Season 7 Episode 6

The Crack in the Code

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2012 on FOX

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  • Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Classic Bones!

    We're back baby! Really BACK!

    Case: I've got no bad things to say. This ep showcases one of the most clever cases the show has ever done. Pelant seems to be a formidable antagonist, though we know no one can rival the Gravedigger. I'm excited to see what else he has in store.

    Relationships: Booth & Brennan house-hunting on the side. Just the perfect amount of relationship stuff.

    Sassy Caroline is back. Who doesn't love it when she's around?

    There's less of the other characters. It's great to see Hodgins back to his conspiracy theories and exploding experiments.

    Side Comment/s: None.

    Bottom Line: A classic Bones episode that leaves you wanting more! I just wish they had started this arc earlier in the abbreviated season. This is the Bones that i loved :] The only downside is that we won't see the gang again until March :[

  • Final Straw

    Once upon a time i loved the series. Now it has degenerated to something i don't even have a name for.

    Obnoxious characters as heroes. Super villians that would make Batman hand in his cape in defeat. The only redeeming quality is that i can borrow a quote from the ep to describe it: "So full of crap that even the Almighty couldn't make sense of it with an atlas and a double shot of bourbon"
  • When??

  • 'Crack'ing Case

    I adored this episode, just like the old times. A very brilliant plot and Pelant seems like a very formiddible character although I think the Gravedigger still has the top spot although obviously we will see more of this guy so that could change.

    We still got to see some Booth/Bones moments which was great. Loved the whole house hunting bit.

    Overal a very good ep. Welcome back!!
  • whats next?

    Great episode reminiscent of the old grave digger episodes and the cannibal ones. Which reminds me... wouldn't it be so cool if Zack could be brought back to help them solve Pelant? Maybe no one is smarter than Brennan, but Zack was very smart. Would love to see coming to conclusions together once again!
  • Great episode!

    Very good episode, but did somebody else had this very bad feeling that something bad's gonna happen in the house at the end?
  • Genius

    This was a great episode about a guy that can write computer viruses in human bone or for any bone that matter. Very creative when Angela scanned the bones into the computer and that scanner read the carved code in bone that was a virus, and the whole computer crashed or burned that was epic. This is episode was exciting to watch even though you had a feeling who it was it was still a great thrill entertainment.
  • Would Have Been Bad Even for Fan Fiction

    This episode was filled with plot holes and errors. Really? Hodgins has a code breaking grandfather that he must honor even though in seven seasons we haven't heard of him? Totally believable. Booth and Sweets get something at a federal auction even though that would be illegal because they work for the federal government? Sure, why not. (I'll spare you the rest of the mistakes because there are too many to list.) Overall this episode was a very disappointing effort from one of my favorite shows. Hopefully it will be back in full form soon.
  • Tension with a smile

    OK I knew already from spoilers and things that Pelant was the Season evil but I found even so that the tension was maintained throughout and the threat was there all the time. Will we ever find out just why he hates the FBI and Booth and Brennan especially?

    Looking forward to further developments.

    The smile I mentioned was Pelant's cocky smile.