Season 6 Episode 13

The Daredevil in the Mold

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2011 on FOX

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  • As much as the storyline is probably well thought out and factually correct it's the relationships that make this episode.

    The drunken decision to propose by both Booth and Sweets seems rather juvenile especially when sweets backs out after realising that thinking about the money means he isn't ready. Booth on the other hand seems determined to push forward even though you feel he is trying to forget Brennan.
    The two options, stay and have a drink to celebrate the successful end of a case, or leave and the partnership is over seems to leave out the option Brennan was hinting at. Hopefully when Booth has had time to think and sober up, he'll realise what's in front of him. As much as I like Hannah, I rather hope she's gone for good.
  • Hannah's out of Brennan's way, but may waltz back in any day.

    Do any other viewers feel like Hannah's little "I feel like we're not done forever, but we are for now" speech to Booth was a cheap trick foreshadowing a future return? We are not amused.

    This episode rode in on the believability coat-tails of many prior episodes. I say that because, without Agent Booth's history--his emotional intelligence, loyalty, desire for connection, solid character--as created throughout prior seasons, there's pretty much no way I would have bought his on-the-fly proposal, or the too-sudden end of this relationship that no Booth-Brennan fan liked from the beginning.

    Good show, but this episode was the bad apple...
  • Great episode, not thanks to the case, but to the emotional ending and very well done acting by Booth's actor.

    I won't make a summary of this episode, already has one. So let's jump to the review directly.

    The case and story was good, it wasn't a big one, it was merely there to have something happening while the different relationship status evolved.
    Overall this was a big step forward.
    Unlike most people I liked Hannah, she was a very nice person, very beautiful, and very honest. I think that if Booth doesn't end up with Bones, Hannah is his best companion possible. Maybe even better than Bones. They are the canon couple of the show, and I like Bones a lot. But I like Hanhah just as much.
    I think the ending was great, Booth's rightful anger was very well done. And he is right to be angry. I hated when I saw Bones coming back to him to tell him she regretted saying no to him only to come back now that he was with someone else. He was in a new relationship and she had no right to do so. (Well I have a low tolerance of this kind of stuff :p).

    In the end Booth went all out and was rejected again. I am anxious to see what is up ahead, but I'd really hate to see him back with Bones just yet. I am all for fanservice but this wouldn't be right.
  • Bad relationships

    The meat and potatoes of the episode are fine. It's pretty standard Bones fare, and they do a good job like usual. Its the personal interactions and relationships that make this episode a bit of a let down.

    The start of the Booth story for the episode has him goaded into making a rash decision/realization about his life and relationships. Booth is a great guy, so it wouldn't be that big of a leap for him to get to where he ends up, but it is presented in a way that makes it look like he was pushed there by Sweets. Then about mid-way through the episode, Sweets gets cold feet, and the writers now switch Booth to being the determined individual. Again, it wouldn't be a huge leap for Booth on his own, but its like a light switch just flipped, and he all the sudden his mind was made up by somebody else.

    The end of the episode was upsetting as well. Not for the resolution of the murder story, but again for the Booth relationship story. Booth proposes to his girlfriend, who we find out has told him NOT to do that several times. Big surprise... she says no. Then Hannah and Booth make the decision right there to never see each other again. Except without talking... Then Booth takes this VERY expensive ring and throws it into the Reflecting Pool. I may be imagining it, but Booth and Brennen had a lot of tension in the earlier seasons about him not making a lot of money. So why again did he just throw several thousand dollars into trash rather than just return it? Or better yet, give the nice ring to Sweets who was struggling to afford the ring he wished he could buy for Daisy.

    All in all, a very disappointing way to end the Booth/Hannah arc.
  • Uneventful episode, geared around relationship with Booth and Hanna. The finale 7 minutes is what saves this episode.

    The only thing this episode was good for is the relationship with Booth and Hanna becoming resolved. In my opinion, this arc with Hanna has been a complete waste of time. It could have been so much better with a bigger send off between them. In what amounts to nothing more than a tertiary arc, they really missed the mark. Granted, it still gives Booth some character development, and while we can believe this event has really hurt Booth. Hanna was not developed enough for fans to care. The fans should have been torn between what is Booth's happiness. They failed to do this with the Hanna arc. Time will tell, and it's always possible for Hanna to appear again. (Maybe the season finale?)

    Also, it seems that the stories are going to re-focus on the "crime of the week". They seem to be holding off of a relationship between Booth and Bones. Which is good. I know a lot of people want to finally get to that point, but for a show like this...their relationship is meant for a series finale. If they went there before the final episode...the show would jump the shark, ala Angela and Hodgins.

    With most of the established villains gone. There is only two things left for me as a fan that I want to see. The return of Zack...and of course the relationship between Booth and Bones realized...though the latter would mean the end of the show. So I am all for keeping them as far apart from each other for as long as possible.
  • Could it be? Hannah gone for good? I certainly hope so.

    I'm sorry but this episode again shows how the writing is slipping and the overall quality of the program declining. This was not done with pathos and grace, the way Brennan saying good-bye to Sully was done. Bones and Booth seem so awkward with each other now. The scene at the end in the bar was pitiful. I could not rally any sympathy for Booth. As far as the rest of the episode - the depressed intern is the worse (I can't even remember his name). If they want to try and squeeze out one more good season, they should find a way to bring back Zack - as all the interns kinda suck. The only good thing is that perhaps Hannah is gone for good.
  • i.e Silvermoore's "Poor Booth"

    I feel Silvermoore's assessment was right on about the case and the character's interactions. However, I do not agree that I am pulling for Brennan. Rebecca rejected Booth after having his son. How devastating was that? And if you remember back to the 100th Episode, Brennan has rejected Booth twice. Remember the old saying "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." As far as I am concerned Brennan has had her shot and missed it. I truly believe that Hannah was Booth's last and best shot at true happiness. I know this goes against all the fans out there that want Booth and Brennan together, but I really like Hannah and believe that she was the best thing that ever happened to Booth. Hannah may have totally screwed it up because, as with Rebecca, this may have been their moment and she blew it.

    However, and I could be way off base, but I think the Season Finale will be where Booth gets word that Hannah has gone missing, while on assignment in Afghanistan, and he is going to look for her and says "I will not be back until I find her. This is as much about my feelings as it is about finding Hannah. I will not let her disappear out of my life again." Everyone in the Jeffersonian is devastated and is left wondering if they will ever see either of them alive again.

    Ok, let's just get this over with so I can go and spend the rest of the night trying to wrap my head around what happened in the last 10 minutes of this episode.
    Sure, we were all expecting some really cheesy proposal from Booth, but what we weren't expecting was the refusal from Hannah. Or were we? I think that is fair to assume that no one wanted this to go any further, but with all the interviews with the producers and Hart Hanson saying that this probably wouldn't be Hannah's last episode this season, we just assumed that something was going to go down. And it DID go down. She said no to him. Sure, I jumped from my chair and clapped and cheered and told her to go away some more. All expected reactions.
    After last week's episode where we got to see some real Booth and Bones old relationship, this week we got our hearts broken along with Booth's. Rebecca didn't want him, Bones didn't want him (well, not right away she didn't) and finally, Hannah didn't want him. Which begs a question: what the hell is wrong with the women on this show?! Of course, not every women here has problems. Look at Hodgins and Angela, given us the cutest little scenes week after week. Even Fischer was nice. Cam is getting her life together with the good looking doctor. The final sequence of the episode was totally, absolutely heart breaking. Booth didn't want to dwell on what happened to him and he gave Bones a choice. She had that look on her face that said she wanted to discuss their feelings right then and there with him, but she was the better person and decided to keep him as her partner. At least for a while. David Boreanaz acting was excellent, as expected. Emily was very behind the scenes, only appearing when she was desperately needed to appear. To wrap this up. We had our hearts in our sleeves this week, how is next week's going to treat us?
  • Poor Booth!

    I liked this episode more than a lot of people, it seems. The case itself was just okay, but not all that interesting. On just the merit of the case itself, I would have given the episode an 8.0, but the interactions between certain characters just pushed it up to a 9.5 for me. Booth and Sweets getting drunk together was cute, although Sweets was a jerk for telling Booth he didn't want to end up like him-in his 40s and unmarried. Angela and Hodgins interactions were only tolerable. As a currently pregnant woman, I am annoyed by her tiny pregnant belly and by the fact that she obliquely refers to morning sickness, but you never see her running to the restroom. She seems like an idealized version of a pregnant woman, and frankly, it's irritating.

    I guess what got me about the episode was Booth proposing to Hannah and her rejecting him. Of course, I want Booth to get with Bones, like everyone else, but I really liked Hannah, and I believe that he really did love her, so her rejection of his proposal just broke my heart! Poor Booth! I admit-and pregnancy hormones may have been a factor-but I cried my eyes out for old Seely. To be thrice rejected by the women he loved, that's got to be devastating! It made sense for Hannah to call Brennan and for her to go to Booth's side, but I did think it was a little weird-although not out of character-for Brennan to ask him, "What next?" I mean, what did she expect him to say? "Well, I guess now that Hannah's rejected me, I'll give a relationship with you a try!" I think not! The man obviously needs some time to grieve and recover, and then, maybe he'll be ready to open up his heart to Brennan again.

    I do think Hannah will be back. As it is now, I think the writers wanted to keep her around for future plot developments. My guess is that she'll want him back, but he will choose Brennan. What would be more interesting to me would be if she would end up a murder victim. I think that's definitely a possibility. Another possibility is that she and Brennan could remain friends, since lord knows it's hard for Brennan to make friends! But of course, that wouldn't be Hannah's only existence on the show. Eventually, she'll cause issues whether as a murder victim or as a rival to Brennan for Booth's affection.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the episode.
  • A day of rash decisions.....

    So Booth and Sweets get drunk in the bar and Booth impulsively decides to copy Sweets and ask Hannah to marry him. It seemed like a hastily thought out plan to me. We have to ask ourselves, why he is doing this? He obviously wants to settle down, but does he really want to do this with Hannah or is this just a reaction to not being able have Brennan. I agree that it may seem that going back to Bones looks like a second choice - but maybe he subconsciously knew Hannah would say no?? Maybe his refusal to continue with Hannah after her rejection was just a way to get back to home-base and his relationship with Brennan. Last week he did say the one he loves the best is "not going anywhere". I hope they allow Sweets to help him see that the whole Hannah marriage idea was just a reaction to the fact that he can't reconcile easily with loss of Brennan. So in my view I see Hannah as the second choice-not Brennan. So an interesting episode- with some surprising twists. I did think he should have given the ring to Sweets for Daisy though! I'm afraid the murder plot was a bit ho-hum and I also thought that the Avatar intern was rather useless and annoying in this episode. The case seemed to be solved by some rather unbelievable computer technology but I guess I'm no expert in that area. I would like the rhythm and banter of the earlier episodes to return but I'm not sure if the writers are going to allow this yet. I am not sad to say goodbye to Hannah-she just seemed too good to be true. I was not convinced or emotionally invested in the relationship. Let's see what happens next!!
  • Glad Bones is back :)

    I've been watching Bones since episode one, and i gotta say. COME ON ALREADY!! Bones obviously loves Booth. What's happening here?! Their roles have switched completely! Booth used to be the one wondering, "What if i'd said or did...?" but now he has perfect girl Hannah and is like, "I'm happy with this one." which is good for him, but Bones... she realized she made a mistake a few episodes ago and she TOLD him. But he didn't hear it basically. *sigh* i miss the old days... I'd stopped watching for a while there, scaring myself thinking, "Is Bones done for me?" but i convinced myself to watch this ep and boy am i glad i did!! Now, see, i don't hate Hannah just because she is with Booth. Thats childish and unrealistic. Plus, the writers made it amazingly hard for me to dislike Hannah, with her surprisingly charming personality. She was sweet to people and caring. I like her. But i don't like the relationship. They may seem good together at first glance, but take a deeper look and its all wrong. Booth is offering commitments and undying love. And a kid. But Hannah is apparently just looking for a fun time? I dunno, but in this episode *major spoiler* Booth PROPOSED (yes, piss me off) to Hannah and she went southern bell on him, saying "I ain't the marrying kind,". By then i was almost crying (happiness or sadness? couldn't tell) and Booth's expression was so... crushed. He looked devestated. She said what now in a guilty tone and Booth said rather coldly "How long do you need?" and im pretty sure he was implying to get out of his house. Hannah responded calmly with, "To move out or get over you?". I was feeling bad for both of them, but i was cheering in the back of my mind because i never liked the relationship much. Oh and then Booth threw the 6000$ ring into the fountain for a hobo to find. Charity...
    So here came my favorite part. The last few minutes. It was fantastic. Booth gets drunk in his chair at the bar respectivly when Bones comes in. I was screaming BOOYA! because i was excepting Sweets but was glad it was Brennan. So after a slurred and heartbreaking speech, Both asks her, "So? What're you gunna do? Sit down and have a drink or leave? Cause if you leave, i'll find a new FBI guy for you in the morning." which i thought was relativly extreme, but Bones was a awesome trooper and downed a shot in one glup and ordered another. I was happy and satisfied. Hope they get together somehow in the end. :)
  • What's with women ?

    That was the episode most of 'Bones' fans were waiting for the last couple of months. The case itself wasn't such a big deal, if you ask me, but the proposal was the juicy part. I'm so glad the writers didn't use the "what's wrong with me, why every woman rejects me" cliche, 'cause it really isn't in the character of Booth. At the ending scene in the bar, the way Temperance looked at him - I really thought she was going to kiss him. That would have been a proper ending to the episod, but I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer for that kind of an outcome. On the other hand, we literally heard Temperance choose Booth over everything else - she decided to stay and have a drink, instead of leaving him - as a friend and as a partner. So far we saw it all - Booth wanted Temperance, she rejected him. Temperance realized her mistake, but his heart already was taken, so he rejected her right back. Now I guess they'll both be lonely, just the way Brennan has been since the beginning of this season. Both lonely, but not alone. They'll have their friendship. The question is: what happens next ?
  • There she was, just a-walking down the street...

    Booth and Sweets get drunk and during a fervor - Booth also due to Sweets telling him that he does not want to end up alone like Booth, in his 40's and unmarried - both decide to propose to their respective halves. In the meanwhile, a mouldy body is found on a rooftop, and it appears to have dropped out of the sky. As the case progresses, the team discovers that the victim was a bike rider... And the hunt for the killer begins.

    As Booth and Sweets embark on their jewelery shopping expedition, Sweets decides against proposing, figuring that he isn't ready yet, while Booth gets his dreamy look on and decides to go for the BIG rock. Angela and Hodgins are up for some cute couple moments, especially when they sort of plan the future of their child. Angela's hormones are REALLY starting to act up, this is about to get real interestin'...

    Some suspects are swapped, and the team (also thanks to the calming effects of the smelly tea this week's assistant squint Fisher is drinking) is finally led to the older bike rider, who killed the victim, but did not plan it... (Actually, the explanation is a bit hilarious.)

    Booth then proposes to Hannah, who tells him that (YAY!) she's just not the marrying kind. Since that is a major blow for Booth, even though she told him that a couple of times, he ends it. Or, rather, stands there silently like a Greek God, proving that silence is gold. And then he gets his Irish on, and gets drunk with Tempe. End of Episode.

    I like Winnick as an actress, but Hannah just had to go... Though we can expect to see her again, she said it herself. My bet is that she'll be back just after something HUGE will happen between Booth and Tempe. Do I sense an end-of-season-6 cliffhanger?
  • Well, I must admit I expected a much more dramatic exit...

    ...and probably a more violent one. For Hannah, that is. Nice in a way, that it turned out to be this...ordinary. You know. The result of stuff that happens to everyone. It makes the story more relatable somehow. And it doesn't permanently close any doors, which is always good writer's insurance.

    I sense a few sessions in store for Booth with Sweets, in which Booth comes to terms with the fact that it's not the loss of Hannah he mourns, but the reinforcement of Brennan's original rejection. The good news is: this can be solved! Not sure it was a smart move dumping that hunk of change into the river though...

    The case was waaaayyy incidental this time out, and not much of a stretch to figure the culprit. Though the actual circumstances were less nefarious than I thought they'd be. I can just hear the plea now: "not guilty by reason of mangled plums"!

    Oh, and Sweets? DON'T DO IT!
  • A mostly good episode, and finally, Booth dumps Hannah! After proposing -.-

    I'm torn. On one hand I'm pleased as punch Hannah and Booth are done. On the other I don't like that Booth actually proposed and then got his heart broken- it means moping Booth who is unlikely to give his heart away again anytime soon after yet ANOTHER rejection (poor guy!). Nor that the writers left it open for Hannah to return (though rest assured, she and Booth are over... yes, that's my glee shining through, can't you tell? Hehe :D). The fact that he declared himself to Hannah sorta makes Brennan feel like a second choice. Or a rebound if they do get together by the end of the season. I mean, I know it's not true, but it would have been SO much more meaningful if instead Booth had gotten cold feet and broken up with Hannah because of Brennan, not because Hannah wasn't the "marrying kind" and he felt hurt by her "no".

    Overall an enjoyable episode with an interesting but mediocre case. I really did miss having Booth/Brennan moments this episode, but the ending with them was nice. Guess things will be going back to normal now. I hope the sexual tension and their friendship can go back to the forefront as it used to be-- I really hated that Hannah took time away from that (good riddance Hannah! ^_^).

    Oh, and the preview for the next episode? PLEASE don't tell me this Jean Paul dude is the next wrench in BB romance! I swear, I can't deal with a male version of Hannah! Arggghhhhh....

    Though I am quite eager to see what Booth and Brennan do, alone, on Valentine's Day... and why they are role-playing? Haha!