Season 4 Episode 25

The Critic in the Cabernet

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 07, 2009 on FOX

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    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with a human finger being found inside of a wine barrel, and so Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. When Booth and Bones do a word association game for Sweets as part of his research Booth is shocked to hear Bones admit that she wants a baby.
    When Booth mentions that she would need a guy, she says she just needs sperm and basically asks Booth for his, after he is tested of course. Booth tells her that he will think about it. When they open the barrel, they soon find the remains of a human inside. Soon Bones tells her co-workers that she has decided to have a baby, which shocks them all. Especially since she brought it up whilst emptying the barrel of body parts. She tells Cam that once she has the baby she will need about 6 weeks off. And when she says she is asking Booth, the intern also offers to donate his sperm. When Bones goes back to her office, Angela goes to see her about the whole baby situation. Soon the victim is IDed as a wine critic, who went missing over a year ago. Cam goes to see Booth and questions him about the whole baby situation. Soon Bones arranges for Booth to go to a clinic to be tested, before they go ahead with the whole baby thing. So he goes to the clinic and whilst he is there he sees Stewie from Family Guy on the TV. But even after switching it off, Stewie is still there, talking to Booth about his current situation.
    Could this hallucination be related to the fact that he still hasn't made his mind up about helping Bones, or is there something bigger at play here? Soon Sweets talking to Booth about helping Bones and soon admits that imaged a baby, and Sweets tells him that it's fine. Although Booth didn't tell him that it was a character from a TV show, and not an actual baby. Soon we learn that the victim was having an affair, and we learn that the woman he was having an affair with actually had the victim's child, and not her husband's as she has been telling everyone. At their next session with Sweets he threatens to stop them working together as they don't seem to understand how having a baby together will affect their working relationship. We soon learn that the victim uncovered who was swapping wine, and so he was killed. During this interrogation, Booth again starts to see Stewie. When he starts talking to Stewie, Bones takes him out of the interrogation. He tells her that if he is the father then he has to be involved. Then he confesses that he saw Stewie, and Bones takes him to the hospital, as he has been hallucinating quite a bit recently. We then see everyone waiting at the hospital, to hear the results. Bones then comes in and says that Booth has a brain tumour, which is normally benign. He is being prepped for surgery and Angela tells her to go and be with him, until he is taken down. Angela then hugs her, as we see Bones getting emotional about the whole situation. We then see Booth is in the hospital bed, getting ready to have his surgery, looking for someone. We then see him smile when he sees that Bones is there. She tells him that he is going to be fine, and he asks her to be in the operating room with him. So she says that she will ask. And before we know it, it is time for his operation. We then see him being wheeled down and Bones is by his side. He asks them to stop before they go in, and he tells Bones that if he doesn't make it, he wants her to have "his stuff" so that she can have a baby. He then says he is ready and he is wheeled down, as he and Bones hold hands.