Season 4 Episode 6

The Crank in the Shaft

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2008 on FOX

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  • A formerly great show is getting worse and worse in each new episode.

    If you have trouble picking out the really inane parts of the show, just listen for the violin plucking after each little silly "incident."

    Booth continues to act like a sophomore in high school. In fact, with the exception of Cam, each character is being made to look more and more ridiculous each episode. The new replacements for Zack have been absurd.

    This started last season with the addition of Sweets. The purpose of Sweets is an enigma. Why have a psychologist constantly working with the Jeffersonian? My guess is to force the silly comedy routines. Unfortunately this is taking time away from the actual plots. This year they have added the mini plots of Booth being jealous, trying to get a new chair, etc., etc. All of this takes away from the substantive nature of the show.
  • Wanted to give this higher than 7.5 but it was just an average episode.

    Booth and Brennan are sent to investigate the remains of a hated office manager which are discovered in an elevator shaft, naturally it's all about who killed her and why, fingers point to one likely suspect then the next until the real killer is discovered and charged.

    We also had an update on Angela's and Hodgins break-up plus yet another intern, though this one was completely different to the one's we've had previously ( very dark mood & pessimistic ), I've said this before but why not just bring Zack back and save us the horror of one intern after another try to gain favour with Dr Temperance Brennan.

    I have to admit the episode was not as good as last weeks and is probably one of the weakest one's so far but what I am loving is Dr Sweets, his interactions with Booth, Brennan, Angela, Cam & Hodgins is brilliant, an excellent character and am so glad he was introduced.
  • Interesting case.....

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with office staff in an elevator going up to their floors, when some of them start to smell something. Then the elevator starts to get into trouble, and so half of a human female leg falls from the ceiling. We know it is female from the shoes it is wearing. We then see Bones and Booth in a session with Sweets. We learn that one of Booth's co-workers has recently died, and Booth now wants his chair. They then get the phone call about the case ad so Bones and Booth head to the crime scene. Soon what's left of the body is found, in the elevator shaft. Soon the victim is IDed as Patty, the office manager. Soon they get the name of someone who Patty got fired only days before her death.
    Soon Bones works out what killed her, a staple. The staple caused her amorism to burst which killed her. Angela and Hodgins talk and try to talk out their problems, so that they can work together again. Soon they confront one of her co-workers who they believe killed her, and soon he confesses to the crime. He admits that he did it alone, but soon the evidence, shows that someone was working with him, when he dumped the body. We soon learn that the other person is the secretary, who was dating the killer. Although she soon confesses to being the one who threw the stapler at Patty, thus causing her death. As the episode ends, we see that Booth finally got the chair that he wanted so badly. We soon see that the chair is not all that it was cracked up to be and falls short of what Booth had expected.
  • A good episode, unusual cause of death and that elevator shaft was nasty.

    The story is unusual – cause of death and disposal of the body – which elevates it above the usual inter-office-romance murder tale. The body in the elevator shaft was nasty for two reasons, 1/ the body being shredded like that, usually I'm not too bothered about what happens to my body after death but this would be an exception, 2/ imagine trying to gather the evidence from 16 floors worth of elevator wall. Yuck.

    The latest of the line of interns is really creepy, his constant depressed whining, especially when he's talking to his bosses. Not a great way to impress them. I look forward to the next fill-in until we get Zack back.

    Good and some real creativity thrown in which makes it better than most of the employee murder stories I've seen in shows like this.
  • Nothing special happened

    oh.. This was episode what I was not eager to see and when I saw it, there was just nothing special. Ok, we had some great conversation and little of the only Brennan attitude with helping Angela and then the whole hive thing. That was good. And the end, when she told Booth why she helped him to get chair, it was good too.

    But most of the episode - it was some pointless things like Booth wanting so badly for a chair. I do not know but it sounded silly. And then the case.. not the best one they have had. Maybe it all was just like that because before this week, there was really great episode?

    Anyway, ok episode but that's all
  • Good but not Great.

    Okay, the case of the Office Manager from Hell and ruling the office with an iron fist and using blackmail. This part of the case was a real stretch for me. I just found the whole aspect of the show really hard to believe. The focus on Angela and Hodges working relationship after breaking up was good for giggles. I still have hope for those two. Then we have Boothe obsessed with getting "the chair". Now this was ridiculous but it was also very much Boothe. The latest grad student Fisher was definitely smart but between being Mr. Doomsday and having minimal personality, he needs to go.
  • Not like last week's but still good

    It had been a while since I laughed in a Bones episode. This one had several moments that were funny and no one was off character.
    I have to say this show have cases of people who accidentally kill someone and at some point it lets you know that if they didn't act impulsively many crimes wouldn't be committed. I liked Booth, his behavior and his compassion for the murderer shows the kind of man we met in those first episodes. His interaction with Brennan again was very interesting, with the back and forth conversation that makes you want more.
    Angela's whole "I'm ok with it" speech to Hodgins was my least favorite moment. I can't believe a person can get over something so deep so soon, while Hodgins is still wondering what went wrong and dealing with the pain the breakup caused him. Just for pride, I hope Hodgins never takes her back. He deserves better.
    Cam and the new grad, excellent. Cam's patience surprised me as well as how straight she is when she wants to say something.
    Brennan. God, is she for real? She really made me laugh with her response to Angela's situation. One of the things I like about this show is how she and Booth compliment each other without sounding boring or repetitive. She loves telling Booth what he wants to hear, but the best thing is that is true and she makes him feel better in a second. She knows that Booth works very hard to be a good person but he needs to hear someone say it to be satisfied. And nothing is better for him than to hear it from Brennan.
  • A woman's leg is found in an elevator shaft.

    This was a pretty good episode of Bones. I liked the office aura that the episode had from the realistic dialogue in the elevator, to the way everything in the case progressed.

    The acting was strong as usual and Booth being obsessed with getting the chair was great. I wasn't crazy about the suicidal hippie working there, but he did have some funny lines.

    The case was fairly interesting and I honestly had no idea how things were going to turn out. In that aspect, Bones always delivers, but this particular investigation was much more thorough and carefully scripted out.

    Great episode here tonight.
  • This was an okay episode. Nothing really wrong with it, but nothing really exciting either.

    This was an okay episode. Nothing really wrong with it, but nothing really exciting either. However, I thought the dialogue was particularly clever and witty. There were several funny moments. The episode was written by Elizabeth Benjamin who also wrote The Santa in the Slush, which is regarded as one of the best episodes.

    Most of those funny moments I mentioned were from Joel David Moore(Dodgeball) who guest stars this week as Dr. Brennan's intern. I thought he was very good, it was a role that only he could fill that well. The sub plot with Booth trying to obtain a recently deceased agent's office chair was kind of odd, but I still thought it was pretty clever. Especially the end when Booth realizes that the chair wasn't worth it. Priceless.

    One thing that is starting to really bug me is that no one takes Dr. Sweets seriously. It was funny at first, but it's getting old. We have seen several times that he is a very good therapist. I guess if they changed it so that people started taking him more seriously, his character would be much less interesting.
  • The team takes on a new intern and investigate the remains found smeared in an elevator shaft.

    It was a decent episode, not as good as last week's but decent none the less. The case itself wasn't that interesting - a bad boss getting what was coming to her. Thumbs up for the gore factor though. Had to giggle at Booth's reaction. I suppose that the case of the coworker romance gone wrong was supposed to mirror what was happening between Angela and Hodgins. At least we finally got some sort of reaction from Angela. She and Hodgins were still a little awkward at first, but they managed to make peace.
    The new intern was another annoying one. He was smart but I agreed with Cam when she kept commenting on how maudlin he was. On top of that he kept wanting an audience for his laughably dark musings. I did like how Brennan managed to - in her way put him in his place by telling him that mathematics doesn't trivialize life but helps us to understand it and is beautiful in itself. I liked last week's intern Wendell better. Other than Clark, he seemed the most normal one and I could see him as a part of the team unless they come up with a believable way to bring Zack back into the fold. The whole thing with Booth, Brennan and the chair was cute, especially the end. I think that it was one of the rare times that she complimented Booth without feeling the need to simultaneously point out her own attributes. It was hilarious that when Booth finally got what he wanted, it wasn't quite what he thought it would be.
    All in all I enjoyed the episode and can't wait for next week's installment.
  • I really enjoyed this episode. From the opening with Booth and Bones in session with Sweets to the elevator scene when the leg drops, it held my interest well.

    Booth's reactions to seeing the smeared bits of the body brought an immediate connection with the audience and allowed a small bit of comic relief while at the same time offering us a chance to relate with our own feelings. It was an emotional hook done quickly and naturally-excellent acting on David's part, IMO. I've been having trouble this year so far, but finally felt that I could follow along with some amount of confidence with this show. At the end of the episode, with the murderer now in custody, I was very pleased to see Booth offer a sympathy I haven't seen from him yet this season. He's been somewhat distracted and cold lately-or I've been overly sensitive. Such a thing is possible.

    The intern was intriguing, and Cam, I'm beginning to see, has the patience of an angel. I think Tamara and Michaela have done some wonderful work this season-left to hold up the exposition scenes for what little fleshing out they've decided to give to each intern. This does make me wonder why Bones is so little in the lab lately... Avoiding something? It was great to see Hodgins and Angela working to get back that normal atmosphere we're used to seeing around there. This could be the awkward feeling I've had with the show this season: too many changes at once, but thank goodness it seems to be headed toward a smoothing out.
  • Bones and Booth work to solve a mystery of a woman thrown down an elevator shaft.

    This episode started off well, with Bones and Booth trading one-liners in Sweet's office and at the crime scene. But it just sort of fizzled after that. Hodgins and Angela agreed to co-exist, which was at least a bit more realistic than ignoring each other, and the (yet another) new intern provided a bit of comic relief, but there wasn't really much substance to this. There wasn't much Booth and Bones sexual tension, the team really didn't work much together, and there just seemed to be something missing. Having said all that, every episode can't be stellar, and this was at least entertaining enough to keep me watching.
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