Season 8 Episode 12

The Corpse on the Canopy

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2013 on FOX

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  • Pelant returns

    Pelant returns, and leaves a skinned corpse hanging over Hodges bed as a calling card.
  • Edge of seat episode

    From spoilers I basically knew what happened before I saw this episode but that did not stop me from being totally gripped with the tension created. I don't understand or care how Pelant does what he does - this is entertainment for heavens sake . And to my mind it worked.

    Love it when Booth gets to be the super macho guy. They were even nice to Flynn as well until he got taken down that is. Pelant lives - think after being shot by Booth he might try to really mess with B & B - remember he put something in their alarm clock.
  • Pelant still bleeding?

    It doesn't make sense that Pelant gets away at the end... and that every episode following this episode no one brings up Pelant again. It's as if all that just happened and the characters pretended that it didn't ever happen... Not to be obsessive or anything, but usually when a character like Pelant doesn't die or ends up being convicted (especially after seeing him kill a Veterinarian, you'd think their would be some follow thru at least mentioning him. They gave up on pursuing Pelant too easily. The tipping point for me was when Booth shot Pelant and didn't think to call someone else to go after him as that would be an obvious giveaway when pursuing someone like that. It's not like he was going on a plane and flying back to Egypt.

    They should have wrapped up Pelant's pursuit and moved on. There's always someone who is smarter and more evil than Pelant that could make for good writing. Don't save him till the end.
  • Utter Garbage

    One of the worst episodes yet. When the episode was over, I really had to think about whether or not I even ant to watch this show any more. I'm really getting tired of "Boy Scout" Booth having to do everything by the book even after the previous ordeal with Pelant and Brennan. The most ridiculous character has become Angel. She whines too much, she's way too emotional in some scenes and indifferent in others, and with her computer skills, what is she doing drawing pictures. The truth is that "hacking" isn't a contest of who can type into the keyboard faster. Garbage!
  • Pelant episodes are Just terrible

    Pelant is among the most unrealistic of bad guys these writers have ever come up with. What he does with Technology, Hacking, and the sheer stupidity needed by the common man to have him pull of his Xanatos Gambits shows the absolute worst of the Bones Writing staff, making it appear they know absolutely nothing about the SCIENCE they supposedly use in their scripts to solve these murder mysteries. Noted tech expects scoff at the things he does, many of his feats are literally impossible, and the production team expects us to just role with it just because 'he is a genius'? No. I actively refuse to watch any episode with the guy, in spite of my enjoyment of the series overall. I can't wait until they get rid of this hack-ly written Gary Stu.
  • Rediculous

    It is not credible to have a single person be omnipresent and can just hack any system with high encryption with ease. Especially with standard computers as shown in the computer teaching room. You would think all involved would have learned from the past break-ins so that he couldn't break in again.

    Everybody knows what Pelant looks like, and he makes no attempt to disguise himself yet he is able to walk around without being noticed.

    If the company would have been informed of what he looked like, it would have been simple for him to be denied entry. Just show the head of the company his picture and tell him to watch out for this guy, his plan would fall apart.

    No matter what someone can attempt to change their identity, there are people involved, backups that aren't hackable and printouts. Any question would result in checks and he would not have been able to just walk out and go to a different country. He was fingerprinted and had a tracking bracelet on, you would think that those people who arrested and monitored him would have a say in his identity.

    Some work of the FBI to storm into a building with guns drawn and not secure the surrounding area including the parking garage?

    I hope that the story line that Hodgins is now broke doesn't continue because it would not be possible to just 'drain' bank accounts without records and ability to audit and recover the money.

    Be assured that by just reading a file/picture/video that may contain a virus does not execute the code unless you have a stupidly designed system. Too many shows make this assumption that you can just insert a virus into any data and it will immediately infect a system.
  • Perfect

    There was a lot of suspense. The mystery was great. This truly was a great episode! I love watching the team against Pelant!


    What happens to Hodgins is I would love to see how Hodgins and the rest of the team get back at Pelant.

    Looking forward to more episodes like this.

    They should really lay off of the comedy. A little is sometimes it just gets annoying in my of course, if it's incredibly funny!
  • interesting but once again the writers can't keep up with there own idea's

    pelant returns yet no one notices ? surely an apb would be out for him or anyone matching his description ? as people are known to be in danger ?

    oh look a top level not so secret black ops/merc corporation loses a guy yet doesn't raise a red flag for his id retina scan data ?? SERIOUSLY ??

    oh look pelant loses half his face and is still able to drive, find a vet and stitch is face back together ?? REALLY ??

    and as others have said the canterlever group so big so powerfull is hacked and looses the money... SERIOUSLY?? NO bank people or systems react to it ??

    only thing good about this episode is pelant clearly suffering otherwise it's ***ed..
  • Love to Hate Pelant!

    This was a terrific episode that had me on the edge of my seat and nibbling my fingernails from start to finish. Because I reeeally love the team, I reeeally hate Pelant. Alot. He is by far the most malignant baddie they have ever pursued.

    From the POV of an objective television viewer, his involvement in an episode is a guarantee of suspense and action and intensity. But from the POV of someone who gets absorbed with her favorite characters and forgets this is all fiction for 40 odd minutes, I wish they would hurry up and kill him and give the team back some safety and peace of mind! ;)

    Along those lines, as I am particularly fond of dear Dr. Sweets ... while I had hoped he would take up permanent residence at Casa B&B, I am now thinking it is time he moved out. To a nice hut in Bora Bora, perhaps, under an assumed name. That way he'll be nice and safe when Pelant begins to exact what is sure to be a devious, hideous, torturous plan of revenge.
  • Ludicrous and unpleasant

    I like Bones because it's a light, amusing little crime show with fun character interaction. For the most part, that is the show I get, but every once in a while Bones gets dark and full of angst. This is especially true of the Pelant episodes.

    The darker tone is not the only thing that is out of keeping with the series. The other is that Pelant is a ridiculous character, a super villain in a series that is usually about ordinary people. Pelant is not just a smart hacker, he is Lex Luthor. Most of what he does is simply impossible. He would be fine as a villain in a Batman movie, but he is absurdly over the top in this series, an unstoppable, unkillable monster.

    This will be the last Pelant episode I watch. From now on if he's in an episode I will simply skip it.
  • Finally!

    Well, finally, the writers ended their Christmas vacation. This is by far the best episode of season 8. I do not understand the childish way of thinking of some reviews posted earlier. Is it always in life that the good people win ? If it was so, we would've lived in a far better world. The great thing about this episode is exactly the way things worked out for everyone, life's complicated. And as a matter of fact, in a way, the good guys did win - the school didn't get hit. One hell of an episode!
  • Disappointed

    I love Bones, one of the reasons is in the end the good guy wins. This did not happen here. Hodgen in the end was the good guy and lost. He had to make a choice, and he made the right choice but he still lost. Just wrong
  • A little disappointing

    I have loved this season so far, and Pelant is a great character. I was a bit disappointed at this episode though. Liked it right up to the point when Pelant escaped through the parking garage. They had the place surrounded, but didn't think to cover the parking garage where all of the getaway cars are? I mean with the secret serbis (however that was spelled) company's secret hidden doorways, they could have had it lead to somewhere other than a parking garage. Then the whole Hodgins losing ALL of his money. I would think there would be another sort of fail safe there. Maybe a phone call or two to verify he's transferring all of his money. I usually don't nitpick at details but these two were more than I could handle. I usually LOVE the writing, but this episode fell short for me. Especially with the new great character.
  • The Corpse on the Canopy

    great episode
  • amazing episode

    In this weird season this for a change was a great, amazing, exciting episode with no strange behaviour and a great villain. I like the eps with Pelant in it. The end was quite disturbing. I hope we'll get another Pelant episode soon in this season.
  • WOAH!

    From start to finish, this was a BRILLIANT episode! I rather liked to lack of Squinters (even though I love them dearly) and drama, and how they just focused on Pelant and out smarted him for a bit. That panic they sent him was great and I can't want to see what they give us next!
  • brilliant

    a awesome episode and it made me decide that this new big bad is a lot more evil than the gravedigger who in my opinion was extremely evil
  • 10/10

    as with all episodes, cant say anything wrong