Season 6 Episode 2

The Couple in the Cave

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2010 on FOX

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  • And that is the end Brennan deserves

    For some reason, the killer was too predictable. When the latin woman started yelling and having the attitude, I knew she didn't do it. The writers need to work on that.

    Finally Booth meets a man he doesn't hate. It was nice that he was listening to him and relating to him at some point. Too bad he wasn't what Booth thought.

    I was happy to see Hannah. Why is that? Because I loved it when she and Booth rubbed the kiss in her face. Booth's conversation with Sweets in the car makes me wonder if Booth isn't using Hannah to have what he couldn't with Brennan. I'm glad Brennan was left alone in the end scene. If I were Booth, I would've answered her question with a "and that's why you will end up alone". And she did. She went home alone.
  • I get the introduction of the character tension with Hannah...

    ...but puhleese. This woman is sooooo not Booth! I can already see the cracks in the foundation, though I'm guessing that is the intent of the writers, in order to get us to what we all KNOW is going to be the main event!

    In the meantime, it will be a nice illusion that the "competition" is theoretically an intellectual peer if not true equal to Bones. Personally, in the more intimate (and I use the term loosely) Booth-Hannah scenes...there was ZERO magic. So I'm certain even Bones would agree that she could triumph there as well, and its a given they have Clarke's vote!

    The case was almost incidental. Even I had it figured out...always have to watch out for the wannabees.

    Good outing overall, though I have to ask: am I the only one who thinks that the character of Sweets has been totally marginalized so far this season? This character is in danger of becoming a buffoon out of writing left-field, after a couple of admirably strong seasons. I hope that angle gets left behind soon. A strong Sweets has too much to offer this show.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle?

    This episode wasn't bad at all, but nothing about it felt new.
    The opening scene was a little painful to watch with the loud and annoying wife hiking with her husband. Of course she claims they're going to die because they're lost and then, god forbid, it starts to rain. Taking cover in a cave conveniently located in front of them they discover a dead couple locked in an embrace.
    Flash to Bones and Booth arriving at the scene along with the park ranger who talks to Booth about his memories of the war that he also took part in and that he lost his brother to.
    Right away I had the sinking feeling that this park ranger was the murderer, it just felt like other episodes we've seen and he was too invested to be just a small, uninvolved part.
    At diner Bones says that it feels like they were never apart, etc, and then out of no where, Hannah is walking across the street and her and Booth reunite while Bones awkwardly watches/introduces herself.
    Back at the lab the team, including Clark this time, discuss how Brennan should be jealous since before they went their separate ways Booth and Bones we're "dating without the sex". Even the usually work oriented Clark has an opinion about the situation, which in my opinion felt rather forced and out of place.
    Angela has a video of Hannah doing a news report and Hodgins finds her very attractive, Angela gets annoyed and once again Bones claims to be happy for Booth.
    Angela has also reconstructed the faces of the couple and the woman easily has a match found for her in missing person but the man for some reason looks just like George Clooney, which is a running joke for the episode.
    There was a crime ten years ago where a crazy man had beaten a camper to death. This file is given to Booth by the over eager park ranger who wants in on the case to make up for his brother dying in the war. Booth tells him to apply for the FBI and is encouraging towards his dedication for his country and doing the right thing.
    Booth and Sweets go visit the man, who is conveniently holding an axe and looks down right freaky. Sweets believes he's telling the truth about being a changed man and they leave.
    Tests are done and this leads to AA of which both victims were a part of, the woman the sponsor and lover of the man. Who also happened to be married.
    The wife is hauled in and is angry and abrasive towards Booth and says she never went to the forest where they were found. She also mentions that a student got booze from her husband and that the student got in an accident because of it.
    Not trusting the wife the team hauls in her tires and proves that she was at the forest.
    Bones also reems out Clark for not thinking for himself and causes him to realise that the victims weren't beaten to death, they had fallen with the woman taking the brunt of the force.
    They then try to prove that the wife is guilty by exposing her to the allergens in the forest that she claimed caused her to have to turn back in her attempt to follow her husband and his lover. She, and Clark, are allergic to one of the plants and thus proved innocent.
    At the same time Cam walks in and says she found an anomaly in the skin. Some of the skin on the face is far less dessicated than the skin on the rest of the body. Its shown to have military grade pepper spray on it.
    Light goes on for Booth who realises that it had to have been the Park Ranger. They confront the Park Ranger and he claims he was in the right getting justice for his niece (who was the student who died after the male victim had supplied her with alcohol) when the court had let him go with a slap on the wrist.
    In the end there is some screen time for Booth and Brennan and then some interaction with Hannah. I felt this was really important because I thought you could see that Bones had feelings for Booth and that she is potentially going to realise she wants Booth but he'll have Hannah.
    I feel like this episode was like many we have seen before. I can't place one off the top of my head but even while watching it I was just hoping that there would be some twist and the park ranger wouldn't be the killer. Then at the end when the pepper sprayed was revealed I was just so disappointed in the lack of creativity there seems to be in this show now. I still love the characters but I miss the crime solving aspect that once had me watching the episodes over and over again.
  • What is it with George Clooney?

    So the episode starts out with a couple hiking in the woods saying that "They will die and people will find their bones". I bet you can guess what happens next. They find bones! A guy holding a girl!

    Brennan and Booth do their thing, going over facts, cause of death, injuries, age, gender. These things lead Brennan to comment "it's almost like we never even left". Then of course Hannah walks in two seconds later. Don't hate me for this but I kinda actually kinda like Hannah. I think it's really good for the whole Booth/Brennan chemisrty. And I really really hope they end up having that girls night out thing. But I DON'T like how she could be possibly driving a wedge between Jack and Angela. No. They JUST got married and she is HAVING A BABY. Hart Hanson, do NOT go there.

    As for the squinterns. I was kinda disapointed when they all came back. I was perfectly fine with just Wendall and Daisy. But I was kinda happy with Clark. That whole monologue... Ha. Ha ha ha. Probably my favorite part. So let's see how the rest of this season goes.