Season 4 Episode 25

The Critic in the Cabernet

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 07, 2009 on FOX

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  • Skippable

    This was one of my least favorite episodes until the whole show went to crap in season 6. The best thing to do is skip this and the one that followed. Season 5 picks up a few months later with these episodes summarized perfectly so that the show can move on to being about the fun murder cases, and not the torrid soap opera.
  • Very Revealing

    At this point you just have to be screaming at the tv, "how can you not know you love each other!!" I know I was. It wasn't very surprising to me that she wants a baby, I felt she has been open to the idea since the time she had to take care of one and with Cam becoming a parent and everyone, including Booth telling her how wonderful having a child was bound to be swayed. What is shocking is that you do not see it coming that she wants a child immediately and her first choice without considering anyone else is to have Booth's sperm. *facepalms* It is just like Sweets said, why specifically ask for Booth's Sperm when you can just as easily find a suitable donor at the sperm bank. If she is so intent on Booth as the father she should at least date him to see if they can be a family the normal way since they can at least admit that they are close friends. But of course she is scared to be emotionally connected

    It was fun seeing how uncomfortable everyone was (especially Booth) and just how crazy Brennan's decision wasxD
  • Three words: ama-za-zing(amay-zu-zing)

    This was one of the funniest and simply best episodes. It was funny from the begining, when Booth and Bones are at therapy. I only saw the beginning and a little of the end the first time, and from seeing that, I knew that I had to go back and watch it again. I also liked the fact that Stewie Griffin came out in this episode. I loved it. I wish I could watch it again, but I can't find it anywhere. It anyone knows where I can find this episode, please let me know.
    This is the best show right now, and the chemistry between Booth and Bones!!! ADM!!! Hope there are more episodes as good as, or better than, this one.
  • The case is only the backdrop to the long-overdue drama between Booth and Brennan.

    Looks like season 5 could be when romance is in the air, this episode cements the relationship.

    Sweets' word play game has a delightful outcome – Brennan wants a baby and for Booth to be the father! What would make Booth feel so much more comfortable if he could be a part of the baby's life, we already know what a wonderful father he is. He's a great choice, even if Booth and Brennan didn't feel strongly for each other. Given that he's her first (and only) choice, she really needs to look hard at why that is. Neither one of them has dated in several months, they should both think about that too.

    Booth having hallucinations is hilarious. Stu from Family Guy is always adorable and they are just some great scenes. Unfortunately, they are caused by a brain tumor. So sweet that he wants her in the theatre, that's how much he trusts her.

    As always, Hodgins' overly enthusiastic experiment goes awry, covering Cam with melon. I love Hodgins and his experiments are always great.

    A lovely and not overly heavy personal episode, which finally takes the next step in Booth & Brennan's blossoming romance.
  • It brought tears to my eyes.

    Wow, I don't say it was the best but I think it was a good episode. The only problem I have it that all of a sudden Brennan wants to have a child. No explanations. Her choice of a father is logical for so many reasons. Booth's reaction to her request is normal. He obviously wants to be involved. He and Brennan have such a history that it would be weird if he wouldn't be involved.

    The scenes with Cam were hilarious. The one with the watermelon and her reaction to Brennan's news was just great. I also loved her concern for Booth. She was right as always. It was nice to see Sweets listen to Booth as a friend. The last scenes brought tears to my eyes. I just loved seeing Booth looking for Brennan to appear and then give her his best and sweet smile. Brennan was well, Brennan, but that's the way she is. You can't ask more from her. Poor Booth. He's such a great man that he doesn't deserve that. I wish I could see Brennan cry, break. I know it's not how she's built but at least the writers owe it to us after WITW. It would be normal for her to just let it out. Hopefully, next season.

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with a human finger being found inside of a wine barrel, and so Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. When Booth and Bones do a word association game for Sweets as part of his research Booth is shocked to hear Bones admit that she wants a baby.
    When Booth mentions that she would need a guy, she says she just needs sperm and basically asks Booth for his, after he is tested of course. Booth tells her that he will think about it. When they open the barrel, they soon find the remains of a human inside. Soon Bones tells her co-workers that she has decided to have a baby, which shocks them all. Especially since she brought it up whilst emptying the barrel of body parts. She tells Cam that once she has the baby she will need about 6 weeks off. And when she says she is asking Booth, the intern also offers to donate his sperm. When Bones goes back to her office, Angela goes to see her about the whole baby situation. Soon the victim is IDed as a wine critic, who went missing over a year ago. Cam goes to see Booth and questions him about the whole baby situation. Soon Bones arranges for Booth to go to a clinic to be tested, before they go ahead with the whole baby thing. So he goes to the clinic and whilst he is there he sees Stewie from Family Guy on the TV. But even after switching it off, Stewie is still there, talking to Booth about his current situation.
    Could this hallucination be related to the fact that he still hasn't made his mind up about helping Bones, or is there something bigger at play here? Soon Sweets talking to Booth about helping Bones and soon admits that imaged a baby, and Sweets tells him that it's fine. Although Booth didn't tell him that it was a character from a TV show, and not an actual baby. Soon we learn that the victim was having an affair, and we learn that the woman he was having an affair with actually had the victim's child, and not her husband's as she has been telling everyone. At their next session with Sweets he threatens to stop them working together as they don't seem to understand how having a baby together will affect their working relationship. We soon learn that the victim uncovered who was swapping wine, and so he was killed. During this interrogation, Booth again starts to see Stewie. When he starts talking to Stewie, Bones takes him out of the interrogation. He tells her that if he is the father then he has to be involved. Then he confesses that he saw Stewie, and Bones takes him to the hospital, as he has been hallucinating quite a bit recently. We then see everyone waiting at the hospital, to hear the results. Bones then comes in and says that Booth has a brain tumour, which is normally benign. He is being prepped for surgery and Angela tells her to go and be with him, until he is taken down. Angela then hugs her, as we see Bones getting emotional about the whole situation. We then see Booth is in the hospital bed, getting ready to have his surgery, looking for someone. We then see him smile when he sees that Bones is there. She tells him that he is going to be fine, and he asks her to be in the operating room with him. So she says that she will ask. And before we know it, it is time for his operation. We then see him being wheeled down and Bones is by his side. He asks them to stop before they go in, and he tells Bones that if he doesn't make it, he wants her to have "his stuff" so that she can have a baby. He then says he is ready and he is wheeled down, as he and Bones hold hands.
  • Along with the synopsis, Bones wants to have a baby with Booth. And so on.

    Fox should do more of these crossovers! Awesome episode, definitely refreshing and different from the rest where the main focus is not aimed at the murderer or victim or some moral of the story thing.

    The inserting of a cross over character ESPECIALLY stewie is a delight!

    The expressions of Brennan's team, priceless, the reasons for Bone's wanting a baby and her 180 degree turn in attitude towards babies, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I found myself grinning all the way except at the end though.

    Plus, the observation of the entire cast's characters give a further in dept look and kudos to the writers for this episode, it was a well written one.
  • i am so happy i love who ever came up with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    it was just amazing it was shocking but i im so happy i dont think i will ever be sad agian please make more like this i wish they would just date already it is so nerv raking its like talking to wall thats what it is like waiting for the next show but in the end it really is worth it everyone its just great watching them i dont even have a favorite on this show i love them all but i think this episode is my favorite one yet but i guess i will just have to wait for the next one I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bones wants a baby and asks booth to use his sperm. A wine critic is murdered and stuffed into a barrel and booth ends up in the hospital because of an un resolved issue with his health. Oh and stewie griffin guess stars as another " booth" Hallucination

    OMG! This is going to be amazing the writers of House and Bones are amazing can you believe they are going to hook up I bet it'll be as subtle as House and Cuddy. YaY : ) I can't wait to see stewie and i am pretty sure the room he appears in is a room where they give sperm because it didn't look like an interegation room or anythig else. And stewie says " are you scared of a cute innocent baby" I am so excited but what would be even more funny is if they slept together and she got pregnant.
  • Ok, so I was wrong. This episode was much better than I thought it would be.

    When I first heard about this episode, I wasn't a happy camper. The idea of a cartoon making a guest appearance on bones conjured images of a bad live action scene a la Paula Abdul and that weird cat in the "opposites attract" video made me cringe so hard my face hurt. I almost skipped on it and I would have regretted it.
    I admit, I was wrong.
    The episode turned out to be really, really good. There were plenty of laughs, especially when Brennan decided that she wanted Booth's child while in session with him and Sweets. Loved the looks on their faces! There was also the scene where they were all gathered at the table examining the bones and the...substance formerly known as wine...and Brennan decides to inform them of her decision. Oh the facial expressions! And yeah I have to admit that the scenes with Booth and Stewie were both cute and funny. The ending took me for a loop with its emotionality. It was nice to see Booth allowing himself to be so vulnerable to Brennan and her being sensitive to it. It was a great episode and I was glad to be mistaken. I hope they keep this up for the finale.
  • Brennan and Booth are called in when a body is discovered in a barrel of wine. Meanwhile, Brennan asks Booth to father her child, causing confusion and curiousity amongst their colleagues.

    Absolutely fantastic! I wasn't exactly thrilled with the thought of a crossover between Family Guy and Bones, I'm not exactly a fan of Family Guy, but I was pleasantly surprised when I started watching the episode. The crossover was expertly done, with it being both believable and entertaining. The Bones crew has done it again! This episode was a fine example of why I watch this show!

    Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz bring the characters to life. Without going into too much detail, this episode was a perfect segue into the rumoured Booth-Brennan hook up in the season finale. (I suppose it's a littl more than rumoured, since Emily Deschanel said that she was happy with the way it was done)

    I can't wait for the season finale!
  • I want you have my... stuff.

    This, in short, was the most incredible and moving Bones episode that I have ever seen. The case was interesting enough, involving a dead wine critic found in a wine barrel, but the character development and interaction is some of the best I have seen on Bones.

    Being obsessed with Bones, this episode was one that I waited for religiously, checking up on the internet every 5 mins today, and boy, was it worth it.

    To start off with, the scene in Sweets' office with Brennan and Booth. When Sweets introduces an excercise to the partners, he has no idea what would become of it! With Bones stating her wish to have Booth be the father of her baby in the opening scene, it left you waiting excitedly for what was to come. The way that Brennan tells the other 'squints' about this is comical and well written, with Brennan's lines jumping between expressing her want to have Booth be the father of her baby, and discussing the case in a way that distracted and amazing her Jeffersonian coworkers. Even when Angela tried to take her aside to discuss such a huge thing, Brennan covered up any awkward moments or any questions that she didnt want to answer by reverting the conversation back to the case.

    The episode went on, with many funny interactions between Booth and Bones, including infront of suspects, and in front of the squints. Booth, while first blown away by the idea, eventually says yes, and agrees to father Bones' baby.

    When he is in a room donating sperm for the baby, he hullucinates, seeing Stewie from family guy. Stewie talks to Booth about the issues that he is having, and in a way shows the audience what Booth is thinking. The interactions between Stewie and Booth is flawless, believeable, and really, really, funny.

    When the case is solved, and Booth and Brennan are interogating the murderer, Booth once again sees Stewie, and this time exclaims out loud, infront of both the murderer and Brennan that he doesnt want Brennan to have a baby if he cannot be involved, and be the Dad.

    Bones then pulls him out into the corridor, exclaiming that he has something seriously wrong with him, and Booth ends up in hospital. After scans, it is proved to be a brain tumour. Bones explains to the squints that these brain tumours are usually benign. She says, while beginning to break down that, statistically, Booth should be fine, but on Angela's suggestion, she hurries back to Booth, who is delighted to see her.

    The episode ends with Booth telling Bones that if he does die in the theatre that he wants Bones to have the baby using his sperm.

    At the end of the episode, there is some Hodgins-Angela dialogue, with both of them talking about how short life is, and how easy it is to take life for granted. They talk about how one of them could have easily stopped their break up, and Hodgins even says that it would be easy to begin again, followed by an intense look between Angela and Jack.

    I cannot wait for next week, it promises t be an amazing season finale. I have just two words to say to sum up this week's episode: WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  • Bones has pulled of the crossover with "Family Guy". This episode is now one of my personal favorites.

    This review might be considered a little biased because I have loved Bones from the beginning, but I do believe that they have pulled off the crossover with "Family Guy" really well. The episode was excellent, and my husband, who is mostly neutral towards the show told me that he was moved and nearly shed a few tears when Booth was being wheeled into the emergency room. I can't wait to see the season finale, "The end in the beginning" and find out how Booth's recovery is going and what all this will mean for him and Brennan. They chose an innovative way to step into the 5th season, and this episode will remain one of my personal favorites.
  • Baby, Booth, Sperm, Egg, I want a baby....whoa, horse and then Stewie shoes up to give donation advice

    This was one fun, heart warming episode; filled with quips and plenty of drama. Since this is Bones, the drama is usually personal where the case of the week is used as a vehicle to bring out issues and thoughts by each individual hence we get to know the Squints through each case a bit better. We started with a fascinating therapy session with Sweets (inserted briefly in the summary above) which leads to a Baby Bones conversation and theme of the remaining season. Since this is a review, I will not get into the details of the episode since it is filled with too many memorable moments. As advertised, Stewie was too good and very nicely inserted into the show. Booth's reaction and conversations with him were hilarious and well his acting at the end when Brennan tells him that he might have a medical condition was exceptional as well. The episode ended with a cliffhanger as Booth's condition is revealed and he is wheeled into a 2 hr surgery. Statistically such tumors are benign hence Booth will be fine, however, this is a TV show. The writers might do a Shonda and put the main character on/near a death bed for a while...
  • I'd never thought I'd see this about a Bones/Family Guy crossover, but... THAT was absolutely brilliant.

    When I read on the Ausiello files, what they were going to do with this episode I had about the same reaction as 95 % of the Bones audience: WTF?!?!?! What have they been smoking lately? Never in my life I would have thought I would sit down the day after and give this a perfect 10 - because that is precisely what it was. So many shows have promoted and hyped their final episodes of the season as the ones "to shock you, move you, blow you away" and what not. Sadly, many fail to deliver (amongst others is my favorite show NCIS, which has left me completely underwhelmed during those anticipated final four episodes). Bones, however, which I could literally SEE jumping the shark... Bones HAS DELIVERED. BIG TIME. This episode had everything: It was paced perfectly, it had fantastic dialog and one liners ("if I want to I can start my own country!"), it was funny, original and, eventually, sad and tragic and warm and heart breaking. Everything from the script to the acting was great. I am not even a die hard Bones fan, but I was so pleased to see that they delivered where my favorite show bitterly disappointed me. If they don't blow it in the finale, then I am sure to stick around for what's to come in the next season and at this point that is the best compliment I can give the makes and the writers and everyone involved. :)
  • Make a direct deposit like a man!!! LOL!!

    So fun.!... this was one of my favorite episodes. At first, like all Bones fans, I thought, a crossover with family guy?? That's going to be weird... but the epi was great, I had so much fun!... However, I would've loved to see more Stewie-Booth scenes.

    5 Best moments of the Critic in the Cabernet: Where do I begin?... 1- The therapy session was brilliant, how Bones, from this psychological kind of game, started to relate every word Booth said with sex and babies... Well except for horse (lol), Then Bones realizes that she wants to have a baby with Booth
    (Let's face it, she's a rational person so she had already thought it out, she wouldn't have picked a random guy). And Sweet's and Booth's faces when they heard the news were priceless!!
    2- How Brennan tells the Squints she's having Booth's baby, as it was a regular topic in the lab. And how she changes topic from the case, to the baby, and then the case again...
    3- Brennan trying to explain to Angela why she picked Booth. And Ang saying "so it's because Booth is hot"... (Bones couldn't deny it!!) And Brennan kind of hidden smile....... "i'm only thinking of the child" (yeah suree!!)
    4 - Stewie-Booth scene in the sample room was soo funny... Booth's freaked-out-face when he saw Stewie (saying everything Booth feels, but he hasn't yet realised)...
    And Stewie saying " oohhh Porn! "
    Then Booth sees Stewie again when the murdered is confesing... and Stewie scared when they leave him alone with the killer... 5- Booth saying to Bones, that he wanted her to be at his side during the surgery... and then he confesses to Brennan that, if anything happens to him, he wants her to have his baby!! (so cutee)

    This epi was the best!... Can't wait to see the season finale!
  • Brennan completely breaks character and decides to have a baby and of course she wants Booth to be the father. He agrees but hallucinates and sees Stewie which is later blamed on a brain tumor. Oh and some random guy died; murder never technically closed.

    The writers are on crack. This was the most absurd thing I have ever seen. Brennan's -random- and -out of character- baby thing aside, the hallucinations were stupid and pointless and have done nothing of but ruin the series for me. The tumor excuse be damned. Everyone started out in character with their "W.T.F?!" reactions, but quickly changed their minds and got excited about the baby. Angela already bought it clothes, seriously?! And putting Angela and Hodgins back together this quickly is stupid. I was so proud of him for not wanting to get back with her earlier, but now he's the one suggesting it? W.T.F?! Sweets is the only sane character left. Unless the finale is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, I'm done with Bones for good. The Booth/Brennan chemistry had died and feels to forced now. This crap is just getting ridiculous.
  • Bones wants to have a baby with Booth's sperm (:

    I can say this is my favorite episode ever! Their is so umch character development between Booth & Bones. I can say that this episode is not for the anti - Booth & Bones, or "blah blah, is going to ruin their relationship or tension." It shows that Brennan isn't really like a robot and has no feelings! She actually cried because Booth had a brain tumor! She usually would have said "He's going to be fine." and not do anything. I cried so much, it was so sad & but cute at the same time.

    Anyways, I love how she pulled him out of the interrogation room and told him to trust her. It was really sweet. And I believe she was holding his hand while they were taking him to surgery! I could type so much more but I do not want to ramble! (:
  • Unwatchable

    The body stealing episode was terrible, then we had two decent episodes and then this. Definitley jumping the sharks (plural).

    45 minutes of variations on the way to say sperm and impregnate, 5 minutes of an actual murder investigation and 10 minutes of commercials. Not a very memorable episode, one not even Stewie can save.

    Her wanting to have a baby was so totally out of the blue for her character. Yeah, I know us viewing public have known about this for months, but her character never even mentioned it before. It seems like she decided one morning over her cereal, if some one as intellectually superior to and better than all humanity as she is would eat cereal.

    Bones is dead, long live Bones!
  • A little out of character, but still a good episode!

    Overall, I liked this episode. When Brennan announced she wanted to have a baby, I was kind of irritated, mostly because she has been saying since season 1 why she doesn't want children. However, being as super-rational as she is, I could also see how she convinced herself that logically, a child is what she must need. I am glad they didn't go through with it, because I don't think she would do so well as a mother at this point in her life. Maybe not; I don't know.

    Otherwise, one of the better episodes! When Stewie flashed on the screen I couldn't stop laughing. And even though it was very sudden, I am so so so glad they resolved the Booth hallucination thing, because I really didn't like how they handled the episode where he saw Parker. Looking forward to next week!
  • Brennan wants Booth's sperm, Sweets is frustrated, Angela hopelessly gives advice, Hodgins and Ange might get back together, Booth has a brain tumor, and some dude is a bucket of goo.

    This episode was not a favourite of mine, but you could say it was still interesting. The actual murder investigation wasn't the focus at all and technically they didn't really close the case either. Booth's hallucinations of Stewie interrupted their last interrogation and we finally discover that the reason for this, and for Booth's other recent hallucinations, are because of a brain tumor. Brennan says they are usually benign which is probably the case with Booth because it would be ridiculous to kill off Booth at this (or any) point. Mostly I just found this episode to be extremely frustrating because Brennan has been slowly becoming more aware of her own emotions but NEVER when it comes to Booth. She is very rational and calculating when it comes to Booth .. I suppose we are all just waiting for the final episode EVER for Brennan to finally realize her feelings for him. However I do hope that Brennan has a baby, I think it would be very interesting how she and Booth handle that.
  • Lots of things going on in this episode. Brennan's sudden obsession with wanting to be a mother comes as a shock to everyone except for Booth. Then it takes a serious turn when it's realized someone is facing an illness

    While Brennan's co-workers have strong opposition to Brennan's decision to become a mother via- sperm donation via Booth, Brennan and Booth seem to be on the same weird level. If they are happy then what's so wrong? But Booth begins to realize through dellusions of Stewie that he has to be a part of the child's life. Brennan seems to step into the role of soon-to-be-mother fast and adapts to it well. Why is the question we all wonder. Why all of a sudden when she complained about parents and children in the past? Some evidence is seen gradually through the season however not enough to support. Maybe we have to wait until the next episode to find out.

    As for the "sudden illness" while it's common for main character to find out they have cancer... it has been horribly cliche lately due to Grey's Anatomy with Lizzie. So when we find out it's a brain tumor all though it sort of answers some questions of weird things going on this past season, it still leaves me feeling a little disappointed. I think an anurism would have been better fitting. The uncomfortable conversation between Brennan and Booth in this episode was enough for me to exclaim: "Oh my god" every five minutes.

    So why the high rating from me with such mixed reviews? Because Brennan thinks she found something that will make her become a better person and something she can dedicate herself to. Booth is behind it 100% because it is what he wanted her to experience. It shows they are on the same level even if that level is still denying their true feelings for each other. I think this episode is epic and makes alot of things in this strange season finally start coming together to make sense.
  • Bones wants a child with Booth, but she doesn't want him to take care of the child. Booth is shocked about Bones' idea and starts seeing Stewie:) Meanwhile, the team investigate the murder of a wine critic.

    Brennan tells Booth she wants to have a child with him, only because she thinks both their DNA combined would make a pretty and intelligent baby. Shocked by Brennan's revelation, Booth starts to see Stewie, first at a clinic, then second in an interrogation room with a suspect. Bones fears for Booth's sanity and wants him to get checked up. The team investigates the murder of a wine critic , while the whole lab talks about the Brennan's baby story. Booth gets ready for an operation and asks Brennan to accompany him in the Operating Room. Everyone starts to think that Brennan would be a good mother, but also imagine her with Booth...
  • BWAB - Brennan Wants a Baby.

    So here's the thing, after finding a decomposed body in a vat of wine Brennan and Booth investigate the murder and find out the dead body is of a wine critic and naturally the episode looks at to the cause and points the finger at a number of suspects until the real killer is caught.

    What made this episode special was Dr. Temperance Brennan announcing firstly to Sweets and Booth then to Hodgins, Angela, Cam and intern that she wants a baby and for Booth to 'inseminate her' ( well not physically ) but by choking the chicken, bashing the bishop, stroking the monkey, or what ever you want to call it. The only problem was that Booth had a few issues which started him hallucinating, his hallucinating got him seeing Stewie from Family Guy, sorry but I cannot comment on the little scallywag as I don't watch Family Guy but he came across funny and got Booth all upset, so upset he told Brennan who ordered him to have a MRI scan, finding some undiagnosed tumour.

    And that's where we leave the episode, with Booth being wheeled to the operating room and having Brennan at hand, thing is next weeks episode looks very very juicy indeed.
  • Bones wants a baby . . . and oh, yeah, there was this guy who got dead by being stuffed in a wine barrel.

    I'd heard all of the buzz and sort of feared the worst. Not just because Bones wants a baby, not just because it was a crossover with Family Guy, and not just because Booth/Bones shippers the 'net over were going into squee overload. No, I feared the worse because the plot at face value comes across just a little whacky and contrived. My final word after having seen it? I think they pulled it off in a believable way . . . for Bones. Bones wanting to have a child didn't come completely out of left field, nor did her choosing Booth as the donor. And it case it did, Bones explains her reasoning to varies parties throughout the script. Even Stewie made sense in a wacky sort of way, and the pay off with Booth having a brain tumor was great too. Oh, and yeah, they solved a murder while they were at it. However, my money is on most people hitting fast forward and blowing through that whole who killed the wine critic sub plot to get to the juicy shippy parts.
  • A wine critic is killed and stuffed in a wine cask. This becomes secondary to the news that Bones has all of a sudden decided to have a baby and wants it to be Booths. Everyone tries to speak with her about it. Booth hallucinates about Stewie!

    This penultimate episode to the season finale was excellent. Booth has been hallucinating a lot this season. This was about the third time and the frequency did seem to be increasing. It was great that Brennan knows Booth well enough to recognize that fact. It is also good that Booth finally told her that if they have a baby he wants to be part of its life. How this effects the rest of the story long term we will have to see. I personally have no problem with this avenue the story is taking. It could be quite interesting and complicate things even more.

    It was important that Angela, Sweets, and Cam all tried to speak to Brennan and Booth about their choices. In the end it shows that these people really care for each other(not that there was any doubt).

    The tumor in Booth's brain brings to the fore the realization that life in our human form can be fleeting and sometimes you just need to grab on and take the ride. I hope if they decide to have a baby together it is explained well and everyone understands each others reasons for the decisions made. I think it is important for the story going forward.

    Oh yeah, the dead guy in the wine cask? He was having an adulterous affair, was sleeping with someone else's wife, and got her pregnant as well. Oh and he was't getting along with his own wife besides. All good reasons someone might kill him, but in the end it was all about greed and a point of view that killing someone was more important than losing ones inheritance("That winery has been in our family for eighty years").

    I am really looking forward to the final episode of the season this week. It should be great. Thanks for reading...
  • During a session with Sweets, Brennan says she wants a baby and wants Booth to be the father. Meanwhile, the body of a wine critic is found and through the episode, Booth starts seeing Stewie in different places giving him advice.

    It was everything we expect from Bones, drama, romance, mystery, murder and of course "stewie". It was a great development of what has unfolded so far on the show and it was as good as we were prepared to see from all the publicity on this episode. For those who think the decision to have a baby was out of the blue for Brennan, I should say that even Sweets mentions that his approach makes people say things from their subconcious and for Brennan it seemed well thought (atleast in the depths of her mind).
    They could have added a little more twist in the murder but all together, it was perfect.
  • One of the best this season

    When i heard the synopsis for this episode, about Brennan wanting a baby i was shocked. I thought that why would they completely change Brennans character from what we have seen in the previous seasons, and asking for booths sperm when she denies any form of attachment to him, i thought that it could well be a jump the shark moment, but i was still looking forward to the episode because it was a moment i was eager to see. my thoughts were wrong, the episode was brilliant and the storyline was played out really well. The chemistry the characters has with eachother was as always brilliantly played by David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. There were no junp the shark momentsin my opinion and booths health was dealt with immensely by David, his portrayal of the character in this episode was amazing to watch.
  • Brennan and her idea about baby..

    Ok.. I am not sure but I had higher hopes for the episode. I again feel like it is all about other things that I loved to watch the show. The whole Booth-Bones relationship is somehow brought to the surface and even if I am happy with that development, it feels little weird..

    I was also little skeptic about the Family Guy thing but that was even quite funny - specially the moment when that cartoon guy was left alone with a murderer.

    So.. Overall I felt the description of episode promised more but it was quite avarage episode.. ok, we had all the relationship thing but still..
  • All Baby - Little Case.

    One of the things that was made clear early on was that tonight's episode was more about a hypothetical baby than a murder. Bones wanting a baby is just funny but her approach is just bizarre, totally lacking emotion but totally Brennan. Her rationalization of it just shows that maybe she's looking something more than a baby. However, on the other hand she wouldn't be the most typical mom, calling fingers phalanges but I believe she would be a good mom but I think that child would definitely be in therapy. The body in the wine cast was just gross, even by Bones standards. Fisher's back and amusing as ever. I think Sweets needs to demand a little bit more respect for his position and his opinion. Gallagher would have been proud of the watermelon test. I initially thought the whole Stewie thing was TOTALLY unnecessary. But then twist that there is something truly wrong with Boothe was just jaw dropping. Boothe asking Brennan to be there, literally, with him during surgery and the conversation just before was touching. It really showed how close and connected they are whether they want to admit it or not.
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