Season 5 Episode 13

The Dentist in the Ditch

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2010 on FOX

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  • Another good one

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When the remains of a dentist are found, Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. What follows is a story full of twists and turns. We also see that Jared has returned in this episode with his new girlfriend. Booth runs a background checks on her, and tells Jared what he finds only it doesn't go too well. As the episode ends, we see Jared asking Booth to be his best man at his wedding. Bones also makes a speech about love. Her speech was really sweet and I'm convinced it was a way to tell Booth that she loves him.
  • Great episode, not one of the best for the murder aspect but the chemistry between Booth and Brennan was amazing!

    It was a great episode overall. Not so good for the murder mystery aspect though, i've seen better shows for that. That didn't mean the episode was a flop though because the ever growing tension between Booth and Brennan was fantastic. It's kicking up a notch every episode! Something's got to give soon!!!! The fact that Brennan is modelling herself on Booths principles is soooo sweet. It's becoming more apparent just how much he means to her. The lab team are really coming together too after the whole Angela/Hodgins split, I especially loved how Vincent is finally getting his outbursts of random trivia under control.
  • Amongst a heap of sand and dirt, the remains of a dentist is found by two civil war reenactment soldiers and Brennan's main concern is keeping the bones safe from harm. Also Booth's brother returns with his new GF/fiance.

    I hope the gay community joins the Bones fan club since the case mainly revolved around some issues they face, I'm not saying they aren't already fans, and the progress of the investigation was more than acceptable, specially the quite unusual solution involving rhubarb.

    But the main focus of the episode was on Booth trying to prove to his brother that the girl he wanted to get engaged to had a rather unpleasant story behind her and Brennan made some excellent points attempting to make Booth back off. Believing that people's past is irrelevant to their future is not as easy as it sounds and the characters' struggle with the issue looked very natural. All in all, it wasn't my favorite episode but I'm gonna listen to Brennan and say let's drink to love (ironically enough, I don't drink alcohol).
  • Meh.... (SPOILERS)

    I usually love Bones, but tonight I had a hard time getting into it. I'm all for gay rights, but it seemed like the entire episode revolved around the victim's sexuality. He wasn't killed because he was gay it was an accident. Even though the fight was because of the murderer's comment, it still wasn't the REASON he died.

    Also, let me just say that I love Vincent-Nigel Murray. I do, I just LOVE that character. This episode, however, it just seemed that all he wanted was Brennan's approval and whined when he didn't get it.

    I also didn't understand Booth's sudden change of heart when it came to his views on love. I know that the coma has messed him up a little (still no blinding ties!!), but even throughout the episodes after the coma he still followed his gut. I don't understand why now he decides to change his views just because of Jared...

    I know that it's impossible for a television show to have nothing but perfect episodes. I'm sure that next week's episode will make up for this okay-episode.

    Thanks for reading :)
  • Nicely done.

    The characters were their usual fun selves. The episode was about a murdered guy (nothing new there) who happened to be homosexual. I felt the writers did a very good job at acknowledging some gay issues without it overshadowing the story.

    Padme Dalaj's (Jared's fiance) previous occupation was also handled very realistically. Tolerance and acceptance are good things.

    Dr. Brennan's matter-of-fact approach to just about everything is refreshing. She doesn't get caught up with being "p.c." or distracted by emotions. She cuts right to the issues without any nonsense. And, she gets some very funny lines.

    Robert Gant had a brief appearance. He was great in "Save Me."
  • The Dentist in the Ditch is a great episode as it keeps you guessing.

    I have just watched the episode and found it had me totally stumped as to who and why right up until the end. Usually I can guess the answer 90% of the time. This one sucked me right in.

    The episode starts with an re-enactment of the American Civil War and the discovery of a body, it progresses from there. Other reviewers have indicated this episode is not as strong as others I however found it quite entertaining.

    If anything it may have been lacking with involvement of the Jeffersonian staff, other than that it is a very watchable Bones episode. I have noticed over the last couple of episodes that the direction seems to push Bones into dealing with flesh a lot more. I'm not sure why that is?

    In other posts it is mentioned the murder victim is Gay I don't believe this episode is designed to add political commentary on Gay rights any more than previous episodes dealt with Aliens. If anything I like the thought provoking process Bones inflicts on Booth as he trys to deal with the meeting of his brothers new wife to be!
  • Push me-pull you...

    Its a good thing for the back story in this episode because the "case" didn't do anything for me. It was ho-hum, and while I suppose in real life many of the reasons perps actually do the things they do seem pretty anti climactic, this one took the cake for me.

    Having said that, the progress that the show principals made because of the "stuff" going on in their lives, specifically in Booth's life, well, it was worth it to have a ho-hum case in the background to the real story tonight.

    Both Booth and Bones gave up a little more of their respective idealistic or dogmatic outlooks on "life, love and the whole damn thing", and came a little closer to being a complimentary half of one whole.

    Not a hole-in-one for forensics for certain, but I'll take the direction things are going...
  • Total awww episode

    Oh... It was quite nice one.. I just do not know what but they have managed to come up with really brilliant episodes this season and this one was good example.

    I adored the Jared storyline and specially the toast in the end by Bones. Also the storyline with the assistance was great and I liked that there was again that kind of good atmosphere in the lab like in "good old days" between Hodge and Zack.

    And ofcourse the case.. I think the other storylines left it little in the background but it was part of the lab storyline.. so.. it was there but it was not so important I felt.. Everything else was just much better
  • While reenacting a Civil War battle a group of men come upon the remains they think are from the Civil War. They actually turn out to be a Dentist from Virginia who was recently murdered. Jared shows up from India with a girl he just met engaged.

    An entertaining episode of Bones with some small problems in the flow of the episode.

    We have a number of things going on. The body they find is covered in a thick clay they must remove without damaging the bones. The Dentist that was murdered was gay and this becomes a focal point of the story from a who did it standpoint. This is a red herring. Besides that angle we seem to have a former Dental Assistant who might have a motive as well. Jared comes home from India with a beautiful Indian girl who turns out to be a third generation American who he just happened to meet in India. Booth can't just be happy for Jared and he does a background check which brings up some issues. Everyone else disagrees with Booth's actions though.

    This week Vincent Nigel-Murray is the assistant and his constant need for approval from Brennan is becoming a little annoying. He is a brilliant assistant though and comes through along with the rest of the team on some really amazing findings.

    Overall I enjoyed the episode, I'm not much for throwing red herring into a script just to throw off the viewers. You'll have to see the episode to see what I mean. Solid acting and otherwise a pretty well written script is the rule of the day. Thanks for reading...
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