Season 5 Episode 17

The Death of the Queen Bee

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 2010 on FOX

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  • Just a small thank you to producers of the show....

    So i did'nt know what to expect...did'nt see any commercials about this im watching the show and then after 12 minutes i became the happiest guy on the me nuts i dont care...but there he was...Mr. Buxley aka Robert Englund aka Freddy god they did it very very well...i really had the freddy feeling back...his voice was really cool...and the fx/music brought back some good memory's of Nightmare on Elmstreet...and also when he is grabing for the book in his locker and he shows his hand and moving his fingers like Freddy on the i wanted to thank the producers of the show...and Robert...i really hoped that you would have come back to the new movie of Freddy...but unfortunatly you weren't...and i saw it and it really really su...well you can fill that in yourselfs...Thank you producers and thank you Mr. Robert Englund!
  • A dead body, prompts Booth and Bones to go undercover as a married couple to find the killer at Brennan high school reunion.

    A great episode, probably one of the best of this season. It is great to see Booth and Bones working undercover again and this murder-mystery will certainly keep you guessing. The writing is wonderful as we have come to expect.

    This episode reveals more of Brennan's past in a way that is true to her character and respectful of what had been said previously at her high school [as opposed to the 100th episode].

    Last, but not least, having Robert Englund guest star in this episode was brilliant. The actor is most famous for playing Freddy Krueger, who was a high school janitor himself, and it is a great nod to horror fans, especially those who grew up with the original A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise.
  • A really funny episode.

    I must say that this episode was almost what I was expecting for it to be. It had everything.
    A good case, the breakup that many people were expecting, and a balanced interaction between Bones and Booth.

    The case was one of many, but where it unfolded was superb. The whole high school reunion was so funny, how all Bones former female classmate reacted to her like she was the devil, lol. The breakup between Angela and Wendell was something
    that needed to happen, because I didn´t like them together. Don´t get me wrong, Wendell is a really good character, but he and Angela together didn´t fit.

    Now, the important thing of the episode was the interaction between B&B, and I absolutely liked it.It was natural, like in real life (adults life). The scene that I loved and was so funny, was when they danced the slow song. It was so sweet when Booth hesitates in the whole dancing thing and Bones immediately said "I´m sorry", and how she explained and apologized with that puppy face, I loved it. And what Really cracked me was the "Why are you so far away?" part, hilarious LOL.

    Anyway it was a refreshing episode.
  • When a body is found near Brennan's old high school Brennan and Booth pose as a married couple at Brennan's reunion.

    Good episode, a skull is found by two girls and the rest of the body is found by Bones soon after. After the body has been identified as one of Brennan's former classmates, she and Booth pose as a married couple at her reunion to solve the murder.

    Mr. Buxley, Brennan's only friend from high school, the janitor, was both really funny and creepy. Booth was pretty creeped out by him, that was funny. The whole allusion to A Nightmare on Elm Street when his hands wrapped around the door was cool too.

    Angela finally breaks up with Wendell. Looks like she's second guessing breaking of with Hodgins. I think they are going to get back together soon... There was some definite attraction between them at the end. Speaking of second guessing relationships, I think Brennan might be too.
  • Booth and Bones pose as a married couple, and DANCE! !

    In this episode of, Bones, the following happens. When a skull and upper body are found near Brennan's old high school, she and Booth go and investigate. Soon we learn that Brennan high school reunion is about to take place and so Booth convinces her that they should go. And so they pose as a married couple. We quickly learn that Brennan had no friends in High school apart from the school janitor. This episode was better than I thought it was going to be. We got to see Booth and Bones dance together, which was really sweet. We also see Angela breaking up with Wendall, so hopefully she and Jack will get back together and soon.
  • So cliche :-/

    Okay I am a die hard Bones fan so don't get me wrong. And the idea of the two of them undercover as a married couple, I totally loved that. But what a shocker the TV not-exactly-a-couple couple share a hotel room, well adjoining room but whatever, AND a high school reunion murder episode.... it's been done to death (pun actually intended hehehe). Brennan's social awkwardness actually seems worse in high school, for example dissecting dead animals with the creepy janitor! Plus Angela's usual blah blah blah, sorry she's just not my favorite character and I love Wendell. But I do enjoy the mix of romance and forensics which I think makes this show stand out (and I'm pretty sure there wasn't one woman who didn't hit on Booth... can you blame them? mmm!) Also side note, anyone notice Fox's (or Bones' I'm not sure which) attempt of subtle product placement? Anyways I love Bones, always have always will but this wasn't exactly my favorite episode... and now I await the backlash.
  • Episode was alright but felt kinda weird at the same time.

    The episode was about someone from bones class getting killed. The possible connection to a murder back when she was in school was a possiblity and maybe linked to this murder. So booth and bones go undercover as a married couple and we see how bones was treated by her peers, which was not very good but expected because of just the way she is. On the side we find out windell didnt know about angela's pregnacy scare and they have a talk about it after hodgins kinda spills the beans. She decides to break up with him because she obviously has feeling for hodgins still and i think windell knows this but accepts. The case has possible murder weapons and lots of suspects to the creepy janitor which was only bones friend back in school. They find out it was a girl that made a pact with the murder victim to share a guy they had a thing for back in school and the other girl really liked him so the one killed the other over that. A few nice moments in the episode. Booth trying his hardest to act like nothing is going on between him and bones but when they slow dance he kinda gets alittle nervous about being that close to her from last weeks episode but in hearing how sad bones was from saying things about her past and never going to prom, he steps up and they dance. they both kinda have a small moment to think about things as they dance, you can see it in their eyes and body language. The last scene where they are all sitting around and talking about high school and memories was good and bones shocking everyone by saying all of them together like this is what real friendship is. nice on her part to say something like that. Episode still felt kina weird and akward at times but i cant wait till next week.
  • Booth and Brennan spend their undercover episode solving the murder of one's of Brennan's old classmates as they go back to her high school where a reunion is held.

    As much as it pained me to see Booth having to go through all that emotion while trying to keep things normal with Bones, I thought the episode was kind of sweet and the whole message of everyone can have their own set of friend no matter how eccentric they may be, was well put.

    The reunion episode had to happen sooner or later and the creepy janitor angle and he Lurch & Mortisha relationship with Brennan was a shot at her soft side for people who really care about her; I must say it wasn't that difficult to say that Buxley didn't do it but it was clever to throw many suspects on the table.

    On the subject of Angela's relationship, we all kinda knew what was gonna happen with Wendell and frankly Hodgins deserves to be "the one" . I never understood the trust issue between the two and I hope the writers don't forget the problem existed before they get back together.

    On the whole, Bones is doing well this season and hopefully I haven't jinxed it.
  • Quite good

    I most say.. it was much better than last weeks episode.. It was again.. very bubbly positive, that kind of little naive but all with good thoughts...

    I most say.. the problem lately have been for me that they cases are way too easy to solve. I figured out who the murder was soon after she was first shown.

    The Angela storyline was.. I am not sure. I totally think I understand where they are going but I most say.. it just.. does not seem to be logical. Anyway.. some drama there.. most of action (and some really creepy chars) on Booth and Bones storyline
  • I really liked this episode. Nice change from the last episode with the flashback and stuff which all just seemed kind of burdensome.

    This episode was back to classic Bones, with a little twist. The whole high school plot almost rang of horror-movie and was an interesting twist on the classic Bones plot (it was definitely possible to guess the whodunnit). As opposed to last episode where they kind of forced Bones/Booth development on us, their dance here was really nice. The Angela/Hodgins development in this episode was also amazing, the show's development of that relationship has been great all along. The scene at the end really showcased the development of all the characters in Bones- which, in the end, is really great because of its characters. When, like in this episode, it goes back to those characters, Bones is at its best.
  • Bones and Booth go to Bones' old high school.

    This episode was not the best offering for the show, but not half bad. I was hoping that they would spend just a little more time talking about how the previous episode ended. Instead, they seemed to more or less avoid the topic. As a stand alone episode, it did well, although the ending was more than a little obvious. It only touched on subjects that it should have gone more in depth with, like Bones' relationships with former classmates. It did however, provide plenty of humor, and an insight on Bones' childhood that you don't normally get. It is defiantly worth watching.
  • One of the sweetest Booth and Brennan scenes yet! I teared up :)

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say kudos to the writers of this episode. It was SO unpredictable, adorable, and interesting.

    Did anyone else lol when they showed Brennan's high school picture? Tooo great. It was great to see how all those people reacted to Brennan. I loved how they all thought she was super creepy and weird. I would have never guessed she once broke a girl's jaw. It was very interesting to tap into Brennan's past life as a high school student. Mr. Buxley... I don't care what anyone else says, I loved him. He was hilarious and I knew the whole time it couldn't have been him. It was so true how he would have been Brennan's only friend in high school. It's amazing to see how much she's obviously changed. The case was interesting, a good idea, which has been getting more and more rare. I liked how they had to go to her reunion to interrogate. Brennan and Booth... amazing. I guess I enjoyed how there wasn't TOO much tension between the two but still enough so that it wasn't like what happened between them in the last episode never happened. The dance scene was one of my favorite B&B moments so far! It made their feelings for each other looks so real and true. Even if they're struggling to get past them. Booth was the prom date she never had :'D adorable. I can't say it enough. A lot of "honey"s "sweetie"s and "sweetheart"s in this episode ;) Thank God for fluff haha. I can feel Angela and Hodgins getting back together soon. I really hope that happens. They deserve a happy ending and they obviously are still madly in love with each other. As soon as Wendell found out about Angela's pregnancy scare, I knew they were going to break up this episode. I even said it out loud to my brother and dad who were watching with me and I was right. I was glad that their breakup wasn't dramatic and how honest Angela was in this episode. She's come a long way as well since the first season. Congratulations Bones on a great episode! :) it made me happy but I couldn't give a 10 because I'm still a little weary with Brennan and Booth's relationship. p.s. I've never smiled through an episode as much as I did in this one :)
  • Two strong and modern women...

    Several thoughts on this episode... about two of its main female characters.

    First Brennan. Sometimes I think she takes two steps forward and then three steps back. It's like she hasn't learned anything in the last 3 years. How can she not give Angela a good friend-like phrase of support when she most needed it? She had to come up with this anthropological explanation that probably left Angela wondering why she even bothered to tell her.

    Brennan asking Booth if it's a problem for him to dance close together but it's all right to pose a married couple... Interesting and illogical. Second, Angela. I don't get her... yet. But at least, she makes an effort and gives it a try. And takes the necessary step. She did it with Hodgins, with Roxy and now with Wendell. She let him go. Because she knows that she wants. Poor Booth... Holding Brennan like that must've been very tough for him. If Brennan doesn't really make up her mind, I'm sad to say this, he will forget about her.

    Nice last scene, I love the chemistry among the cast and the fantastic friendship from the characters.
  • A woman turns up dead in the town of Brennan's high school just in time for the high school reunion.

    An excellent episode.

    I was glad to have something other than the hopeless relationships to be concerned with for once. It was fun and interesting to return to Brennan's roots. The custodian was an amazing tidbit; him being her only friend from high school is so Brennan. A couple things struck me as odd and/or annoying, though. The first of all being the fact that Brennan, who can't remember the names of people she's worked with at several crimes scenes before, remembers the names of each person from her high school - none of whom she liked, and none of whom liked her (except for that Creepy McHorny dude.)

    The other thing that kind of annoyed me 2/3 of the women they talked to from the reunion hit on Booth. What, so none of them have lives, that they all had to hit on a man they knew to be married?

    I did like that the last episode had some influence on this one when it came to the dance scene. I was so worried that they were going to jump into this episode with everything all okie-dokie. I was a little surprised and suspicious of them being undercover as a married couple. How was it Brennan, especially after rejecting Booth for those lame excuses last episode, didn't have a problem with this? None of her decisions match up with how she's been behaving all season. Here's what I mean, in chronological order:

    1) In season 2, she argues extensively on their undercover story, fervently against being either married or engaged.
    2) She makes a toast to love in the episode with Jared and Padme.
    3) She claims she can't change when Booth tries to take things to the next level.
    4) She goes undercover as a married woman without a fit.

    Fact 1 contradicts fact 4 and fact 2 contradicts fact 3. Exactly where are the writers trying to go with Brennan's character this season?

    Onto the last notable complaint - every moment of Angela's scenes was predictable starting halfway through her scene with Wendell, when she discussed how she should have told him about the almost-baby. I knew right then she was going to break up with him, and I was shaking my head kinda sadly throughout Wendell's speech. Wendell was established early as a sweet and sensitive, and strictly moral adult. But this time the morals got a little too in the way, because he was all duty and no sweetness. Even I would've felt put on edge about being a duty.

    Which leads me to ask - is it the writers' intention that every man in a relationship act like a complete idiot? Other things I liked, though... I liked how consistent the reunion was. Nobody pretended to like Brennan once they remembered her, nobody realized the "error of their ways" or anything like that (all very cliche). The custodian remained to be the only one who genuinely cared about her, and genuinely understood her. And finally, the part I LOVED: the ending. Instead of a Booth/Brennan scene to end off the episode, we got a very wonderful group scene, all of them celebrating their friendship. I was very touched by this scene. Writers, THIS was good. Very good. It's nice to have a no-strings-attached, relaxed setting with the lot of them. Brennan's really getting better at toasting, too. Maybe Sweets will ask her to toast at his wedding (assuming that those two actually stay together long enough to see the wedding, which is unlikely). XD

    I'd like to see more of the likes of this episode and less of the romances that never go anywhere. I was disappointed by the promos for next week's episode; I was hoping never to see Andrew Hacker again. What a weasel character - can we opt for the custodian again, instead? Anyway, to wrap it up - great episode. I want to see more like it.
  • I liked this episode but I just started watching them and I'm already a little burnt out on the whole will they, won't they?

    I did like Mr. Buxley although he gave me some serious willies himself and also some very bad nightmare on elm street flashbacks. I'm not much into horror so this episode at least managed not to hit that note but it was seriously creepy. I didn't really like how they made Bones seem so, as they called it, Wednesday Adams. It kinda made it seem like they were making fun of her. As to everybody in town hitting on Booth, that was a little weird. Kinda like a hint with a sledgehammer. We all read that he was going to get involved with someone else and he said he was gonna move on and then all of a sudden everybody wants him. That's kinda weird. Everytime I broke up and was alone, that's when nobody wants you. Get involved with someone else and they're coming out of the woodwork. Ah well, they had to move it along somehow. I still have my fingers crossed that they get together but I'm tired of the games. Loved Angela and Hodgins and the hints on that. I always knew they'd come back to that. It's too good to pass up. I don't understand why when a couple gets together it kills a show. That kinda sucks and we all know that's what usually happens which is why they kill us with the suspense of not knowing when it's gonna happen. I like to see the ins and outs of a couple. The cases would still be there and there's always disagreements with a couple so what's the deal? Anyway, here's me still hoping for them and for Angela and Hodgins and if they make me cry in the last episode (in a bad way) I'm going to be very upset with the writers!!
  • "Them smiley ones . . . always give me the willies."

    After last week, I was worried that this show was in its decline, but I feel heartened by the quality of this episode. This time around, the case was actually really interesting and it was fun to watch Brennan interact with her old classmates at the reunion. Also, Robert Englund was awesome as the creepy-but-apparently-harmless janitor! More than anything though, I was impressed by the interactions between Booth and Bones. I was afraid that the cat being out of the bag would create an unappealing tension in their relationship, but instead, the tenderness and very appealing sexual tension between them is still ever-present. Overall, a solid, enjoyable episode!