really recommend this episode... it was probably one of the better ones in a while. Very Very nice episode, especially if you're into character development. Oh, did I mention that Clark came back?
  • Though the case is interesting, it's the Booth boys that are fascinating.

    A big surprise to find out Booth has a little brother but in hindsight, it makes complete sense: his over-protectiveness and self-sacrifice. Traits of a responsible older brother, it's how he treats those he cares about without even being conscious of it.

    After a series of disastrous interns, Clark returns, thank goodness. Another surprise guest is Booth's brother Jared played by Brendan Fehr. Interestingly, Jared is Navy as opposed to Booth's Army. Very handsome in uniform and dress uniform. He's certainly more bold than Booth, he actually kisses Brennan on their first date.

    The writers do an excellent job of rapidly establishing the big brother/little brother relationship in two scenes. Jared gets caught on DUI, Booth bails him out by losing the credit for his big case. Jared's comments to Sweets are the final touch on the relationship. Neatly done.

    Cam and Sweets handled the 'intervention' very badly, they weren't convincing and didn't actually tell Brennan what they wanted her to do about it. Thankfully she confronted Jared by herself and I was very proud of her. As Booth pointed out, Brennan is hardly one to talk about saving your family, but the alcoholic father did explain why when she pointed out next time Jared could hurt someone, Booth immediately went to talk to him. Jared has gotten used to being bailed out by his big brother and it has to stop, because this was just the most recent of the times Booth has sacrificed for Jared.

    At first, I wondered about the intelligence of the inventor's wife – admitting to knowing about the $20k they had already found is one thing, volunteering information about an additional $150k they didn't know about is just stupid! Then it comes out the money is stolen so the serial numbers would have been registered with the banks and it would probably be traced back to them.

    This is a rare time (not connected to the Brennans) where the personal story is far more interesting than the case itself. It's actually amazing that this is really the first major Booth episode and even more so that it took four years for them to do it.
  • Amazing!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. During a practice police raid a body is found and so Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. We also learn that Booth's brother Jared is back in town. With the body back at the lab, the team get to work trying to get an ID. Then Jared comes in with Booth and Cam is the first to go and talk to him, since they apparently know each other. Since Bones has not met him before, they are introduced to each other. Jared asks Cam to go with him to an event that night. Bones also throws her hat into the mix, but Booth tells her no. When Angela meets Jared she is drawn to his very good looks. We also see that the intern is in this episode is Clark. Soon they get an ID on the victim, Jim, and go to inform his family. Cam can't go to the event, due to the case and so Bones offers to go in her place. Bones seems very eager to go with Jared and Booth seems very upset with it all. But when they examine x-rays it seems that the victim has been IDed wrongly. At the event we see Bones and Jared having a good time and he even kisses her, which she seems happy about. We soon learn that the man, who was killed, was a fraudster and was pretending to be someone else. The next morning, Cam, Angela and Bones all discuss Jared and the fact that Bones didn't sleep with him. We soon learn that the real "Jim" has been in the Jeffersonian Limbo for over a week. While out on the case, Booth gets a message form Jared saying that he is in trouble. We soon see that Jared has been involved in a car accident and that he has been drinking. So booth ahs dot pull some strings to try and make it all go away. We soon see that the case Booth has been working on has been solved and that the State Police are taking all of the glory for it. Soon Cam, Sweets and Bone shave a discussion about Booth, Jared and their past. We soon learn that their father was an alcoholic and that he used to beat the brothers up. Cam tells Bones that Booth lost all of the credit for the big case, because of Jared, which Bones refuses to believe as she likes Jared. And so Bones goes to see Jared at a bar. She asks him for the truth and he gives her part of it. She flips out at him and they argue and she leaves, but quickly come back and pushes him out of his chair, which makes her feel better. Soon they learn who the killer is, and when they go to arrest him, he takes a woman hostage. Both Bones and Booth have guns on him, and as he makes his escape, he shots Bones in the arm. Bones says she is ok, and so he goes after the killer. He pushes the hostage out of the car and Booth shots and shots and shots until finally the car stops, and the killer is dead. As the episode ends, we see a small party taking place for Booth's birthday. Bones gives a speech about Booth and after which she takes him to one side and tells him that what he is doing for Jared isn't good for either of them. Booth admits that he gave up his credit on the big case, in order to stop his brother being arrested for drink driving. And so after telling him that if he crashes again, he may kill someone, Booth takes Jared outside and tells him that he has to stop the drinking. Jared refuses to listen and goes back inside to the party. Booth stays outside to cool off, and Bones goes outside to see him. She takes out a piece of cake, which they share and during which Booth admits to her that his dad drank.
  • Booth's little brother shows up and inserts himself into Seely's world. But Jared Booth isn't the golden boy that he seems and reveals a deep secret about the Booth boys past.

    I think this was a brilliant episode which showed great development in both Booth's character and the relationship between him and Brennan.

    Getting to learn more about Booth's past (although only a little thing, an important thing ) was enlightening and could help lead to further character development in future episodes (here's hoping. Getting to see Booth's interaction with a younger sibling was nice, although ultimately sad by the end of the episode.

    And then there is the shipper side of me which was cheering when Brennan knocked Jared off the chair and making aww sounds during her emotional speech at the end of the episode.
  • Booth's brother arrives in town while Booth, Brennan, & Co. try to identify and find the murderer of a body found in a meth lab after it explodes.

    What a well-written episode! So much was learned from very little said, not an easy feat, especially when it needs to be worked into the story naturally.

    Cam was used extremely well here. I loved the utilization of her past with Booth, from her already knowing Jared to her knowledge of Booth's habits and traits. The "intervention" she and Sweets held for Brennan played out well.

    The last line of this episode is a perfect example of why this show is so good. Few words, maximum impact - as long as you choose the right few words, and they chose the PERFECT word. As a fan of Booth angst, I found this episode wonderful.
  • About Booths

    So, Booth little brother shows up and starts to make trouble - first it is Brennan who goes out with him and her friends who are concerned that Brennan might do that in wrong reason even if she does not think that. But it is not all - Booth gives up his earned credit on one case in order to save his brother from a trouble and so the other people have trouble finding out what just happened.

    So, we have a much tension, but mostly we have the relationship between brothers under the focus and the way it has worked - Booth is always there to protect his little brother.. and the end, when he speaks his mind and how his brother reacts.. it was cruel but maybe even more shows how those to communicate with each other..

    I think it was good episode - emotional, some new facts, tension.
  • The other side of Seeley Booth

    I really liked this episode. However, there was one thing that bothered me.

    Brennan is a very intelligent woman. So, how the heck does she get carried away by a comment of his partner/best friend, from someone who she just met? That is totally irrational and unfair to Booth, someone who would give his life for her. I think that Brennan went out with Jared because she knew that she was going to get another perspective of her partner, just because she thinks Booth doesn't open to her enough. But to almost believe him is another story.

    I liked how they explored Booth's character. Let's be honest, we already knew several things of Booth that were addressed in this episode. But making such a big sacrifice, dealing with an abusive father, killing so many people while being a sniper and trying to be the perfect father he never had must be a great deal for him. He's trying to accomplish everything and pleasing everybody that he's got used to it and that's why he's tagged as being in a comfort zone.

    Jared is a jerk, the result of someone who was used to be saved from every trouble he caused and who probably blamed all his problems to the abuse of his father and his alcoholism. You know, psychologically, he might be right, but how come the other Booth turned out fine? Yes, he had his problems, but he overcame them and became the fine good man that he is.

    I love Cam. From the first episode in Season 2 to this one, there's a new person. She cares for her now friends and she's so concerned for Booth that she had to talk to Brennan about the damage she could cause. I think Cam secretly knows that they will eventually end up together and she tried to make Brennan open her eyes and not make the worst mistake of all.

    I don't think Brennan agreed with Booth when she didn't answer Booth's I'm a loser question. I think she must've thought, how the heck do you believe I'd think that? But Booth is so used to lose to his little brother's charm, that he had to confront Brennan. Brennan's speech is priceless. She was giving Booth's his place, saying what she really thought of him in a peculiar way. The look in her eyes when she says happy birthday almost asks for forgiveness and I believe she said that she wouldn't fall for the "shiny bubbles" again because she didn't dare accept to Booth (and herself) that she made a terrible mistake by believing in Jared. Booth telling Brennan his father's condition shows how much he trusts her. She knows it was a huge step for him to say it.

    Brennan did a good job turning Booth's "comfort zone" into the best of things: Sacrificing for the other, be unconditional, doing something for the pleasure of it and be kept in the dark but still feel satisfied. And that's why she was forgiven.
  • Booth's brother comes to town.

    This weeks story centres on a body being found at a Police practice range, the team think they have identified the charred remains but after further investigation discover it's a case of mistaken identity, this leads to another death of mistaken identity to try and find the real killer.

    The main focus of the investigation however is taken from centre stage with the appearance of Booths brother Jared who has moved to work at the Pentagon and after taking Temperance to a social gathering at the Pentagon fall's for her. After Jared gets arrested for a D.U.I Booth has to get his younger brother off the charge by striking up a deal with the police chief giving them the credit for a big issue arrest. Bones and the team wonder why Booth did this and start questioning his actions but after Sweet's discovers something about Booths and Jared's childhood things fall into place.

    I have to admit some of the storyline especially the mistaken identity investigation was a little confusing ( maybe it was because I was tired when I watched it and really should watch it again ) and will Jared now become a permanent fixture on Bones.
  • Great insight into Booth

    I did enjoy this episode, it was a nice look at Booth's family life, since we know all about Brennan's past and family. The only down side was that amidst all the family stuff there wasn't much focus on the case, which after all is the reason for the show, solving complicated cases. The body they found was easily identified, even though it took two attempts to get it right, the clues were handed to Booth and Brennan, even the witnesses were helpful.
    Over all I thought that the charicter development angle was good, there were nice moments between our heros but without this angle the episode would have been very weak.
  • Great episode!

    This was the best episode of the season. Such great character development between Booth and Brennan. The writers are able to give us something without giving too much. I see Emmy written all over this one, especially for DB and ED! Even the writing deseves some recognition. HH is keeping his promises, by not having them jumping in the bed together. This is the one show that gives us entertainment by way of charater emotions. I also thought the actor playing Booth's brother did a great job portraying a reckless Jared. I hope he returns to redeem himself in his brother's eyes.
  • A body is found when a meth lab explodes.

    I liked Clark Edison calling out the employees on discussing their personal lives. A crime drama like this should not revolve around love affairs it should revolve around exciting and interesting stories.

    We got there when a meth lab mock raid resulted in a body appearing. The body was not quite what they original thought and in the end we had a high stakes shootout. These are the kind of things that USA Network's Burn Notice thrives on and I think incorporating more of it into Bones could help this show out a lot too. Overall a very good episode, quite possibly the best of Season 4 if I am going to go out on a limb. In addition to the action we got the expected great comedy from Booth, Bones and Sweets. So hats off to Fox for another great installment.
  • I was sadden by how Bones reacted at the beginning of the episode towards Booth, calling him the Booth Lite and disrespecting her relationship with him, I was like what the heck Bones!

    I liked seeing more of Booth's background, his brother and revealing parts about his dad. I felt like Bones really wanted to hook up with Booth's brother Jared and I could see that Booth was jealous. And then when Booth saved Jared's ass and job, he hid it so Jared would look good, Bones thought he was a loser and wasn't good enough and wanted Jared. But when it was revealed to her by Sweets and Cam that there was something going on with Booth, she had to figure it out. Bones finally realized that Booth was the highest alpha male and Jared was the Booth lite. Sad that she was shot though from the sheriff, but everything worked out and bones and booth shared some cake in the end.
  • We meet Jared Booth, learn about 'our' Booth's past, blow up a meth lab, find a body in that same meth lab, do a little investigating, get shot, solve the case and eat cake....It must be BONES!

    I had a lot of ideas about Jared.....i was wrong on all counts. He's actually...kind of a jerk >_< I look forward to seeing more of him in the show. Sibling drama always makes for a great show.

    It was good to finally get some insight into Booth's past but now that we know it was bad, i hope we get to explore that even more.

    I just love Clark, he is my favorite intern of the lot because he really does not care about whats happening, which makes it even funnier when hes in the middle of an awkward conversation.

    I did learn not to shoot tear gas into a meth lab now :D

    Best Picks of the Episode:

    The Sherif at the beginning of the episode, "Do you mind if i have a little cry..." hehe

    The "Booth Lite" conversation... :)

    When Bones pushes Jared off the chair XD That was just so random!

    And of course the birthday speech. HERE HERE!
  • I love Bones to the point that there is almost nothing the writers could do, to make me not like an episode. But every so often, Bones puts together an episode that simply amazes me. "The Con Man in the Meth Lab" was one of them.

    I have come to appreciate the character of Booth so much, over the course of the first 3 seasons and from what we've seen so far from the fourth. But at the same time, there was a lot about the character that I didn't know. Booth's past has always been a mystery and throughout this episode pieces of his past are put together... and all it did was make appreciate the character even more. The crime itself, was up to par as well, although at times, the plot took so many twists and turns, that I found it hard to keep up. Despite that, I still enjoyed the episode and felt that it paved the way for a deeper bond between Booth and Brennan. The moments between the two were beautifully acted and what I love about David and Emily is that they have this uncanny ability to make me feel for their characters, especially in such well-written episodes like this one.
  • The story development was great and it still made me cry.

    My thoughts on Conman...

    Well Jared Booth what can I say about him. I thought he was supposed to be older but whatever, but for him to be an alcoholic was a nice touch. I really felt for Booth when he had to give up his glory for his brother and for him to make Brennan feel like he was a loser was beneath him and I was glad Cam set up that 'intervention' for her. I've grown to like Cam, she is really the glue that holds the team together. Well Booth and Brennan that is, she knew that there was issues with the Booth family (which you don't get the impression in The Woman in Limbo) and it caught me off guard when she said that she knew them for 15 years . . . and for Brennan to comfront Jared like that was like WOAH !! at first I was scared because she ignored his call but for her to be like uhh no, Booth is a great man and your a loser and crying at the same time made it the effect more real. Pushing him off the chair was great!

    But I do have to say oh man did she look great! Her dress fit her just perfectly and her hair was beautiful! Her earrings though... meh I'll take them or leave'em. Damn Clarke Edison though, giving her looks like she was crazy. Don't even get me started about him... he's brilliant, but over all an ass.

    Over the case kind of fell flat for me, I think Brennan would've been a tad more upset if she found out they miss ID'd the victim. The cop in the begining? The other cop guy who was begging for credit on the case? I mean get to the point already, I do admit they did a good job hiding who the real murderer was, I didn't figure it out until about the time Booth did. But the last bit when they confronted him, what the hell was with that huge gun and where does he hide it? 'I'm a good shot' 'no your not' 'you are, trade me guns and shoot him' ... uh yeah right. . . the scene where she is shot and he was like "are you all right? Are you all right?" It reminded me of "Fault" from Law and Order:SVU when Olivia was cut by the crazy stalker guy. But Booth didn't stop, he hesitated, unlike Elliot Stabler and still shot the guy with that huge gun (It didn't do much damage if you ask me) and he got him. . . like he wouldn't.

    But her speech in the end was to DIE for!!! I loved the whole, "Well I think this time Anthropology got it wrong." Hit the brakes what? It was really sweet and I could go on and on about it, but I will spare the details. But when she was like talk to me or to Sweets, it was really funny how he chose her and it was like she said him talking to her about Anthropology, but it was nice of her to try. "At least your dad won't kill again, he might have the opportunity." and the you were shot because of me, no I was shot because of me thing was a typical Booth thing, I mean come on, it could've been a lot worse. It was just her arm and her left one at that. What a cocky jerk when he was like: is this about getting with your partner, because that ship sailed (was that a jab at Sully?). . .uh no... Stop drinking and stop screwing up my life and all that jazz. The nerve of him to finish his drink on Booths birthday of all and he came to find her. "I need some time." "Time and Space?" "Just Time" shindig , with that damn David Boreanaz smile that is too die for and she shared the cake with him. All in All it was a good episode... a 7. . . . Splash
  • A perfect episode to sit down to at the end of the day.

    Pulled in from the beginning I was very pleased with the character development in this one. Boreanaz, with flying colors, zipped through every range of emotion the writer's asked of him: jealousy over Brennan and his brother, worry over Brennan when she's shot, protectiveness over his brother, anger, insecurity, determination, regret, and finally acceptance. And Deschanel kept up beat for beat. Actually, it seemed everyone pulled out their Sunday best for this one and as a result, the episode shined.

    It was great to get a peek into what helps make Booth Booth. Angela and Hodgins seem to be on the track to normal again and that is nothing short of refreshing.

    Eugene Byrd's character returned as Dr. Clark Edison and I'm really starting to like him. I grinned like a ninny to see even that small bit of an experiment in the lab. I've really missed those. But, more to the point, after Brennan walked in on the experiment Dr. Edison's attempt to put himself back into the role of a boring squint made me like him.

    The murder mystery kept me snowed until the end, but I'm not sure if that was because I was enjoying the character interaction more. Regardless, this is one episode you'll want to catch. Great writing, acting, and directing. It had it all.
  • Yes! Awesome episode.

    Yes! Awesome episode. Hands down the best episode so far this season, and could possibly go down as one of the series best. It's definitely going down as a personal favorite of mine. It pretty much had everything that a fan wants in an episode of Bones.

    In one episode we learn more about Booth than we have in the entire series. It was very clever and well done the way they approached it. It fit well with the story and the sub plots and was not over done.

    Eugene Byrd returns this episode as Dr. Clark Edison. The first couple times he was on the show I really didn't enjoy his character, but now he is starting to grow on me. I thought his character was used perfectly in this episode. He was part of the comic relief, but not, at the same time. The guy has great comedic timing. I can't imagine him as a series regular. Right now his character is so not interesting enough for that, but he is perfect in his recurring role.

    I'll have to admit when I first heard that Brendan Fehr(Roswell) would be guest starring, in this episode, as Seeley's little brother, Jared, I wasn't excited about that. I'm not Brendan Fehr's biggest fan, but I have to concede that he was very good in his role. His appearance is a big reason why so much is revealed about Seeley.

    One last thing, I have to give big kudos the writer of this episode for writing a fantastic murder mystery into the story. It had so many great reveals and twists with a very intense climax. It was on of the most exciting cases they've solved on the show.
  • I guess that salt shaker I spilled wore off!

    I'm honestly truly astounded. And also very happy Brennen didn't stick with Jared, Because that would've been creepy. I'm pretty sure This is the first time we've had a scene with ONLY Booth, Which we seemed to get a lot of this episode. From the previous episodes this season, they've all kind of been two dimensional. Wheres here is seemed they weren't afraid to really allow themselves to feel strong genuine emotion that isn't completely love related (All the Angela stuff and her romance stuff). I think this is the season's saddest episode so far; Mabey even since season 3. Yes defiantly. Even with all the Zack & Gormagon nonsense, which was very sad because Zack was my favorite charecter, this beats that in dimensional emotion and directing.
  • I was dreading this episode because of Jared. And, I'm delighted to say that I was in for a pleasant surprise.

    Now, I'm someone who reads spoilers so I knew this episode would introduce to us Jared Booth and the much dreaded romance between Jared and Temperence would presumably begin. The episode was that, and so much more. It delved into the enigma that is Seeley Booth. I honestly did not expect it to be THIS good. This episode depicts exactly what is so lovable about Booth. It reveals much more about Booth's character than season 3 combined so go figure.

    The case was fairly interesting. However, to be honest, I really wasn't paying as much attention to the case as I was to the dynamics between the team. It was very character oriented and highlights exactly what makes these characters special and realistic. I would have liked a bit more of Hodgins and Angela but I suppose it's fair considering Angela was the main focus last week.

    P.S. Cam and Sweets - who happen to be my least favourite characters on the show - were brilliantly utilized in this episode. I wouldn't give this episode a miss.
  • Definetly a cliff hanger!!! I give this episode ten stars!! We learn so much about Booth's past in this episode than we could have ever learned before.

    Definetly a cliff hanger!!! I give this episode ten stars!! We learn so much about Booth's past in this episode than we could have ever learned before. This show also loosens the strings at first in Booth and Bones' relationship, but in the end, like always, they become closer than ever. I have to admit though that at times the actual case did get a bit confusing. But I think this show was not an attempt to put all its focus on the case, which is what I thinkappealed me a lot more. This season has definetly been a Wower! Keep them coming!!